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…and then there was this dopey ogre…

Danny: Once upon a time there was a very handsome prince. And this, uh, handsome prince had a very beautiful black stallion. And this black stallion was, uh, was admired by everybody in the kingdom. He was the fastest and fairest stallion in the land, about 528 horsepower, very nice stallion, anyway. Uh, one day, uh, this incredibly handsome prince… (baby yells) Yeah, he was, he was out of sight, let me tell you. He was partnered up with a mean ogre. A disgusting, hairy ogre. It was not a match made in heaven. They would slay dragons together from time to time. And they’d argue all the time and, of course, the brilliant charming prince would-would win those arguments because the ogre was a dope. Despite their, uh, victories, there was a dark cloud that loomed. Because… the dopey ogre coveted the handsome prince’s stallion, okay? And he was a very greedy, selfish ogre with-with major control issues. And he would never let the handsome prince ride his own stallion.

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so I finally watched the first chapter of bendy and the ink machine and I'm glad the second chapter will arrive soon! do you have any wishes or expectations? or anything the game developer said on this?

i had to wait until i could open my laptop to answer this cause i guess?? inbox isn’t a thing on mobile anymore

im someone that’s super into theorizing about this kind of stuff (which is why i was so into fnaf when it came out but uh despite how great the games are scott cawthon’s really got me on that one, i gave up trying to figure it out a looong time ago).

so there are two theories i’ve seen made by the same person about bendy and the ink machine and some plot details we’ve already been given. (here’s one and the other if you’re interested l o l)

the first one is questioning whether or not joey drew is dead or alive. the guy who does the theory pretty much insists that he thinks joey is dead and i’ve always thought that since the beginning since joey wanted henry to see something but didn’t come with him (and i believe it even more when the game starts out with henry literally saying “alright joey, i’m here. lets see if we can’t find what you wanted me to see”) 

if there’s one thing i really want out of the game when we’re moving forward is for it to reveal where joey drew really is and why he left the studio like that - if he did.

second theory is questioning if bendy is possessed by actual demons since there is a mention of appeasing the “gods” through the message you find from one of the animators that worked there. i actually don’t agree with that at all?

bendy may be a devil/demon cartoon but i don’t think he’s possessed by anything due to the fact that some of the messages left around the studio are all the more proof that bendy is a sentient being who was brought to life. i would consider the whole bendy is possessed by demons/the devil theory if the message “the creator lied to us” didn’t exist when you fell to the basement. it suggests something that complies a lot of what bendy must be feeling and if it were a literal demon from hell sort of situation i dont think it would give two shits what joey promised bendy.

in short:

feed me the plot and secrets @ themeatly mmmMMM cronch cronch

Once upon a time there was a very handsome prince. And this, uh, handsome prince had a very beautiful black stallion. And this black stallion was, uh, was admired by everybody in the kingdom. He was the fastest and fairest stallion in the land, about 528 horsepower, very nice stallion, anyway. Uh, one day, uh, this incredibly handsome prince. Yeah, he was, he was out of sight, let me tell you. He was partnered up with a mean ogre. A disgusting, hairy ogre. It was not a match made in heaven. They would slay dragons together from time to time. And they’d argue all the time and, of course, the brilliant charming prince would-would win those arguments because the ogre was a dope. Despite their, uh, victories, there was a dark cloud that loomed. Because the dopey ogre coveted the handsome prince’s stallion, okay? And he was a very greedy, selfish ogre with-with major control issues. And he would never let the handsome prince ride his own stallion.
—  Danny is telling ‘a story’ to Steve’s niece which is essentially him bitching about Steve - Hawaii Five Oh S4Ep7
Drabble #12 – “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”

Submitted by: you-make-me-wander

Description: Stiles is nervous on his first date with Lydia. He has no reason to be.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Part 12 of the “Birthday drabbles” series

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Solas’ in-game conversations with Sera are a little bit heartbreaking once you’ve done Trespasser:

In hindsight it’s so obvious how desperately he’s trying to find something familiar in her, something that shows the elves he knew are still there somewhere:

  • Solas: Ar dirthan'as ir elgara, ma'sula e'var vhenan.
  • Sera: Pppbbthh!
  • Solas: Excuse me?
  • Sera: Excuse yourself. Whatever you said and what I did, same difference to me.
  • Solas: I’d hoped, well, our people can sometimes feel the rhythm of the language despite lacking the vocabulary.
  • Sera: Uh huh? Know what else is good? Words that mean things. Like these. Words.
  • Solas: Fenedhis lasa.
  • Sera: Pppbbthh!


