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Asoiaf meme (minor characters): (5/9) scenes ⟶ Catelyn, Maege and Dacey talking about the women of Bear Island

Dacey Mormont looked up at the sky. “I would sooner have water raining down on me than arrows.”

Catelyn smiled despite herself. “You are braver than I am, I fear. Are all your Bear Island women such warriors?”

“She-bears, aye,” said Lady Maege. “We have needed to be. In olden days the ironmen would come raiding in their longboats, or wildlings from the Frozen Shore. The men would be off fishing, like as not. The wives they left behind had to defend themselves and their children, or else be carried off.”

“There’s a carving on our gate,” said Dacey. “A woman in a bearskin, with a child in one arm suckling at her breast. In the other hand she holds a battleaxe. She’s no proper lady, that one, but I always loved her.” ― Catelyn V, A Storm of Swords.

Black Cats and Croissants

Here is the commission I did for the wonderfully amazing  @squirrellygirlart !!!!

You have her to thank for this lovely piece!!! This was honestly so much fun to write I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have ^_^

WARNING: There is some SIN- but I will warn you beforehand and mark where it ends as well.

Chat’s week wasn’t going very well. The boy had been run ragged with photo shoots and akuma attacks. And with the new diet his father had him on he was absolutely starving! ‘It’s almost swimsuit season Adrien,’ His father had said. Hungry and exhausted Chat was not up for another akuma attack, let alone one against Marinette.

It had all started with Chloe (didn’t it always?) Marinette, sweet, kind Marinette who’s parents made the best pastries Adrien had ever tasted, had brought croissants to school for her friends. She looked about as tired as he felt but despite that she smiled as she went to give her friends the sweet buttery gift. Adrien was certain he could hear his own heart break when Chloe came barreling in, knocking Marinette and the delicate pastries to the ground. Chloe smirked down at Marinette as she made a point of walking across the breaded treats, squashing them beneath her feet. Marinette’s face flushed red with anger as she stood with her hands in shaking fists at her sides. Marinette opened her mouth and a loud long irritating noise covered her words from Adrien’s ears. The long drawn out noise was Nino making a constant high pitched hum as he covered Adrien’s ears with his hands. Marinette’s words weren’t for innocent ears, he had told Adrien later on. Whatever Marinette had said landed her in the headmaster’s office where she was sent home from school suspended from the rest of the day’s classes. From then on Adrien had been traipsing across the city as Chat Noir chasing after a very angry akumatized Marinette.

“Princess I know you’ve had a crumby day but you’re batter than this,” Chat chuckled to himself as he dodged another croissant heading towards his head.

“Enough with the puns!” Marinette shouted in irritation sending more croissants sailing his way.

“Aw Princess I know you don’t knead that,” Chat snickered before a buttery croissant landed smack dab in the middle of his mouth. Chat hummed in delight his stomach growling in response.

“And stop calling me Princess!” Marinette hissed. She was dressed in a black and purple apron wielding a large purple spoon in her hands, purple cake batter splattered across one of her cheeks. She was the least intimidating akuma Chat had ever seen.

“Well you didn’t like muffin or cupcake, I’m running out of nicknames here,” Chat complained taking the croissant reluctantly from his mouth.

“Stop with the nicknames,” Marinette shouted throwing another croissant his way. This time Chat snatched the breaded delicacy out of the air and began stuffing it in the slim pockets of his suit.

You’re pathetic, Plagg’s voice sighed in his head.

Hey, don’t judge me I’m starving here! Adrien snapped back.

“You need a name sweet stuff.” Chat smirked. A croissant bounced off his head. “Okay you don’t like that one, how about…” Chat snapped his fingers a cheshire grin spreading across his face. “Pastry Princess!” Chat purred.

Marinette gave him a deadpan look. Chat opened his mouth to say something else but before the words fell past his lips a cupcake the size of a car landed on top of him. Chat popped his head out the top. Sticky frosting slid down his face and clumped in his hair.

“I take it you like your new name,” Chat cooed. Marinette gave him an irritated look as she hopped over to the next rooftop leaving Chat in his cupcake prison. It was surprisingly difficult to move within the dense cake. Worried Marinette might get away, and with no Ladybug in sight to come to his aid, Chat summoned his cataclysm and let the cupcake disintegrate around his feet. It was a shame he lacked the time to eat through the sweet instead. His stomach grumbled in agreement.

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BTS Reaction when they are at the same award show as their idol s/o after just starting to date. (but it is a secret that they are dating)

Seokjin: He wouldn’t look at you when he was sitting down in the crowd, but once he was on stage he would constantly sneak glances at you as he preformed. Not too many glances as he wouldn’t want to get caught.

