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tony is a single dad, and bucky&steve are his very hot neighbours.


Tony tried not to grind his teeth as he chased his four-year-old son down the sidewalk. As always, the little voices in the back of his head told him that he was doing a terrible job. He needed to keep a closer watch on his son. The real world was dangerous! What if Edwin ran out into the street and got hit by a car? Or if someone wanted revenge on Stark Industries and…

“Daddy! Look!”

Edwin finally slowed down, excitedly holding his hand out in front of him. Tony was out of breath when he finally caught up, but couldn’t help but smile when he looked at Edwin’s hand and saw him holding a red butterfly on one of his fingers. His little boy looked entirely enraptured by the tiny creature. “Isn’t it pretty, daddy?” Edwin asked, looking up at his dad.

“It sure is kiddo,” Tony replied, just as the butterfly took flight again, and slowly swooped away from the two of them. “Say ‘bye, butterfly’.”

“Bye-bye butterfly!” Edwin echoed, waving as the butterfly flew off. He grinned back at Tony, and Tony forgave himself a little bit for not being a stellar parent. If his kid was happy enough to give him that look, he couldn’t be that bad.

Tony took his son’s hand and continued leading him down the street towards their house. Edwin continued to babble about what he had done with his tutor that day, and Tony was about to ask about what exciting things he’d found out about levers when he saw a moving truck sitting in front of the house next door to theirs.

“Daddy, who are they?”

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The Woes of Having Neighbors Part 5

Rowan sighed, utterly content with his life.  He’d just gotten a raise at work, his apartment was finally clean after what felt like weeks of procrastination, and his date with Aelin was going fabulously.  It was late, and they’d gone out for dinner earlier to celebrate Rowan’s raise, and now sat on his couch watching a movie.  Aelin was tucked beneath his arm, she snugged up against his side and warmed him in the most pleasant of ways.  Her head was within easy kissing distance of his lips, which he took advantage of every few minutes.  He’d sneak a kiss to the crown of her head after she laughed, or commented on the movie and would take in a deep breath, relishing in her aroma of jasmine and lavender. He could’ve stayed that way forever, with Aelin huddled up close, a blanket covering the both of them, and a fan favorite movie playing on the screen before them.  Rowan felt like he’d found paradise.

And then the knocking began.

At first, it was just a single knock on his door, and the two love birds ignored it easily enough, thinking it was just a passing neighbor bumping into the door.  Then, after just a brief thirty seconds–just long enough for Rowan to assume he was safe from the outside world–the knocking began again.  It came harder this time, more purposeful.  Three hard, loud knocks, then a slight pause before another round of three knocks were heard against his door.  “Rowan!”  A familiar, if not slightly muffled voice called from the hallway.  “Rowan, we know you’re in there your anti-social fuck–let us in!”  

Rowan winced and Aelin snorted, tilting her head back to look at him, “Friends of yours?”   

“You could say that,” he replied evasively.  Pulling his arm back from around Aelin’s shoulder’s Rowan mentally prepared himself to shoo away his friends so he could continue his date.  Before he could even stand up, though, he heard the soft click of his lock turning over and with a sinking dread, Rowan remembered he’d given Gavriel a spare key.  “Shit,” he hissed, but it was too late.  The door had opened.

The first through the threshold was Fenrys, the owner of the voice that spoke through the door earlier.  His long, golden hair was pulled back in a bun and his brown skin seemed to shimmer in the dull apartment lighting, telling Rowan he’d been out at some club earlier that night.  Right behind him was his twin brother, Connall, who was his mirror in looks, but his opposite in personality.  Where Fenrys was all boisterous snark and charisma, Connall was soft spoken cleverness and intelligence.  Vaughan was right behind them, all height and gangly limbs, with short dark hair and the nose of a blood hound–he made his way straight to the kitchen to find Rowan and Aelin’s leftovers.  Last through the door was Gavriel, his golden blond hair catching the light just enough to make it look as if his hair was gilded.  He was Rowan’s oldest and closest friend, and the first to realize they’d just interrupted something intimate.  