  • Solas: What color is the sky, Sera?
  • Sera: Hang off.
  • Solas: It is an earnest question. What color is the sky when you look at it?
  • Sera: You know. Blue, mostly. Except for the Breachy bits.
  • Solas: And when you looked past the Breach? As perhaps you were drawn to do?
  • Sera: Greenish? Then clear a long ways, and kind of… felt like falling.
  • Sera: Ugh! Makes my head hurt. You make my head hurt.
  • Solas: We are not so far apart, you and I.

and letting his Fen’harel show:

  • Solas: I do not understand you, Sera. You do not have an end goal for your organization.
  • Sera: Nobles get rattled, and people get payback. I play in the middle.
  • Solas: Why not go all the way? You see injustice. And you have organized a group to fight it. Don’t you want to replace it with something better?
  • Sera: What, just lop off the top? What does that do, except make a new top to frig it all up?
  • Solas: I…forgive me. You are right. You are fine as you are.
  • Sera: You hurt my head sometimes, Solas.
  • Solas: Yes, I have been known to do that.

and perhaps most heartbreaking of all:

  • Sera: (shivers) Weird.
  • Solas: Sera? What are you feeling?
  • Sera: Ugh, here we go. It’s nothing, it just feels like I’ve seen this. Exactly this. It happens.
  • Solas: Not to everyone.
  • Sera: It’s not an elf thing. You’re not shaking.
  • Sera: I suppose now you’ll switch to how I’m the same but different?
  • Solas: You are different. You are the furthest from what you were meant to be.

You are the furthest from what you were meant to be

They really are the perfect complement to each other.

Solas, the ancient elf, who is seemingly convinced there is nothing of left of his people in ‘modern’ elves, but wants desperately to be proved wrong and so searches for it in the most un-elfy of elves.

And Sera, the elf who obviously has the potential to be more ‘elfy’ and rejects it flat out.  

"Oh, hi Luke."

Description: Luke hasn’t seen his ex since she caught him cheating. A year and a half later he comes home to find her visiting, and soon staying with him. He still loves her but believes she’s moved on completely and has to deal with seeing her happy without him.

