despite despair

The Doylist explanation for Zone of Truth banishing the Hunger once Merle and Pan reconnect is simply that Zone of Truth has become Merle’s signature spell, and Griffin couldn’t NOT let it work.

But there’s a Watsonian explanation, too.

The Hunger is an entire plane of existence which has completely given over to despair and the belief that nothing matters. When Zone of Truth is active, no one can tell a lie within its area of effect.

Basically? The Hunger, the physical embodiment of despair, despite being real, is a lie.

The idea that love and heartache and struggle and victory and peace and work and laughter don’t matter is a lie.

Melvinia or “Mattie” Shields McGruder was born a slave in South Carolina in 1844. At the age of 6, she was brought to nearby Shields Farm in what is now, Clayton County, Georgia. Her family would endure a five-generation journey that began in oppression and would lead her descendant to become First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama. Mattie died in 1938. Theirs is a story of hope. What’s your story? Will you become your ancestor’s wildest dream?

I’ve witnessed for myself children dreaming despite despair. Idealism isn’t dead. Love. Atonement. Peace. It is possible. 

This I believe … Our Journey to Balance 

hs au shitposting

ask @stubbornjerk​ and i about this beautiful and pure high school au. i have another post in my drafts about the basics of how shit goes down here but shitposting comes first, always

(also, i made a deal that if they could make aaron look good in ugly vaperwave aesthetic, i had to shitpost a little bit)

  • neil and kevin are roommates
    • this would not be a bad thing if neil wasn’t raised in direct contact of kayleigh day’s Angry Gaelic Mom Voice
    • the look of horror on his face when he heard That Tone when she found the pile of rocks he was throwing into kevin’s room through his window?
    • it was nothing compared to how he ran home at a dead-sprint, kevin following him and praying his mam didn’t kill him later
      • (he was not about to pick up neil’s mess when his mother was still in Murder Mode, oh no, kevin day is smarter than that)
    • this has escalated to kevin imitating That Tone whenever neil won’t do his chores around the apartment
      • neil: you’re becoming your mother
      • kevin: and you’re doing the chores so who’s the real winner here

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At every given moment there are many reasons to be afraid, and perhaps many reasons to despair. But in those very same moments, there are more reasons to be inspired, to be at peace. To be grateful. And I promise you the power is in a choice God gave you: The power of focus. The focus of your mind and heart. We can choose to focus on problems, everything that’s gone wrong, everything we *don’t* have. We have the choice to focus on the darkness that most certainly does exist.

Or, we can use that God-given power of choice to focus on what we have, what is good. On the light and the beauty that surrounds us at every given moment. It’s always there. Always. We choose what to focus on. And then what we choose, focuses on us. And grows.

This is the way of the universe and the Divine design. “I am as my slave thinks of Me,” God says. So think well of Allah. Think well of the people and the world. There is always good. And we are promised that the resilience of goodness will remain in this ummah until the Day of Judgement.

So do not despair. And despite the storm, stay focused. Even in the thickest fog, there is the lighthouse. A ship must look through the fog and focus on that light. That’s how we remain afloat.

That’s how we are saved.

—  Yasmin Mogahed
Ten dimensions of Cloud x Tifa that makes it amazing

What I love about Cloti is that’s nuanced, complex and multi-dimensional. There is a lot to tell about the relationship and there have been dozens of essays dedicated for them. Here are the common themes:

  1. Innocence - We see Cloud and Tifa as children and teens. They held some wide-eyed aspirations that makes them endearing. Cloud wanted to be a hero to be noticed by Tifa, and Tifa wanted to be rescued by a strong hero. Tragically, they lost their innocence in a much harsher way than they deserved. 
  2. Growth - Cloud and Tifa are always a work in process.  From the innocent children we see them, in FFVII we have the older Cloud coming in terms with his identity and Tifa channeling her desire for vengeance into saving the world. Even in AC, Both Cloud and Tifa are overcoming a lot of inner demons. 
  3. Compassion - Tifa stayed with Cloud in Mideel when he was physically and mentally incapacitated. Even at his weakest she has been there to offer her support. Even after Meteor, Cloud and Tifa decided to take care of children as a way to help the world heal. 
  4. Heroism - Cloud wanted to be strong for Tifa and aspired to protect her. His desire to protect Tifa allowed him to defeat Sephiroth even when he was a teen. For Tifa, despite guilt and despair she was able to fight with Cloud for the future of the planet. 
  5. Companionship  -  They saw Nibelheim burn, lost Aerith, fought Sephiroth and live with sins to bear. These memories left them scars yet they share the burden of their pasts together. 
  6. Humanity  - Both Cloud and Tifa are imperfect people. They had moments where they lost hope and seemingly have given up, they also made mistakes that hurt one another even if they have good intentions. They can also be selfish. There were times where Tifa needed Cloud to keep her strong, while Cloud ran away from Tifa because he was afraid to appear weak. 
  7. Healing - Both Tifa and Cloud needed to forgive themselves for their perceived failures . Despite losing a their loved ones, time had allowed the two of them to come in terms with the tragedies. There is no grand gesture or magic that enabled them to heal in an instant.  They took little steps by communicating and being honest about their personal struggles.
  8. Intimacy - The two had bared their souls together in the Lifestream: sharing memories, feelings and their innermost secrets. The two shared the both physical and emotional intimacy under the Highwind and continued to work their relationship after Meteor.  Their close relationship allowed them to speak out their insecurities and fears but at the same time, offer each other support. 
  9. Family - It wasn’t by blood or by marriage, but Cloud and Tifa are able to form a family with their friends and take care of children. While Tifa expressed her insecurities on her role as a mother, living together and overcoming Geostigma and Sephiroth allowed the family to be more united and closer than ever. 
  10. Moving forward - Putting everything together -  healing, forgiveness, family and companionship -  Cloud and Tifa moves on from their past and share a future together. While they would never forget the people they have lost, there are new possibilities, responsibilities as guardians, and many things to live for. “Everything is alright.”

I love that Cloti has a lot of positive themes that tell us about life. There are times that we sink to our lowest, but we can find strength and hope from the people we love. There is no shame admitting weakness and making mistakes, as they people can move forward by forgiving themselves. There is a long, happy life they deserve and I think that after AC, they are heading there. 

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Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Character: Donnie
Relationship: Donnie/reader
Request: will you write one where Donnie tried to get the reader to leave because he loves her and wants a better life for her but strugges because he loves her and doesn’t want to lose her.

