despite all the shit i put her through

I love Laurel but

In relation to the last ep of LoT and how people are hating on Mick I have to go on a rant about this.

Laurel took Sara to Nanda Parbat to put her in the Lazarus pit, she made the decision to go despite what she could see what it was doing to Thea, cause she couldn’t cope.

Everyone, Nyssa, Malcom even Thea, said no when they got there. They told her that it wouldnt be the Sara she knew. They warned her of the consequences but Laurel was still abdorment that she was going to bring Sara back to live so she stayed.

They warned her that the bloodlust would be a lot more worse for Sara if the pit worked, than it is for Thea cause she was coming back from the dead.

Yet… When Malcom turned round and said he’d do it, she still agreed immediately, despite the warnings from everyone around her.

She put Sara through her bloodlust for her own selfish reasons.

Which now brings me to this weeks ep of LoT. (The only one I’ve watched online cause I don’t want to wait 2 weeks for it to air here)

  • don’t tell me what Mick did was worse.
  • don’t tell me how Mick betrayed the team cause he didn’t
  • don’t tell me it’s perfectly okay for Laurel to do that, and Mick not choose Leonard over the arseholes cough I mean legends cough cause all they did was treat the man like shit. Pick on his IQ, they only wanted him for the thug side of things cause god forbid someone else break a fucking nail.
  • Don’t tell me how Mick made the wrong decision.
  • don’t tell me how he shouldn’t have picked the one person out of two (another reason why Lisa needs to be back) people who have EVER treated Mick with respect in his entire life, over the team. They never cared for him. They never liked him. He’s been fucking depressed for the whole season and none of them have ever turned round an said ‘how are you doing Mick?’ Stein knew he’s been hallucinating Leonard, but jumped on the band wagon on how it was stupid of him to say what their plans were with the spear of destiny. They all criticised him in that moment. But no one stood up for Mick.
  • and lastly. don’t tell me how Mick should go back to the legends. Cause he shouldn’t. If you’ve been watching the same show as me, you’d know he hasn’t been treated fairly (to put it lightly). The legion treated him so much better in the last 30 seconds of that episode then the legends ever have.

If it was anyone else in his position, and they did the same, everyone would be so far up their arses with congratulating them for making the right decision.

Love Affair Part 13

Beginning: Love Affair Part 1

Warning: Cussing

Love Affair Part 13

Chapter 24

“She’s finally asleep.” Negan said, walking into the living room. 

“I’m telling you man, we should have gone to the police station and report his bitch ass.” Eric said, offering Negan a glass of whiskey as took a seat a cross from him. 

“I know Eric, I know.” Negan said, letting out a heavy sigh. “But she needs her rest, they both do. Once she wakes up, will head down there and make a fucken report.” 

Negan chugged his whiskey down and slammed the empty glass down on the coffee table. He looked over at the end table by the couch, that had a picture of him and (y.n) on it. He just kept his eyes on it, not saying a word. Eric notice Negan was clenching his fist as he started shaking.

“Want to talk about it?” Eric said, making Negan un-clench his fist. “Come on man, what were you thinking about just now?”

I just can’t believe he would put his fucken hands on her like that, you know?” Negan said as he kept his eyes on the picture. “He claims he loves her and wants their fucken marriage to work. And the asshole knew she was pregnant before she even walked through that fucken door. He thinks the baby is fucken his because he’s fucked in the head. But despite all that, he still put his fucken hands on her. He put his fucken hands on a pregnant woman.” He looked at Eric. “What kinda of a fucken pussy does that shit to a pregnant woman?”

“Pussies like him.” Eric said looking over at Negan who made his way to the kitchen. “Don’t even think about it man.”

“He fucken laid his hands on my fucken pregnant girl Eric.” Negan said, placing his hands on the countertop as he looked down at the drawer that had his handgun in. “I can just fucken go over there now and fucken finish this shit.”

“Okay and then what?” Eric said getting up and taking a seat at the counter. “What are you going to tell (Y/N)? What are you going to tell the cops?Let me guess. Oh I don’t know what happened officer. I just went over there to talk to him and he tripped and landed on your bullets. But with a bunch of fucks thrown in there.”