Luke thanked the barista for his coffee and paid before walking out of the cafe.
He headed back to his and Calums shared apartment, ready to enjoy a peaceful day of writing with his best friend.
When he entered the flat, though, his eyes landed upon the girl he hadn’t seen in nearly a year and a half.
She and Calum were sat on the couch and their conversation was cut short as they both turned to look at him.
“Oh, hi Luke.” She spoke softly.
He stared at her for a few moments.
She looked as stunning as she had the last time he saw her, maybe even more so if possible.
Her hair was longer now than ever and it was darker than it was when he last saw her.
The smile on her face still gleamed and her eyes shined despite their rotten past.
“Uh, hey.” He answered, her presence bringing back waves of regret from the last time they spoke.
He stayed near the door, not entirely sure what to do with the unexpected situation.
“Well, come in here dude.” Calum chuckled from beside her.
Luke complied and entered the room, taking a seat in the chair next to the couch.
The seat he took left him close enough to see the light dimples in her cheeks when she smiled, the smooth texture of her hair that now seemed to go on for miles, and the glitter from her favorite perfume.
He could smell it from his place next to her, which made him think about when she bought it and how confused he was as to why there was glitter in it when it was just for smell.
He remembered her laugh when she told him “You just don’t get it.”
At the time he didn’t understand what exactly it was that he ‘didn’t get’ but he liked the scent of the perfume so he didn’t complain.
“Uh, what are you doing back?” He asked, trying to strike up a conversation in the hopes that he could push the flooding memories out of his head.
“My university’s on break so I thought I would come see everyone.” She responded, not an ounce of hostility in her voice.
Her smile was genuine, which made him certain that he had lost her completely.
In his head, he always thought that one day they would get back together, that when they saw each other again they could reignite the flame that once burned between them despite what he’d done.
“We were planning to go out and grab a bite to eat, you wanna come?” Calum asked, drawing Luke’s attention from her for a split second.
“Sure, uh, let me grab my wallet and stuff.”
He excused himself and when he got into the safety of his room, he breathed a heavy breath and ran a hand through his messy hair.
His bed sank beneath him as he dropped onto it, holding his head in his hands.
It was too much, he hadn’t seen her in so long and he honestly felt a little angry that Calum hadn’t warned him that she was back in town, let alone in their apartment.
He sat for a few minutes, until her voice pulled him away from himself.
As he looked up he found her standing casually in the door.
“Hey, the ubers here, are you ready?”
Her voice was casual, she was cool and collected.
“Y-yeah, sorry, I’m ready.”
She smiled and walked towards him a bit.
“You okay?”
He was standing now, trying to look like he knew what he was doing.
“Yeah, yeah I’m alright, thanks.”
“Listen, I know it’s been a long time, but I just want to clear any bad air between us. I don’t want anything to be awkward, okay?”
“Yeah, I totally agree.”
“The way we left things wasn’t exactly good.” She chuckled, looking up at him.
“About that, I-”
“It’s okay, I forgive you. I’ve moved on.”
Her words made his heart sink into his stomach.
“You have? You mean, you’ve got a…”
“Yeah, his names Kyle. I think you’d like him. Are you seeing anyone?”
He shook his head, trying to appear happy for her.
“Oh, what about Alicia?”
He had to stop himself from cringing, hearing her say Alicias name stung.
“That, uh, that ended right after, uh, you know..”
She nodded, and he knew she was remembering what he had done which made him feel sour.
“Stop with the guilty face, it’s okay,Luke. It was over a year ago.”
He was unable now to stop the horrible memories.

/Alicia slipped off of him and covered her bare chest in a sheet as the door to his room opened.
“Oh shit.” Luke spoke as he looked into the pain stricken eyes of his girlfriend.
He looked between her hurt face and the girl next to him.
“No, let me explain. I’m so sorry, please just listen to me, I-”
He watched as tears welled in her eyes and her face turned away from him.
She began to walk out of the room and he tried to follow her, scooping his boxers up from the floor.
He stumbled behind her, trying to pull his underwear on while simultaneously catching up to her.
“Please wait.” He pleaded.
“No. I can’t believe you. How long has this been going on?”
“This is the first time, I swear. I love you.”
She shook her head at him.
“No. No, Luke, you don’t. If you loved me you wouldn’t have done this.”
There wasn’t anger in her eyes, just pure pain and disappointment.
“Baby listen to me, please, I promise it’ll never happen again. I love you. Please, please I-”
Suddenly, as if it had just jumped into her head, she cut him off.
“It’s over.” She spoke gently, before stiffly turning on her heels and leaving the apartment. /