It was late when you finally arrived at the lair. You had been working most of the day and your feet were sore. You could barely keep your eyes open as you pushed on the door and stumbled through the entrance.
To your surprise, there was light in the living room of the lair. It was a soft light from a small lamp by the sofas but a light nonetheless. You expected everyone to be in bed by now. Even with the brothers patrols, you shift normally finished well after they were in for the night. On the odd occasion when the five of you did enter together, no one spoke as you all made a b-line for your bedrooms.
You had grown up in the lair with the boys. Splinter said you were abandoned in the street corner and he found you. The rest was history.
Growing up with them was easy. What wasn’t easy was that you were able to go out and have a normal life when they were stuck down here. You loved them and you wanted them to be happy and live normal lifes. But you weren’t stupid.
You closed the door over and walked further into the living room and saw Donnie sitting on the sofa. He seemed to be in a deep thought and didn’t seem to notice you come in.
“Donnie?” You saw him jump when you said his name. “Why you still up?”
“Just wanted to make sure you got back safely.” Donnie shrugged, getting to his feet and smiling at you.
you smiled and nodded at him before letting out a yawn,
“Im fine. Just tired. It was a busy night.” You stretched, batting your eyelashes slightly as you did so.
“Why are you still here?” Donnie suddenly asked, making you freeze and look at him in utter confusion.
“What do you mean?” You asked, tilting your head slightly.
“Why do you stay? You have enough money for an apartment. You could leave. You should leave.” Donnie would not look you in the eyes. He didn’t seem to be able to.
Your mouth fell open. First, you tried to speak, but all the breath had been sucked from your lungs as you stared at Donnie.
your heart broke in two. It was hard to accept at first, but you loved him. You always had. You two had been the best of friends growing up and it was that friendship that grew for you.
He was sweet, kind, thoughtful, intelligent and so much more. You admired him deeply and cared for him. If he asked anything of you, you would do it at the drop of a hat. He knew this. You two had each others backs in everything.
It had been a long day. Your feet and head hurt and now your heart as well.
You had just worked 14 hours in a bar and, while the tips were good, you hated it. The only reason you did it was so the family would have some money. Donnie played the stock exchange but nothing big so your income was really the only money you all had.
You were tired but you knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep. Not after this.
You dropped your gaze from him, your eyes becoming blurry with the tears that now formed.
“I stay because I love you.” You mumbled, squeezing your eyes close and shaking your head.
“But you could have a normal life! You could-“ Donnie trailed off as he finally looked up and instantly saw the tears cascading down your cheek.
“y/n]?” he mumbled before darting to your side, but you were quicker.
you stumbled back, pushing him away from you as your sadness turned to anger.
“I stayed because of you! I stayed to help the family! I stayed because I loved you, because im IN love with you.” You growled as more and more tears ran down your cheek.
You turned and bolted to your room. Donnie stood frozen in the living room for a moment before following you, but he was too later. You slammed your door and locked it before pressing your weight against it and sliding to the ground as a number of small gasps left your lips.
You heard him trying to get in and felt the door move slightly but it didn’t give. You were thankful for that but you wished the door was soundproof as you heard him mumbling and whining your name in a desperate attempt to persuade you to open your door.
You passed out on the floor, your cheeks wet with tears.
———————time skip——————-
When you woke up in the morning, things didn’t feel brighter or better like they normally did after a bad night.
You pulled out your phone and unlocked it.
As you did this, you pushed yourself up and stumbled over to your bed.
In your bank account was just over $10,000 of savings, some from working but most from when Donnie had doubled your money on the stock market.
Next, you went to search the internet.
In a couple of minutes, you found a small hotel just around the corner with plenty of rooms.
From there, you found a small apartment that would be avalible at the end of the month.
Sighing, you got back onto your sore feet and started to pack.
You packed your best clothes, work stuff, your personal things and small bits and bobs from your room.
You had grown up in this room. And now you would be moving out.
You were nearly done packing when you heard a timid knock at your door. For a moment, you considered ignoring it, but it could be Splinter. So you decided to unlock the door.
Instantly, you regretted it as your eyes met Donnies.
For a moment, you were frozen to the spot, his words running through your mind as you shook your head and tried to shut the door. Donnie leapt forward and wedged his foot in your door.
“You don’t need to worry, anymore. Ive found an apartment. Im leaving.” You frowned, giving up on the door and turning back to pack.
Donnie stepped inside your room, silently, as he watched you folding clothes and putting them in a large case.
“You’ll be happier.” He finally spoke, his voice filled with sadness.
But his words made you freeze as you held one of your favourite dresses in your arms.
“I was happy here.” You mumbled, your eyes filling with more tears.
You closed your eyes and raised the dress to cover your face as you cried.
“Did- did you just pretend to like me?” you asked, your voice mumbled by the dress but he heard you loud and clear.
“I don’t like you.” Donnies words cut you deeply as your hands dropped your dress and your gaze snapped to meet his. You were about to scream at him and break down, but then you saw tears in his eyes. “I love you.”
Donnie looked you in the eyes for the first time since last night.
“But you deserve more than this.” He swiped his hand across the room. “you could have a normal life. You could get married and have children. You could have everything I cant give you. I want you to be happy.”
“And what about what I want?” You looked at him with wide eyes, tears falling down your cheek.
Donnie gritted his teeth, frowning.
“Is this what you want? To be stuck in the sewers with a bunch of mutants for the rest of your life? To always be in danger? God, [y/n], I-I cant give you anything.” Donnie broke down, his voice breaking as he gestured wildly with his hands. “I wish I could, I really do.”
there was a long silence as Donnie took deep breaths to calm himself.
“I’ll leave. But give me one thing. And I’ll go without another word.” You finally said, closing your eyes as you gathered the courage.
“I’ll give you anything.” Donnie mumbled.
“A kiss.” You breathed, looking up at him from beneath your eyelashes.
Donnie froze at your words for a moment, watching your face as if to see if you were joking or if you were being serious.
