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Hey,I might be wrong but I feel like with the White Princess soon to be released it's already creating division between Henry/Elizabeth fans and just fans of EOY in general.I feel like some of them are frustrated over the Henry/EOY fans hating on the way their relationship is depicted because of the evidence they give that they loved each other andso those who think that might not have bene the case think that the proof isn't enough and it could have been a Tudor propaganda or something

Hi dear!

Okay so this has been in my drafts for easily a month, I am very sorry about that! I have been so inactive lately because I simply didn’t really have the time nor really the passion to blog anymore. 

I think your message pretty much says it all! Some people are convinced Elizabeth was trapped in an unhappy marriage with a terrible spouse while others feel that evidence points out that they grew to love each other despite facing rather a lot of challenges as a couple. 

I have not yet watched TWP but so far I do get the feeling it wants to break free from the ‘silent image’ most documentaries/shows on TWOTR or ‘the rise of the Tudor Era’ have assigned to Elizabeth of York. Which makes me happy to my very soul, honestly. 

I am convinced pretty much all of EOY’s fans are rooting for an image that shows her as a much more intelligent, action-taking figure than we have seen from her before. It’s just a shame there has to be this division? But especially that some people feel like their opinion is the one that should be the norm? And anyone drifting from their view is horribly wrong and downright ignorant or something? 

In the end we don’t know what really went down do we? We probably never will. I think we can all agree that Elizabeth of York’s life was ruthlessly complicated but five centuries later people still seem to agree that she was amazingly skilled at making others love her. That definitely counts for something if you ask me.

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I think one of the things I love most about doctor dreamy is the fact that they never seemed to have gotten over each other. Despite the break up, which may have been the best thing to do at the beginning of their careers, they still care deeply for one another. I think that caring side is what gets to me the most.

omg thank you so much for sending this! honestly I really enjoy writing about relationships that don’t end due to problematic circumstances (such as cheating, they just weren’t good for each other, ect), but instead due to things that’re just beyond the control of the people involved. so in fh it’s distance, in this it’s their careers, and it’s interesting to see the dynamic of two people who didn’t want to end things, interact with each other years later. bc it’s almost as if the tension never goes away, bc you don’t really get that closure due to the fact that the relationship was forecully terminated in a way, instead of naturally breaking down as some relationships do. so i really do like writing them in this way bc clearly they’re still so caring towards one another bc they never wanted to break up in the first place, so obviously those feelings have remained somewhat prominent!

can someone tell me where this fanon trend of making ladybug hate chat’s puns, hate chat’s humor, hate chat’s flirting, and be all around irritated with him in general comes from? seriously. 


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My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

Why all of the Disney princesses are awesome

Snow White

- was a survivor of attempted murder, and was resilient to not let that horrid and traumatizing event bring her down or let it ruin her life

- was a victim of emotional abuse, and didn’t let the abuse get to her

- would save a baby bird from danger and make sure it found it’s parents

- knows how to hold a rocking party with friends


- survivor of emotional abuse from her stepmom and stepsisters for many years, and stayed kind towards others

- despite her family treating her so wrongly and poorly, she just wanted to spend a night with them and have fun with them, and just be like a normal family “ Prince Charming, who “ ?????

- she’s sassy as fuck “ Well I don’t want to interrupt their “music lesson “ during her stepsisters bad singing

- even though she had a short time to be at the ball, she was grateful for the opportunity anyways


- Gives up her happiness, to perform her duty as a princess for her kingdom and her kingdom’s future and knows that she must do her job as a princess. That’s pretty brave and selfless.

- that gorgeous blonde curly hair !!!!


- she’s the first Princess that goes forward to make her dreams come true, rather than just wishing, hoping and waiting.

- she’s adventurous, curious, loves to explore, learn about new things and new cultures and new world

- she’s the first Princess to save her love interest, but once, but twice


- different, odd and a misfit from the common crowd and gives no fucks

- “ Women shouldn’t read “ Well shut the fuck up, I’m going to do what I love and enjoy anyways.

- takes no bullshit. You are a asshole ? Got no time for that. She’s outtie.

