despite what the date on the picture says

An unexpected nursing lesson on Valentine's Day

This is my first Valentine’s Day alone in 12 years but by my choice. I have to admit, all the posts, pictures and flowers have annoyed me today.
It’s not to say I haven’t tried to find someone but my expectations are high. Despite an ended marriage, I still believe in love but I realized my job had a huge bearing on that.
On several occasions I have heard myself telling my dates of watching elderly couples holding hands in the final moments and that is what I want in life. Watching a husband feed his wife when she couldn’t raise her arms. Telling them of the times I’ve had to hold strangers as they grieve and of the time we had spouses on our unit that passed away within a day and how we wheeled the husband to his wife’s room to say his final goodbye.
I have seen love in moments that could rip apart a person’s soul.
And that has set up a standard for me. I want love until the end, when the world is falling apart. I want to have my hand held as I pass into the unknown.
In an odd way, nursing has redefined my outlook on love but it’s okay. I am willing to wait till I find that person.
So for all the lonely people on Valentine’s Day, it’s a good sign. Means we haven’t given up on love, we just have to wait till it’s worthwhile.