“Ooh, dessert!”  Vaughan’s voice cheered from the kitchen as well as the sound of tin foil being torn.  Rowan sighed and rolled his eyes.  Aelin hadn’t said anything yet, but sat propped up on her knees watching the men strut about the apartment with amusement.  She bit down on her bottom lip to keep the giggles from leaking out.  

“Whatchya watching?”  Fenrys slid onto the couch’s arm and grabbed the remote from the coffee table before him.  He didn’t even cast a glance towards Rowan as he did so, which was why he still hadn’t realized Rowan had company.  Connall, on the other hand, had.  But he merely observed from the other side of the couch, his head tilted in a way that was all too lupine.  “Why’re you watching a RomCom?”  Fenrys grimaced and immediately changed the channel.

“Ah, Rowan,” Gavriel spoke slowly, carefully.  As one would to a wild animal.  “Are we … interrupting something?” 

Fenrys snorted, “What could we be–”

“Fenrys,” Connall easily grabbed his twin’s attention and nodded his head towards Aelin.  

“Hey, what’s up with all the good foo–holy shit are you on a date?”  Vaughan stopped dead in his tracks as he returned from the kitchen and caught sight of Aelin next to Rowan on the couch.  

“A what?”  Fenrys yipped, abruptly standing from his seat on the couch’s arm and staring down at Aelin as if she’d just materialized.  Brow furrowing, Fenrys hummed and stepped in front of the only woman in the room and poked her shoulder.  “Well I’ll be damned, she’s real!”

“No shit,” Aelin rolled her eyes, but the corners of her mouth twitched in barely contained amusement.  She didn’t hate them, which Rowan supposed was a good thing.

Breathing through his nose, Rowan asked through a clenched jaw, “Was there a reason you all came here?  Uninvited?” 

“There was, actually,” Gavriel said, attempting to diffuse the situation.  “Lorcan’s coming into town tonight.”  Rowan’s head snapped to attention, his green eyes seeking out Gavriel’s tawny ones.  Aelin’s eyes flickered to him, noticing the change but not saying anything.  “His flight lands in a few hours.  We thought we’d go and pick him up.  Obviously we had no idea that you were on a date.”

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G,”  Fenrys sang, his voice off key but he didn’t care.  Connall rolled his eyes at his brother, but didn’t even try to reprimand him for his childish behavior.  So long as Rowan didn’t rise to his bait, Connall found no need to get involved.  

Aelin’s brows raised, but a puff of laughter escaped her lips.  “That was the idea.”  Then, turning to Rowan, she asked, “Who’s Lorcan?”

“Just another one of my friends,” he answered simply.  Aelin hummed and quirked a brow, not quite believing him.  They stared at each other for a few moments, quietly having a conversation with only their eyebrows.  

“More like our fearless leader,” Vaughan elaborated from his place behind them, pulling Aelin’s attention away from Rowan.  “We haven’t seen him in years,” under his breath, he added,  “thanks to Maeve.”

Thankfully Aelin didn’t ask who Maeve was as Rowan really didn’t want to open that can of worms so early in their relationship.  “That’ll be fun,” she said, turning to face Rowan.  Her eyes were so bright and blue and earnest and dammit he wanted to kiss her senseless just then.  “How long will you all be in town together?”

“About a week, maybe more,” Gavriel answered easily.  Looking at his watch, he added, “We should get going if we want to make it to the airport on time.  Rowan, I’ll call you later–we’ll get together tomorrow?”

“What?”  Fenrys and Aelin asked simultaneously, though Fenrys’s tone was a tad whinier.  “You’re not going?”  They asked, staring at Rowan.  Their synchronized questioning was rather disturbing and caught the white haired male so off guard he couldn’t answer quickly enough.  

Gavriel blinked, then his gaze darted between Aelin and Rowan several times before he swooped in to the rescue.  “I, well, I assumed Rowan would want to finish his date with you, ah–” Gavriel caught himself and blushed, realized he hadn’t introduced himself and hadn’t gotten Aelin’s name.  “I’m sorry,” he reached out his hand for her to take.  “I’m Gavriel.”