- sees the good within people, but is also isn’t naive, she knows that some people are just plain monsters, through and through.


- will stand up for her rights, and won’t be pushed around

- is quick, sharp, intelligent and a fast learner

-wants to learn more about the outside world and her people

-if you try and lie to her or manipulate her or treat her like she’s a fool, she’s not having that shit


-will fight for her people, her family, her world, her home, her culture

- she’s the first princess to save the day, not the guy, not a male sidekick, she’s the one the saves the day, while Snow had the Dwarfs, Cinderella had her mice friends, Aurora had Prince Phillip, Ariel had Eric, and Jasmine had Aladdin. ( Belle is debatable imo )

- loves the earth and nature and will protect it from harm


- she saves China, I mean, come on

- she never gives up, no matter what. If she fails, she will just try even harder to succeed and will find a way on how can succeed.

- brave, determined, strong mentally and physically, a kind friend

-teaches girls that it’s okay if you haven’t found yourself yet- if you don’t give up, one day you will, and you will conquer

- pushes gender norms

- another female princess that saves the day, not her male love interest, or sidekicks, is also the first princess to defeat the villian in battle, like a previous male character like Phillip or Eric would


- is hard-working, and never gives up on her dreams, and will work hard to get there

- teaches that dreams are done by sweating your butt off, giving up on fun sometimes, sometimes having to work more than one job, than just wishing and hoping, you have to take action, and make that dream happen

-ambitious and smart and realistic

- teaches that you shouldn’t take a short-cut, find a lazy option, cheat or gamble your way to success, the only to get there is through hard work and effort

- again,another badass princess that saves the day on her own


- is kind to everybody

- is cheerful, positive, warm and supportive towards others, even people who seem “scary “, she knows inside, that we all have dreams

-is brave enough to step outside her  zone and new and strange places and territories

- anger her by harming one of her loved ones and she will fucking tear you apart

- a talented artist

Anna and Elsa

- teaches girls that family love is just as important than romance love, if not more so

- Anna goes through a abusive relationship and isn’t put off love forever, she learns her lesson, doesn’t let Hans bad treatment of her ruin her or let her become a toxic person, like he was, and moves on with a better man, and a healthier relationship

- Elsa goes through basically being locked up with lack of other human contact, fearing her powers and fearing what other people think of, to come out as better and stronger person

- Elsa teaches that sometimes its best not let what others think of you, and just say “ fuck it “ and just be yourself and be free

- Anna teaches the difference between a unhealthy relationship (whirlwind romance,quickly trusting people, getting into a deep relationship with somebody you don’t even know )  and healthy one ( somebody who gives you his jacket when you are cold, holds you close when you are scared, is worried about your well-being, getting to know somebody first before leaping in, somebody who asks for your consent before kissing you, will do anything to make sure you are safe and okay )


- will do anything for her island and people and make sure they’ll all okay

- her leadership skills are A++

- no “ you are forced to marry this boy so you can become his queen”, BS, Moana is the future leader

- is brave to fear the unknown waters, learn new skills, and battle monsters

- is understanding, and understands why somebody acts the way that they do

- is extremely independent

in short, they are all awesome, even the three originals.


[On being on the show and it’s long running legacy]

It means a great deal to me! I mean, I-I-I wasn’t here from the very beginning but at this point I’ve now been here as long as or–longer then some of the people who were here from the beginning. So, it’s a crazy thing.

So today is the WINGS tour in Seoul

Baekhyun is there.

The Hwarang Cast - aka Yoonwoo, Jihan, Minho, Hyungsik and Seojun (apparently the last two)

Kai is there.

Taemin is there.

I’m just so so weak for these friends supporting each other. How did they even manage to get tickets?? I’m sure the tickets sold out within like a minute or two considering how much the fandom has grown.


The ocean chose you for a reason

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Korrasami was rushed. Fite me.

