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26 activities to help your mind, body and soul. 

  • stretch
  • cuddle with a pet
  • go for a walk
  • put on music and dance
  • clean your room for 10 minutes
  • take a hot bath or shower
  • write down your honest thoughts
  • go cloud watching
  • take some deep breaths
  • cook a healthy meal for yourself
  • swing on a swingset
  • scratch something off your to-do list
  • go through your closet and donate clothes
  • go exploring with your camera
  • sing a motivational song out loud to yourself
  • unplug from all electronics for an hour
  • burn a scented candle
  • dress up in your favourite clothes
  • soak up the sun for 15 minutes
  • take yourself on a date
  • paint something huge
  • watch videos that make you laugh
  • write a gratitude list
  • give yourself a pedicure or manicure
  • treat yourself to dessert or a glass of wine
  • try something new

some important facts to remember about self care:

  • self care makes you more energetic and mentally present.
  • you technically don’t have to do anything and it can still be an act of self care. self care is about genuine fun and relaxation.
  • self care can help you build self esteem.
  • self care does not mean you are choosing between yourself and others. it does not make you selfish.
  • self care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and others.
  • self care is essential.

I’m gonna ramble about Desert Glass

-I don’t think she’s corrupted. My proof? Well, it’s mostly reasoning. Why would the Crystal Gems put a corrupted gem in an object instead of a bubble? Additionally, if they knew she can control sand, then why would they leave her in a desert? So this leads me to believe she was put in that pillow before the corruption bomb, so she should be fine.
-Sort of, because we know how fucked up a gem can be after thousands of years of imprisonment. I want her to be mad at the gems and at the same time ecstatic about her freedom. I’d like it if she used sand to battle the Crystal Gems while she happily exclames to herself “I’m free! I’m finally free!”.
-I made a design of her not so long ago and I like the idea of her having no eyes ?? Just something I thought of. So she’d be blind.
-In order to make up for her lack of vision, maybe she has the ability to sense the presence of gems (something that a few other gems have shown to possess, but not all). She can tell the difference between different “races” of gems, too. I like to think she thought Steven was some sort of defective Rose Quartz at first.
-She and Lapis could bond maybe ?? I don’t want her to get barned by any means, but I think Lapis would relate to her. Desert Glass on the other hand would be a little bitter (“How come they freed YOU and not ME?”). Though she doesn’t hate her and feels bad that she also spent millenia trapped in an object.
-So maybe she could go to live in the desert and build structures from time to time, but always making sure she doesn’t cause any trouble (this of course would only happen after her redemption arc).


The white pyramid gem in Serious Steven is White Diamond. This explains why White Diamond is still included in the logo, they know she wasn’t shattered, but may be unsure of her whereabouts. They may assume she’s on some cosmic mission, spreading their empire and scouting new planets for resources, who knows. But the diamonds don’t mention that it’s odd that she didn’t show up at the trial. This leads me to believe they may think they know where she is.

In Egyptian culture, a pyramid is a tomb for a pharaoh, who were often seen as God like entities, much the way the diamonds are viewed by their subjects. This pyramid is in the middle a gem battleground.

My theory is that white Diamond was poofed, and the homeworld gems created this pyramid to keep her gem safe, hence the traps, while she healed enough to regenerate. If pearl can take 14 days to regenerate, a diamond of such massive size could easily take much longer. When the corruption song blasted the earth she became stuck in the temple.

Gems can still use some abilities while in gem form. Lapis could manipulate the images in her mirror, and the dessert glass could still build. Lapis was not corrupted but it was confirmed that the desert glass is. It stands to reason that the pyramid gem would still be able to use abilities while in the pyramid, using it as a beacon of sorts.

Many people have speculated that white Diamond has abilities over the mind, the same way blue has abilities over emotions and yellow has abilities over the body. The combination of these three blasts could cause all the symptoms we see of corruption.

I was unsure about this theory when it was originally circulating because of the size of the gem and shape in the pyramid, but as we’ve gotten a better understanding of the diamonds there seems to be more and more evidence to support. Blue and yellow both have different shaped diamonds. Blues is more tear shaped and yellows is longer and thinner, so there’s no reason whites couldn’t be more square. To combat the size issue- we’ve finally gotten an upclose comparison of Steven to blue diamonds gem in the hour wanted special. Both the pyramid gem and blue diamonds gem are roughly the size of stevens head, as pictured in the screen shots above. This assumes steven still isn’t doing much growing, like Greg shows us in stevens birthday photo book.

The shape of WD on homeworld was confirmed not to be a statue. I believe it’s whites ship. It’s entirely possible that her MO is to use a smaller more discreet ship for scouting.