“You fucken know what? Fuck you man.” Negan said, pushing himself off the counter top. “You don’t fucken understand what she’s fucken been through with this fucken asshole. He fucken treated her like fucken shit every single day. He kept making her all these promises that he will fucken change. All he did was change into a bigger fucken dick. She said when she lost the baby, that fucken asshole was in the other room with that chick he was texting to. He didn’t give a shit that their baby was dying. And you fucken heard her about the funeral. That fucker took off and left her to deal with that pain alone.”

Negan started pacing back and forth as his rage started growing. Everything (Y/N) ever told him kept echoing in his head. Then seeing Danny having his hands and the pure anger he had in his eyes. All Negan could think of, what if he didn’t come in? Danny could have just lost it and suffocate (Y/N) or snapped her neck in one twist. He could have killed her, and their unborn baby. 

Negan stopped pacing and looked over at the drawer. He went over to it and pulled out the box that held his handgun. Negan place it on the counter and opened it, revealing a 9mm handgun and a loaded clip.

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Her “mother” abandoned her, she was a child, alone in an unknown village without friends or family.  

No matter what she went through, she never wavered.

And despite all the things she’s endured up until now, she remains grateful

Because she has all she needs, she was able to meet her real family.

Family isn’t about whose blood you carry, it’s about who stayed, who loved you and remained loyal no matter what.

Like a Ship into a Storm 2/6

Sabo wakes in the medical bay. The Baltigo medical bay. The Baltigo medical bay that had, in Sabo’s last experience, been destroyed six months ago.

His fingers run over the sheets; the same rough cotton, the same fabric softener scenting the air but failing to do any actual ‘softening’, the same Koala sitting by his beside.

Guilt surges in Sabo’s chest, a painful reminder that yes, here is his friend, his friend who tried so hard to put him back together again.

But there are just some things that a man cannot recover from, just some things that push a person too far. The loss of Luffy, of Ace dead well before his time (before Sabo could even remember him), it’d ruined him.

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This is for the lost, downtrodden, and rejects, and anybody looking for a purpose.

I’ll fall asleep with my eyes open just to see if I could focus on something more than my loneliness.

We know what it’s like to be put down so “fuck you” to the world and stand your ground.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets fucked up. This will end in tears, I could never be enough for you.

Sometimes things will bend you, but trust me you’ll be fine. I’ve been moving mountains that I once had to climb, and life’s not out to get you despite the things you’ve been through.

Is it too late to say that I’m sorry for the things I do? I’m missing you like shit today.

I gave her my heart, she didn’t want it. She took it anyway and put a dark spell on it.

I’ll grow up someday, but for now I’m fine. I just wish that you were near me.

I miss your face, you’re in my head. There’s so many things that I should’ve said.

There will come a time when you will face your life, don’t let it twist and tear you up inside.

I hope this comes back to haunt you. Then maybe you would know just how it felt to be like me at my lowest.

I don’t have much to offer, but had you loved me, I’d have loved you back forever.

—  Favorite lyrics off of “Life’s Not Out To Get You” by Neck Deep.
Chibs Telford || Tig Trager - Test Me |2|

Chibs had walked into the meeting room and seen that Tig and Clay were talking. About the time he walked in both men turned silent. Once Chibs closed the doors to the room he took his seat beside Tig and looked at Clay.

“I figured out what’s goin on brother. I get that yer just protectin [Name] but we all know I’m the least likely person here to hurt her.”

He sighed looking from his brother to his president with a serious look on his face.

“She’s been hurt we all know that and I’m not gonna hurt her, she takes this shit between us seriously. She was born to be with a son, that much is obvious.”

“I know brother, I believe you.”

Clay said nodding a little as he looked at Tig and dismissed him right now, he wasn’t going to say in front of Chibs what he wanted him to do now, Tig knew, while Chibs was in here he’d try going after just you while Chibs was occupied and couldn’t stop him.

“We just had to make sure brother.”

“I assume ya have rules brother, I know she’s under yer care after her Ol'man. I’m willin to do whatever ya want, I just want the chance to be with her.”

Chibs said as placed his hands on top of the table. He was being completely serious right now. Clay sat there rubbing his chin as he looked down at Chibs.

“Let’s say, you were left with a choice…”

Clay started speaking in a serious tone.