Remember that the third and fourth book were written together and it was at this time the creators basically said “fuck it, we’ll do Korrasami”:

  • All throughout the 3rd book Korra and Asami get dedicated screen time together, building their friendship after a near entire season of them being separated.  This happened frequently and there were long stretches of the plot where it was basically just Korra and Asami interacting.  Something like 70% of both their screen time is dedicated to both of them together.
  • This culminates in the final episode of Season 3, where Asami is Korra’s caretaker while she is debilitated.  Korra and Asami effectively end the season in a close, personal moment.
  • In Season 4 it is revealed that Asami was willing to abandon her company to go to the South Pole to tend to Korra.
  • Despite getting letters from others, Korra only wrote back to Asami while she was recovering, expressing her fears and worries.
  • When they reunited, we get this scene:

  • Mako actually points out that Korra and Asami are closer and something is ‘going on between them’.
  • Asami brings Korra tea and they generally have a small, heartfelt moment.  Korra expresses her worry that the world has moved on without her, Asami comforts Korra.
  • We have this bit here, where Asami is shown to be hugging only Korra in the group hug.  A few moments later, Korra shifts closer to Asami, despite Mako hugging both of them.

Then we have the final episode.  Which really needs no explanation and has no bearing on a discussion about it being forced in the finale.

In their official post announcing that, indeed, Korra and Asami are together, it was revealed that the writer actually considered the idea of the two being together as early as Season 1.  The said that they focused on building Korra and Asami’s friendship after that, but somewhere in that they realized how the two being in a relationship fit.  So they wrote Book 3 under that pretense.

People saying it was ‘forced’ at the end were expecting it to be out in the open, which Nick wouldn’t have permitted.  It progressed slowly and quietly from Book 3 and culminated in a logical spot in the final episode.  

Sure, you could say “oh, the writers are just making it up after the fact” but, as a lesbian myself, I noticed.  I liked Korrasami in Season 1 but didn’t think it was possible.  During Season 3 though I noted the actual shift in focus to their interactions and actively began noticing it as a possibility.

Thranduil  drinks to numb his body, for it is constantly in agony.

The aches of Mirkwood creep into his soul, as his fea is connected to the woods, his magic like a shield enveloping the darkening forest. As it ails and sickens, so does Thranduil. And the pain is unbearable.

The spiders and their poison are like a searing hot venom to his body, their webs and nest consuming his trees are like pins and needles shattering his bones. All they touch crumbles and decays. So why should Thranduil’s body not do the same (when the dwarves arrive in the woods, when he captures Thorin, the King Under the Mountain thinks his scars are acquired just from his battles with the dragons. But in reality, Thranduil is falling apart).

Somedays he cannot leave bed, others he stumbles on his throne.

On his worse days, his nose bleeds, his body aches, his head pounds, and he wakes up with advisors and guards ushering him to the healing wing.

Because his pain is both mental and physical, he finds the numbing effect of alcohol to be quite beneficial.

It helped after the death of his wife, before the aches began. Helped him sway away the image of her dead body from his head, helped expel her ghostly figure—brown skin and dark hair, bright eyes and gentle lips—from beside him.

The warm drink brightened his mood just enough so that he could get through a council meeting. It was small at first—a glass of wine a day for one meeting, and perhaps two for another.

And then the aches, they came. Disorienting and agonizing, excruciating, they came. And as the woods died, so did he.

So he began to drink excessively (not quite an alcoholic, not yet at least).

He makes the wine strong, and soon Mirkwood is notorious for its potent alcohol. All thanks to their ailing king.

Yet it fixes very little. Only hazes his mind, muddles it enough to get him through kingly duties.

Other elves regard him as a drunk. Galadriel calls it irresponsible and is glad for his absence in the White Council (and he scoffs at her, for she has never seen what he has, and never felt what he has, not hiding behind realms and rings. He supposes, that’s why Elrond says nothing of the matter).  

His people regard him as a dying elf, a proud king clinging on to his crown for the good of his Kingdom.

As expected, he becomes addicted.

A cup or bottle in his palm; a platter beside his throne, a waterskin on his horse. But he is a king none the less, and the greatest left in Middle Earth.

No one judges his behavior—no one who knows him that is. Not when he blushes from the effects of his alcohol, nor when he passes out on the floor, laughing, after a successful council meeting, with Legolas dragging him out.

Their king drinks because he is hurting. Their king drinks because he is dying.


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…


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“When are you gonna get over Nier automata?”

