despite the pink

I just don’t get how people don’t like HSM.

-White and Asian guys on the basketball team who can actually play(at least in the movies).

-The two smartest students in the school are Hispanic and Black, and female.

-Hispanic, single mother working on her own and doing a fantastic job of keeping her and her daughter financially stable.

-People are encouraged to break the status quo no matter what, and encouraged to love what they love despite others not agreeing.

-Decathlon Captain(one of the smartest students), Black and female, went to Yale.

-The blonde girl isn’t an idiot and is startlingly intelligent and manipulative despite loving her pink stuff and her dog and being what people would generally consider is a ‘girly girl’.

-The blonde girl’s twin brother wears pink happily. He loves fedoras and berets, and has no problem with dressing however he wants. Goes to show that a man doesn’t have to be gay to love pink or print. A man can love whatever the hell he wants. Sexual Orientation means nothing in the decision.

-Dude on the basketball team loves to bake.

-The overweight braniac is White and can actually dance.

-The ‘burnout’ likes to play the Cello and dresses up for it.

-Awkward moments that actually happen in real life.

-The blond who wears pink and loves show tunes and Broadway, also plays little league baseball and was in the championship in Rhode Island.

-The jock who ‘don’t dance’ actually allowed himself to be taught.

-Even the blonde girl can be manipulated, showing that she’s not always in control. But she still goes and gives it her all and doesn’t back down.

-There is a student who is genuinely interested in his teacher’s life.

-Said teacher, while excitable when musicals are involved, truly wants the best for her students and even tries to get some into Julliard.

I can’t think of any more at the moment but I’m sure they’ll come to me eventually.

I love that all quartzes have raspy voices, even Holly Blue. 

 I also love that they’re all super strong and buff and the all have floofy hair. 

 I love that Amethyst’s wrestling persona is a big, buff, hairy dude and nobody has a problem with it.

 I love that Rose Quartz is also big, buff, and chubby and she’s still regarded as super attractive, and that, despite being dainty and pink and floaty, she still has a raspy voice and punches things when she gets frustrated. 

 I love that Jasper, an angry big, buff cheeto puff that is an antagonist but not the MAIN one still has an interesting and complex backstory and we’re likely to hear more about her later. 

 Honorable mention: I LOVE Bismuth’s design, she’s so big! She’s not conventionally attractive, yet little dainty Pearl was flirting with her all day. I LOVE THAT!!!


school is helpful, but you are a priority

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Have you read any Harry Potter not to sound like a needy fangirl just curious~

i’ve read the first book but haven’t had time to move onto the second one!!!!!!!! thanks for reminding me to pick it up again omg

Imagine being the newest recruit onboard the Enterprise…

“You must be the Ensign Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Jim offers you his hand. “Jim Kirk. I’ll be your Captain for the new three years.” He smiles charmingly at you.

Your smile mirrors his as you take his hand. “I’m looking forward to it, sir.” He’s even more attractive in person and your cheeks start to flush pink despite yourself.

“Well hopefully I’ll be seeing you around.” Jim’s grin turns mischievous then. “I heard a little rumor that our first stop for shore leave is gonna be a pleasure planet.” He laughs as your cheeks flush darker at the implication. “Have a nice first day, Y/N.” And with that, he’s off towards the bridge leaving you alone in the hallway to collect yourself.


while fighting/dark inkay cannot float, they’re also much more agile and aggressive than regular inkay, often leaving claw marks on their trainers’ furniture and even flipping upside-down to spin like a top. not recommended for beginner trainers, despite their fetching pink color.

(psychic/fighting variants will be posted separately since designs take a while to make. did you know that some species of squid have a ring of teeth around their suckers to help them grip their prey? it’s true!)

Some post war atla headcanons because I’m a slut for this show:

  • anytime katara makes sea prunes, only sokka and zuko eat them… sokka because he likes them and zuko because he’s maybe a teeny-weeny bit afraid of what would happen if he didn’t
  • when the gaang comes to visit the fire nation, zuko insists they sleep outside in the gardens by a fire so that it feels like old times 
  • zuko never paid attention in his science classes and knows very little about how volcanoes, the main geographical formation of his country, actually work
  • but zuko loved arithmetic and history and often gets into it with sokka over who knows the most facts
  • these arguments generally dissolve into some kind of showing of brute strength, after which, katara is called upon to heal bruised tail bones and damaged egos
  • zuko’s temper never really cools, no matter how many times he says he’s chill
  • katara often tells him to go jump in a river when he gets too heated
  • suki and zuko have competitions in stealth and agility. zuko teaches her how to use dao swords and suki teaches him about fans
  • but the fact remains that zuko burned down suki’s village and because of this, he’s never allowed to win any of their contests
  • sokka threatens him with space sword if he tries to win
  • zuko did, however, visit kyoshi again and commissioned a new, bigger statue of avatar kyoshi to be built. he also tried to ride the unagi with aang was subsequently tossed around (katara had to heal his bruised tail bone and damaged ego, per usual)
  • suki begrudgingly admitted that this kinda, sorta made up for his rampage all those year ago
  • the longer zuko’s hair gets, the more everyone realizes that his hair is a little wavy
  • zuko is very irritated by this fact but katara insists that he’s lovely and also insists on braiding flowers into it
  • toph lived in the palace with zuko for several years and declared herself honorary fire lady for putting up with his shit
  • zuko got her an honorary fire lady crown for her thirteenth birthday because he’s a dork like that
  • toph, katara, and suki often go to the spa together. toph tries to act like she hates it, but everyone knows the truth
  • upon his first visit to the fire nation palace, sokka orchestrated the complete renovation of the entire thing, claiming zuko needed more light/windows/paintings and less ozai ooginess
  • zuko has special smiles reserved for all his friends - the soft, sensitive smile for toph, the oaf grin for sokka, the lopsided, rubbing the back of his neck, blushing smile for katara, the cocky smirk for suki, and the unsuspecting little smile for aang
  • on the unsuspecting smile for aang… these two are besties but like zuko doesn’t realize how much aang actually likes/looks up to him. aang often says things or makes these sly compliments about how smart/great/cool zuko is and it’s not until five minutes later that zuko realizes what aang said 
  • aang and zuko are both ladies’ men. aang basks in it but zuko is oblivious. sokka is jealous but also not jealous because he has suki
  • aang often makes little fire dragons and dances them around zuko’s head for entertainment during important meetings
  • katara often douses zuko’s councilmen with tea in said important meetings because she finds them infuriating. zuko loves this about her
  • katara let it slip that she loves pink peonies and zuko immediately planted them all over the palace grounds despite his groundskeeper’s claim that pink was not fire lord-y
  • zuko actually looks good in the color blue
  • if and when zuko manages to sneak up on katara from behind, his go to catch phrase is i’ll save you from the pirates
  • suki thinks this is some kind of dirty joke while the rest of the group just doesn’t get it. zuko and katara smirk because it is a dirty joke

ok… those last few turned into zutara headcanons but bye. 

RFA Sending Nudes..?!


- You were just lying down, bored out of your mind, rewatching episodes on netflix

- Your phone buzzed, and you rolled over, holding your phones with arms stretched upwards 

- You saw a picture from Yoosung and decided to open it

- Seeing the picture of him… without anything on… was certainly shocking, and you dropped the phone onto your face yea we all did that before

- Was it accidental..? With flushed cheeks, you inspected the photo

- His face seemed a little red, and he was avoiding looking at the camera

- Was it intentional then? Either way, you couldn’t see the blonde boy the same way again

- When you saw Yoosung, both of you turned red and looked away 


- You were just sitting down, reading a book or maybe a fanfic when your phone buzzed

- Seeing that it was a photo from Zen, you put away the book and opened it

- The photo of Zen winking in the mirror, nude, made your jaw actually drop 

- It wasn’t accidental. The wink said it all. 

- You couldn’t help but stare a little at his muscles, and the message that came afterwords caused blood to rush to your already reddened cheeks

- “Don’t stare too hard honey~” 

- You closed the image, but you kept unconsciously thinking of it, along with the teasing message

- Next time you saw Zen, you felt your face heat up, yet he would pretend nothing happened


- You were just doing some doodling, nothing too special, when your phone gave out a high pitched beep

- You lazily reached out, and opened it, seeing a message from Jaehee

- You opened it and… wHAT THE FUCK WHAT

- The typically prim and proper Jaehee sent a picture wearing… nothing?

- You assumed it wasn’t on purpose, but you still couldn’t help but be shocked

- You dreaded seeing her, but it didn’t seem like she recalled what she sent 

- Trying to hide your blush, you peeked at Jaehee one more time 

- When she saw your eyes, you could have sworn that her cheeks reddened a little bit


- Jumin was always a bit… suggestive… but he rarely did an obviously scandalous action

- So when you got a picture from Jumin, you were expecting something like a photo of Elizabeth the III 

- But you got a picture of Jumin with only a smirk and a black tie on 

- You felt your jaw drop, and nearly typed something back, but decided to force yourself to take shaky deep breaths

- You had to mentally slap yourself because you kept glancing at his nude body despite your better judgement

- Seeing Jumin at the RFA meeting made you blush instantly, your mind constantly 

- Jumin wouldn’t stop winking at you, causing you to blush which made Zen pretty upset


- You were just doing a youtube video marathon, when Seven sent you a photo

- You clicked it open, and gasped at the sight

- Seven was winking at the camera with a smirk, with a casual Seven style pose

- The picture would have been just a little friendly selfie…. if he had clothes on

- You took a deep breath, biting your lip a little at the photo

- You closed the image, and went back to your videos, desperately trying to get your mind back on track 

- Later, Luciel tapped on your shoulder, nearly eliciting a scream from you, and said something that made your face burn red

- “Hey MC, did you like the selfie I sent you?” 

