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My Experience as an INTJ #26

Signs of an INTJ

  • When talking, their eyes tend to keep shifting away from yours as if in avoidance, yet when you start talking, they will instantly snap to yours and stay there unfalteringly (provided that that the INTJ deems you worthy to be listened to); this results in the intense INTJ stare
  • They tend to say very little especially if you’re acquainted but not quite friends; it might lead you to think that they don’t like you when that’s not usually the case or they are often mistaken as being shy (uuuuughhhh)
  • They hold strangely accurate general impressions and predictions despite lack of remembered concrete details
  • Perfectionism is a pretty good giveaway
  • Seems to have mastered the Mona Lisa Smile™
  • Casual friendly body contact = ???
Sing Handles Its Characters Better Than Suicide Squad

I can explain.

In the first few scenes of Sing we zip around the city from Buster Moon’s failing theatre to Rosita’s overcrowded household to Johnny’s half-hearted heist to Ash (and her prickly boyfriend’s) failed audition at a local club to Seth McFarmouse’s sax playing and to Meena, a shy elephant singing happy birthday to her grandfather in a tiny house.

Narration isn’t used for any of these – instead we see how Buster Moon sneaks out of his theatre to avoid speaking to a representative from the bank, how Meena’s house is too cramped for a three-generation family of elephants, how Rosita’s raucous family constantly interrupts and disregards her, how Ash’s less-talented boyfriend tells her off for hedgehogging* the spotlight, how Seth McFarmouse shakes down a passerby who made too small of a contribution.

This is a surprisingly mature way to handle character introductions and it’s why Sing, despite its predictable and even cliché plotline, has generally fared well among critics. If you don’t like the music, and you’re not a fan of sight gags, or if you just weren’t paying attention and missed them, you probably didn’t like Sing. The movie has a few odd character designs, but once I saw how the characters moved I was more accepting. (Buster’s zany antics and quick wits might have been more suited to a lemur than a koala though.)

When I watched the intro to this movie I could only think of another terrible introduction scene I saw early this summer. Suicide Squad’s 45-minute long cast introduction, cut along Viola Davis eating a steak, bored me to checking my watch every time a new character was introduced. Sing trusted its audience to draw their own conclusions about each character’s motivations and personalities. Suicide Squad had Viola Davis read off the wiki pages for each new character. None of the clips presented revealed any character, since throughout the movie the characters were more or less impressions of the characters one could glean from a single comic book, and Viola Davis helpfully explained each character’s motivation since that wasn’t in the movie.

Even though Sing isn’t a particularly original film and its plot was revealed throughout its multiple trailers, it used its medium effectively, is fun to watch, and knows how to construct a story and its characters. It may be an original story with a thoroughly unoriginal premise, but its thoughtful construction blew other big-cast productions like Suicide Squad out of the water.

This is how you use a big celebrity cast, David Ayer.

*I’m sorry I had to.

Prediction: despite Trump’s shockingly poor abilities when it comes to diplomacy, US-Japanese relations will remain close over the next four years, and may even grow stronger, due to shared hostilities towards China and the recent nationalist turn in domestic Japanese politics

1/1/15 Upd8: MURD3R

Oh, it wasn’t even midnight on the East Coast when this upd8 hit. Guess Hussie decided to put it up a little early. Anyway, Happy New Year everyone! Things are getting interesting! Reaction and speculation below!:

External image

Back with John!

External image

Dragonsprite is SO CUTE!

External image

Oh man. I know EXACTLY where John is being sent next!

External image

Again, the Dragonsprite is ADORABLE. The next command, however, pretty much confirms my suspicions on where John is now going.

External image

Yep, I thought as much.

External image

We know the drill by now. Password is ‘MURD3R’. Also, looks like things have remained more or less the same in this timeline up until this point, despite my earlier predictions.

External image

Meep! Awfully close there!

External image

Oh! Here we go!

External image

Yep, it’s your dragon droll which went missing before the session, Terezi!

External image

External image

Does she smell John up there? I bet she does!

External image

And there he is!

External image


External image

Have a little more faith, John! Terezi knows what she’s doing!