“One kiss, and I’ll leave. And I wont come back, if that’s what you want.” You explained, gesturing to the suitcase.
Donnie took a deep breath, before darting to you. One of his hands cupped your cheek while the other arm wrapped easily around your waist. His lips were then pressed against yours and he kissed you.
Despite the sadness and despair you felt, a rush of warm ran through your veins as you kissed him back.
The kiss was passionate, much more than you ever thought it could have been. You expected a quick peck on the lips but this wasn’t that.
This was fiery and emotional as you were pulled against his chest.
You couldn’t help but cry into the kiss.
that was the reason you pulled away from the kiss to take a deep breath and sob.
He pulled you against his chest, your forehead resting on his shoulder as you cried against him.
His arms were shaking as he engulfed you and pressed his lips to the top of your head.
But all good things had to come to an end and you were the first to pull out of the embrace. You wiped your eyes and turned away from to walk back to your suitcase.
“Can you pass up my dress?” you called over your shoulder to him as your voice broke.
After a few moments of silence, you glanced over your shoulder to see him gripping the dress in his hands, staring down at it.
“Why did you want… that?” He asked, not looking up at you.
“Because its my favourite dress.” You answered, a little confused. But then you saw him smile and shake his head.
“No, I mean the kiss.” He looked up to you and instantly saw the blush spread across your cheeks.
“I just wanted my first kiss to be with someone I loved.” You shrugged in an attempt to cover the fact it broke your heart.
“This- this apartment you’ve found. Is it nice?” he asked, looking from you to the dress and back.
“I don’t know. I haven’t seen it. Only found it this morning. But I’ll stay in a hotel until I find somewhere.” You explained, looking away from Donnie.
“Stay.” Donnie suddenly said, making you jump.
“you’ve just spent the majority of your time with me telling me I should leave.” You snapped, confused by his actions. He winced.
“I know. I know. I-I-, just stay. Until you get somewhere. Stay here with me.” Donnie stammered as he pleaded with you, only adding to your confusion.
“You want me to leave and then to stay? I don’t get it, Donnie. I cant deal with this! What do you want me to do? Leave or stay?” You threw your hands up in frustration.
“I-I want you to stay. But im selfish. I should want whats best for you and whats best is for you to leave. But I don’t want you to forget me. I don’t want to forget what you look like for how your voice sounds or your laughter. I don’t think I can ever stop loving you and that scares me because I cant be logical about you. With you, I think with my heart than with my head and I cant do that! You’ll get hurt. That’s kiss… I thought I could do this. I thought I would be fine because you would be safe and happy. Im sorry, god, im sorry.” This was the thing that broke Donnie as he collapsed to the floor, his head in his hands.
you fell to your knees in front of him, almost unable to believe what he had said. He had poured his heart and soul to you.
you wrapped your arms around his shaking shoulders.
“I just want you to be happy” He sobbed.
“Im happiest when im with you.” You whispered to him, and you slowly felt him calm down until you sat back up on his knees to look at you.
“You know, theres no point leaving if you haven’t got a flat yet.” Donnie mumbled, looking past you and to your suitcase.
Instantly, you knew what he was doing.
It was a sort of game the two of you played in a way to get your own way. Like when you both wanted to sneak out, one would say something like ‘oh, you know there really should be another patrol tonight’ or when you wanted to order food it was ‘you know, we need the energy’. It was a game you very much enjoyed, especially when the two of you had to think of funnier or more outrageous reasons.
“No, I guess youre right. Don’t know who I could end up living next to.” You pretended to muse as you raised your eyebrows.
“Yeah, you might end up next to Shredder or something. We should really do proper back ground checks on any neighbours.” Donnie couldn’t help but smile because he knew you had caught on and you were now going with it.
You couldn’t help but giggle, but that giggle turned into laughter as Donnie joined in.
you clasped your hand over your mouth as you tried to stifle your laughter.
An arm wrapped around your waist and you were pulled against Donnie chest.
“I’ll never upset you again.” Donnie mumbled the promise to you, looking deep into your eyes.
As if to seal the promise, he ducked his head and pressed his lips against your lips but froze and pulled back, wide eyes as if he was scared he had stepped over the line.
You couldn’t help but smile as you went up on your tip toes to kiss him again. This time, Donnie relaxed and fully kissed you back.
This kiss was a lot more relaxed than before. It was almost filled with content and relief as you were pulled to sit on his lap.
Eventually, you had to pull away for air and the two of you started to stand up. Unfortunately, because you had slept on the floor last night, your back was sore and you must have moved in a strange way because you let out a gasp of pain.
Donnie instantly placed his arms around, as if he feared you would collapse.
“whats wrong?” he asked, his voice worried.
“No, its fine. I fell asleep on the floor last night and I must have lay a weird way. My backs hurting.” You explained, seeing him wince and shoot you an apologetic look.
“Maybe you should lie down?” He suggested and moved away from you to place the suitcase on the floor, leaving your king sized bed clear. Since all the others had to alter and make special beds for their shells and the way its easiest to sleep, it was agreed you could have a king sized bed.
“Will you stay?” You asked, walking over and taking Donnies hand in your own, squeezing it slightly. You saw a light blush spread across his cheeks as a small smile dawned his lips.
“Of course.” He answered, pulling back the covers and allowing you to climb in first before following.
You didn’t know how long you lay in his arms for. It seemed so natural to be wrapped in his warm embrace like this that sleep came not too long after you lay down.
But you remembered waking up slightly and noticing how cosy and comfortable it felt before nodding back.
It was only when Mikey burst in the room with pancakes did you both fully wake up again. It took a little bit to convince Mikey not to say anything to anyone about both you being in bed with Donnie and the suitcase that was lying open on the floor. In the end, he agreed but only when Donnie promised to make him a new feature for his skateboard.
One thing you did like was that Donnie didn’t jump up out of bed when Mikey had come in the room. He didn’t try to deny it or every cover it up. He was very open about everything and even spoke with an air of pride that made you smile.
It was at the moment, you knew there was no way you could ever leave.
You had to stay.