“Still, I’m sorry. It was a shitty thing to do and I regret it more than anything.” He spoke, looking down at her.
“I forgive you, but we should get going. Calums waiting.”
He nodded and she easily turned away from him, heading out of his room.
“Ready guys?” Calum asked, grabbing his wallet and opening the door.
Luke couldn’t help but stare as she looked out the window of the über, the open window causing her hair to dance around her.
Just as they arrived at the restaurant, he watched as her phone began to ring.
“Hey sweetie.” She smiled into the phone.
His heart sank, knowing it had to be her boyfriend on the other end of the call.
“I’m going to lunch with a couple friends. Did you finish your final?”
She pitched in a few dollars for the über and thanked the driver.
“That’s good, I’m sure you did great. But I’m about to sit down for lunch, can I call you later?”
She giggled into the phone, “talk to you later, Bye.”
Calum glanced at Luke, knowing it had to have been tough but feeling no remorse for him.
Luke watched as she smiled, hanging up the phone. He couldn’t help but note the fact that no “I love you"s were exchanged.
“Sorry, Kyle had a pretty big French final he was worried about.”
“That’s okay.” Calum grinned.
“Yeah,” Luke cleared his throat “It’s okay.”
She smiled, the reached for a menu to order.
“So, Cal, are you seeing anyone?” She questioned as the trio waited for their food.
Calum laughed lightly, “No, not at the moment.”
“You know, I have a friend at school who I think would be perfect for you, if you’d be interested.”
He shrugged, “Uh, sure I guess.”
She smiled and turned to Luke.
“What about you? I’m sure I know someone I could set you up with too.”
He shook his head, “Oh no, no thanks.”
She laughed a bit, “Suit yourself.”
Lunch grew more comfortable for Luke as the conversation strayed more towards memories from the past.
He watched as her nose scrunched up the more she laughed, the brilliant smile of hers spreading over her face.
“Well, I need to go check into a hotel. Do you guys want to come with? There’s probably a pool or something.” She spoke as they returned to the boys apartment.
“A hotel? No way. You can stay here.” Calum assured.
“Are you sure? I’d hate to intrude on you guys.” She responded, uncertain.
“Of course.”
Staying in a house with her ex was a little weird, she was willing to admit. But it definitely beats paying for a shabby hotel room.
“Okay, thanks.” She grinned.
Luke was torn, half of him was glad she would be staying with them, he would be able to talk to her and being around her made him feel alright again. On the other hand, he knew he would hear her talking to her boyfriend, he would have to deal with seeing her and not being able to wrap her into his arms, he would have to pretend he was okay and relive the moments he cherished most with her over and over again.
“Luke?” Calum spoke.
He was yanked from his thoughts and found that they’d both been staring at him.
“Can you help her get her things from her car? I have to go pick up Michael.” Calum asked, an odd look on his face.
“Yeah, uh, yeah sorry.” Luke answered, shaking his head lightly as if to discard his thoughts.
Calum hesitated for a moment, but headed out the door.
“You okay?” She asked as he followed her out to her car.
“Yeah, I’m okay. Just thinking.”
They reached her car and he was surprised to find only two bags and her purse. She’d always been one who over packs.
“Traveling light this time?” He chuckled.
She laughed a bit in response. “You could say that. I’m not sure how long I’ll be staying so I didn’t want to pack too much.”
“I remember when we went to New York that weekend, you packed enough to stay a month.” He teased, grabbing the two bags from her back seat.
“Shut up.” She laughed, pushing him lightly.
Her touch cause chills to erupt over his body and memories of when he was lucky enough to hold her to jump into his head.
He ignored them and carried her bags inside and towards his room.
“You can take my room, I’ll take the couch.”
“Oh, are you sure?”
He nodded, setting her bags down next to his bed.
“Thanks, Luke.” She smiled at him.
He grinned back at her, then forced himself to look away.
“So, anyway, uh, how’s school going?”
“Great so far, the campus is beautiful and there are so many great people. I met this girl who does the most incredible paintings, you’d love them.”
She sat on the bed, “How have things been since I’ve been gone?”
“Lame, to be honest.” Luke chuckled, sitting beside her.
She laughed, “I doubt it. I’ve been seeing all your videos. You guys are really good.”
“Nah, were alright I guess.”
“No, I mean it. I think you’re gonna go somewhere.”
He grinned lightly, the dimples deepening in his cheeks.
