Please read: future of Idioteque-comic

It’s been a while since I’ve actively haven’t worked on my fan comic, mostly due to being a college student n stuff. Now that I’m done with the semester I’ve been wondering if people are still interested in reading it. Since then my blog has gained +260 followers which is the biggest number of followers I’ve ever had in any social media. I’m beyond grateful for all of my followers, thank you so much for following my blog. ❤️

To be honest I’m not as crazy about Radiohead as I was last year but I still doodle Radiohead fan art from time to time; I would prefer to push out the comic now while it’s still relevant in my life than when my hype dies for good. Writing it has been hard because sometimes I’m not sure if I want write a plot-driven story or a short and sweet slapstick. I guess I’m at crossroads, I could abandon entirely the ‘idioteque comic’ idea and just make this my Fan Blog (which kind already is since I’m super inactive with my own fan content) or reduce my reblogs from other blogs so my comic doesn’t get out-shadowed.

I don’t like asking people for anything, but I would really appreciate if anyone commented. This blog is not just a fandom reblog dump for funny or cool Radiohead stuff but also a concept comic.

Thank you for reading,