TDLR: Pyramid Gem is WD, she’s was poofed and put in the pyramid as a safe place to regenerate. Gems can still use powers while in objects or corrupted, playing her part in the corruption song. As we’ve seen diamonds are not all the same shape. The pyramid gem is roughly the same size as BDs gem.


What Do Good Girls Say?

OKAY! So this is one of many from my prompt list from last month. I apologize for these taking so long and really hope everyone likes what they get. 

WARNING! This is super long and smutty. I’m so sorry but I really enjoyed writing this.

Prompt: (3) I didn’t know you were a dom and when I called you “Sir” you almost jumped me.
Featuring: Finn Balor

Master List Plug!

P.S. Guess who’s back to posting fanfics again? This girl!

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Mystic Messenger Scenarios: How MC and the RFA sleep together
  • Yoosung:
  • -He is the big spoon
  • -The macho spoon
  • -He likes to hold MC tight and never let go.
  • -She sometimes has to go to the bathroom, and she gets obstructed
  • -Yoosung just won't let go!!
  • -It's almost kind of endearing, yet strange...
  • -He is a warm little boy who sleeps in an old LOLOL tee shirt and cute, striped boxers.
  • -He is the ultimate cuddler-
  • Zen:
  • -MC and him probably sleep in the weirdest positions.
  • -One of her legs is probably in between one of his, and they probably look like they fell asleep smoochin'.
  • -knowing Zen, they probably did.
  • -Zen probably only sleeps in underwear (if he isn't totally naked, first of all)
  • -Wakes up in weird positions a lot of the time
  • -MC's head is probably rested against his bicep
  • -Sweet, now she can even feel those guns whilst sleeping.
  • Jaehee:
  • -MC and her are so cute~
  • -Lots of innocent cuddling
  • -lots of playing footsies under the comforter
  • -lots of holding hands and drifting off
  • -The two don't have get sexual to be sensual
  • -They never do!
  • -Good old good night/good morning smooches ought to do the trick!!!
  • -Always pleasant.
  • -She probably wears a long-sleeved shirt and nice, dessert-themed pajama bottoms
  • -no glasses
  • -unadulterated cuteness
  • Jumin:
  • -MC's head can presumably be found lying against his chest.
  • -Jumin loves to stroke her hair as she falls asleep, and loves the way the MC cuddles up to him.
  • -She hugs him, his pajama fabric bunching under her grip.
  • -He catches her sometimes talking into his chest about how much she loves him, and how much she can't wait for tomorrow.
  • -Elizabeth 3rd always has room at the foot of the bed, at the two's feet.
  • -Jumin probably holds MC as close as she does to him.
  • -They probably wear matching pajamas as well.
  • 707:
  • -He's always super hot, so MC has a problem with them getting too close.
  • -When they do try to cuddle, everything gets a bit
  • -Sweaty
  • -and uncomfortable
  • -To the point where the two have to separate.
  • -"Saeyoung, oh my God, you're like 707°!! Get off of me!"
  • -"Honeyyyy, come on! We never get to cuddle~"
  • -It's taxing.
  • -They usually sleep just back to back, their feet always next to one another.
  • -Seven secretly enjoys this more than cudding, because truth be told, he wasn't the only one getting really hot and sweaty when they cuddled before.
  • 💜💜💜
Rebound Girl Pt. 3

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x reader

Word Count: ~2000

Warnings: fluff, even though it’s not in this chapter: Anti Danneel

Summary: Everything seems fine until someone shows up at your front door. haha sorry this summary really sucks

A/N: Part 3 to my series that is my entry for @casbabydontgoineedyou‘s 1k follower challenge.

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Originally posted by miinyooongii

Part 3

Reader’s POV

During dinner you didn’t say a word. You weren’t sure if you would have bolted if you could have. Maybe you shouldn’t have met him just yet and still taken some time to think about everything.

“I am here because I want to be in a relationship with you, because I see a future with you by my side”. Jensen’s words lingered in your head. He sounded so sincere, so honest. It made your heart race and maybe, just maybe, it let your imagination run wild. A future with him would include everything you ever wanted to have with him. Marriage, kids, growing old together with dozens of grand kids who played in your garden, the Impala parked in your garage and Jensen would take you on spontaneous rides on your anniversaries… your mind played out various scenarios.

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“Falling Blind” // Courferre

Rating: T
Pairing: Combeferre/Courfeyrac
Fandom: Les Mis
Word Count: 2.2k
[Also on AO3]

Summary: Combeferre doesn’t often agree to being set up on blind dates, but when he does they generally go poorly. But being set up with the WRONG blind date is certainly new.