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Suga: He is mostly serious while on stage, but once his eyes land on you he is a smiling mess. Which causes you stress since you don’t want to be caught this early in the relationship. But despite all of that, you smile back.

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Hoseok: Pop it, lock it, don’t stop it, drop it. He would put on a show, body rolls, just perfect dancing so he can impress only you. You would be a blushing mess.

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Namjoon: He would rap with so much passion picking the most romantic songs to preform (expensive girl tf). He wouldn’t even be able to look at you because once his eyes locked onto yours, he wouldn’t be able to take them off. He wouldn’t want to raise suspicions so he hoped that you would know the songs were for you.

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Jimin: This little bitch would sneak heart to you the whole damn award show wtf.

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Taehyung: He would be so hype when you would preform (not like he is when everyone preforms). He would just be a little extra hype once you go up. 

Originally posted by eyesmiletrash

Jungkook: This little meme would think about you the whole performance and once he does the floor grind thing, he thinks about you under him and gets a full on boner which almost everyone gets on camera. Whoops, go jungcook. He would apologize for the situation afterwards feeling extremely embarrassed.

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what 2016 taught me
  1. nothing is more beautiful than kindess
  2. you are allowed to be sad but you have to remember you are not the only one
  3. the world is not out to get you, as much as it may feel like it
  4. change does not come from self-pity
  5. just because you love someone unconditionally does not mean they will do the same for you, no one owes you anything
  6. loving yourself isn’t about becoming worldly beautiful
  7. always choose truth. ignorance is easy but with it comes a lack of understanding
  8. the antagonists in your life are the protagonists in their own lives. there are two sides to everything
  9. you are the villian in someone else’s story- try to remember that
  10. love radiates from within, you don’t need to have a constant smile despite what strangers may yell at you
  11. most people are not cruel to you purposefully
  12. other people hurt from your actions without you knowing just like you hurt from theirs without them knowing. don’t be so quick to anger and judgement
  13. not all relationships must last. some friends and lovers seem to be a perfect fit but the relationships ultimately end. this isn’t a failure, it is an experience that will help you grow stronger. treasure the good memories and learn from the bad
  14. without pain and sadness you wouldn’t know love, joy, peace, kindness
  15. happiness is not a concrete state of being. emotions are fluid and everchanging
  16. do not love for the sake of being loved
  17. always spread your good mood around, its so vital to share love
  18. there are things in life you will never have control over. beating yourself up about it won’t change that. accept it and move on toward greater things
  19. you don’t have to hate those who have wronged you
  20. being a light and caring for others is the best thing you can do in life
  21. don’t underestimate the effect your kindess will have on a stranger. be kind every chance you get

No matter what he told himself, Jon couldn’t take his eyes off her. It was impossible, he thought–not when she could vanish into the dark of night again, as she’d succeeded in doing once; or when he had chanced upon that spark in her blue eyes that hinted at how likely she would. It was a realization that left him rooted on the spot, the breath knocked out of his lungs, images of such dissonance that he knew not how to reconcile them whatsoever. Sansa wandered from one end of the camp to the other, eyeing her surroundings curiously, her steps slow, perhaps even aimless at times, but he was no fool. Despite her appearance, her smiles and her mannerisms, the woman they had found a sennight ago was not the one still lodged in his memories. The pain of some is entirely their own, no matter how much we probe, Sam had said to him once. The words rang hollow in his ears, until he had laid eyes on her again.


Title: The World Opened With You
Author: DiAnna44
Artist: nikniak
Rating: Teen
Length: 10,621
Pairings: Victor/Yuuri
Warnings: Depression

Despite the smiles famous violinist Victor Nikiforov puts on for the world, he’s been in a slump for almost two years, and no longer views himself as worthy of his fame. When he’s paired up to play a duet with esteemed pianist Yuuri Katsuki, he finds inspiration once again, and maybe even something more.

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I’ve been here all Night

Title: I’ve been here all Night
Characters: Hvitserk, Reader
Warning: NSFW. Explicit Content. 18+
Summary: When you wake after a night of shenanigans with Hvitserk, you surprisingly find him still next to you in the morning. Hvitserk is determined to continue where you left of last night.  
Note: Because I’ve given up figuring out the time jumps, Hvitserk is, at the very least, as old as his actor (22+).


The first rays of sunshine tug at your sleeping self. You try to lift the covers over your head, but something, someone, is holding them back. Refusing to greet the new day just yet, you shut your eyes even tighter.