Inside your eyes or Azanina talks [5]

Despite all despair, I really like the last episode. I like this smell of character development. We got a big hint for future Azanina dynamic too. Their relationship takes another step forward, a painful, but really necessary step. How it was? Let me share some of my thoughts with you.

Azazel kept losing everything. His rage was the last thing that made him fight. However, it didn’t help, it even made him weak, cause he didn’t care about his life anymore. It’s better to die on the battlefield than carry a heavy load of guilt. Unfortunately, the fate punished him again for this selfish thought and didn’t give him a chance to run away from his mistakes. Mugaro was in danger, again because of him. It can’t get any worse. In this moment, Nina came on the scene.

A true shock. That’s how Nina felt. Mugaro was captured, Bacchus and Hamsa too. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice. Azazel called her by the name. At the first time.

It could be weird, but it’s a really big step for demon like him. It’s this Azazel, who treated people like insects. Who used the names so rare (Mugaro is a nice exclusion). It was a true begging, even again without “please” and other stuff. Nina became his last hope in this despair. He asked her not to save his life or kill the king, nope! He asked her to fix his mistakes, to save Mugaro, to help the demons (I felt so bad for him at this moment, like it’s too late to help them). Azazel destroyed all his pride in the name of their life.

Nina still was so shocked that she didn’t get at once what he’s talking about. She looked at the corps, then again in his eyes. It was the longest eye contact they ever have. Here I see a clear progress. As long as Nina was a blushing girl because of Azazel’s handsomeness, they couldn’t look at each other. They weren’t able to understand each other; they always were victims of their misunderstandings. The eye contact finally happened. Moreover, Nina understood everything. She saw his pain, his anger, his desperation. She knew the reason of those feelings, she decided to help.

Nevertheless, her try failed. Her eyes clearly said “sorry” to Azazel. She tried really hard. Why Azazel cried, as she was knocked down? This question you already asked me. Azazel’s tears were a result of his whole fall. With Nina he lost his last hope, that’s true. However, I like to think that Azazel cried cause he put her in danger too. I mean, all people who trusted him, who cared about him in this situation were killed, captured or arrested. Nina was the last one. Maybe the mix of his defeat and guilty feelings is the most right answer.

By the fact, I see some parallels between Azazel’s case and Nina’s speech to Charioce. They both were pressed to the ground, couldn’t move, but still didn’t give up. The resistance were inside their eyes. Unfortunately, Azazel’s soul was broken, but Nina keeps fighting for sure.

Nina’s inner thoughts, her “sorry” towards Azazel were really touchable. As torture was mentioned, she even flinched. Nina worried about him, she asked what happened to the Rag Demon despite it was more rational to worry about herself at this moment. I guess, it’s a real hint that Nina and Azazel will be closer in the future, they have the one wound that they can heal only together.

However, Azazel’s fate bothers me a lot. His redemption started with many suffering and clear parallels with Amira’s torture. What will happen next? He made Favaro and Kaisar fight each other in “Genesis”. Guess, what the new spoilers show? The fight between Kaisar and Azazel in the gladiator arena. Oh, guys, the redemption should take a long time. However, I still hope that Nina will help our poor demon to find his own way too. It’s interesting what Azazel thinks about her now. Well, keep waiting for next Azanina moments~

Psyche will become equal to her lover Eros, when Zeus will finally give her to drink ambrosia after she has passed her many trials or tests imposed by jealous Aphrodite. But Psyche is no different than a mortal version of Aphrodite herself…Psyche will give birth to a girl named Hedone (Pleasure). The marriage of Psyche and Eros will become a huge feast in Olympus with the participation of all the Gods and great abundance. Behind the myth of Eros and Psyche, lies  the anxiety concerning the degeneration of the human soul in earthly matters, her entrapment into the body and the question of how the soul can be restored again. These are Platonic and Gnostic concerns. The myth indicates how the soul will find allies once she starts her journey of explorations despite the despair and the ephemeral separations. Hope is present as long as there’s a higher goal, an objective, in this case Eros is this kind of a catalyst for the change of Psyche (soul) and her ascension.