“Why’d you decide to grow your hair out?” He asked, not wanting the conversation to end. The casual atmosphere around them felt good.
She shrugged in response, “I don’t know really, after we broke up I guess I just felt like I needed a change so I haven’t cut it since. I dyed it a few weeks ago though. Why, does it look bad?”
He shook his head immediately, “No, it looks, you look, uh, I like it. It looks good.” He stumbled over his words, not wanting to seem too pushy or say something wrong.
“Thanks.” She smiled.
Luke wrestled with his thoughts for a few moments, wanting to tell her just how beautiful she looks and how much he missed her. He knew he couldn’t do that though, not if he hoped to be friends with her and especially not If she would be staying with him.
Before he could come up with something to say, Michael and Calum entered the apartment.
They made their way towards his room, looking for the two of them.
“Oh, hey, there you guys are.” Calum said, leaning in the door frame.
“Hey, I’m Michael.” He entered the room and introduced himself.
“Hi, nice to meet you. I’ve seen you in the videos on YouTube. I was just telling Luke how good you guys are.”
Michael smiled at her then directed his attention to Calum and Luke.
“Wanna hit the bar?”
“Hell yeah.” She responded, standing up.
Luke shrugged, “I guess.”
The four of them headed outside.
“We should take two cars, just in case one of us gets too drunk so the other can drive home.” Calum suggested.
No one protested, so Calum decided to make the arrangements.
“Luke and I can take my car, and you and Michael can take yours if that’s cool?” He spoke to her.
“Sure, that’s fine.”
Luke looked to her, catching her eye for just a moment, then to Michael, jealous.
He then followed Calum to his car and clambered into the passenger side.
“You doin okay dude? I know it’s probably hard seeing her. I would’ve warned you but I didn’t really have time. She called me when she got into town and I couldn’t just tell her no.”
“I’m okay, I mean yeah it sucks. She’s got a boyfriend dude. She moved on and here I am, haven’t even hardly talked to a girl since she left. It’s all her. No one else compares.”
“I know man, and I feel like I should warn you.. He might come see her while she’s here. Probably within the next couple days, she talked to me about it before you came in earlier.”
Luke’s head felt light, his stomach tightening. “Uh, okay. Thanks.”
“I’m not gonna lie, when we came in and couldn’t find you, I kind of thought you might’ve been… You know, making up for lost time.” Cal smirked.
Luke shook his head, “I wouldn’t count on it. She’s completely over me.”
“So, do you need to stop anywhere or anything?” She asked as Michael got into the car.
“Nope, I’m good.” He smiled at her.
“I like your hair, by the way.” She complimented.
“Oh, thanks.”
They sat quiet for a minute, the music filling the car.
“So, uh, I don’t mean to be awkward or anything, but you’re Luke’s ex right?”
“Yeah, we broke up like a year and a half ago.”
“Can I ask what happened?”
She laughed to cover the discomfort of the question.
“I walked in on him fucking another girl.”
“Oh, shit. That’s fucked up. I never figured Luke would have that in him.”
“Me either, but hey, how much can you really know someone when you date them for two years right?” She laughed again, having not talked about it since it happened made it difficult to stop herself.
“It’s cool that you have a sense of humor about it though.” Michael commented.
She shrugged, treating it as a joke made it easier to deal with.
“For the record, I don’t understand how he could cheat on you though.” He winked and laughed.
They pulled up to the bar and parked beside Calums car.
She noticed Luke looking at her as soon as they pulled up. She smiled at him, then looked away.
The four of them found seats at the bar and ordered a few drinks.
After about an hour and a half, the lot had downed quite a few drinks which helped Luke loosen up a little.
“Oh!” She chirped as a song Luke knew all to well started over the speakers. One of her favorites.
“I love this song!” She exclaimed, sliding out of her chair and heading out to the dance floor.
The three boys watched as she danced, twirling around and throwing her arms into the air.
“I think she’s got the right idea.” Michael stated, heading out to join her.
After a few minutes, Calum did the same and he watched two of his best friends and the girl he loved dancing and enjoying their night.
“Come on!” She called to Luke.
He shook his head and put his hands up.
She pouted at him then stuck out her tongue.
He watched her body move, missing the way it felt when it moved against his.
The song ended and immediately after another song he know well began.
