despite the flaws

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

Diana Prince, after seeing the ugliness of war, lost faith in humanity’s kindness.

Bruce Wayne, after fighting crime for too long, no longer believe in mankind’s good.


Steve Trevor, after exhibiting great love and selflessness, made Diana believe that despite our flaws, mankind still deserves love.

And Clark Kent, after sacrificing himself for the sake of mankind, after exhibiting his selflessness through his humanity, made them both believe in the beauty of mankind again.

THIS is why I love the DCEU. The entire universe is built around love, belief and hope. The love that all of mankind deserves. The belief that mankind can be better. And the hope that maybe someday, we could be better.

Honestly the reason why DA2 is my favourite (and why DAI was such a letdown in comparison) despite all its flaws is that at least it was an attempt to break away from Ye Old Standard Fantasy RPG Formula.


I love the three-act structure! I love that each act is self-contained, but still feeds into the central conflict of the game. I love that it allows for your choices to have consequences in-game, and not just in epilogue slides that will get retconned anyway.

(I love that the story takes place over seven years, too.)

I love that Hawke is not a Chosen One (have I mentioned how much I hate that trope lately?). I love that the plot is important to them because it involves their family, their friends, their home. I love that they get involved because they can, and not because they’re the only one who can. And I love that they still can and do fuck it up so badly at times.

I love how important Kirkwall itself is to the plot. I love that you spend so much time there that by the time the third act rolls around you feel like you really know the city. 

I love that the Companions’ lives don’t revolve around Hawke. I love that Aveline is captain of the guard and Anders has a clinic and Fenris probably hunts slavers in his spare time and Merrill is likely much more involved in alienage matters than we were shown. I love that they hang out with Hawke because they’re friends and not because of some world-ending threat that needs to be stopped.

(I love that there’s no world-ending threat at all, just fear and oppression at work.)

I love the antagonists. I love that you get to interact with them long before they turn hostile to you, that you get to know them before you fight them, because how many games actually do that?

Sure, the game had issues, but those issues deserved to be worked on and improved, not swept under the rug in favour of a return to the old standard.

Love isn’t the flutter in your heart, or the sweaty palms. Love is when you’ve finally found the one person(or person’s, because this can happen many times, really) who actually understands you and you understand them completely. Love isn’t overlooking their flaws, but loving them despite those flaws. Love is wanting to see the person grow, whether or not you’re in their life and you just can’t comprehend how somebody could dislike this person, this orthodox of interests and beliefs all wrapped up in somebody who you see to be beautiful yet you can still appreciate the beauty of others yet you wouldn’t give them up for the world and even though you don’t have the world, you want to give this person the world and you can’t help but hope they would want the same for you but at the same time you would understand if they didn’t, because you still want to give them everythint. Love is finding the person or persons you really click with despite any differences, your confidant, and your best friend


“It’s like this story has just been sitting in my brain for years, taking up space. Nothing I’ve ever written has been this easy.”

I like Touka best when she is at her most flawed.

I love when her abandonment issues show, I love when she’s mean, when she’s rude and abrasive, when she’s violent. These are personality flaws that all stem from the turbulent and traumatic life that she’s led, and they are realistic flaws.

Each and every flaw that Touka is one that makes sense given her past. She had to grow up too young, had to fight tooth and nail to protect both herself and her brother, and had to distrust literally every human that she’s encountered since the faithful night that her father disappeared.

Of course she’s mean. Of course she’s rude, violent, and abrasive. Of course she’s afraid of being alone.

I love Touka’s flaws because they all make it much more poignant when you see that despite those flaws she is capable of great kindness and care. She loves her most important people deeply and will literally risk her safety for them or die for them.

Even at her angriest, she stopped Kaneki from killing his closest friend, she saved Shuu even when he repeatedly attacked her when she was a minor, she made Akira reconcile with Hinami even though her father killed Ryouko, she risked her life to bring Hinami back from cochlea, and she even helped Amon face his fears and talk to the woman that he cares about. I could go on and on about how Touka has helped almost all of the core characters in the series, even when some of them had previously wrong her.

She’s real – and she isn’t sugarcoated. And while some of you want an idealistic female character who is always sweet, and always kind, and always understanding that way of thinking always makes me appreciate characters like Touka that much more.

but like despite the play’s many flaws ii have so much love for the cursed child version of draco though

he’s alone and hurt and grieving and repressed. at one point he admits that he envied harry because harry had actual friends, whereas he had cronies and connectionms who would have probably been in azkaban or not wanted to talk to him after the battle of hogwarts and everything that went down there. he grew up trying not to become like lucius and be a better person and arguably it succeeded but it cost him so much. he lost his reputation, his family, everything he might have had. no matter what, he would always be draco malfoy the ex-death eater who might have raised voldemort’s kid.

all he wanted was for scorpius to be happy and do well. and i think that’s admirable enough

i saw falsettos last night for the first time!!! ive been dyin to see it, it was 100% worth the wait


i love modern fire emblem despite some of its flaws and issues

i love tellius to death, like fr its my favorite part of the series

but, but, nothing has ever gone as hard as the GBA General animations

‘fuck walking over there im gonna chuck this man-sized axe on a goddamn chain at you and then just reel it back in to shank the next fucker who has a problem’

dave strider realizing hes gay/bisexual and coming to terms with his abusive childhood makes him so much more of a character than he was as the token “main character’s best friend who is cagey, funny, and a dick”

fandom often headcanons or reads labels/experiences like these onto lots of mediocre, kinda funny, and assholish dude characters – but dave is the real deal. dave strider expressed softness and kindness and introspection in canon in a way that was not corny or forced, and most importantly did not come at the expense of women (i would argue he was 100% more of a stepping stone for terezi’s arc than vice versa) and for that i appreciate him a lot

despite all of andrew hussie’s flaws and questionable/problematic/bad writing, he did a good thing by bringing dave strider into text. he did even more good by allowing his character to have depth in a way that is uncommon for boy characters.

homestuck broke so many molds (at least from my fandom experience) by having a super likable male character who was funny, witty, and complex… AND a gay/bi self-admitted survivor of abuse.

listen, in regards to harry potter, jk rowling did a lot right. she also did a lot wrong. you can acknowledge this fact and still call harry potter your favorite book series. its flaws do not have to diminish your love for it. at the same time, there’s no use in pretending that harry potter can do no wrong. you can love something despite its flaws