“Shoo,” you groan, voice hoarse with sleep and push yourself off of Hvitserk’s chest and on your back.

The sound of Hvitserk’s soft laughter fills your ears and you smile despite yourself. It was a rare occasion that he was next to you when you woke. Hvitserk was a light sleeper. If he slept at all, you mused. Often, he woke you several times during the night, either roaming the house, or coming back from a night stroll smelling of pine and fresh air. That was, if he came back at all.  
You feel the bed shift slightly when Hvitserk rolls on his side to face you. He gently tugs at the furs, exposing you inch by inch, stopping just above your hips. You try to keep perfectly still, eyes closed with even breath. You loved Hvitserk, but right now you were flirting with the prospect of a few more moments sleep.

“Some people need sleep, Hvitserk. Even if you don’t,” you say.

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lily cannot just tell us that yuuris gonna buy viktor a collar and then not give us that excellent material

play party au – they get collars ! !! !

yuuri buys viktor a fucking collar im dead. deceased. death by play party au rip me put this on my gravestone

@forovnix @farashasilver @skatinggays

Yuuri is nervous.

No, that’s a bit of an understatement. ‘Anxious’ might be a better way to put it. ‘Petrified’ would be just as kind. The street just outside the window of this quiet little bistro is completely devoid of tall silver-haired Russians with heart-shaped smiles, despite Viktor having sent him a message about how he’s on his way over at least five minutes ago.

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Nothing to Be Afraid Of (Blue Shirt 2)

Characters: Bones x Reader

Summary: a fluffy/angsty follow up to “Blue Shirt” where the reader explains her past with doctors. Bones comforts her

A/N: i honestly dk if medical personnel wear their uniforms on colonies, but bear with me and pretend for the sake of this story that they do.

Warnings: angst, mention of death

Words: 1298

Tags: @ravengirl94 @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl @jimtkirkisabitch @feelmyroarrrr

Part One

You curl in tighter around yourself in bed, pulling the blankets up to your chin, careful to avoid bumping your wrist unnecessary.  After he’d fixed you up, Bones had gone back up to the Medbay to tie things up for the day.  He’d promised he’d be back as soon as possible, and he swore he wasn’t leaving your side for the rest of the night.

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Tom Holland Imagine - 9

Golden Globes (Award Season Series pt. 1)

Summary: Reader and Tom attend the Golden Globes

A/N: Request please!

Your dress:

“You look beautiful this evening, Y/N!” Ryan Seacrest told you as you started your last red carpet interview. “Y/N is nominated for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy! Best of luck, Y/N!”

You smiled despite being tired of these interviews. “Thank you so much!”

“Now, let’s talk about your upcoming wedding, and that ring,” Ryan said.

You lifted your left hand a little and smiled. “Tom and I are very excited! And this ring is just stunning. I’m very lucky.” You answered. You talked a little about your movie then went back down the steps to Tom.

“Are you ready to walk the red carpet love?” Tom asked as he put his arm around your waist.

You smiled and kissed his cheek. “Let’s go!” You kissed Tom a few times on the carpet and the photographers went crazy. After what felt like an eternity, you went inside. 

Sitting at your table was Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Andrew Garfield. “So do you plan on having any kids?” Blake asked trying to start a conversation.

You nodded and Tom spoke, “Hopefully in a few years, we’re only 20. How are your kids?” 

She beamed as she showed you pictures of James and Ines. “They’re great! Growing up fast, though.” Then the show started and Jimmy Fallon’s cold open was playing. Tom kept his arm around you, or his hand in yours and kept kissing you. The reason for the PDA? He knew you had a crush on Andrew Garfield, the previous Spider-Man, and you kept talking (or as Tom called it ‘flirting’) to him.

It was time for Matt Damon to announce the Golden Globe winner for the only category you were nominated in. Tom gripped your hand as Matt opened the envelope. “The Golden Globe goes to…..Y/F/N Y/L/N!” For a second you didn’t do anything because of the shock. Then you heard the loud applause, and turned to Tom and hugged and kissed him. After making your way on stage and getting the award you spoke into the microphone. “Thank you! The Hollywood Press Association, thank you. And my amazing fiance Tom Holland and his family, I love you guys! The director J.J. Abrams and my co-stars Blake Lively and Will Smith, this wouldn’t have happened without them. And lastly, my amazing fans this is for you! Thank you!” You looked down and saw Tom beaming as you walked off the stage clutching the award.

After the after party you and Tom were in the car. “Babe?” You asked.


“Were you jealous?”

He blushed a little. “Jealous? O-Of who?”

“Of Andrew Garfield!” He nodded slightly. “Awww poor Tommy feels threatened by the old Spidey!”