She looked to him again, her mouth opening into a wide smile.
“Okay I know you love this song, come on.” She urged, scurrying over and grabbing his hands.
He couldn’t resist her, so of course he slipped from his chair and let her tow him out to the dance floor.
He swayed awkwardly as she spun and swiveled her hips.
“You’re so awkward!” She shouted, hanging onto his hands and moving them along with her.
Michael and Calum made their way back to their seats and watched, seeing as Luke got caught up in her. He began dancing more than just the uncomfortable swaying he had been doing, twirling her and moving along with her.
“Still loves her, doesn’t he?” Michael questioned, sipping his jack and coke.
“Head over heels.” Calum answered, watching Luke smiling down at her as she swiveled against him, their hands still intertwined.
“And her?”
“Honestly, I don’t know. She’d never admit it to me if she did, but just look at them.”
Michael nodded in response, “And she’s staying with you guys?”
“In Luke’s room, apparently. But her boyfriend is coming to visit. I’m I don’t think he knows they dated.”
“Damn, I hope he doesn’t get too pissed when he finds out.”
“I’m sure he wouldn’t really appreciate the way they’re dancing right now, that’s for damn sure.” Calum answered, now watching as Luke twirled her once again, this time resting his hand on her hip when she came back to him.
“We should probably stop them.” Michael suggested.
Calum nodded, still sober.
He walked out to the dance floor, finding his two friends.
“Hey, are you guys ready?”
Luke glared at him, his hand still resting on her hip.
“Sure, I’m getting tired anyway.” She responded easily, slipping out of Luke’s grasp.
He felt empty as she walked away, it was similar to the way he felt when he lost her.
“Fuck you, dude.” Luke muttered, walking past Calum and heading out after her.
“What do you want me to do? Let her cheat on her boyfriend with you? If I hadn’t stepped in I don’t know what would’ve happened and I’m not about to let you drunkenly hookup or something stupid like that.”
Luke grumbled as they reached the door.
“Keys?” Calum spoke to her.
She handed them over and he locked it for her before motioning everyone to his car.
She was only slightly tipsy, but he still didn’t want to risk anything.
She climbed into the back and of course Luke climbed right in after.
Michael hopped in the front and once everyone was buckled and In safely, Calum drove towards the apartment, dropping Michael off on the way.
“I’m gonna go lay down.” She spoke as soon as they entered the apartment.
“I’m gonna go to bed too, you good?”
Luke nodded and made himself comfortable on the couch, curling his long legs to fit.
After only a few minutes he fell asleep, still irritated with Calum for taking her away.
She pulled off her shoes and climbed into Luke’s bed, hoping to fall asleep quickly but to no avail.
After about an hour and a half, the buzz she had felt was mostly gone and she felt sad, thinking about the day’s events.
She reached for her phone, calling her best friend once she found it.
“Hi.” She spoke softly.
“Hey, you okay?” Her best friends voice was comforting, even through the speaker.
“I don’t know…I’m staying with Calum and Luke and I just don’t know.”
“Do you miss him?”
“I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve seen him since I left and earlier we danced and he’s been so nice all day and I just don’t know, I don’t know what to think or do.” She was crying slightly now.
“You danced?”
“Mhmm. We were both a little drunk but we danced and it was nice. It felt good. I wasn’t even thinking about Kyle..oh my god, Kyle. He’s gonna be so pissed at me. What if he breaks up with me?”
“Shh, calm down. Does Kyle know Luke’s your ex?”
“No, I’ve never talked about it.” She answered.
“Then you’ll be fine, just don’t tell him about it.”
She sighed, not knowing what to feel. The nights events, the feeling of Luke against her again and the scent of him on his bed had her reeling.
“Fuck.” She murmured.
“Listen, I gotta get to bed, okay? Get some sleep and call me in the morning.”
She replied a simple “okay” and hung up the phone.
Luke awoke after a short sleep, almost two hours. The house was quiet, but he swore he could hear something coming from his room.
It registered in his mostly sober mind now that it must be the girl he loves, laying in his bed crying.
He got up as quickly as his semi drunken brain would allow and carefully made his way to the room.
He listened outside the door for a moment, hearing her sniffle lightly.
Knocking on the door, he opened it slowly.
“Hey, are you okay?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah I’m fine. Uh, what are you doing awake?”