For @courfalicious, who’s birthday is today, and is also lovely and sweet as spun sugar and infinitely patient <3333 hope you enjoy boo 

Combeferre should’ve never agreed to this. He feels stupid sitting alone, dressed up (if you could even call it dressed up when it’s only a crisp button up under a new sweater vest. The excuse to buy a new sweater vest is the only part about this whole charade he likes,) and picking at the bread basket nervously. He doesn’t even know why he’s nervous. It’s only been… well, a while, since he’s been on a proper date; let alone a date he’s actually aware he’s on—Bahorel might never let that go. That sort of thing could happen to anyone!

He checks his watch again, folding up his sleeves in the process because nerves always make his clothes feel a bit stuffy. His date is late. Very late. Of course he is. This is what happens when he lets his friends set him up on blind dates and he doesn’t know why he allows it. Knowing his luck, the guy might not even show up. He texts Enjolras as much, frowning when Enjolras has little in the way of encouragement. He’s not even sure why he’d texted Enjolras with this. Feuilly would’ve been a better choice.

He’s just about to when the door to the little restaurant flies open, bringing the late February breeze with it and… a rumpled young man. He has rosy cheeks, his curls askew, and grins two parts frazzled and one part apologetic at the Host. The young man’s coat is undone and his scarf looped incorrectly.

Combeferre is a little charmed. In a detached, uninvested sort of way.

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Brittana Valentine’s Semi AU (Updated Daily Unt-bwhahahahahaha) February 14, 2017

Oh, didn’t I post this already?

February 14, 2018

Santana was suddenly struck by the weirdest feeling that she’d experienced this scene before.

She was laying on the couch in her apartment, Brittany sitting on the other end speaking Spanish with a rapidity that even made it hard for Santana to keep up. She’d wedged her feet under Brittany’s butt, to keep them warm, and was doing a crossword puzzle. Even though it was Valentine’s Day, it was still a weekday, she and Brittany had both decided that they’d just have a quiet dinner at a restaurant Mercedes had suggested. Of course, she’d gotten a gift for Brittany, hidden in her desk drawer, but they’d probably just eat, get home and fall asleep in front of Netflix.

Ah, the life of two grandmas.

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Birthday cake (Ashton Irwin)

not requested

pairing: Ashton & reader

warnings: smut and some swearing

word count: 5,285

summary: some hot smut and fluff about the beautiful birthday boy ;) (prince!ashton)

Wandering around the castle at night is something extremely dangerous, yet exciting at the same time. Any guard could see and mistake you with a thief and immediately act upon their instincts, but at the same time there are chances that they wouldn’t see you. Stepping out on your balcony, the warm wind of a summer night feels soothing against your skin. Looking up at the windows of your parent’s bedroom you see the curtains are closed, meaning they went to sleep. With a content smile, you close the curtains of your windows as well, quietly sneaking out of the room, making sure to lock the door behind you.

No sound is heard as your feet pad around the halls. You keep looking around the pitch black halls, checking for any open doors or any maids that might also be wandering around late at night. When you are sure the path is clear, your body relaxes, walking more casually. Making your way to the kitchen, you slowly open the door, trying to make as little noise as possible. Opening the fridge, you grab the first thing that comes to hand, which is a left over cupcake from tonight’s dessert. Also quickly pouring a glass of milk, you walk out, straight to your father’s office.

You know how important and private this room is for your him, so he always makes sure to lock it. What he doesn’t know is that you know exactly where he keeps the key, so walking a few steps away from the door of the actual office, you lift the corner of an old portrait, already reaching for the key hidden in the small hole in the wall. Making sure to put the frame back into place, you walk back to the door and unlock it successfully, closing it behind you. Flicking the lights open, you shake your head at how neat the place looks. Since it is a work place for your father, anyone might expect it to be a bit messier. Well, it isn’t, it has always been the exact opposite, just the way your father likes to keep his things; organized.

Sitting down at his desk, your feet prop up on a stack of papers and documents and you notice that your white socks are still clean despite waking all around the castle. Damn this place and the clean freaks taking care of it. Why does everything have to always be so perfect? Taking a bite of your late night snack, you look through the latest letters that your father has opened, hoping that you will find the one you’ve been expecting for almost a week now. After a lot of random ones, from different people you don’t even know, your eyes widen and you almost drop the cupcake from your hands, grasping the perfectly white and creaseless letter in your hands. Wiping your fingers on the silky material of your nighty, afraid not the leave any spots on the envelope, you open it quickly and squeal in excitement.

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