Cut it here again just in case (unknown, V, and Vanderwood)

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I just read your post about why Keith wouldn't do well piloting the black lion and In the trailer we also got red paladin lance And I personally don't like the idea since it's going to cause lance more insecurity if he's in Keith's lion , his rival, it's going to make him think he's just Keith's replacement once again and not really solve any of his insecurity problems. What are your thoughts on red paladin lance ?

Basically my take on it at this point is I think that at one point we’re going to get Keith in Black, Lance in Red, and Allura in Blue, but without any of them changing their formal/permanent place on the team is- as a nod to the original in which:

Allura had a pink suit despite there being no pink Lion and her flying Blue, Keith had a red suit despite flying Black, Lance wore blue to pilot Red. (also seeing Lance, Hunk, and Allura all light-skinned is terrifying)

I pretty much think it’s going to be a one-time deal, and here’s roughly how I’m thinking about this:

> Keith pushes himself into Black, not comfortable, but desperate. Maybe he’s hoping Black will lead him to Shiro or he just tells himself the team needs this but he’s determined and he can sync just well enough that it works until he starts really running into trouble.

> Lance has been picking up the subtle vibe that Keith is really not okay and he is not gonna let his friend/rival get murdered by the empire especially because Keith didn’t even want to do this- so he needs to get to Keith, ASAP, and is nowhere near Blue. What to do but hitch a ride with the one person who consistently knows exactly where Keith is and makes a beeline to him when he’s in danger?

Basically, I imagine Lance in Red going a lot like Keith’s initial stint in Black! This would explain in the trailer why our shot of Keith in Black seems worried and hesitant, while we see Lance in Red seeming to have the time of his life. He signed up for this and is also good enough at accommodating Red that it works out. And that way, it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to “replace” anyone- he’s not, he’s helping Red protect and fight with Keith, which is something they can both agree on. 

> Lance helps, but, they’re still in a real pickle and Allura, in true Allura fashion, is like, “we need Voltron, Pidge and Hunk are already in their Lions and out there, but Lance can’t get to Blue because he’s in Red and we’d have no one to pilot Black- wait. I’m right here, and Blue’s right here.”

So I think we might get Voltron, Classics Homage, as either a one-time deal or an alternative formation, but I don’t think it’s permanent and I feel like, for reasons entirely outside of Shiro having the black paladin armor with him, the team wouldn’t switch their colors. If they keep to it as an alternative formation they’d probably repeat the unorthodox switching around because that was what worked last time.


Ross Butler   Reggie Mantle / Julia Barretto  Midge Klump

Reggie waits. And it’s a surprise, because Mantle the Magnificent never waits. Patience does not spring out the tips of his callous fingers, as it brings out the horrible essence of his spoiled childhood. He throws and snarls and snaps at help and rips off expensive designer clothing.

But for this one living, breathing human specimen, he waits.

He waits because when Reggie is six and Midge Klump is five and a half, they watch as her father slowly deteriorate under the dim fluorescent lighting and with the monotonous beating that haunts his ears until he’s sick to the stomach. She doesn’t cry, because she’s Midge. Instead, she throws out dolls and plays with cars and bullies Reggie more often out of boredom. Reggie waits outside her house every afternoon for a week straight until he finally realizes that some people grieve in different, obscured ways that don’t include tears.

He waits because Midge is there over and under. Down the ice cream parlor where her dad used to take them all the time. Over at 7-Eleven with her back turned against the crude magazines, sipping in iced coffee with her nose in a dog-eared Sherlock Holmes paperback. Midge Klump hidden among literature, statistic formulas, and plate tectonic theories. She’s a pretty princess and an Alan Turing and a four-time pageant state winner. She’s there for him even if she doesn’t mean to  as if it’s the universe actually proclaiming that it’s her. It’s fucking her. He waits because Midge is always, always right, even when he knows she is downright wrong.

He waits when she’s fifteen and he’s sixteen because he’s a pompous jock and she’s an ignorant mathlete; and they are so close, yet so far away. He always notices her the millisecond she steps in fifth period Biology, because he’s Reggie. And she won’t notice the moon-lit beams he screams through his arrogant and bombastic facade, because she’s Midge.

