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It is pretty easy for a friend to become a lover. One of the two has to take a step closer to the other…like this. This one step makes the relationship between the two change.

You know that class where you have to take care of a sack of flour for a week and pretend it’s a baby? Well Jason had to take one of those classes back when he was a kid, and he took it wayyyy too seriously. 

Bruce was borderline terrified of how seriously Jason handled this assignment. He bought baby clothes, fed it during mealtimes, (only flour-free food of course, so as not to promote flour cannibalism), and made Bruce buy him an actual crib for his flour baby. That whole week Jason’s only priority was that sack of flour, or Felicia, as he named her. It got even worse when “Uncle Dick” came over. He and Jason insisted they take Felicia on a trip to the park for a “family outing”. Poor Bruce was stuck there for a half hour, sitting bored on a bench as he watched his two grown sons pushing a sack of flour on the baby swing. Ironically, Jason was actually a model single father despite having a dad who was a criminal and an adoptive father who was an emotionally-stunted vigilante. Alfred even made a point of telling Bruce that Jason was a better dad than he ever was, which was both true and uncalled for.  

Bruce tried drawing the line at bringing his flour baby on patrol, but Jason insisted that he couldn’t just leave his helpless daughter alone, and Alfred couldn’t possibly know how to care for a baby, (despite the fact that Alfred pretty much raised Bruce and the other batkids but okay). After an hour of arguing Bruce finally gave in, and that’s how the next day every newspaper in Gotham had Robin on the front page with a picture of him with a baby carrier strapped to his chest. From the right distance, Felicia looked like an actual baby, which prompted a ton of gossip. Rumors spread about the Boy Wonder being a teenage parent, with speculation that Batgirl was probably the mother. Bruce was so done by then, meanwhile Jason didn’t care, too preoccupied with playing peekaboo with his flour baby.  

(He got an A+ on the assignment, by the way 😉) 

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Do Lance and Keith paint their nails together?

you bet they do tbh 

  • lance is impressed the first time keith paints his nails for him because he doesn’t realize how steady of a hand keith has for this?? like barely any got on the skin surrounding the nail 
  • altho lance is used to painting his younger siblings’ nails so he’s also good at not getting too much off the nail
  • keith likes to let lance paint his nails for him because 1. he thinks lance’s concentration face is cute and 2. lance has to hold his hand?? sign him tf up (they may be dating but he still gets excited over the little things)
  • one time lance put little rhinestones on keith’s nails and despite how pretty they were, keith picked them off a few hours later because they felt weird (lance understood immediately) 
  • one time keith had black acrylics done and lance’s favourite sound was when keith would tap his nails against table tops (those didn’t last too long either)
  • lance likes different colours, keith prefers to stick to either red or black


Hello! This is secret santa for @mellifluousbable!

Their request was for “ereri fireside chats; Eren, Levi, and friends have a secret santa gift exchange” and well… here you have the precious boys exchanging gifts by the fireplace with Hanji and Armin (and let’s just pretend that Mikasa and the others are grabbing drinks and food from the kitchen or something, haha).

I hope this is to your liking, and I wish you and everyone a warm, fun, safe, and wonderful holiday season!



is it in poor taste to still use jontron reaction gifs even though he’s now completely outed himself as ignorant scum?

because damn if those gifs don’t still get a chuckle out of me, and i stg it’s the worst feeling to still like a good amount of someone’s content (not all, of course) while being perfectly willing to push them into an open manhole after braining them with a vodka bottle.

“Enjolras runs an Instagram account” AU

Obviously it was Grantaire’s idea.

  • “You can see from his smile that he was looking at me” Stop stealing my phone, R.
  • Courf cuddling the cat while I’m trying to speak about the upcoming protest march…
  • Sang for a charity show yesterday evening. It was pretty fun despite my face. Please donate at XXXXXXXXX.
  • How am I supposed to work when that silly boyfriend of mine sends me one of these???
  • Kinda like DM’s new song…
  • Someone was tired of me borrowing their beanies I guess. So he offered me one.

