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Hello〜!ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭ I've always been interesting in Asian culture. I know Japanese and a bit of Korean, and I'm soon going to be learning Chinese. I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about China, living there and what the people are like and that. My dad is planning on teaching English so we are going to be moving there. And I'm a little scared… :;(∩´﹏`∩);: I've heard bad stuff, (but also good of course). People focus too much on the bad so I wanted to hear about some good, from you ♡

  • food: there are so many places to eat (ranging from breakfast foods, yumcha, noodle shops, dessert stores, bbq stands, milk tea carts, western/eastern restaurants, to big outdoor hot pots) as well as plenty aesthetically pleasing cafes/restaurants!! tbh, nothing beats Chinese food for me ; u ; there are just way too many styles of chinese food due to having many many provinces in China hehe. Each province/region has their own “signature dish”; for example - Beijing has the Beijing Peking Duck, Guangdong, where I am from, is known for soups, Northern China is known for hot pots.
  • shopping: every shopping mall I’ve been to in China has wowed me in terms of their architectural design and the number of stores inside (I feel like that’s because NZ malls are literally one level - n -) But if shopping physically isn’t your thing, online shopping is a must with Taobao and Tmall; if you thought eBay was cheap, these two stores will beat it to the next level!! The different between Taobao and Tmall is that Tmall have branded stuff that are registered with the brand!
  • site seeing: no i don’t really mean the famous great wall of china. Hangzhou’s 西湖 (basically a really pretty lake) , Sichuan Chengdu’s 锦里 (this place has a lot of little traditional artworks and handmade crafts), 九寨沟 (has really dreamy waters and mountains oml its like an artwork), Hunan’s 凤凰古城 (the cities you see in those traditional Chinese movies), Xijiang‘s 千户苗寨 (the houses and decor remind me of Spirited away)

Summer BBQ coming up? Amirah Kassem from FlourShop has you covered with these ADORABLE mini dessert hamburgers. 

They are almost TOO cute to eat. Get the full recipe here.