despite his treatment of her

Your Fave is Problematic pt. 2: To Love is to Destroy

Fair warning this is highly critical of Rowan Whitethorn and his relationship with Aelin Ashryver Galathinius and Sarah J. Maas

Unfortunately the Throne of Glass series published five years after The Mortal Instruments has similar troubling portrayals of relationships. Throughout the series, Celaena/Aelin has more than one romantic relationship.  For the purposes of this analysis, I am choosing only to focus on her permanent romantic partner Rowan Whitethorn.  Celaena’s relationship with Rowan Whitethorn takes the Belligerent Sexual Tension trope to another level. The pair meet in the third book when Celaena is in a deep depression due to the events of the previous books, in particular, the brutal murder of her best friend. She is sent to Wendlyn by her ex-lover Chaol. Once there her mission is to find a way around the king’s orders and to keep her promise to her departed friend: see her kingdom freed.  To get answers on overthrowing the King of Adarlan she goes to her long lost Fae Queen aunt for answers.

To say that her interactions with Rowan are tense would be an understatement.

After Celaena’s Maeve hands down the order that Celaena must train with Rowan, Rowan walks her back to the room where she’ll be staying. Neither Celaena nor Rowan is happy about this arrangement. Rowan thinks that Celaena is a spoiled child and Celaena believes him to be an arrogant brute.  When Rowan expresses his displeasure for the task, Celaena says angrily, “Fae like you make me understand the King of Adarlan’s actions a bit more, I think.” (Heir of Fire 109) For added context, the King of Adarlan has spent a significant part of the past decade having his army slaughter magical creatures, the Fae in particular.  Celaena’s entire family with the exception of her cousin Aedion and herself were among those executed on the king’s orders when she was only 8.  She does not actually feel this way. Rowan is infuriated and chooses not to respond with words but with violence.

“Faster than she could sense, faster than anything had a right to be, he punched her.

She shifted enough to keep her nose from shattering but took the blow on her mouth. She hit the wall, whacked her head, and tasted blood. Good.” (Heir of Fire 109)

Rowan punched her the face, so hard that she bled and her lip was swollen.  Not in a duel, not in training, not in defense, but simply because Celaena insulted him.  This behavior is excused almost immediately.  As Celaena is lying in bed later that night she would think to herself that she “deserved it” the following morning she would also find a tin of salve outside her door from Rowan per the orders of the queen attached to a note that said she deserved it. (Heir of Fire 114) Upon pondering the incident when thinking of the power of the Fae and Rowan’s age and experience Celaena observes that if Rowan really wanted to he could have shattered her jaw. So by only leaving her slightly bloodied and bruised the audience is supposed to believe he practiced restraint by not hurting her as badly as he physically could have. In the beginning of their acquaintance, being an immortal being Rowan makes a show of telling Celaena how much older and more experienced he is than Celaena. So having a century or two on Celaena one would think Rowan would be above the taunts and provocations of an 18-year-old girl.

In order to teach Celaena to control her magic, Rowan is determined to get Celaena hone her shifting abilities. He believes that Celaena obtaining control over these abilities are the keys to her having control over her long suppressed magical abilities. Rowan tries to get her to shift through violently provoking her in training sessions. Celaena’s sessions with Rowan often leave her bruised and sore. So much so that those she’s stationed to work alongside in the castle’s kitchen take notice. An important character trait of Celaena is that she’s proud, she hates the thought of anyone pitying her. When Emrys an older man who runs the kitchen is concerned about her bruising she simply says: “I’ve been through worse.” (Heir of Fire 225)

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Reasons why I am not a Princess Nuala fan...

As I was taking screencaps to make other posts, I was reminded time and time again of why I have always intensely disliked Nuala. So here comes a post to get this out of my system so I can get rid of these feels, haha.

My complaints with Nuala are as follows. I got this vibe of underlying manipulative cruelty at several points that I just cannot shake. It makes me never want to trust her. Besides that, her treatment of Nuada was appalling even despite his behavior. Her supposed love for Abe makes no sense whatsoever. And finally, she does not behave like an ancient elf. She behaves like a twenty year-old elfling. And it just irritates me.

Here are a few of the points during the movie where I found myself getting particularly annoyed with Nuala. Comments are welcome, by the way, if you disagree with anything I write here.

