despite everything that happened to them

Well … I think now is the end …
I think that even though the possibility of something breaking, when we started with a blog on a particular subject, we are never really prepared to really happen …
I think that’s about everything in life
Despite being really devastated from the news, have gone really wrong, I’m very happy.
And I can say that I was very happy.
I think that despite all the difficulties, are across the world, not having time, health problems, really feel that I was part of them.
I thank everyone who gave support to our blog from the beginning and stayed until the end
Thank you guys for the company
Thank you for everything, really from the heart
And sorry
Sorry for the inconvenience, the absence ….
I hope that all members of AvelCain find a way to bring them more successful, to be happy.
Maybe we can see them in the future in a new band.
Nothing is sure to be as AvelCain but I hope it sincerely …


Oh god, I’m crying about Lapis. I’m so proud of her.

She knew that, despite missing Jasper, she knew that their relationship/fusion was unhealthy.

I love Rebecca Sugar and the writers so much, because this is good representation about abusive relationships. That sometimes it’s ok for the victim to miss their abuser, but they know everything that happened to them was wrong and can refuse to be together with them again.

tbh the writers have done everything to build a romantic relationship between riley and maya except have them canonically dating which is frustrating but it also leads me to believe that the writers might support rilaya actually happening and it’s just that the network won’t let them, despite the fact that disney NEEDS to get their act together and have lgbt+ main characters

Brainwashed, Part 3

A/N: You can find part one here, part two here, or follow along on Ao3.

The Black Widow drags him down the hallway, and the Mechanic follows easily. Everything feels strangely blurred. She takes down any forces they run into with ease, despite the deep cut carved into her shoulder by his wild shot. The Mechanic watches blankly, his head throbbing with every beat of his heart.

Finally, they stop in what the Mechanic distantly recognizes as a hangar. There’s a woman waiting for them, and her brown eyes widen as she takes them in. “What happened?” Her voice is accented, russian or something close to it. The Mechanic doesn’t care.

“He’s not himself,” the Black Widow says grimly. “He shot me. Just a graze, really, but…”

The woman’s hand flies up to cover her mouth. “Oh.”

The Black Widow nods and glances around the hangar. “Where’s T’Challa?”

“On his way,” the other woman says, her eyes still on the Mechanic. “He ran into some-” She’s cut off as the Mechanic groans lowly, dropping his head as pain flashes through his head. Something about that name-

He groans again as the pain grows worse, hot knives in the tender flesh of his brain, and blinks back involuntary tears.

“What’s happening?” The woman asks, worried.

“I don’t know,” the Black Widow’s voice is terse, and her hand tightens a little around the Mechanic’s arm. “I think it might have to do with whatever they did to make him forget us.”

The Mechanic resolutely thinks about nothing, and slowly the pain fades. He looks up again just as a door on the far side of the hangar slams open.

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From the latest chapter, it seems Kougyoku knew about Aladdin and co whereabouts and didn’t tell Alibaba anything maybe because it was Hakuryuu’s request.
So here what will happen between them:

Alibaba: why didn’t you tell me anything about Aladdin despite knowing everything?
Kougyoku: just like when you told me about Zepar at that time?
Alibaba: Eh…. (and remains speechless)

Kougyoku took her revenge, and Ali deserved it.
Everything is good between them again.

i’m already calling the new SU discourse for when the marathon starts you know this is going to happen:

  • Pearl and Greg clearly at peace with one another despite everything that’s happened between them in the past and are willing to do something fun together
  • “no she’s abusive and clearly has not learned a single thing at all in her entire life since before Steven was born this is a Bad Thing”

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I like how several Lucaya shippers are saying that ski lodge ALMOST resolves everything like how a couple ALMOST kissed smh. I literally have no chill for their bullcrap anymore. They actually try to change canon to make their ship work and quite a few RF shippers still continue to say that Riarkle will happen despite the writers shutting them down numerous times during the Q & A. I even saw a theory on how since Riley has an orange maple leaf, she loves Farkle because he is Canada.

Yeah, I completely agree with you and I get your frustrations. 

I’m here if you want to rant, just be sure to use LM and RF instead of the full ship name so that we don’t clog their tag :)

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Let's be real here. T'Challa suddenly opposing the Accords in fic and turning into an ATM for the Secret Avengers has absolutely nothing to do with T'Challa or his political stance, and everything to do with sparing Steve the minor embarrassment of having to call Tony to ask if he can keep using daddy's credit card despite the CW.

I mean, I feel lucky because I’ve only seen ONE fic where that happened (well, I saw one where he provided them gear but I was actually kinda okay with it, in the framing of the story) but yeah. I mean realistically, if Steve wants to do anything he’d either have to get to Fury or he’d have to call Tony. They are FUGITIVES FROM THE UNITED NATIONS. Who were apparently so frightening that 117 countries got together to try to form a council to oversee them. The world doesn’t seem to be huge fans of the Avengers so really Steve is not just awash with options here.


To have a human down there after years of being trapped underground, it brought back some quite unpleasant memories to the elemental. All the lives they had lost, including the people he cherished the most, all the pain monsterkind went through, but at the same time all the pain he had inflicted, the lives he had took. Things he didn’t want to talk nor think about, that he thought had healed already after all that time in confinement. Ah how he had been wrong!