“Aelin,” She nodded and shook his hand.

“Fenrys,” the blond male on Aelin’s other side waved, “And that’s Connall.”  Connall nodded his head in greeting.  “And the glutton eating your food is Vaughan,” Fenrys added dryly, watching the dark haired male continue eating food straight from the tin foil packaging.  Vaughan merely shrugged and grunted.  Rowan sighed and leaned his head back against the couch.  

“It’s nice to meet you, Aelin,” Gavriel said, bringing the attention back to the matter at hand and away from the distraction that was Fenrys.  “But, as I was saying, we didn’t realize Rowan was on a date, so we’ll just meet up with him tomorrow and–”

“What?  No!  We were almost finished with the movie, anyway.  Right Rowan?”  She looked at him and he slowly nodded.  “Don’t reschedule on my account.”  Softly, just for Rowan–although the others could probably hear her good and well–she added, “Go see your friend.”  You miss him, I can tell, her eyes said.  I’ll be here when you get back.    

He nodded.  Thank you, his eyes responded. I owe you one for this, he smirked. 

Quirking a brow, she grinned in return, I know, her skin around her eyes crinkled with mirth, and I intend to collect.  “You’re here a week, right?”  She asked Gaviel. He nodded slowly, his expression one of confusion after having just watched their silent conversation.  “Have any plans on Saturday?”

Rowan knew where this was going.  He knew where it was going and he had to stop it.  To nip it in the bud before–” No,” Gavriel answered honestly, not aware of the danger.

“Great!” Aelin clapped her hands once, “I’m having a few friends over to my apartment that way.  You should all come!”  

“Party?”  Fenrys asked, and Aelin nodded.  “Hell yeah, we’re coming!”

“Thank you, Aelin, that’s very kind of you,” Gavriel officially accepted the invitation, not noticing or just ignoring Rowan’s twitching eye and faint grimace.  Attending Aelin’s parties were one thing, but attending her party with his cadre?  The white haired male barely suppressed a groan.  He didn’t know it he’d survive the experience.  Add Lorcan into the mix?  Rowan shuddered.

He was in for a long week.               

Let’s (Not) Just Be Friends (Lay x Reader)

Dia duit, my darlings! Long time no see! Ugh, you guys are killing me with all these Lay requests. It’s like you’re trying to see me die of thirst lol But anywho, this is a simple story about being in a very comfortable friendship with Lay (skinship being a MUST), and how you struggle to hide your true feelings for the beautiful boy. Don’t worry, I’ve rewarded you lovelies with some much needed smuttiness~ Enjoy!

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“Your turn to pick, Yixing." 

You stretched out your leg, throwing it haphazardly over your friend’s, fidgeting until you were comfortable. Your head rested above the slow beating heart of the one most precious to you in this world. 

 Yixing pouted, caressing your smooth hair lazily as his eyes flickered over to the television, "You never like what I pick though, ____.” His dark eyes scanned the titles diligently, his hand never stopping on your head.

 You nuzzled into his neck, breathing in the familiar scent of his favorite cologne, “Mm. How do you know that?" 

 Yixing puzzled over it a moment, before exclaiming, "Because you always fall asleep halfway through the movie!" 

 You traced circles on his chest, blushing because what your friend said was completely true. Yixing usually picked movies that matched his ‘acquired tastes’; or so he said. You mumbled into his shirt, "I promise I won’t fall asleep this time,” you sat up and brushed a hand down his jaw, a teasing smile on your face, “If I fall asleep before the end of the movie, I’ll clean your pit of a room. Closet and even under your bed." 

 He bit his lip as he smiled, "Deal,” he situated you so that he was spooning your smaller form on the couch, “But I don’t think you’ll be even close to falling asleep for this one." 

 You rolled your eyes, settling into the curve of his body, "Whatever you say, Yixing." 

 His arm draped over your hip as soon as the movie began, his hand finding yours as he played with your fingers and tickled your palm playfully, a soothing activity you two frequently did. You snuggled back into his chest, relishing the feeling of his fingers over your skin completely. 

