despite physical similarities they are not the same person

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NAME: Rhona
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Another adoption case, while she doesn’t share many similarities physically with her mothers, she loves them all the same. She’s got a bit of chub at her stomach and thighs and she isn’t very tall, but both Mashu and Penthesilea adore it as more to hug. Her hair is always soft and well groomed, she does her best to maintain personal hygiene.
PERSONALITY: Despite being the daughter of the Queen of the Amazons, her weapon prowess is only ‘okay’. Her strength is phenomenal and her tactics are sharp, but her actual desire for violence is very low. She gets easily queasy at the sight of blood, especially her own. She isn’t a coward per se, much like Mashu she’ll fight and hurt those if necessary, but when the killing blow comes Rhona is very soft-hearted. She wants there to be good in everyone, even if it means sparing those that others would kill.
FUTURE: The child of two Servants, she’s determined to make her parents proud of her in battle. In a future Grail War, she’d be summoned as a Rider class, although her success rate would be low.
FIRST LOVE: Cu Chulainn. She and Sayoko regularly get into arguments over which one is prettier: Caster Cu or Lancer Cu. They form their own fanclub.

RC compatibility, blood-types, & half-ghoul success

big ups to my sister @mawjaw​ the forensics major for the blood cram-session. 

Okay, so about a week ago I wrote a theory on what I thought made a successful ghoulification surgery, and as of now I’m scrapping that whole thing in place of a new one: RC cell types matter.

To begin, the most basic rule of a successful transplant is that the blood types must be compatible. This is why AB-types Rize, Kaneki, and the Yashuhisa sisters were all the perfect match for Kanou’s experiments. Kaneki, the first of his kind, was an absolute success. He took is post-surgery immunosuppressants, his body readily accepted his new organ, and he went about his merry way. 

The Yasuhisa sisters, however …

…were considered failures. 

But why? 

One possibility is that their RC types did not match that of their donor. Their bodies most likely tried to reject the implant– an error exposed by the surgical staple scars below their kakugan eyes. We yet don’t know why the eyes are connected to the RC system (other than how the RC cells form a dark film when they’re excited) but somehow they were granted medical stasis through those cavities.

Moving on, we know for a fact that there are four different kinds of RC types: Ukaku, Koukahou, Rinkaku, and Bikakou, each of which dictates what kind of kakuhou the body is bestowed. 

We also know that humans have RC cells as well (albeit a much lower count than ghouls). Ergo, humans also have an RC type

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