The Nuptials of Cupid and Psyche by Pelagio Palagi, 1808.

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Depressing thought but what if Nagito had a friend or lover before the Killing game. During this time he was pretty close to this person. He hadn't fully understood the potentials of his luck just yet. This person was so close to him and meant so much. Except they died. He then realized he couldn't ever really be happy because of this luck. This person always told him to remain hopeful. This led to his insane obsession with hope, because hope is what they asked, so hope reminds him of the person

Imagine his friend/lover was a member of Ultimate Despair ~ Mod Eri 


“A toast, for the reunion of the queens who could have been but never were,” Argella said, holding up her wine goblet, smiling wryly.

Celia could not quite return the smile. She held up her wine goblet nonetheless, in solidarity.

The coronation feast was proceeding smoothly. Though, it was not a merry occasion, with the shadow of Summerhall still haunting the realm.

“Smile, my lady. They must not think that we are consumed by wretchedness or bitterness. We will not give them that satisfaction,” Argella whispered in Celia’s ear.

Oh, but she was bitter! And Celia did not really care to hide it. The man who threw over Argella Baratheon was at least forced to give up his claim to the throne. But the man who discarded Celia Tully, who broke his promise and dishonored her and her family, had just been proclaimed king of the realm, with his beloved queen standing beside him. He did not have to sacrifice his crown for love, unlike his older brother. He never paid a price for his betrayal and treachery, unlike his older brother.

He just lost most of his family. What kind of woman are you, to still hold a grudge after nineteen years? she kept telling herself. And she did not want him, not anymore. She was happy with her husband, with their children, with the life they had made together. She would not trade any of it for all the crowns and kings in the world.

And yet, that still did not excuse his actions. It was true that she had found happiness in her own right, had rebuilt her life from the ashes of despair, despite the shame and the humiliation he had piled on her. But this was her triumph, not his redemption. That she had survived – more than just survived; she had also thrived and prospered – was a testament to her own strength and resilience, not a vindication of the man who had wronged her, the man whose name she did not wish to utter, even in the privacy of her own mind.

What kind of man was he, who never apologized to Celia, or to the Tullys? Prince Duncan had apologized, had gone down on his knees to Lyonel Baratheon and his daughter after the Baratheon’s failed rebellion, had begged Lord Lyonel to treat his little sister Rhaelle like a daughter when Princess Rhaelle was sent to Storm’s End to be Lord Lyonel’s cupbearer. Celia’s former betrothed, meanwhile, merely blathered on and on in a priggish, self-righteous tone about upholding a sacred Targaryen tradition, as if that was a nobler excuse for breaking his promise than mere love.

Oh yes, Celia Tully was still bitter, but her bitterness had nothing to do with losing out on being queen.

Intersecting Skies AU (Part 1)

AU where the Skies of the Trinisette are switched around. 

  • Yuni as the Vongola Sky. She has lived her entire life as a civilian, ten years old and full of smiles. Imagine her finding out one day that she’s the heir to the largest and bloodiest mafia famiglia through an aunt she never knew she had. 
  • Not only that, her Guardians are inherited because they do manage to harmonize but it’s all wrong
  • The Guardians don’t know what do with this new Sky, one who is a decade younger than their youngest member and still recovering from the lost of Luce, their previous Sky. Yuni looks exactly like Luce and it hurts so much to look at her.
  • Nono regrets this so much, regrets it led to this, to involve the granddaughter he has only seen pictures of. Regrets that his oldest daughter is dead, her Guardians are adrift and reeling. Regrets he had to break his promise to his youngest daughter. Aria already won’t speak to him. 
  • There is guilt. There is blood. This is the lamb to slaughter. 
  • Byakuran as the Acrobaleno Sky. With a mischievous smile, he wanders through life causing as much trouble as possible. He pokes at other famiglias, knowing none of them would dare challenge him, stirring up chaos as he goes. 
  • He hasn’t seen his Elements in years. Between their cursed bodies, violent tempers and the fact that Byakuran is both not cursed and doesn’t appear to be bothered by their fate, has caused them to scatter to the winds. The only two Byakuran regularly sees is Kikyo and Bluebell. Ghost is dead and Zakuro swore to never forgive him. No one knows where Daisy and Torikabuto are. 
  • Byakuran is fine with that. He knows how this story ends. The visions of the future has confirm that he’s doomed to die at a young age. He rather not make his Elements watch him die. 
  • And if he is to die, Byakuran is determined to do it with a smile on his face, despite the despair in his heart. 
  • Tsuna as the Mare Sky. All alone with an oblivious mother, Tsuna dreams. Nana doesn’t hear that Tsuna wakes up screaming from his dreams, screaming until his voice is hoarse. She doesn’t recognize the dark bags under her son’s eyes from his sleepless nights. No one does. In Namimori, Tsuna has no friends; no one dares approach the strange boy with dead eyes. 
  • The dreams never stop. Tsuna has nightmares of worlds where, lost in his sadness and loneliness, he snaps and somehow tries to end the world he’s living in because he cannot take it anymore. He has nightmares where he jumps off a bridge, takes a knife to his wrist, where he overdoses. The knowledge of the razor in his drawer gives far more comfort then Tsuna could imagine. 
  • Worse are the happy dreams. The dreams where he is with friends who support him, parents that pay attention to him, where he’s wanted, loved and valued. Tsuna always wakes up from those in tears. 
  • Tsuna desperately needs someone to lean on, someone to be his friend. He needs someone to tell him it’ll be alright, that it’s okay, that he’s still sane. But his mother never realizes and no one else hears his pleas for help. 
  • Tsuna just wants it all to stop