 Of course, just like one of those crazy dramas, you happened to be in love with your best friend. Who was so kind, so gentle, warm, and the light of your life. Yixing talked to you when no one would, was there for you when no one else wanted to listen. When you woke up, he was the first thing you saw; and when you went to bed he was the last. 

 You were possibly the most unlikely of friends, immediately attracted to one another at the beginning of your first year of university. Always being mistaken for a couple, the two of you shared in copious amounts skin ship, the one thing the two of you found more comforting than anything else. It wasn’t your average hand holding or snuggling though. The two of you would frequently sleep in the same bed and kiss each other’s cheeks affectionately even in public. When it came to one another, neither of you had any shame about those kind of public displays of affection. 

 One time a few months back, Yixing had his first panic attack after accidentally running over a cat that bolted out into the street. He was distraught when he called you over the phone, his voice trembling with tears. (You loved that he had such a soft heart.) You came as fast as the city traffic allowed and the moment your hand touched Yixing’s he visibly calmed down, his sobbing quieting to gentle sniffles. That night, you’d treated him to his favorite comfort food and desserts, cheering him up. You weren’t good at many things, but you were a first class comforter when it came to Yixing; you’d do anything for him because you loved him so much. 

 You remembered that love and sneaked a look at his face, admiring his handsome features and adorable expression. His lips were parted slightly, eyes practically twinkling as he was absorbed into the movie. You loved how innocent his perspective of the world was, always finding the good in people and just about any situation as well. He truly was your little ray of sunshine. 

 "Yixing?,” you whispered, taking his hand gently in your own. 


 "Thank you for being my best friend,” you voiced softly. He kissed the back of your head, squeezing your hand, “Anything for you." 

 You nodded, though your heart squeezed painfully, suddenly feeling awash with emotions. To him, you knew all these kisses, hugs, and touches were simply platonic. But you loved him more than anything in this world. Enough, you realized, that even if he didn’t love you back, you’d be perfectly content loving him from a distance; protecting him. You really were the prime example of tragic, unrequited love. 

 The movie you were watching was apparently quite foreign, an unknown language coming out of the television. You let your eyes flicker through the subtitles, quickly becoming annoyed with having to multitask. You were about to make a comment to Yixing that this movie was too taxing, when suddenly a loud moan was heard from the movie, making you start as you realized you hadn’t been paying attention at all. You’d been so absorbed in trying to keep up with the subtitles, you’d completely missed the fact this movie was a foreign erotica. 

 You blushed watching as the quite shockingly nude actor and actress shared a passionate kiss, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths, raking fingers through one another’s hair. You looked up at Yixing, flabbergasted. His eyes never left the lithe bodies that entwined in the movie, his tongue pushed out to lick his own lips. You gulped, your morbid curiosity overpowering your better senses as you too were mesmerized by the intimate act unfolding before you.  

 You doubted this was even a movie they showed in theaters because of the explicit nature, it was practically porn. Every shot included some genitalia, cleavage, or someone’s ass. You started to feel hot when the actor was shown entering the actresses dripping center, her moans sending a shiver up your spine and shooting down in between your legs. It was beginning to get extremely hard to concentrate on the movie without being aware that Yixing’s body was flush against your’s. 

 Something else was beginning to get hard as well and you wanted to faint right then.  

 Yixing wasn’t even noticing the fact that his semi-erect member was pressing very firmly against you, only two layers separating you from him. Your legs began to tremble as you grew aware of Yixing’s hand softly caressing your hip, a familiar heat creeping in the pit of your stomach. The two actors on screen were still passionately going at it, and you could hardly take it anymore; you were having a sensory overload. You were totally turned on from the sex scene and the fact that Yixing was unknowingly aroused as well. You needed to take care of yourself. Fast. 

 You carefully extricated yourself from Yixing’s arms, causing him to look up at you in surprise. He asked innocently, "Where you going?" 

 You lied smoothly, "Bathroom." 