The Forest God’s Death

An elemental creature capable of seeding and spreading an entire forest on its own and completely reshaping and taking back the landscape, and that was supposedly the last of its kind, was just defeated and killed. So… a species of ancient elemental creature just went extinct before Nuala’s eyes. Not only that, but she has to know that what little of New York City the creature was able to take back for Nature will be promptly killed, ripped up, cleaned, and otherwise removed, so that the humans’ precious apartment buildings and roads can be repaired. So… not even the last efforts of a lost creature will be preserved. This is an extremely sad occasion, and should be fairly soul-crushing to any ancient elf who should care deeply for Nature and her creatures. So what does Nuala do?

She plays with the creature’s seed?/spore? like tee-hee, look at the foofy, floaty thingy-thing! Um… really? She should be in tears. She should be scrambling to save and collect the seeds/spores. At the very least, she should be somehow be mourning what has just occurred. This is not a beautiful thing, it is tragic. Instead she’s obliviously playing with stuff like she’s at a theme park.

Nuada’s Invasion of the BPRD

This was the scene that gave me the biggest vibe for Nuala being manipulative. First of all, she knows Nuada will not hurt her very much at all. He can’t for two reasons: 1) killing her means he dies too, which he doesn’t want, and 2) if he injures her too much he also injures himself, which will affect his ability to fight. So where does this fear come from? The tears, the whole damsel-in-distress act?

I think she is trying to play to Nuada’s emotions, except it doesn’t work. She can close herself off all she wants but he’s still not buying her crap. So what does she do when it doesn’t work? Her affect completely changes. The fear is gone. If she can’t make Nuada go away on her own, then she’s gonna get people who can. So she pulls the alarm, and then gives him the coldest, cruelest, borderline bitchy-sassiest look ever. Where has the fear gone?

Everyone says Nuada’s cold and cruel and whatever else but at least he can defend himself instead of calling for the help of younger and possibly more vulnerable people to assist you. Let me get this straight… instead of handling her problems herself, against a brother who would never harm her beyond a paper cut to the cheek, she appeals to other mortals who can easily die in battle trying to help her. Including one Abe Sapien, whom we’re supposed to believe she has feelings for, but I’ll come back to that later. All of a sudden her affect changes again, and she’s helpless, afraid, the damsel-in-distress once again. 

Ever see the movie The Hole with Thora Birch? Thora’s character was a manipulative sociopath who could turn on and off all manner of emotions and basically act in whatever manner she wanted/needed to in order to appeal to different people around her. Playing the damsel-in-distress to avoid being charged with murder was her specialty. That’s what this whole scene made me think of as far as Nuala’s character. Watch it again. Watch her turn the emotion on and off and on again. I don’t buy for one moment that she’s actually afraid of Nuada. She just wanted this fish guy she was leading on to get him to go away. Playing a frightened and helpless victim would do the trick, she thought. Too bad she didn’t plan on Hellboy and Abe being drunk as door nails, haha.

Nuala’s Suicide and Nuada’s Murder

This. Pissed. Me. Off. So. Much. Whether or not you agree that Nuada was trying to stealth kill Hellboy (I think not, if he was, he would never have made the dagger that obvious and would’ve moved a lot faster), and whether or not you wanted Nuada to be stopped because of the whole kill-all-humans thing, one thing is abundantly clear. Nuala had no respect for her brother, for warriors, for her people, for battle etiquette, or for Elven life in general.

Hear me out. First of all… she is supposedly an ancient Elven princess. She should be experienced in life at least through reading and observations if not action. She should be wise. Most of all, she should understand and advocate Elven life. I mean, it’s clear that she doesn’t along with her father, since both of them are content to just let all elves fade rather than seeking any type of mildly better solution than living in a New York sewer. Accepting that there are cycles to Nature and that races come and go is one thing, but actively doing far more to protect and respect humans and going out of your way to uphold their laws while simultaneously choosing to actively work against the future of your own people is quite another.

But, I digress. My point is, she should never have wanted to kill Nuada (and herself too, of course). Killing either one of them would be a tragedy. Like the death of the forest god. They are so incredibly old and have seen so much of the world through the centuries, that to lose perspectives on life that are that deeply rooted in antiquity would just be devastating. Or at least it should be. Some might argue here that she had to in order to stop him. No. She. Did. Not. She could have stabbed the hand holding the dagger. Not enough? Stab an ankle. Hell, stab both ankles. Disable him to stop him, do not kill him. Personally, I think interfering in the battle at all was extremely dishonorable for her to do. It was a duel. You do not step in and interfere in a duel. Unfair. Bad form, Nuala. But besides that, there were so many ways she could have stopped him besides killing him and herself and she immediately chose to do that anyway. Wtf.