So, why was this ‘critical’ to the investigation? Well, by now Terezi must be very familiar with GT!John’s scent, with the B1 and all. And now she’s reminded…She’s ‘smelled’ John before! Why was it important for him to appear at this moment? Well, remember what was going on at this moment?

External image

External image

Now, just when Terezi is thinking of this, when she’s starting down the path that leads to her ‘punishing’ Vriska, who does she smell? The dorky kid who Vriska has been spending the last several hours mentoring. The dragon doll makes her realize: She’s sensed him before! She doesn’t know how it’s possible, but she has! What does it all mean?

Here’s something else, the witness was originally supposed to be killed:

External image

In the same way Tavros was:

External image

The parallels between the Lemonsnout trial and Terezi’s meteor investigation are unmistakable, right down to the coin flip determining the fate of the accused:

External image

External image

And of course, the accused was killed on both occasions.

But John, in this new timeline, interfered with the Lemonsnout trial. And now he’s interfered with Terezi’s meteor investigation. The theory this is meant to lead to Vriska surviving somehow is looking stronger by the moment.

I’m looking at the scarf, and I am calling it now: Either the next password, or one of the upcoming passwords, will be ‘FL1P’. John will have to ensure Vriska survives…and I think I know how.

Remember WHY Vriska had to die?:

External image

And HOW does she tip off Jack to the other trolls?:

External image

Now, who just happens to have the ability to throw off the scent of animals, including Jack?:

External image

External image

This ability even came up again, within Act 6!:

External image

External image

With so much emphasis put on this ‘minor’ power, clearly it’s important. Perhaps John is meant to ‘undoom’ the timeline where Vriska left to fight Jack, by throwing off Vriska’s pixie dust trail. This is the ‘third option’ Terezi so desperately needs. One where she can let Vriska go, without it dooming the other trolls.

This would, frankly, be brilliant. Briska (as the Vriska who left to fight Jack has been named by the fandom), and in extension the timeline she came from, has been mentioned with relative frequency compared to other doomed timeline selves:

External image

External image

And yet, despite that, she’s the only doomed timeline self who has received significant focus, whom we haven’t seen in the dream bubbles. Think about it. We’ve seen all the doomed Daves (who got zapped by Lord English), we saw the doomed!John who met Typheus. Yet Briska has come up as a subject of conversation just often enough that I’m shocked she hasn’t appeared yet. She’s a Chekov’s Gunman just waiting to go off.

This may be why. Briska hasn’t appeared because she’s destined to be the new Alpha!Vriska. This would also fulfill one of Terezi’s wishes: She wants to be the better person, rather than the one who made the ‘right decision’:

External image

John may be meant to undoom Briska’s timeline, using his powers to make her death unnecessary. And it would be an excellent way of firing off the Chekov’s Gunman that is Briska. She hasn’t appeared in the dream bubbles because she’s not actually dead. She’s alive, on the meteor or perhaps elsewhere, in the new reality made by John’s retcons.The retcon has ‘already happened’.

Just my thoughts. ‘Til the next upd8!

Despite his (rather predictable) reaction to Pudding’s photo in the previous chapter, he continues to stand by his original stance of not agreeing to the marriage.  I’m glad to see that Sanji, when it really matters, cannot be manipulated by a nice rack and a pretty face.

One Piece, chapter 825

I don’t really care anymore about Ann being Lovers, to be honest.

Because (as much as I like them) her personality doesn’t seem to be as flirty or childish - in my opinion - as Rise and Lisa’s used to be. 

In fact, she reminds me more of her other Lovers-senpai, Yukari Takeba and Yuka Ayase. Which means that I will like her because I love female characters with some personality and spunk to them without being too flirty or too childish/obssessive (sorry Lisa, I still like you! Just… drop your obssession with Tatsuya, please, and start treating him like a normal human being) and I believe that Ann is like that, if what we are shown so far about her is anything to go by.

This girl - much like Yukari and Yuka - doesn’t take anything from anyone. Not even her friends. Because this girl, despite being friends with protag and Ryuji, kicked their behinds for looking at her. 

It’s not as much as ‘tsundere’ as much as not liking to be peaked at like that after her past… experiences… with that subject that’s likely still sensitive.

I love Ann for her personality and in-battle manners (such as behaving like a panther rather then trying to be ‘hot’ or anything like that) but also for the friendship she, Ryuji and protag seem to share.