.i wrote a post on my main ages ago about how gross the concept of the pearls are, and i can’t find it or feel like writing it again/ think id remember most of my points anyway. but to put it short lol this got long i rewrote it:

rebecca sugar is very clearly inspired by utena. rose/pearl has clear parallels to utena/anthy. but utena was amazing because:

  1.  it deconstructed the whole savior and victim complexes. utena was called out for not considering anthy’s feelings. anthy was shown as no less deserving of help for not defying her role, her mistreatment, and other’s misconceptions of her. she didn’t have to prove anything wrong to utena- utena had to realize where her behavior came from.
  2. there was a huge focus on aesthetics in utena. the imagery of the prince embracing his rose bride- despite how pretty the costumes were, or how loving the embrace may seem, the viewer learned to see that image with disgust. for what it truly was- ownership and manipulation. 
  3. it was about how men abuse women. it was about men grooming girls. it was about men objectifying women. 
  4. anthy is dark skinned and southeast asian, and so race clearly played a part in it. 

the pearls in su, on the other hand:

  1. rose is upheld as this selfless hero, despite how she hurt so many- including pearl. its obvious that, despite her intentions, rose never learned to let pearl know she mattered beyond her. from what little we know (lol), it looks like rose never firmly ended her relationship with pearl or seriously acknowledged pearl’s jealousy. 5000 years after being freed, pearl still feels like “just a pearl” and prides herself for her self immolation for rose’s sake. 
  2. the episode that revealed pearl’s backstory had the message that pearl deserves respect because she’s different than other pearls. because she defied her role, her mistreatment, and other’s misconceptions of her. the logic being if she was quiet and docile, she wouldn’t deserve respect. that some deserve to be a pearl. 
  3. homeworld is all (nonbinary- not that it’s shown) women. pearls are meant to “look nice”, to dance and sing for their owners. eyeball is shown clearly lusting at the idea of a pearl. this depicts wlw as predatory and being able to objectify other women like men. 
  4. women are capable of objectifying women, but for their race, not their gender alone. but pearls are white coded. eyeball, a clearly black coded character, was shown lusting at the idea of owning a white coded gem. the idea of pearls are already awful without the objectification factor, but since they’re clearly meant to be attractive and desired by their owners…yea. 

we got so little information about the pearls and the social classes in homeworld, but if this can be gleaned from it..yikes.

This is for @erenatthedisco who requested some Ereri! I don’t really ship it but I really like the relationship these two have. I like how Eren has so much respect for Levi and how Levi treats Eren pretty kindly despite how it may seem. So I don’t mind drawing them together~ (Also you asked so nicely lol) 

Also Thank you for 200+ followers!!! What do yall want? :D

Guan Shan x He Tian Stripper AU

Leather jacket? Check. Mesh shirt? Check. Sequined booty shorts and marching thigh-high boots? Check and check. Mo Guan Shan had packed his bag, ready for his shift at the bar.

He hadn’t planned on becoming a stripper. Not at first. But money was tight and the job paid well, so why the hell not? Besides, it’s not like he was going to bump into anyone from school, not in this seedy place.

He arrived at the club and waltzed into the employees-only room to change. After struggling a bit to zip up his boots and throwing on some smoky eyeliner, he was ready to go.

The announcer called him out by his stage name, “The Fox,” and with a rhythmic “click-clack” Guan Shan walked out into the spotlight.

He knew what these people wanted, the middle-aged men sneaking away from their wives in the dead of night, the drunk college girls, the cute gay boys looking for a place free of judgment. He knew what they wanted, and he was going to give it to them.

He snaked his body up and down the pole, parting his legs, licking his lips. He wasn’t Mo Guan Shan. No, under these purple lights he was “The Fox,” the seducer of men, a fantasy that got paid in hundreds and could have anyone in the room.

He arched his back, ran his hands up his thighs, moved the pole seductively between his legs. In one swift motion he threw off his leather jacket, drawing applause from the crowd. He fed off their energy and gave them more, gave them himself until he was sweating and heaving, bills tucked into his shorts, the purple lights finally fading.

And in that moment he saw a sight that made his blood run cold.

He Tian was sitting not a foot away from him, arms crossed, a smirk on his face. “I didn’t know you could dance like that,” he said coolly.

Mo Guan Shan was at a loss for words. He scarcely remembered to grab his jacket before clamoring off stage, his whole body shaking, not even the hoots and hollers of “encore” deterring him. He ran into the back room without looking back, and slumped down in a chair.

He was caught, and he didn’t know what to do about it. What would his classmates say when they found out? Would he be kicked out of school?

He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he didn’t notice his manager walking into the lounge.

“Guan Shan, someone’s waiting for you in the champagne lounge. Looks like a big spender too. Don’t blow this.” And with that, he left.

Guan Shan wanted to run, but he wanted the money more. Besides, he had already been found-out. He might as well make the best of it while he could.

He took a deep breath, threw on his jacket, and walked over to the private room. He didn’t see He Tian anywhere in the main area. He probably left, he thought to himself, relived, before pulling the curtain back.

He felt his heart skip a beat. Inside sat He Tian, a wad of cash in his hand, the same smug expression on his face.