Seeing a human child for the first time in only the gods knew how many years after all that happened stirred something inside him. Grillby was wary of the child, but alas he had no expression to be read by them and his posture rarely changed from the sharp one from when he was working in his small establishment in Home

… Asgore never had a way with names, unfortunatelly.

Still, despite of everything, Grillby knew he should give the child a chance. From what he had heard from the Dreemurs, Chara deserved or even needed it - and it was not fair of him to mistreat someone who hadn’t done anything just because of their race; that’d be something a human would do. So even if it hurt, even if it would be hard for him, the elemental was set on not really letting the grief he felt showing, that was just who he was, and who he was demanded of him that he stayed under control at all times.

Silently, the bartender placed a cup of hot cocoa in front of the child, the clinck of the glass being drowned in the conversation from the patrons who were around. And without saying anything Grillby resumed cleaning the counter, which he had been doing when Chara came in and told him her order.

But despite his silence the elemental was still willing to communicate with her somehow - through gestures or writting in a small notepad he kept around - she just needed to say something.

Although he also wouldn’t mind if she would prefer to just silently watch the bar, not really sure on how to overcome his dislike for humans.

Airport Fiasco Update

Wow Southwest fucking sucks

So because of all the delays around the country because of southwest, my family missed our connection to Boston by 5 minutes because they refused to hold the plane despite the fact that they knew that this was their fault and a bunch of people on connecting flights were missing

They couldn’t get us flights and we were told we were stuck in St Louis until Friday. I’m supposed to be picking up Elliot Friday so that’s not fucking happening

No agents at the gates would help, no hotel, no transportation, no re-booking. No- we have to pay for everything OURSELVES. My dad back in NH was on hold for 90 minutes with them before they just cut him off too.

Honestly tho my dad is a hero cuz he got is a rental car, a hotel 20 miles away, and tickets tomorrow for Delta airlines. We are just driving now to the hotel. Of course, we have to pay for all of this ourselves. Until we demand they pay our fucking expenses (have you ever booked a rental car, hotel, and 3 plane tickets the day of when you were supposed to be home? Yeah not fucking cheap)

S/o to south west airlines for causing thousands of people hell. But huge love to my dad cuz he worked his ass off to make this work


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I'm submitting TWO characters for you! Mavis and Lucy!

Two right off the bat? Awesome! XD 


How I feel about this character:
FAVORITE CHARACTER AAAA (as though that wasn’t obvious~) 

All the people I ship romantically with this character:

  • Ship- Zervis
  • Support- Yurvis, Mavis x Zera

My non-romantic OTP for this character:
NAVIS OMFG *flails* 

My unpopular opinion about this character:
People tend to rag on her when she makes “simple” mistakes or rash decisions since she’s the Fairy Tactician, but I really like them because it proves that Mavis isn’t perfect despite everything, and if she was she’d be a much less interesting character. 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: 
More interaction with Natsu pls *bricked*


How I feel about this character:
I love Lucy! Not among my favorites, but she has a ton of respect from me~

All the people I ship romantically with this character:

  • Ship- Nalu
  • Support- Graylu, Lolu, Luvia, ErLu

My non-romantic OTP for this character:
FreLu, tis a guilty pleasure~

My unpopular opinion about this character:
I’m pretty neutral-positive about her, so I don’t think I have any :d 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:
More prominent solo fights. Please? ;w;

Give me a character

I remembered how I stopped watching Hollyoaks because Brendan left and there just was no point. While Ste and Doug were cute, there was no spark.

Then John Paul happened and I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I’ll give this relationship a chance.” and I was disappointed. Once again, yes they were cute, but there was no spark. So for a year, Hollyoaks completely left my mind.

A week ago, I decided to re-watch the love story between Ste and Brendan and I was reminded of how much I freaking love them as a couple. Despite everything that’s happened, they truly loved each other.

I got to the end of their story (i.e. Brendan leaving) and by chance looked at the recommend videos Youtube usually provides that I usually ignore. I saw a screenshot of Ste with someone I’ve never seen before and thought, “Here we go again.” I decided to click the video anyway and saw Ste with this extremely cute looking guy who I later found out was Harry.

(Why does Ste always go for the guys with striking blue eyes?)

With nothing else to do, I decided to watch their story. I was hooked. FINALLY there is someone who, in my opinion, is able to create that spark with Ste that I saw with Brendan.  Ste and Harry are so exceptional and so in love that it brought back all those feelings I had when I watched Ste and Brendan.

Ste and Harry are not Ste and Brendan but dammit, If given the choice, I wouldn’t be able to pick between the two.

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          it had been a week since that night in which matt sneaked out without saying goodbye to felicity. he was having second thoughts once again — his fear of hurting her & getting hurt taking over him. he felt like a huge jerk for what he did but still, he was too much of a coward to reach out to her. he was snapped out of his thoughts when he saw the one beautiful girl that he couldn’t get out of his head walking into the bar. despite everything, his first reaction was to smile - but then he realized that she wasn’t alone. his heart dropped and his face closed off. of course; this was bond to happen. he walked over to the two of them, “what would you guys like to drink?” he asked with an empty smile. ‘felicity’s guy’ was thinking about it now; meanwhile, matt turned to her, “so much for waiting for me, huh?” he murmured blankly to her - he knew he was being unfair considering he was the one who walked away last week; still, his heart was aching too much for him to think rationally. 

