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I recently took a trip to the Emergency Room after suffering from shortness of breath, severe stomach pain, headaches, and dehydration. The nurses took multiple tests and x-rays, and gave me two bags of fluids. After two and a half hours, the doctor told me I had pneumonia. After giving me a dose of medication, he sent me home with a prescription. Thankfully, I was feeling better by the end of the week. Unfortunately, my father’s insurance can’t cover all the costs.

I’m broke. I was let go from my job a few months ago, and I’m living with my parents. They’re kind enough to let me live at their home rent-free, and they’re even paying for my phone bill. I won’t ask them to pay for my medical bills as well,  especially since my father is the only one working. So I came here in the hopes of getting enough donations to pay my bill.

Please donate what you can. I made three other posts earlier, and I tried to spread the word, but it’s been 23 days, and I still haven’t gotten a single donation. I don’t want to be the person who shames people for not donating, so I’m sorry if I’m coming off like that. I’m just really desperate. I thought the bill was due on the 25th, but apparently it’s due today. I have a little less than an hour to get the money together. Thankfully, the hospital bills can wait. It’s the doctor’s bills that’s due. It’s only 50 dollars, so please, please, please donate. I’m begging!


 Lumo is a modern house with an open kitchen/ living room, a dining room, study, 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms.

It’ is given to you as an effort to help a fellow simmer Hayley ( get more people aware of her so that she could reach her goal of raising enough money to buy herself a new wheelchair she desprerately needs.

Please go to for more information and to donate. Every pound makes a difference.

Lot Information:

Size: 30x20

Price: 107 949§