Some might say here that Nuada was a warrior and dying was better than having him live as a cripple. He died a good warriors death. Um. No. He. Did. Not. Nuada was robbed of a warrior’s death. He didn’t die in battle fairly. He died because his sister was hateful of him and apparently out of ideas. He was killed… by someone and something he could not control at all, by someone he trusted, by someone who should have respected not only his life but Elven life in general as well as a warrior’s honor. It was incredibly emasculating and dishonorable for Nuada to die as he did. 2K+ years of surviving countless battles and honing his skills only to be killed by someone who used what should have been the most beautiful, personal, and sacred thing – their soul bond – against him. Disgraceful. Disgusting. He was robbed of a warrior’s death, and if she had decided to suddenly enact Balor’s decree on him, she should have at least allowed him to keep his dignity in the process. Imagine his pain at not only falling, but being robbed of a warrior’s death, and dying not for your cause, really… but because your sister whom you dearly love hates everything about you. If those are some sad, sad feels then I don’t know what are.

But to keep him alive as a cripple or unable to fight would have been unbearable to him. Anything… would have been unbearable to him other than all humans everywhere dying, and that was never going to happen. He would have been stopped by someone, somewhere, if not there and then. So which is the better solution? To kill two ancient elves? Or to stop this one now when he might just recover and be fine later, and then hey, I don’t know, maybe trying to act like a freaking sister for once and talking to him while he’s down instead of shutting him out which, because you’re soul-bonded to him – you already know is slowing killing him? (sigh) yes, I am bitter, thank you, haha. At least that way she would have lived, if nothing else. Just… just such a poor decision, Nuala, really. How did you survive this long making horrible decisions like this?

Nuala’s Death in Abe’s Arms

This was supposed to be poignant and beautiful, I know, but I just found it awkward. So… (sigh) She’s 2K+ years old. She has known Abe for… what, a few days? So the Elven equivalent of approximately 8 seconds, heh. And I’m supposed to believe that she is somehow in love with him and that they have this deep, unshakable connection simply by virtue of the fact that they both seem to have the same hand-thingy that they do? You know, the… I’m-gonna-feel-your-hand-and-suddenly-know-what-you’re-thinking thing. First of all, no. Just… no. Second of all, if anyone should’ve had the ability to do the hand thing along with Nuala, it should have been Nuada. But they never went into that in the movie at all (even though I headcanon and write him as being able to do it too, and that he was doing it in the library when he laid his hand on her chest). Instead they made this ability out to be something that deeply bonded Nuala to Abe.

Uh… whut? So for all those Abe x Nuala shippers out there (and surprisingly in favor of Nuada x Nuala shippers), you’re telling me that 2K+ years of knowing someone as you know yourself, growing up with them, and knowing every reason why they smile, laugh, cry, ache, etc. is not reason enough for any sort of love to develop between Nuada and Nuala… but… she knows a fish dude for a couple days and it’s true love? Nuala. Sweety. Um. Are you just not that deep? Is it about looks? Does he wear mind-altering cologne or something?

I just literally have no idea why Nuala x Abe makes sense, and frankly, I found her death scene after she murders Nuada to be seriously irritating. Nuada is dying. Whatever gripes she had with him should now have been placed aside. Do you seriously feel that little for a brother you’ve been bonded to for millennia that you’d rather instead continue to lead on a fish instead of hmm… comforting your brother? Listening to his final words? Acknowledging his pain? Maybe finally opening your heart to him since it really doesn’t matter anymore. Nope. Gonna totally pay attention to the fish instead. Nuada is thinking dear gods… all that’s lost, all that won’t be done, all that needs to be done, what does this mean for the fate of the world? Meanwhile, Nuala is like wow I can tell you totally dig me but I have to die now. I mean… how detached from any sort of deep thought was she? (angry facepalm)

Ahhh… I feel so much better now that I got all of this out, haha. As always, these are only my opinions, and I realize that they may go against other people’s headcanons or opinions and I know Nuala is very popular in the fandom and that she has a lot of fans. That’s great, really. I’m not trying to make anybody mad, I’m just ranting on some feels I had while watching the movie. So please don’t take offense, but please do comment if you wish to. I love debates, heh.

{And really, rants like these prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I should be a mun for Nuada, haha. No wonder he likes it in my brain so much heh, given my random opinions on him, his father, and his sister. The humans thing though, that’s where you lose me bud. But it’s okay, we’ll work on it together. XD}

BS hiatus fic #2: Languages

Set sometime in S2 but written prior to the premiere.