He rolled his eyes. “Well you have a big crush on him AND you were flirting.”

“You have a big crush on Ariana Grande and I don’t say anything. And I wasn’t flirting. I was talking.”

He laughed. “Whatever. Do you know how proud I am?” He said gesturing to the box containing your first Golden Globe.

“Do you know how proud I’m going to be when you get an award next year?” You asked.

He held your hand. “I won’t be nominated.”

“Deadpool was nominated. Why can’t Spidey be?” You asked. He shrugged. “I love you, Tom.”

He kissed you lightly and then replied, “I love you, too.” And then you put your head on his shoulder and didn’t move until you got to the hotel.


Look at these precious children! They’re adorable. They are kind and innocent and still found reasons to smile despite what happened to their lives. I mean look at those smiles! and Seto’s! According to Mokuba he used to smile a lot as a kid.

Basically, Mokuba sort of indirectly blames Gozaburo for Seto losing his smile. Seto found an opportunity to get them out of the orphanage and set his plan of getting back at the people who tossed them aside for their money into motion. But I think with Mokuba, at this point he had come to terms with what had happened with their parents and was fine being with just Seto, in fact he would have preferred if they could just stay together, just the two of them.

Mokuba misses the way Seto smiled and was more carefree and acted more like a brother to him instead of the business man that he is now. Not to say that Mokuba isn’t proud of everything that Seto has accomplished so far at such a young age (remember that Seto is still in his either first or second year of high school with the rest of the group) and he knows that everything Seto does is with both his and Mokuba’s best interest at heart. I mean there is not a day that goes by where Mokuba doesn’t praise Seto on his dueling skills or business skills, etc. But I think the main issue is that Mokuba sees all this and feels that Seto doesn’t have the chance to act his age, to be as carefree as the others to smile about anything and be genuinely happy. But I’m sure for Seto he doesn’t see it that way. So long as Mokuba is living a comfortable life and Seto can continue to provide said life for him and can continue to expand his business to the point where neither of them has to worry about the future again, he doesn’t care if he has to work himself to the bone and can’t spend his life the same way the others do.

Staying In

Pairing: Eleventh Doctor x reader

Word Count: 791

Summary: The Doctor and Y/N are just relaxing in the TARDIS.

Warnings: None. Cuteness, if that counts.

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Originally posted by thegloriousmatt

“So, Y/N…. Where to?” asked the Doctor, grinning wildly at you. His grin was so Doctor-ish, so mad and intelligent and confusing all at once that it always managed to leave you weak at the knees. And his face… deceptively so young, it was in reality as old as time itself. Seeing him smile despite everything he’d been through both before and during his travels with you made you content and you smiled in return, because if a man who’d seen so much destruction and had suffered through losses the like of which the universe had never seen before could smile and be full of joy, then so could you; so could anyone.

“Well… to tell you the truth, Doctor, I just want to stay inside for once,” you told him and saw a look of confusion cross his face. You always were eager to cross time and space to see new galaxies and visit places long-forgotten or not-yet created, so your denial was an unusual reaction.

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Lucifer Morningstar Imagines

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You turned your head to Lucifer as he played the song’s ending chords next to you on the piano bench. You rested your chin on his shoulder as he returned your gaze with pride, obviously pleased with his small performance. 


You bit your lip and leaned in while Lucifer’s eyes glinted excitedly.

“You have the voice of an angel,” you deadpanned before snickering.

“Ugh,” He rolled his eyes as he pulled down on the piano’s fallboard to cover the ivory keys. “Puns are the lowest form of wit, Y/N,” he chided.

You laughed. “I’m serious!”

“I’m sure you are, darling,” he said sarcastically despite his small smile as he got up and walked away towards the bar.

“I am! Lucifer! Come back!” You called after him, still in giggles.

The Right Time To Say It

Beca Mitchell was in love with Chloe Beale. It just wasn’t so simple for Beca to tell Chloe. They’ve been best friends for two years. Telling Chloe how she felt would change absolutely everything. Beca didn’t know if she was ready for that.

Beca couldn’t really pinpoint the moment she fell for the redhead. Maybe it was at one of the many parties they went to when she would watch Chloe dance so freely. Maybe it was during one of the many times Chloe managed to make her smile despite how upset or frustrated she was that day. Maybe she had always had feelings for the girl since the day they met. Which sounds so corny that Beca actually winced at that thought.

But whenever it happened, Beca tried to tell herself it was crazy to have feelings for her best friend. She could hide it for the rest of her life as far as she was concerned.

Except she couldn’t.