Luke shrugged, “Couldn’t sleep. And I’ve seen every expression your face can make, I can tell when you’re not okay.”
“No, I’m good. You know how I get when I drink.” She smiled at him, her eyes still watery and her nose red.
He sat next to her, “Alright, whatever you say.”
That was one of the things she always loved most about him; he knew when to let things go.
“Did you,uh, have fun tonight?” She asked, willing the conversation to change.
Luke nodded, “It was great.”
There was so much more he wanted to say, but he knew now that he couldn’t.
“I haven’t danced like that in forever.”
“Me either,” Luke responded “I think the last time I even stepped foot on a dance floor was your friends wedding.”
She laughed, then moved over in the bed to make room for him. “Come sit?”
Luke obliged immediately, scooting forward and crawling beneath the covers next to her.
She looked at him, those big eyes of hers still watery and red.
“It’s good to see you again.”
He smiled, tempted yet again to tell her everything he was feeling.
“You too. I’ve missed you.”
She rested her head on his shoulder, tears falling again.
“Friends?” She looked up at him.
“Friends.” He responded, moving his hand to rest against hers.
The pair sat in that position long enough for her to fall asleep. Or so Luke thought.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered.
She breathed a deep breath, “I know.”
He looked down at her, “Oh, I thought you were sleeping.”
“Stop beating yourself up. It’s okay, Luke, I forgive you.”
He sighed, “No, It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. I can’t believe myself. I’ve been trying to figure out why I was so stupid since you left and I still haven’t been able to come to a conclusion.”
She looked up at him again with tired eyes, then brought her hand up to his face. The stubble on his jaw felt exactly how she remembered.
He returned her gaze, wishing more than anything he could kiss her.
“Get over it. It’s okay. Like I said, I’ve moved on, you should too. It’s done and over with, right? Stop holding it against yourself.”
He sighed again, then nodded, but only to end the conversation. He didn’t want to remember it over again.
“You can sleep in here if you want. I know your legs are too long for that couch.”
She knew it wasn’t okay. She knew every part of it wasn’t okay; the dancing, accepting his bed, talking to Michael about them, letting herself think about him at all in any manner more than a platonic friendship, and especially offering to let him sleep next to her again.
They agreed to be friends and that’s the way it had to stay.
After all, she had Kyle now. She was happy, she couldn’t let Luke get in the way of that.
‘It’s just because it’s the first time we’ve seen each other again. And the drinking. Nothing real.’ She told herself, scooting away from Luke.
She rolled onto her side, facing away from him, the whole night still playing like a movie in her mind.
Just as she began to doze off, she felt her phone vibrate beside her.
“I’ll be there to visit you tomorrow on my way to my parents. Send me the address in the morning would you? Can’t wait to see you babe, goodnight xx”
The message from Kyle gave her enough sense of comfort to fall asleep.
Luke, on the other hand, sat awake for quite some time.
He watched her, softly breathing.
Instead of sleep, he instead pulled his notebook from the nightstand and began to write.
Before he knew it, the clock read 3:30 a.m. and he had created a new song.
Satisfied, he placed the notebook back on the nightstand and shifted to lay down.
She had been fidgeting in her sleep and now laid facing him.
He faced away from her for a moment, but realized now would be the best chance for him to really look at her. He could take in every part of her and appreciate every bit of her beauty.
After moving to face her, he looked at her for a few moments before finally getting to sleep.

if there was one thing noah looked forward to the most during weekdays it was that half an hour break from work, it wasn’t because his job was anything draining but the time went by so slow and the place was crowded with what noah described as imps. he let out a deep breath as he walked through the front doors and inhaled the fresh air, before walking a bit away from the building not wanting to be disturbed. fishing out a cigarette of his pocket, he leaned back against a wall before patting his pockets for his lighter, letting out a heavy sigh he looked around in frustration before noticing a familiar person. even though the possibility of them having a lighter on them was small, noah called out for them, trying to plaster a somehow friendly smile on his lips despite the situation. “uh hey, you don’t happen to have a lighter on you do ya?”