He was getting really sick of being punched in the face.

He wasn’t really a fan of being tied up, blindfolded, and tossed onto a concrete floor, either.

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anonymous asked:

Well, Val and Archie dated for awhile, and despite his treatment of her, she still might consider him a friend and would want to show her support. Archie is also music buddies with Josie and Melody. Also, we know that Fred's pretty popular in RD, so it seems likely that many people would want to make sure he survives his ordeal.

No, actually she was disgusted with him. Their break up was quite bad, TBH….And no, Douchie is NOT “good buddies” with Josie OR Mute Mel—they only warmed up to him in the finale because he saved Cheryl—which was actually the work of the entire Core Four.

Also, since when has Freddydoodle been “pretty popular”???

Do you even watch the show?


After MJ gives her a bedding so she could sleep on the sofa she asks him about the diary and the meaning of his “last 3 months on Earth” wondering whether he plans to move somewhere else or worse. It heartwarming how attached SY became to him after such a short time despite all his rebuffs and cold treatment towards her. He stares at her and scolds her for breaking his rules. The thing is that it he’s begun to break them first - being so curious about her that he can’t stop asking questions and physically pulled to her that he just needs to be close to her, touch her and make sure she is safe. And even though, he is clearly in denial, deep down MJ has already started to acknowledge his defencelessness against her charm.

“Once upon a time there was a rabbit, made out of ceramics.  The rabbit loved the little girl and it watched her dying. That rabbit swore to not make a mistake of falling in love again. However, try to answer. When there is no love, how can a story have a happy ending? ”

At night he reads Kate DiCamillo’s critically-acclaimed novel The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane that tells a story of a china rabbit doll. While narrating he gets up and longingly looks toward the living room where SY now soundlessly sleeps despite her protests that artists are sensitive and have trouble to fall asleep in foreign places. I guess the book he’d lended to her and she’s now using as her spare eye cover helped. And just like the rabbit who renounced love MJ is pulled towards it. Just as we shall have our happy ending because love is already stirring in his heart when he so gently tugs SY under the sheet to keep her warm and it’s love that makes him watch after her during the night.

“Open your heart. Someone will come. Someone will come for you. But first you must open your heart. “ - The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (not in YWCFTS but my particular favourite as it perfectly suits SY and MJ’S lovestory)

I swear if the writer would manage to keep their romance this epic for all the 20 episodes (and give us a happy end) I’m ready to proclaim this OTP and kdrama the best ever PERIOD.

like, just to clarify…emma told her family and friends that she was going to the underworld; never once did she ask them to come with her. she was fully prepared to go alone, and she was clearly taken aback when everyone insisted on accompanying her. they weren’t forced to go…they went because they care about her, and because emma has selflessly endangered herself for all of these people too many times to count and they’re returning the favor. and even in the underworld, she encouraged regina to go back to storybrooke for regina’s own safety. claiming that emma dragged everyone down there is such a slap in the face to the evolution of this family and their willingness to protect and support one another, like what kind of reach. 

& obviously this was a horrible idea, and in an ideal world, emma would have accepted hook’s death, grieved, and left him in the underworld where he belonged. but her inability to think about or discuss anything but hook, her single-minded obsession with him, her mind-numbing fear of being without him for even a second, her utter dependence on him despite his terrible treatment of her (and their terrible treatment of each other in 5A), all of these are red flags that emma is in a dangerously unhealthy mental state right now, so if you want to actually critique this entire arc, why not talk about the fact that its literally grounded in the romanticization of abuse, at emma’s expense…


He doesn’t come out grinning. Overly prideful. He just tells Ruby that the outsider will live. 

She’s the one who makes a big deal out of it. She’s the one who’s proud here. She’s proud of him more than he is of himself. It’s her ‘you did it!’, her grabbing on to him, that does it for him. He’s not proud that he was able to save the guy so much as the fact that he was able to make her smile like that. That her belief in him wasn’t misplaced.

Victor’s smile here is obviously because he’s happy, but he’s happy because he made her happy.

Ruby, for her part, doesn’t care what her friends might think to see her approaching, arm in arm with Whale, a grin on her face. While all of them listen to Whale’s report, she’s still beaming at him.

As he explains to everyone, his eyes keep darting back to her.

Despite the show’s treatment of secondary characters (i.e.  lack of screentime) and the fact that a relationship is not yet canon (despite Jane, David, and Meghan shipping it, the poster in the writer’s room) the fact these two have hearts in their eyes whenever they look at each other most certainly is. I dare you to tell me it’s not.