He waits because when they stop talking after sixth grade and he sees her less, less, less and she never asks him anymore if he wants a bite out of her mom’s specialty lasagna because he’s too busy with drunken teenage monstrosity every Friday night he learns that Midge doesn’t wait. Not anymore.

They bicker like balanced swings, ready for a comeback when Reggie fingers her name in anger against the horror stricken playbook besides Moose’ name, and he swears he feels like his soul has been crushed a thousand times. He glares at her over Moose’ oblivious head in the lab, hardened and jealous, simultaneously pushing back any thoughts of how pretty she obviously is. He wants to kiss her everywhere, from her hairline to her lips, to the rose-like scar she got when she fell down from her Bratz bike when she was six. He wants to trace the crevices of her skin, to whisper nostalgia of something he’s never touched before.

In the beginning of sophomore year, after Jason Blossom dies, his thoughts are a tornado and he’s actually thinking of acquiring a dog when Midge Klump appears within his view the first time after his best friend vanished from the depths of Sweetwater River. She’s tiny and clumsy and at the same time hard around the edges despite her pink sweater and glitter lip gloss.

He waits because she passes him after he rowdily calls out Wednesday Addams, who bumps into his shoulder like some thin bamboo. She’s so little compared to Reggie. She glances over, doesn’t slip out a smile, and perceives his presence as if he isn’t there at all. And that’s when Reggie thinks they are too far to strike close again. He waits because he thinks they live too many distances apart.

One day, he thinks, they won’t act like two beings who’d pretend to remain oblivious. They’ll be whole again  two lovers in their most private domain. And when that day happens, they will be laughing over this as if it is stale popcorn from the midnight drive-in and it’s Saturday all over again and there are no parents or expectations or the future to worry about.

It will be one heck of a story to tell her of things that should have been, moments that could have been theirs their high school life like a huge chunk of skipped episodes in a shitty teen drama. Reggie will tell her a story about a boy who waited and a girl who didn’t, and why that didn’t really matter in the end.

Reggie will tell her. Maybe tomorrow, or the morning after that, or in twenty years; who knows? 

He’ll tell her all about it later.

Until then, he waits.

Medicine - Finn Shelby

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35 Finn Shelby

From this prompt list:

35)  “Take your medicine.”


Finn and Arthur are sat together when she walks in. Arthur clocks her first, a new pretty face in the Garrison never escapes his attention for long, especially when it’s dressed in a nurses uniform.

“Oi Finn, she looks about your age, know her?” he asks slapping Finn’s arm with the back of his hand.

Finn grunts, still sore from his beating at the hands of Isaiah a few days previous, but looks to where Arthur is pointing.

“Oh shit,” he mutters, “stop looking at her or she’ll come over.”

“And what’s the matter with that?”

It’s too late though, Harry’s already pointed them out to her and she makes her way over.


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First Date as a Public Couple

summary: after so long you finally announced to the whole world that you and wonwoo are together, and out of excitement he immediately asked you out on a date.
word count: 335


Imagine though… 

 After a really really long time filled with dodging all the questions ( but never denying 😉 ) about your relationship status with wonwoo you finally got to go out with wonwoo without the fear of hiding, rather with the excitement of getting to spend actual time with your boyfriend. 

Since you both recently announced to your separate fan bases that you’ve been dating for quite awhile, the usual restraints from having a good time together was now gone. Wonwoo asked you to go out in public with him, but not like the usual ‘we’re just close’ hang outs, he preferred to call this one a date. Excited as hell you couldn’t help but over think the whole time you waited for wonwoo at the lobby of your company. 

 "You sure you’re okay with this?“ He asked, since it was the first ever time you were going out together as a 'official’ (in the eye of social media) couple. "Yeah, of course” you gave him a smile, which wavered not for any one else to notice , but of course, Wonwoo noticed.

 He looked you in the eyes for a brief second, searching for something, then eventually looked around to see if there were any fans waiting for anyone to come out, and there were a few, but nothing too much to handle. Looking back at you he said, “ don’t worry, your with me love, and i’m pretty sure no one would want to hurt you knowing they’d mess with me..” He grinned getting a little cocky.

 "Plus, i want to show the whole world that (your full name) is my girlfriend, and that i’m proud to be her boyfriend!!“ He stated a bit louder this time causing heads to turn towards the two of you and your face to flush a bright pink, despite not wearing heavy makeup.

 "So, c'mon y/n~ let’s go have fun” he smiled stretching a hand out towards you, which you took immediately earning a huge grin from him. 

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