 "Oh okay,” he smiled sweetly. “I’ll pause the movie for you. But hurry back!" 

 You gave a strained smile reply, exiting the living room quickly and heading down the hallway, passing by the bathroom. You entered the blissfully quiet sanctuary of your room, immediately heading straight to your bed. You stretched out on your bed, sighing as you slipped your pajama shorts down, your heart beating wildly. You were surprised by how wet you were as you dipped a finger gently into your folds, relishing the silky pleasure that coursed through your body. You rubbed your clit quickly, remembering that if you took too long, Yixing would probably get suspicious and come looking for you. 


 You squeezed your eyes shut, picturing it was your best friend’s hand that was frantically rubbing your soaked heat. A small gasp escaped your lips as you remembered the feeling of his own arousal pressing against your- 

 Stop it.

 You immediately withdrew your hand from your privates, feeling ashamed of your explicit thoughts. He was your best friend for Christ’s sake, it wouldn’t do developing a sexual appetite for someone you knew you’d never have. You pulled your shorts back on and sat on the edge of your bed, suddenly feeling drained. You rubbed the sudden fatigue from your eyes as you stood up, making your way back to the source of all your frustrations.  

 When you entered the living room, his face visibly brightened, a warm smile gracing his lips, "I was just wondering what was taking so long.” He beckoned you back into his arms, tugging at the hem of your shirt like a child. 

 You gave a tight lipped smile in return, answering stiffly as you sat down away from him at his feet, “I’m fine. Just a little sick feeling.” You could still feel the wetness of arousal on your shorts and it made you blush in embarrassment. 

 He looked surprised and slightly hurt at your physical and emotional distance from him, “You sure you’re alright, ____?" 

 "I said I’m fine, Yixing,” you replied, your voice cracking on his name. 

 He remained silent, continuing to watch the movie, but looking extremely disinterested in it now. You were the same, watching with an empty heart as the two actors continued to make love, professing their undying love for each other as they reached their climax simultaneously.  

 As soon as the movie finished you stood up, said a quick goodnight to Yixing, and shuffled back to your room to wallow in your self misery. You snuggled into your blankets, wishing nothing more than to erase this night from your memory. You felt tears spring to your eyes as your shame and sadness rolled over you in waves, remembering how 'content’ you’d seemed earlier when you thought of how just seeing Yixing happy was enough. How wrong you’d been. You desired him and selfishly needed him to be yours and only yours alone. How were you supposed to touch him, or let him touch you anymore without feeling ashamed of the feelings, both sexual and emotional, that you harbored for him? You fell asleep with some difficulty, the weight of your thoughts smothering.  

 The rest of the week, was torture. Yixing easily noticed your obvious distress and sought to comfort you whenever he could. The only problem being the fact that even the simplest of touches reminded you of the night you’d touched yourself to the thought of him. He was relentless, always making sure you felt him in some way. Whether it was hand holding, playing with your hair, or resting a hand on your thigh, you couldn’t it when your mind would wander to darker thoughts. Like when he would hug you from behind as you waited in line for lunch, his arms holding you to his chest; he would hum contently, sending pleasing vibrations down your back. It would have been innocent enough had your attention not been focused on the fiasco from the other night. You could still practically feel his arousal pressing against your lower back…

 It was movie night again, but you had different plans for yourself that day. Much to your chagrin, you lied to Yixing again, saying that you felt unwell and your stomach was hurting. You saw the way his lips flattened and knew he was having a hard time believing you, but he relented eventually, going to watch a movie on his own. You were going to stay away from him for now and give yourself a breather from the intense physical contact this week.  

 You flopped down on your bed with a groan, closing your eyes as the silence pressed comfortingly against you. But soon enough, your thoughts began to wander again. 

 You tried. You really did.

 You ended up in the same position as the other night, your hand rubbing frantically against your clit as you sought release, his name on your tongue as you chanted it like a mantra. Thoughts of Yixing flooded your head: him teasingly caressing your wet heat, his fingers sliding easily in and out, him moaning softly as he whispered dirty things to you, his panting and groaning as you stroked his hard member, your name bursting from his lips as he climaxed in your hand, his ministrations to your clit becoming more intense as your orgasm approached!… 

 "______?…,“ a familiar voice spluttered. 

