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i actually don’t get everyone’s sudden love of pansy parkinson- especially shipping her with the people she bullied, like hermione

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BS hiatus fic #2: Languages

Set sometime in S2 but written prior to the premiere.

He was getting really sick of being punched in the face.

He wasn’t really a fan of being tied up, blindfolded, and tossed onto a concrete floor, either.

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After MJ gives her a bedding so she could sleep on the sofa she asks him about the diary and the meaning of his “last 3 months on Earth” wondering whether he plans to move somewhere else or worse. It heartwarming how attached SY became to him after such a short time despite all his rebuffs and cold treatment towards her. He stares at her and scolds her for breaking his rules. The thing is that it he’s begun to break them first - being so curious about her that he can’t stop asking questions and physically pulled to her that he just needs to be close to her, touch her and make sure she is safe. And even though, he is clearly in denial, deep down MJ has already started to acknowledge his defencelessness against her charm.

“Once upon a time there was a rabbit, made out of ceramics.  The rabbit loved the little girl and it watched her dying. That rabbit swore to not make a mistake of falling in love again. However, try to answer. When there is no love, how can a story have a happy ending? ”

At night he reads Kate DiCamillo’s critically-acclaimed novel The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane that tells a story of a china rabbit doll. While narrating he gets up and longingly looks toward the living room where SY now soundlessly sleeps despite her protests that artists are sensitive and have trouble to fall asleep in foreign places. I guess the book he’d lended to her and she’s now using as her spare eye cover helped. And just like the rabbit who renounced love MJ is pulled towards it. Just as we shall have our happy ending because love is already stirring in his heart when he so gently tugs SY under the sheet to keep her warm and it’s love that makes him watch after her during the night.

“Open your heart. Someone will come. Someone will come for you. But first you must open your heart. “ - The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (not in YWCFTS but my particular favourite as it perfectly suits SY and MJ’S lovestory)

I swear if the writer would manage to keep their romance this epic for all the 20 episodes (and give us a happy end) I’m ready to proclaim this OTP and kdrama the best ever PERIOD.

like, just to clarify…emma told her family and friends that she was going to the underworld; never once did she ask them to come with her. she was fully prepared to go alone, and she was clearly taken aback when everyone insisted on accompanying her. they weren’t forced to go…they went because they care about her, and because emma has selflessly endangered herself for all of these people too many times to count and they’re returning the favor. and even in the underworld, she encouraged regina to go back to storybrooke for regina’s own safety. claiming that emma dragged everyone down there is such a slap in the face to the evolution of this family and their willingness to protect and support one another, like what kind of reach. 

& obviously this was a horrible idea, and in an ideal world, emma would have accepted hook’s death, grieved, and left him in the underworld where he belonged. but her inability to think about or discuss anything but hook, her single-minded obsession with him, her mind-numbing fear of being without him for even a second, her utter dependence on him despite his terrible treatment of her (and their terrible treatment of each other in 5A), all of these are red flags that emma is in a dangerously unhealthy mental state right now, so if you want to actually critique this entire arc, why not talk about the fact that its literally grounded in the romanticization of abuse, at emma’s expense…


He doesn’t come out grinning. Overly prideful. He just tells Ruby that the outsider will live. 

She’s the one who makes a big deal out of it. She’s the one who’s proud here. She’s proud of him more than he is of himself. It’s her ‘you did it!’, her grabbing on to him, that does it for him. He’s not proud that he was able to save the guy so much as the fact that he was able to make her smile like that. That her belief in him wasn’t misplaced.

Victor’s smile here is obviously because he’s happy, but he’s happy because he made her happy.

Ruby, for her part, doesn’t care what her friends might think to see her approaching, arm in arm with Whale, a grin on her face. While all of them listen to Whale’s report, she’s still beaming at him.

As he explains to everyone, his eyes keep darting back to her.

Despite the show’s treatment of secondary characters (i.e.  lack of screentime) and the fact that a relationship is not yet canon (despite Jane, David, and Meghan shipping it, the poster in the writer’s room) the fact these two have hearts in their eyes whenever they look at each other most certainly is. I dare you to tell me it’s not.