Check the Intersecting Skies AU tag for more. 

criminal-ish (jane/kurt + rich dotcom fanfic + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 3. friends/enemies

series: what i never knew i always wanted



“Let me get this straight. You and Jane are married, you have two children and another one on the way, and no one thought to tell me about this?”

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to drag me away from you

For the Writer’s Guild 80s Movie Day (sorry we’re all a bit scattered this time)!!  Technically Ghost was made in 1990, but that’s essentially still the 80s, and I already wrote it so too late now.

The funeral was long.  Too long, in Steve’s opinion.  He hadn’t wanted to go. Absolutely no part of him had wanted to be there.  He wouldn’t have gone at all, but– he glanced sideways at Nancy, who was crying silently as she tossed a yellow rose onto the casket.  Her mother’s hands her on her shoulders, squeezing tightly as she cried, and Mike was watching her with sad, scared eyes.  Despite her family crowded around her, she looked absolutely alone.  He knew how that felt.

Steve swallowed and looked forward again.  The minister was speaking about hope and carrying on and how friendship and family were the most important things to fill our lives with.  Steve couldn’t bring himself to disagree, but he also couldn’t bring himself to care.  He wondered if that made him a bad person. Probably, but it was too late now to do anything about that.

It was too late to do anything now.

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Despite the difficulties of my story, despite discomforts, doubts, despairs, despite impulses to be done with it, I unceasingly affirm love, within myself, as a value. Though I listen to all the arguments which the most divergent systems employ to demystify, to limit, to erase, in short to depreciate love, I persist: “I know, I know, but all the same…” I refer the devaluations of love to a kind of obscurantist ethic, to a let’s-pretend realism, against which I erect the realism of value: I counter whatever “doesn’t work” in love with the affirmation of what is worthwhile. This stubbornness is love’s protest: for all the wealth of “good reasons” for loving differently, loving better, loving without being in love, etc. a stubborn voice is raised which lasts a little longer: the voice of the Intractable lover.

Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse, “The Intractable”

Father, Look At The Stars!

Summary: Arata and Ayato fluff!

A/N: This was suggested by an anon a few days ago, who asked me to write one fic from every member of the family and since I love the Kirishimas/Yomos more than anything else in TG, I decided to adopt it (thanks nonny for the suggestion!). All the stories are not necessarily linked and can be read independently of each other. They don’t involve every single member of the family as well (eg. the siblings’ stories are about themselves rather than their parents).
Read the others here: Touka | Ayato | Renji (to be updated for the others)

Reposting this because I saw a lot of grammatical mistakes and typos in my earlier post. Since we don’t know much about Ayato’s behavior as a kid, I took the liberty in exploring it heh. I don’t believe in it, but the idea that stars are souls of those who have died is something I really like, for some reason? I think it’s really interesting. Anyway, also partly why Ayato might like high places. Because stars. Please do reblog if you enjoyed this fic!


“When’s Mother coming back?”

Arata pauses for a moment. He has been waiting for the question— it’s impossible for Ayato not to ask that any time they speak— but at the same time, he’s never prepared for it. His mind falls into shambles as he desperately reaches for an answer, forcefully refusing the images that were trying to surface. He chokes back a sob that is on the verge of spilling out, takes a deep breath and looks down to meet Ayato’s eyes. Ayato dark eyes are filled with curiosity, vacant of despair despite the question he had asked. Arata forces himself to smile.

