despite other things happening

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But imagine Adrien and Marinette/Chat and Ladybug singing "Love Is An Open Door" from from Frozen.

But… Hans turned out to be a bad guy? Like that whole thing was him leading her to think they were soul mates or something.

*paces room considering romantic duet alternatives*

Pocahontas - If I never knew you? 

It got cut from the movie in the end, but they sing it in the time of most strife, about how its better that they met each other and found love despite the awful things that are happening, rather than having never met at all.

Or ‘Xanadu - Suddenly’ 

“She walks in, I’m suddenly a hero
I’m taken in, my hopes begin to rise “ 

TBH I just want to draw Mari in that floofy outfit.


Honestly? I’m not really looking forward to this episode…mostly, I’m dreading it.

And I am ready to be proven wrong god please let me be proven wrong

But I’m also ready to feel like shit