Beca was currently held up in her room working on a mix. She just couldn’t get anything right with it. She took her headphones off and sighed. The only thing she could think of was Chloe and she just couldn’t work like that. Her mind kept going to the night before. They had one of their many tv show binges. The credits were rolling at the end of the seventh episode they had watched.

Finally Beca couldn’t take it anymore.

“Chloe listen. There’s something I’ve got to get off my chest” Beca rolled over to look at the redhead and saw she was fast asleep.

“Damnit” Beca sighed. She would try again tomorrow.

Except she didn’t.

She woke up to an empty bedroom. She went down the stairs and saw that Chloe was dressed pretty nicely.

“What’s the occasion?” Beca asked smirking. There probably wasn’t a reason. Chloe always dressed nicely.

“Tom asked to have coffee with me” Chloe smiled brightly, like it was the best thing that could happen.

“Oh” Beca released a huge breath she had been holding at hearing the name Tom.

He was Chloe’s on and off again boyfriend the past two years. Beca was hoping they were finally finished when about a month ago she came home to Chloe eating out of a tub of ice cream and crying her eyes out while watching The Notebook. Tom had called it off to be with some other girl.

“Chloe you can’t seriously be thinking about getting back together with that douche” Beca said trying so hard to hold back tears.

“He apologized. I’m at least going to hear him out” and with that Chloe was out the door.

Fast forward to a year later when Chloe ended things with Tom after taking him back that one day she went to have coffee with him.

Beca didn’t think that they would actually last as long as they did. She spent many nights crying herself to sleep wishing it were her that was making Chloe moan that loudly (Chloe was never quiet in the bedroom and she was never ashamed of doing it in the house even if it was full of the Bellas)

But when she heard the news that they broke up, Beca couldn’t help but feel ecstatic. Even though Chloe was crying her eyes out because Tom cheated on her.

Beca pushed her feelings aside and comforted Chloe like best friends are supposed to do. She had to wait for the appropriate moment to tell the girl how she felt, and doing it while Chloe was sobbing over someone else just wasn’t it.

A week later the Bellas all went out dancing. Everyone agreed it would make Chloe feel better. Like usual Chloe clung onto Beca most of the night. They drank, laughed and danced. After dancing for an hour, they both sat down at the bar.

“Thank you for making me come out. This really helped a lot. You always help” Chloe smiled at Beca.

This was it. Her moment.

“Hey Chlo. I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you about something,” Beca said nervously.

“What is it Becs” Chloe asked curiously.

“Hey, hey, hey! Look what I have pitches!” Fat Amy sat down a tray of shots with Stacie, Jessica and Ashley following behind the Aussie.

Beca pinched the bridge of her nose. When will this nightmare ever end. Something always comes between her telling Chloe.

Everyone ended up getting hammered that night. There was no way Beca could tell Chloe like this no matter how much she wanted. She had to do it when they were sober.

The next morning Beca went downstairs and found no sign of Chloe anywhere. She came across Stacie who was filing her nails in the living room.

“Have you seen Chloe?” Beca asked.

“Didn’t you hear? She went home with Tom last night. They made up” Stacie answered.

Beca’s heart dropped. Not again. How could this have happened. Where was she when Chloe left? She started thinking back to the previous night. Fat Amy got even more wasted then the rest of the girls. It took Beca, Ashley and Jessica all to get the girl back to the Bella’s house and into her bed.

Fast forward another year.

It was Beca’s senior year and Chloe had finally decided to graduate. Graduation was such a bittersweet moment for Beca. She found a bond with the girls that she had never experienced before. She wondered if she would ever again.

That year Chloe was so stressed out about taking DSM down and winning Worlds. Beca never got the chance to say how she felt. The opportunity just never arose.

They won Worlds. They actually did it. Chloe threw herself into Beca’s arms and they hugged for what seemed like eternity. Beca pulled back and looked into Chloe’s eyes. They both smiled at each other.

“I knew we could do it” Beca said tucking a strand of hair behind Chloe’s ear. Oblivious to the confetti falling, the cheering of the crowd and the Bellas celebrating.

Beca leaned in.

“Chloe!” Beca pulled back hearing Tom’s voice. Chloe smiled at Beca “one moment” she told her. Beca watched the redhead squeeze past the crowd until she made it to Tom. Beca watched as Tom got down on one knee. Beca watched as Chloe yelled “Yes!” over the cheering crowd.

Beca’s heart broke into a million pieces.

And maybe that’s just the way it was. The universe just wasn’t on her side. Beca could live with being Chloe’s best friend. No matter how much it killed her. She was the maid of honor after all.