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S4 was already renewed out of spite & whatever luck JFlopass has cuz normally a show w those ratings, sponsors dropping & negative press/fan reaction would be dead. I think S5 talk is another example of his ego & being oblivious to the truth. Seeing everything we have from him why wouldnt a guy like him think he can have another season despite facts hes a narcissist. Or the other way to read his S5 talk was him being defensive & sayin "U guys didn't win" but we did cuz no one cares.

i don’t think it was out of spite for season 4. cw did a sweeping renewal of all of their shows at once, the 100 just happened to be one of them. if you ask me, i feel like jason talking about s5 is him talking out of his ass, trying to play like he still has an audience to cater to. s5 isn’t in the bag, he just wishes it was. if he was so certain of a s5, he wouldn’t be trying to queerbait with a dead lesbian. 

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I agree about Tatara, but I am still pretty curious to see how the story will unfold. Right now there are many uncertain factors like the role of the Quinx in the battle, how Seidou will interact with both Akira and Houji (I think this part is gonna be important because Ishida must make it believable and not simply flipping his behaviour and him backstabbing Tatara as if that was easy) and also if Amon would join. After all on Seidou's card it was said he is stronger against Amon cont.

so it seems that something happened between them. To be sure I am not sure that Amon will appear in the fight. It would seem as if too many characters would be involved, but maybe Ishida could divide the battle into different phases and explores different relationships in different phases. Who knows maybe Houji will die and this will open the space to explore Seidou and Akira’s relationship or to give the Quinx a role.

I definitely agree with everything you said, anon!

Despite how little confidence I have in Tatara surviving this, I’m also super interested to see how it will all play out.

There are so many factors, and I think that even if I’m right about Tatara dying, the way it happens and the context of the rest of the fight will be a surprise.

@fiiverounds​ gets that starter I’ve owed for fucking ages;

He wasn’t sure whether it had been a blessing or a curse he had been visiting an old friend in Scotland when the attack happened. Everyone knew about it of course, the spaceships coming out of the sky and UNIT – their alien deterrent failing to stop them. Out of the hundreds of dead, Gordy had been able to use his army training. Despite all the fear and the worry it was more important to get back to London, to find his sister and his mother. To be there for both of them. 

The aliens had shut down everything, technology made it difficult to contact anyone and everyone, and so for the last six months, Gordon had been travelling down the country, trying to get back. 445 miles. On the way, he’d helped out settlements, saved a puppy which a child adopted, and failed to get a car to work.

Still, arriving in London almost half a year later, he wasn’t sure what to think. Would his mother even still be here, all communications had gone down, it was like a modern medieval time with aliens – known colloquially as the blue bloods – trying to wipe out the human race. 

Still, London despite it’s previous inhabitants had become a ghost town, and though he was in military gear — the best thing to protect you in this weather — he felt over dressed as he found cars turned over burnt out and unused and the dead littered around as though there had been a fight recently.  

Perhaps, if he tried their house first ––– perhaps he’d have some indication of where his family was. 

i love………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, noah foster  i love his positive characteristics i love that he’s a loyal & caring friend i love that despite everything he’s still generally a kind person i love that he’s so intelligent & ambitious & determined i love his negative characteristics too !! that he can be selfish, oblivious,  too wrapped up in his own mind,  & awkward. i love that everything they went through made him more sharp around the edges & that he thinks it was the biggest thing to ever happen to them & is grateful for the attention.  i love his intricately designed murder board & podcast.  i love that he’s flawed.  i love that he didn’t fully ever move on from the events of the first season.  i love that while he may be based off of randy meeks & share similarities with other characters from other things he’s still his own character overall.  i love…..,,,, noah foster truly

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Is that really what happened to Brad? I thought he just went on hiatus and just never returned. Damn, never realized he was a dick to people.

Brad ragequit because apparently the exposure of an actual pedophile was “unnecessary drama”. He was a total douche who gave terrible advice, and kept his animals in shitty conditions. He acted like he knew everything about every species despite only owning bps for much of his time on tumblr, and even then he mistreated them. 

One of the things I greatly enjoy about Transistor is that its soundtrack is actually tied to the protagonist, who both sings and makes music in her spare time. And throughout the game, she can either hum her songs or listen to them be ruined by Cloudbank falling apart and being, well, ruined. _n C_rcl_s, V_n_sh_ng P__nt, and G_ld L__f are examples of three of her songs/music being ‘corrupted’ by the city and the events happening, and it’s just… I don’t know, I just love Transistor so much and I have a lot of emotions regarding Transistor and Red in specific.

She’s such a beautiful person and a strong character despite not saying a single thing, and everything about her is wonderful and strong and just. She goes through so much throughout the game, and we can’t really listen to her and can only watch her try and deal with everything.

I love Transistor a lot.