“Why are you here?” demanded Mo Guan Shan, turning red.

He Tian’s mouth curled into a smile. “Isn’t it obvious? I want you to dance for me.”

“You want me to what? Are you out of your god-damned mind?”

He Tian lifted his hands in mock defense. “Why, is that any way to treat a paying customer?” He asked, his tone easy.

Mo Guan Shan eyed the wad of cash. It was tempting, as much as he hated to admit it. He’d almost made up his mind to actually dance when He Tian said:

“If you don’t want to dance, it’s fine. Just sit down and talk to me.”

Guan Shan considered his offer. “I can’t afford to do that,” he replied.

“I’ll pay you.”

A moment of silence passed. “Okay,” said Guan Shan, sitting down. “What do you want to talk about?”

He Tian popped open a bottle of champagne and poured him a glass. Crystal. Expensive stuff.


“Me? I’m not that interesting,” he said, blushing.

“Really? Living a double life as a stripper isn’t considered interesting?”

Guan Shan took a sip of champagne. “Nope.”

“Well I must be boring as cardboard then.”

“Yep. Have any siblings?” He felt his cheeks get hot as he downed another flute of the stuff.

“A brother, actually.”

“And what does said brother do?”

“He works as a body guard. For Jian Yi’s father if you would believe it. You should be glad you ran into me instead of him, he really would have done a number on you.”

“You act like you didn’t.”

“Nah, I like you too much to actually hurt you.”

“Sure doesn’t seem like it sometimes.”

“I can stop, if it bothers you that much.”

Ugh. His voice was too earnest; it made it hard to think. Guan Shan downed another flute of champagne. “This is stupid,” he said, standing up. “Let’s just get this over with.”

He tried to take a step forward before falling and landing on He Tian’s lap. He regained his composure and readjusted his legs so that they were straddling the dark haired-boy. When he finally met He Tian’s eyes, he was blushing.

Heh. So he was capable of being embarrassed. Guan Shan took satisfaction in that before he stated grinding his hips, his hands cradling He Tian’s face. They had never been this close, and Guan Shan noticed his long, black lashes, the smell of his cologne, the soft cupids bow of his lips. This wasn’t the first lap dance he gave, and probably not the last, so he was surprised when he felt himself blushing too.

He’d never noticed it before, but He Tian was actually…cute? Maybe that wasn’t the right word for it, but Guan Shan felt something churning in his chest and he didn’t want it to stop.

They got lost in the moment, in the air and the ambience and the alcohol, and He Tian leaned in, his lips about to brush Guan Shan’s. But at the last possible moment he pulled back.

Guan Shan looked at him, his eyebrows drawn in a silent question. He Tian pointed to a sign. “No Physical Contact.”

Guan Shan frowned. “The sign doesn’t really apply to this room.”

He Tian cocked an eyebrow. “So you want me to kiss you?”

Silence. “Yes,” Guan Shan said in a small voice, his cheeks red.

He Tian studied him for a moment before softly brushing his lips with his.

It was much different from the kiss they’d shared earlier. It was gently, sweet, and like the champagne, Guan Shan couldn’t get enough of it.

Finally He Tian broke away.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Guan Shan asked, his eyebrows drawn again.

“Uh, can you….can you please get off my lap?” Asked He Tian, rubbing the back of his neck, sheepishly.

“You’re hard,” said Guan Shan mater-of-factly, not registering his own words.

“Yep,” he said.

His words finally hit him. Guan Shan jumped up, his face a new shade of crimson.




“See you in school, I guess,” he said, handing him a wad of cash. “And uh, don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

Guan Shan was trying his best to avoid looking at his crotch. “The bathroom is that way, if you need to, uh, take care of… of that.”

“Thanks,” He Tian said, awkwardly shuffling out.

He stood there for a minute, not sure what to do.

Then he sat back down and closed his eyes. Despite how it all ended, he thought it’d been pretty fun. It felt almost like a…a date?

Ugh. He felt himself blushing again and covered his face. He reached for another glass of bubbly to calm his nerves, but all it did was intensify the butterflies in his stomach. As much as he hated to admit it, he wouldn’t mind if He Tian stopped by again.