“She’s… gone somewhere where she can’t come back from,” Arata says. Just how do you explain death to a kid? He’s tried telling Ayato that his mother is dead before but all he got in return was a pair of confused blue eyes and a “So when will she come back?”

“Can’t we go to her?” Ayato asks.

“Sure, we will… one day,” Arata replies. Hopefully not soon.

“I can’t wait!” he exclaims, grinning till his eyes closed. “I want to tell her lots of things!”

“Like what?”

“I went to the toilet on my own yesterday,” Ayato says, puffing his chest out proudly at his achievement. “So I wanna see her soon and tell her everything.”

I really don’t want you to see her soon.

“When we’re ready, we will go there… But it might take a long time,” Arata says.

“Is Mother very busy over there?” Ayato asks.

“She must be,” Arata says. He stands up and lifts Ayato up in his arms. “Do you wanna see the stars?”

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Prompt (lol the Gay continues!)

Black Hat grabbed his hand and started a fast walk away from the crowd of dancing creatures. “I got the information we needed.” his tone was gruff, “We might as well leave. I’m sick of this now.” Flug nodded despite the despair bubbling up in his brain at the thought. Is this it? He thought as they started walking away, is this all I’ll ever see of the real Black hat? I don’t want this to stop! I don’t want… he panicked to himself, I don’t want US to stop!

lemonadethefifth  asked:

Hey. Just wondering. What's your reason for liking Hinamori Momo so much? Especially considering she's a much hated Bleach girl. (Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of her haters. Just curious why you are one of the few people who like Momo.)

She’s actually really popular in Japan! Consistently part of the Top 15, ranking higher than the likes of Rangiku (don’t get me wrong, I love her too) and Orihime. I think it’s more in the Western fandom where she’s controversial since a.) She doesn’t fit the standard image of an ‘independent, strong girl’ and b.) I think there might be backlash against her because of Toshiro’s popularity (but you know I can’t be certain). 

As to why I love her, oh my there are just so many reasons. In fact, she’s probably my favorite female character of all time.

Many people rag on her for being ‘weak’, but I find that she’s one of the strongest characters in Bleach. In a manga where everyone is pretty much good at fighting and power levels are determined by one’s prowess, I find her own unique brand of emotional strength very inspiring. There is no doubt in my mind that very few people could have withstood what she went through and come out all the better for it. And despite the fact that anyone else might have shut out the world and shut down themselves, she still had the courage to trust again, and be hopeful, and retain her kind and sweet nature. When we see her in the last arc, she’s completely shaken off Aizen’s mind control and horrible influence. This was a girl who was broken and burned, and despite falling into despair, manage to climb back out again. (And I don’t know about you, but managing to survive Kyouka Suigetsu as well as Hyourinmaru, the two most powerful zanpakuto in existence? Pfft and people call her weak, like what?)

Her story is one of hope and healing, and certainly relatable to a lot of us who have been betrayed by people we trusted. She shows us that even if we might feel like it is, it’s not the end of the world. And that it’s okay to be at your lowest, because that only means you can go higher, and that you’ll never be alone since you’ll always have friends by your side to push you up, but really the choice has to come from yourself first. She’s just really wonderful and inspiring to me ok? 

It also doesn’t hurt that I love her character design, her zanpakuto, and of course her relationship with Toshiro and friendships with Shinji, Rangiku, Kira, Hisagi, and Renji. She’s also really talented and innovative (just that she might be overshadowed by the geniuses surrounding her). She has this perfect mix of grace, cuteness, and fire that just really endears her to me. Hope that answers your question! :)

Calling on @rays-of-fire-and-ice, if you wanna add something?

Fic Prompts: Folklore Friday

The second riddle asked by the elves was a much harder one. The seamstress had wondered whether they might intentionally make the first one easy so as to lure her into a false sense of security. There was so little time left in the night, nearly none at all, and if she did not answer soon it would not matter whether she was right or wrong. Perhaps she had won back her husband’s health, but they still had claim upon his time and, come the dawn, his service to their loathsome Court. Fear coiled in her belly as cold as iron and she found that it was growing difficult to even draw breath.

What could the riddle mean?

The one who makes it, sells it.
The one who buys it, never uses it.
The one who uses it never knows he is usin
g it.

Even with the iron against her lips to dispel any glamour or enchantment, she could hardly think. Perhaps it was a gift, bought by a giver and then given away? But if that was the case, surely the receiver would know they had been given a gift. What circumstances would render the receiver insensible to having been given a gift?
The seamstress began to despair despite herself, and the delighted glint in the eyes of the elves showed that they had noticed. No doubt it was what they had intended.

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