The most pointless video you’ll ever watch. Reblog for loves.

Happy Birthday, Destery. <3 Honestly, no words can explain how grateful I am for him and his videos. This past summer, I was going through a really rough time. And as cheesy as it sounds, his videos were one of the only two things keeping me going. Des is an amazing person, and I am forever grateful for him.


My Personal Opinion on my Videos.

Hey guys so I just wanted to write a post about my stance on my videos. After so long of making videos for youtube, a lot of youtubers come across the existential question of “WHY DO I CONTINUE DOING THIS?” Some do it because it’s routine, or because they don’t know what ELSE to do, but I have personally found that I enjoy making videos for no other reason than I am passionate about them. I don’t care about views, or how many subscribers I have, I am simply doing this because I love it and want to make a living out of doing it.

I love connecting with the people that like my videos and find them entertaining, and it inspires me to continue down this road and see where it leads. 

My game reviews that I post to my gaming channel, Despwns, get about 10 - 30 thousand views each, which is pretty low to most standards. So why continue doing them? Because I LOVE doing it. I love putting forth THAT much effort in editing, writing, gathering clips, green screen work, JUST because I personally love them. 

THAT is the message I want to spread, is just that if you’re passionate about something - if you love what you do, Sometimes you’ll never see rewards for those things, but WHO CARES? If you’re NOT proud and passionate about what you do, WHAT IS THE POINT IN DOING IT? 

So who cares about hate or trolls, because I AM PERSONALLY FUCKING PROUD of everything I make, and nothing they could ever say will ever convince me I am something I’m not. 

Anyways, enough pointless ranting. I just wanted to put this into words. I love you all <3


New DesandNate video! Holiday Thanks.

Really though guys, I would be no one without all of you wonderful people subscribing and watching and buying merch and caves of ice and listening to my music on Soundcloud and just being amazing in general. A captain couldn’t wish for a better crew/fans :D


New Update vlog! Where da FAQ has Destery been!?!


New video! Be warned, it’s a lot different than my normal videos, but it was inspired by the post I had made on tumblr a few days ago concerning my 2014 in review. Hope you guys like it all the same <3