 You immediately ceased your actions, freezing as you saw your best friend gaping from your door way, his face completely shocked. He’d obviously heard you say his name while you were masturbating. You felt tears prick at your eyes, embarrassment slamming into you as you watched his dark eyes rake over the scene before him, "Yixing! I didn’t know. I’m so sorry. Please." 

 As you were profusely spouting complete gibberish, you failed to notice how Yixing was beginning to become aroused, his gaze soaking in your naked lower half. He was turned on by the fact that he was the reason you’d been touching yourself in such a way. He licked his lips and approached you, even though you were still apologizing, your voice grew softer as he moved onto the bed with you. Your eyes glazed over as they met his, your body relaxing immediately as he cupped your cheek gently. No words were needed to be spoken to know that you both wanted the same thing. 

 He closed the distance between you, brushing your lips tenderly with his own. The moment you’d only dreamed about was coming true; he was kissing you, touching you, differently than before. His hand rested on your thigh, tracing patterns into your skin and squeezing once you laced your fingers through his soft hair, tugging at the tips insistently. You wanted him to kiss you into oblivion, you wanted him to take you.  

 He answered your aggression by pushing you roughly onto your back, his body molding to perfectly fit your’s. He moved away from your mouth and instead chose to drag his lips over your jaw and neck, occasionally pressing a wet kiss to your skin. You moaned softly, lifting a leg and using it to bring him even closer, the friction of his jeans on your naked heat was pure bliss. He groaned as you began to rub yourself wantonly against his leg, his hands finding the edge of your shirt and pulling it up to reveal your chest. He made short work of your bra, helping you arch up into him with one hand, and skillfully undoing the clasp of your bra with another. Your breasts sprung free, nipples becoming erect as his fingers brushed over them.  

 As much as you enjoyed the attention he was giving you, he had far too many articles of clothing on for your liking. You tugged at his shirt insistently, blushing when you heard his familiar lighthearted chuckle. But nevertheless, he tore his shirt off, revealing his toned abs and sculpted chest. Yixing wasn’t overly muscular, but rather lean and toned, which you’ve always secretly liked about his body. You tentatively touched him, your fingers grazing down and up his whole chest. He sighed in delight, relishing the attention you were giving him as you pressed kisses tentatively to his skin. 

 As you occupied his chest, he began to unbuckle his belt and slip his pants off, throwing them off your bed without caring where they landed. You drew away from him when you realized he was just as naked as you now, and you couldn’t help but stare. You’d never been with someone as beautiful as Yixing was, so a blush seeped into your cheeks as you took in his body. As he continued his advances on you, you couldn’t help but feel inadequate. He had always been considered one of the more good looking guys at school, and you’d just always been you. Average and okay at best. 

 "Yixing,” you worried a lip between your teeth, drawing up the sheets to cover your womanhood as you suddenly lost all your confidence. 

 He noticed your discomfort and immediately cupped your face, “Hey. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of loving and being my friend, inside and out. And I know, I can tell you that a million times and you won’t be convinced. So let me show you how much you mean to me.” You looked up at him in surprise, only to find him looking surprised with himself too. He recoiled slightly, only to hold onto you more surely than before as he whispered, “This is okay, right?”

  It felt as though you were walking on air as you softly breathed back, “Yes.” 

 He drew you into his arms, the warmth of his skin kissing against your own. The feeling of him surrounding you was all you’d ever wanted and it felt better to know he wanted it too. Yixing laid you down softly on the bed, hovering over your want filled body, his hands on his erect dick as he began to pump it over you, warming it up and moaning your name. Your heart raced as you watched his face contort in pleasure, heat filling the pit of your stomach at the sight of his arousal. You had a feeling you could watch him for hours, but inside you knew what you wanted and you needed it now. You reached up and grasped his shoulders urgently, a whine filling your voice, “Yixing please I can’t take much more." 