Short answer: never

Long answer: Nier changed the way I looked at story telling and narrative in video games forever and I really admire it to a point where I will always place it on a pedestal, I haven’t been so deeply moved by a plot in forever. So unless something comes out with a story that blows my expectations out of the water. I will probably always look at it fondly and be able to talk about it with enthusiasm.

Also I will always want 2B to step on me even months from now.

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(first off I'd like to thank y'all for making this wonderful blog, I love reading everything on here. It also says we may submit new prompts? If not, feel free to delete this) Could I request Steve accidentally finding, and liking pole dancing? It's a full body workout, and it also helps with balence and coordination. Bonus if these skills somehow come out in the middle of a mission + teams reactions.

It was a quick lift, twist, and spin (ok, more like a kick but the HYDRA agent’s face was in the way of his boot) and Steve didn’t think anything of it.  

Until he saw Tony smirking wickedly and blast an exit in the far wall with a repulsor beam.  They were on the quinjet headed back to Avengers Tower when it started.  

“Interesting new moves, Cap.”


“-No, I mean it! Where’d you learn that? I’ve only seen that sort of thing in certain types of establishments.”

Bruce was looking on confused and a little anxious.  The Hulk exhausted him and he clearly wasn’t sure if he had the energy for Tony’s troublemaking.  

Clint swallowed a bite of his protein bar and smirked.  “Oh yeah.  That was a pretty great kick to the head.  Very acrobatic.”


“-I’m just saying!”

Before Steve had a chance to defend himself, Maria Hill’s voice carried from the far corner where she was bandaging Sam’s wrist.  “He takes pole dancing classes with me.”

It was true.  He’d stumbled upon the class by accident and after a little coaxing he’d joined and he loved it.  Not just because he got to spend time with teammates he didn’t always see (Darcy helped him catch up on what he missed while he was in the ice better than anyone, Nancy in accounting had the best recommendations for restaurants, and it was one of the only times he saw Pepper really relax), but because he felt centered and strong and sure-footed in a way he didn’t after his usual exercise regimen, even his gymnastics.    

Tony sputtered on his smoothie.  (The inclusion of a smoothie bar on the quinjet had been mocked exactly once) “Rogers I underestimated you! He doesn’t blush the whole time?  Romanoff, you’re not jealous you’re not in on this?”

Natasha didn’t look up from filing down the nails she’d broken. “I’m the instructor.  He doesn’t blush.”

“Huh.  And here I thought the forties would have made you a little conservative.”   

“Tony, I was a first-generation kid living in with other immigrants and spent my life getting beaten up for defending people from bullies that didn’t respect them or their rights.  I Captained the first interracial special ops team.  What part of that seems conservative?”

“I meant, you know, sexually.”  

Natasha snorted and gave an emphatic “Nope!”, also without looking up from her nails.

“Oh my god.  Did you just. Did you just announce that you and Cap are banging?”

Steve groaned.  “Tony-“

“Pole dancing, dating the scariest human this side of Barnes. What’s next? You gonna tell me you’re dating him, too?!”

Steve rubbed the back of his neck.  “…Well….”

“Oh my god.”  Tony closed his faceplate.  “I need to rethink everything I thought I knew.  I’ll see you all at the Tower.”  

Once Tony took off it was quiet for some time, everyone recovering from the fight (or digesting information, Steve wasn’t sure which.)

After several minutes, from one corner came a quiet ‘Told you’ and Sam begrudgingly passed Clint a twenty dollar bill.  

Steve wasn’t sure he wanted to know which part exactly they’d bet on.  

You know, if Soma does die, at least Ciel will finally experience some fucking consequences for his actions. It’ll be the first time since the Jack the Ripper arc that Ciel will have to deal with people close to him dying suddenly without his consent. What with this on top of Lizzy’s unwillingness to return home and her implied knowledge about the contract, it seems like this’ll be the arc where all of Ciel’s platitudes about “standing on a pile of dead allies” will finally be put to the test.

female characters were treated /horribly/ in most of the past fandoms ive been in (sometimes just bc they were female/‘in the way’ of an m/m ship), i’m really glad it’s not really like that with overwatch