I already have way too many ships with her (I’m bad, I know) but I brotp RyuAnn. Ryuji and Ann seem like great friends to me, their dynamic is pretty nice too - from what we’ve seen so far - and I like how she has no problems with teaching him (and protag) a lesson or two. I like girls in games who have their own opinions and thoughts rather then just following and siding with the guys (If that makes any sense)

In conclusion, I can’t wait to see more about Ann and Persona 5 in general.

Maurice Gamelin

The Commander-in-chief of the French armed forces in World War II, Gamelin was viewed as a man with significant intellectual ability. He was respected, even in Germany, for his intelligence and “subtle mind”, though he was viewed by some German generals as stiff and predictable. Despite this, and his competent service in World War I, his command of the French armies during the critical days of May 1940 proved to be disastrous. Historian and journalist William L. Shirer presented the view that Gamelin used World War I methods to fight World War II, but with less vigor and slower response

One of the worst commanders of the ww2, What is for you the worst commander in World War II?

Overall use of antibiotics in livestock has fallen by 50 percent in Denmark, even as the hog herd has increased significantly in size. Levels of resistant bacteria on farms tumbled. Mr. Munck said his animals experienced no more bacterial infections than they used to. And despite predictions to the contrary, pigs in Denmark gain weight as efficiently as they did before the introduction of the antibiotic controls. Farmers still use antibiotics frequently, mostly to cure diarrhea and treat infected wounds, Mr. Munck said. But that’s the purpose of antibiotics. “The idea is to use as little antibiotic as possible but as much as needed,” he said.

Just a couple more pictures from Boulder 70.3.

A long time ago, I thought it would be fun to run the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon (the half that goes with Grandma’s Marathon) the weekend after Boulder. I have 25 runners that I’m coaching that are racing and I figured I would run the half and then go back on the course to cheer for them. 

The cheering part still sounds fun, but running a half marathon so close to my 70.3 is a bit intimidating. I ran today for the first time since last weekend’s race and everything seems to be in working order, so I’m hopeful that I’ll have a decent run.

As far as pacing, I’ll just take it easy and try to enjoy the race despite the predicted rain. I’ve never run Grandma’s so it will be fun to see what it’s all about. 

One Direction’s Niall Horan shocks Simon Cowell as he launches solo career with rival label

Irish boybander will take his career away from Syco - despite Simon predicting he’d stay loyal to him.

No amount of Irish charm can save Niall Horan from feeling the wrath of Simon Cowell.

The One Direction star has become the latest member of the boyband to ditch his Syco label to embark on a solo career – months after the music mogul predicted he would stay put.

I can reveal Simon is upset at the singer’s shock move which is set to see him sign with Capitol US, a part of rival Universal, and launch his solo career across the Atlantic, where he has a huge following.

A source said: “Simon has made no secret of his expectations for Niall to stay loyal to him and has been desperately trying to keep him as a solo act with plans to turn him into a Justin Bieber style artist.

“They’ve worked together closely since day one and have always had a strong relationship, but Universal offered a lot of money.

“Simon’s likely to be so frustrated Niall has gone to a rival.”

The X Factor boss told me just last month how he was feeling “confident” the star would put pen to paper with Syco, a branch of Sony, following Liam Payne’s decision to move to Capitol UK.

He said: “Business is business and it has got to be the right deal, but I am confident.”

Making his feelings clear about Liam’s departure, he added: “That is the music business, unfortunately. I don’t think anyone else from the band will do that.”

But the deal, which I’m told is looking very likely, means every member of the boyband, including Zayn Malik, have now abandoned Syco to pursue their solo ambitions apart from Louis Tomlinson – who’s not even focussing on music.

However, there is no bad blood with Harry Styles, who has stayed with Sony but will now be working out of the States through the Columbia label in a deal thought to be worth £60million.

Meanwhile, I can reveal the star’s solo career has just been given a massive boost – by Red Hot Chili Peppers legend Anthony Kiedis.

The Californian rocker has revealed he wants to give one of his tunes to the star.

He said: “We’ve got 20-30 songs that didn’t make the album and are on the cutting room floor.

“There’s one that could be great for young Harry.”

That’ll be worth a listen.