 He seemed to snap out of it, redness coloring his cheeks as he cleared his throat, "Right. Sorry." 

 He positioned his member at your entrance, but not before teasing your folds with the tip, eliciting a gasp from you at the strange feeling of something other than your own hands touching your core. He pushed into you gently, allowing your walls to accommodate his girth at their pace. You didn’t mind at all because Yixing truly was gifted down below and it felt more intimate to really feel him, plus he stretched you pretty damn far. He groaned as he was completely sheathed within you, burying his face into the crook of your neck. You were still slightly uncomfortable, but it was bearable enough as he began to press kisses to your neck, his panting making you shiver as he battled with his own self control. If it wasn’t the hottest thing you’d ever seen or heard, you’d be kidding yourself. 

 You felt guilty for not being able to take him in and immediately start going wild. It looked like pure torture from your perspective, so you sucked it up and began to move your hips against him, urging him to start as well. Yixing looked so relieved when you began to buck up into him, his own hips fluidly snapping into you. He set the perfect pace, allowing you some control over what you wanted. You moaned as he dipped further into you than before, brushing something unknown inside of you that sent pleasure coursing through your body. 

 "Right there Yixing,” you groaned into his ear. He trembled with pleasure as you reached up and raked your finger nails down his back, tracing his spine along the way. By the way his breath was becoming choppier and his voice higher, you could tell his end was approaching. 

 Ever the gentleman, he reached down and began to rub your clit, increasing his speed as well. You felt a sensory overload as soon as he did, a thousand different feelings racing through your nerves as he pressed at the sensitive bundle earnestly. You suddenly yelled, coming all over his member as your walls clenched down on him. He gave a few more wildly thrusts before driving deep into you one last time, his seed spilling into you as he gasped your name over and over. He began to slowly pump the two of you through your orgasm, wanting to draw out the feeling as long as possible for you. You sighed contentedly, winding down from your high as you ran your fingers through Yixing’s hair. 

 He looked down at you, almost astonished with himself for what he’d just done. He just fucked his best friend, it was all over now. Flustered, he pulled out as gently as possible before sitting on the edge of the bed. 

 Confused, you moved over to him, resting your chin on his shoulder, “Yixing?” He flinched but took your hand in his own, “I’ve ruined everything." 

 You furrowed your brow, "What do you mean? I’ve never been happier." 

 He turned to you, his face full of wonder, "You’re serious?”

 "Of course I’m serious,“ you leaned over and kissed his cheek, mumbling quietly, "I have something to confess anyway." 

 He leaned into you, pressing your foreheads together, "I do too,” he gulped, “_____, I’ve always have had a hard time just calling you my best friend. I’ve wanted to confess to you since we became friends, but then we grew so close, I didn’t want to ruin what we had." 

 Your eyes widened, kissing him happily, "I’ve been wanting to admit I loved you the day we met.” You laughed against his lips, “We’re such idiots." 

 He laughed and pulled you into his chest, "Agreed. But I’m the luckiest fool of all." 

 You chuckled, already knowing what he was going to say, "Why?" 

 "Because I get to be with you,” he murmured into your hair. 

 "You took the words straight out of my mouth,“ you whispered as you really embraced him for the first time as someone different. Someone you could love without feeling ashamed. Nothing was unrequited anymore and you couldn’t be happier.

Cheer Up Post #4121 - Cannoli Edition

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Food Masterpost

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Today sucked so can I get some fluff headcanons please? I need some happiness in my life ~Emoji Anon 🐰 P.s. I love your writing!

we hope you’re not having a bad day anymore and we sincerely hope this will make your day even when you’re having the best day of your life! 
and thank you! we wouldn’t be writing anything if it weren’t for everyone’s request!
you didn’t specify who you wanted so we’ll go with our default line-up!