Love Like A Comic Book || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: your friend gives you a worn notebook filled with a drawn comic that depicts you together with spider-man, however, there’s just one problem.

you can’t draw to save your life, and you have no idea who would be crushing on you hard enough to draw you as spider-man’s love interest.}

inspired by Nathaniel Kurtzberg’s character on Miraculous Ladybug. Pls pretend that peter is somewhat artistic for this story.

also, this is dedicated to my dead laptop. RIP bae, you will be missed as I attempt to type all of my future stories on my phone 。゚(TヮT)゚。

warnings: none

OC mention: David “Dave” Pennington: [Name’s] best friend

[author’s note: okay so Dave has been a long time OC of mine, and admittedly, I drew inspiration from Dave Strider in personality and appearance. However, just to make this a bit more fun, you readers can also picture David Pennington as looking like Harrison Osterfield ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

**dont repost/plagiarize this story**


{As she talked to her friend,/ that smile of hers looked so sweet,/ Her form was like the heroine of a comic I drew in my head/ It was love at first sight/ I truly, truly came to like her/ But with the way I look,/ She would definitely hate me.}

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I can’t stop thinking about her. You know when you meet someone, and you get that flutter, that rush? And it feels like you know them and they know you, and you think to yourself, “I could stare at this person’s face forever”?


Nyssa - preview | install | customization guide

Some features:

  • responsive layout
  • left/right sidebar
  • Google font

this took me an obscenely long time despite how simple it is, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! The design is based on a theme I made way back last year, but upgraded to be responsive and customizable (ง︡’-‘︠)ง

24HourJoe | Joe Sugg

Request - Yes

Hi! Could you write a Joe imagine where you try to keep him awake during his 24 hour livestream? Thanks!!

It was currently 11am Joe had been doing his live stream for 18 hours and it was really starting to take its toll on him. He could barely think let alone speak properly. You all could see he was really struggling. The house was roasting, with having so much equipment in the room and a lot of movement, however Joe wasn’t hot like the rest of the people in his house, he was freezing, the shivers coming from him were inevitable. He couldn’t help it, having been up 24 hours, your blood goes thin, and your brain and body hasn’t gone through the restoration process it usually does when your sleeping. What made it even harder for Joe was that he had another 7 hours to go, before he could switch off and rest, he wasn’t sure if he could do it, the end wasn’t in sight to him.

When Joe told you about his 24 hour live stream promoting his book Username:Uprising you weren’t sure what to say. You weren’t sure if it was a good idea, 24 hours is a long time to talk and be entertaining to his viewers, even though they would watch him do absolutely nothing. You could see the determination in his eyes though, you saw all the things he was planning, and how much thought and originality that was going to be presented, you believed in him.

Joe wanted you there, he wanted you to see in the flesh that he was doing this. You reluctantly agreed but you did want to support your boyfriend. Even if that meant not being able to sleep in  your bed. Upon agreed, you discussed that you wanted no part in being filmed, strictly behind the scenes business , this was Joes live stream. Joe could understand your point, if you were on camera with him, questions asked might have been all about your relationship rather than his book ect.

As the night progressed, you helped the best you could by getting him drinks and food and you gave him encouraging smiles. When 5am came though, you were exhausted. You began questioning yourself for being here in the first place. Of course you wanted to support Joe, but come on. Sleep was better than Joe at this point. You started to think about how Joe must have felt, having to do so much talking and maintain a good show. When Joe said that it was okay to go to sleep during his toilet, you gave him a quick kiss and shot off upstairs into his bedroom, rummaged through his wardrobe before finding a pair of joggers and a hoodie, you were basically asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.


6 hours later, you were awake again. You were still tired, as it was a weird time to go to sleep plus 6 hours wasn’t enough sleep in your eyes, nevertheless, you weren’t feeling as uncomfortable as you were before. Downstairs, he was still going. Just. When you came downstairs and saw him, you were shocked to see how dark his eyes had gone. Despite this, Joe actually looked pretty good considering he had been awake for 24 hours with no caffeine in his system and had a long time to go before he ended the stream.

Joe decided to go to a quick break so he could go to the toilet and freshen up. He passed you on the way and gave you your routine good morning kiss and cuddle when ever you stayed at his place, but this time it wasn’t in bed like it normally was in. He groaned into your shoulder as you ran your hand through his hair.

‘Don’t you dare fall asleep on me, Sugg. Go pee and change and get back to your audience.’ Joe looked up at you through his heavy eyelids, yawning during the process.

'But Y/N, I’m so tired, I don’t know if I can actually finish this. It’s so hard. I can barely think and talking just seems like such a task now. All I want is my bed’ You could tell he wasn’t in the mood for this anymore. You couldn’t blame him really, it was such a big idea, but he’s only human.

Joe wouldn’t give up though. He could get past this feeling, because Joe was a fighter. Once he set his mind to it, there was no going back.

'Joe, I think you need to change, have a drink and get back to it. Just think of how proud you’re making your fans, there’s people watching you that have been with you since you started at 6pm, and are still watching now 18 hours later. You’ve got this in the bag babe, go make 'em proud.’ That’s all it took. He smiled at you, gave you a quick peck and went up to change. When he got back to his lounge, he let out a long sigh and said he was ready. Ready to finish this like the boss he was.

Quickly, running behind the camera before he went live again you pressed a kiss on the side of his head, and wished him luck. 'I’m proud of you Joe’ was the last thing you said to him and he blew you a kiss as he went live, ready to take on the last 7 hours.

My opinion of popular Korean language learning resources and some tips

Talk to me in Korean: Some of their grammar explanations are very helpful, as well as their Iyagi series. I’d really recommend them for learning elementary~intermediate grammar. However, they use a lot of English and their content often isn’t serious enough (stock full of jokes that are not necessarily related to Korean at all, the hosts constantly teasing each other) and it can be cringe worthy and annoying. Would recommend but not as a prime resource. 

Koreanclass101: They have a lot of interesting features where you can actually track your lessons, record your pronunciation, use specific vocab lists for each lesson etc. But again, most of their lessons are filled with idle talking in English and come off as a bit cheesy. 

Livemocha: Livemocha is like a free version of Rosetta Stone with more community interaction. After each lesson, you must write from a prompt and record a paragraph which is given to you. It’s really cool that native speakers listen to and judge your pronunciation and correct your entries for free. However, the content is rather limited and doesn’t go to an advanced level (nor is it very practical content). Still, it tracks your progress and covers all aspects (listening-writing-reading-speaking) in every lesson. I’d still recommend if not just to get your pronunciation corrected personally.

Rosetta Stone: I’m not a believer in their products. Not for serious learners who want to reach a high level. No explanations for anything. Assumes adults learn like babies, which they don’t.

Quizlet: This is a website only for vocabulary, but I highly recommend it because you actually have to be able to recall the vocab instead of simply looking at it. Especially like the ‘learn’ tool. It may be a bit tedious to constantly input new terms and doesn’t necessarily help in long-term memory if you don’t put the vocab to use in another way. If anything, it will be tremendous help in practicing Korean typing.

Memrise: This is like Quizlet but with a more ‘scientific’ approach to help with long-term memory of vocabulary words. It keeps track of which words you need to review so you’re not forced to also shift through the words you already know. Their process can be a bit long and tedious for some people though. If you’re impatient, quizlet might be better. But as a whole it is a more structured way to learn vocab and I’d recommend it.

Lang-8: This is one of my favorites because it’s pretty unknown to the western world despite how useful it is. It’s not really a learning website; just a tool where you can write anything in your target languages and native speakers will correct it for you for free. I’ve even had people correct parts of my school assignments on this website. The community there is nice and helpful and there are lots of Koreans willing to correct your entries quickly. Recommended for people who are self-motivated in writing entries. Not particularly helpful for low-level learners. ALSO a lot of native learners writing english posts include the Koreans translation so you can study off of that.


1. There is no reason you should pay to learn Korean on the internet. If millions of free resources are not enough motivation for you and you’re too lazy to study without strict online lessons telling you how to do everything, you might not be motivated enough to learn a language. 

2. NEVER use google translate. Naver english dictionary is the best, closely followed by daum. 

3. If your motivation for learning Korean is to understand TV shows or music without subtitles, you’re probably underestimating how difficult it is to learn a foreign language. Waiting a week for some subtitles to come out on your favorite drama is exponentially easier than dedicating thousands of tedious hours to your life to learning a language. Language learning should not be fun and it should not be easy. But there’s nothing wrong with having a hobby and exercising your brain. 

4. Do not blindly trust Korean language learning tumblr blogs. Especially the ones with very light content that use lots of pretty graphics and have hardly any non-reblogged content. I have seen SO MANY spelling errors, incorrect vocabulary, and tons of other things that are just straight-up wrong and made by people who don’t know what they’re doing. 

5. Nothing will stick if you don’t make an effort to use it yourself.

6. Use penpal sites to interact with Koreans in Korea. Chat with people on kakao talk. A lot of nice people will help you learn.

7. Whenever you watch anything with subtitles, take notes on how things were translated. I would recommend you look for Korean subs every time you want to watch a movie in your native language. Also, most TED talks have Korean subs!! Watch some!!

8. There are apps you can download that stream Korean radio. Turn them on while you’re doing something else or when you go to sleep at night. Even if you’re a beginner and can’t understand what is being said, it helps to acclimate yourself to the flow and pronunciation of the language.