  • mama jaehee knows how to take care of you. come here bby i mean cmon, she works for jumin, bad days are basically everyday 
  • she knows how you feel man, she’s got you
  • tiem for cuddles and soft kisses
  • would you like tea or coffee or hot chocolate to go with that?
  • she’ll advise you to talk it out, if you need it she’ll give you some advice
  • if you don’t wanna talk about it, she’ll let you cuddle up against her and put on some chill music


  • this boi is ready to fight anyone and anything
  • treats you even more like a princess because how  d a r e  someone hurt you
  • makes you food and tries to hang out with you all day the next day 
  • takes you up to the rooftop so the both of you can look at the stars all night long
  • tries his best to distract you from your bad day by singing and acting for you 
  • makes you dance with him too because he’s a sucker for ballroom dancing around the house with no music on


  • omg. if you cry, he’s gonna start tearing up 
  • yandere!yoosung coming out, who tf dares hurt his one and only. he will obliterate you
  • takes a break from LOLOL because he can’t play games when you’re sad!! Y OU N EE D I  MME DI AT E CA RE
  • will shower you with hugs and kisses and cuddles
  • tries to make your favourite dessert or dish to cheer you up a little
  • lowkey wishes he was like zen or jumin so he “protect” you properly and stuff


  • who does he need to sue
  • what do you mean that’s unnecessary. you’re having a bad day. tell assistant kang-
  • honestly, he doesn’t know how to react because mr. no feelings over here can’t relate
  • you’d have to find a way to tell him about your feelings by linking it to when he’s feeling shitty 
  • boy are you gonna have a hard time explaining Emotions™ to him
  • by the time you’re finished you aren’t feeling that bad anymore tbh (smh jumin one job)


  • gives you heelies to let you escape from your feelies
  • i mean he isn’t the best at comforting people but he still tries so that’s something right?
  • he’s all flustered and doesn’t know what to do and he’ll try literally anything to get you to feel less bad. ice cream? memes? cuddles? wanna talk it out over tea? a day out? he just wants you to be less sad qAq
  • when he finds the trick that works best with you, he’ll remember it and from time to time will switch it up a little so you won’t ever feel it’s repetitive. 
  • if someone is directly involved in making you sad he’ll destroy them through his god-like hacking skills. rip their work, image and social life
  • he’ll try to pay more attention to you and your surroundings so he can prevent you from being hurt again


  • doesn’t look like it but is soooo ready to punch someone
  • he’ll try to take your mind of off things too. and he knows exactly how to cheer you up and stuff because he’s actually pretty observant
  • if he ever comes across the poor soul that hurt you he’ll be lowkey salty about it but not so much that they would know he’s being salty towards them
  • wants only the best for you, he’ll pamper you so much like everything you want he’ll do everything and anything to get it for you
  • plans like surprise dates for you because he knows you need this
  • he doesn’t believe in destroying someone but he’ll be very cautious around them and a few other suspicious people


  • he doesn’t really get your sadness and stuff but he can probably relate since he was locked up in mint eye for so long too. (i mean his bound to yknow feel sad sometimes too you know.)
  • if he ever finds that person who made you sad he’ll death glare them to the death
  • brings you your favourite ice cream because that’s one of the few comforting things he knows how to do
  • he really wants to hug you and just hold and/or cuddle with you but he’s too shy and doesn’t know how to initiate the contact. it’s still a weird concept to him but if it makes a huge difference he will try 
  • he doesn’t exactly know how to comfort someone too, he’s not used to being comforted so of course, he doesn’t really know how to comfort someone
  • he’s trying his best so all the intimate things will take time

I’m posting these pictures for anyone having a rough day/week/year. These outrageous desserts really cheered me up this afternoon.

From the book “The Magic of JELL-O.”

Cheer Up Post #4443 - French Snacks Edition

francaise-de-coeur would also love a post full of delicious snacks from France. Enjoy!

Food Masterpost

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Cheer Up Post #3683 - Éclairs Edition

russian-at-heart would like to see some tasty éclairs. Here you go!

Food Masterpost

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Cheer Up Post #3725 - Salted Caramel Edition

Salty, but still sweet.

Food Masterpost

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Cheer Up Post #3752 - Ice Cream Sandwiches Edition

This counts as a meal, right?

Food Masterpost

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