“One where you knew that you’d either hurt the club or your ol'lady. There’s no way around it one or the other’s gonna get hurt no matter what you do.”

He told Chibs.

“Who are you gonna walk away from to protect the other?”

“I’d have to walk away from my Ol'Lady, I can always go back to her once shit cooled down and explain. If the club was going through somethin it would make her a target and if I choose her that would only make her a bigger one.”

Chibs said having thought about this before. He knew he could always fix things with his woman but he couldn’t risk being with her if things were bad and she ultimately was put in danger.

Clay nodded, that was the answer he wanted to hear. He held his hand up as he pointed toward Chibs.

“She’s been through a lot, we all know this. Gemma finds out you hurt her little girl and you won’t even have to worry about this club getting you.”

He told him up front.

“Aye I know. I’m sorry to tell ya this brother but Gemma scares the shit outta me, a lot more then Hap or Tig.”

Chibs said being completely serious despite that slight laugh that escaped him. Clay chuckled a bit as well as he nodded and gave that cunning smile of his.

“You don’t have to tell me, brother.”
He said turning serious again.

“I’m not sure how Jax will react either, she’s like his sister.”

Clay said swinging back around.

“I’ll talk to Jackie, he’ll come around after he hears that I won’t hurt her. Might take him a minute but he’ll get there.”

Chibs said nodding in Clay’s direction acknowledging what he said about Jax.

“You two seem pretty close, you and Jax.”

He said noting how close the two of them always seemed to be when it came to the club and their relationship as brothers.

“Aye, he’s a good lad. Stubborn and hardheaded as hell but he’s still a lad.”

Chibs said as he shrugged. He played a fatherly role with Jax, something the younger man desperately needed at times. Clay nodded slowly. He realized that Tig hadn’t come back yet, wondering what was taking the man so long, unless…

Unless you were failing the test.

Cassandra rant

I feel I need to rant about Tangled: the series and it’s horrible character Cassandra. I get the show needs to add badass female characters so it’s well'rounded and all that.

But we already have that, and her name is Rapunzel.

But today’s recent episode just introduced just how awful Cassandra is. I mean, besides the fact that she frequently tries to come between Eugene and Rapunzel’s relationship (despite the shit the two went through, and the fact that they’ve known each other longer than Cassandra’s known either of them).

She also lies to her and then puts her in harms way by removing her weapon in the challenge. But the worst of all of it was at the end, when it’s that usual time of the episode where everyone apologizes and we learn a lesson about friendship and jealously and all that. Cassandra not only did NOT apologize to Rapunzel for less than friendly actions, she never even confessed to all the shit she did. EVEN MORE SO, she tells her a sob story, and gets Rapunzel to APOLOGIZE even though all she was trying to do was have a good time with her friend.

Anyway rant over (theres a lot of other things, but this was the worst) I just really need to get that out. Hopefully she’s either removed from the series, or given better character development that this episode. But for now, I need less of her and more of the healthy and supportive relationship of Rapunzel and Eugene.

Since at the moment everyone is even more salty than before over the recent soundtrack news, I’ll just try to avoid wandering in the RW//BY tags myself for now and say that I just recently listened to Like Morning Follows Night again and oh God, my boy Sun loves Blake so much it’s unbelievable. The

Yet I still believe in you
Every breath, every word
Every smile, every glance
Could be another chance
That you’ll finally see
The love that is me

gets me every time. Which if we think about it, since the song played in episode 3, is kinda foreshadowing for episode 11, where Blake finally calls Sun her hero. She’s definitely starting to see the love that is Sun and acknowledge her own feelings for him, which are most likely deeper than the simple highschool crush we saw in the past volumes, but she refused to see/admit/accept them because she was scared of the consequences and she didn’t want him to end up like Yang (and all Beacon for that matter) did. 

I might not be able to follow the series anymore, but I will always root for these two no matter what. They are just so perfect for eachother both character and story wise. I sure hope RT doesn’t rush anything between them, because their relationship has great potential, but it has to be managed well nevertheless. They have been developed in a realistic way so far, which is good except for the slaps because I seriously wanted to jump into the screen and punch Blake in the face for those other than whoever thought they were a good idea in the first place; I probably hated Blake more than Jacques in that moment, no kidding.

The chorus sung by both male and female vocalist is another thing that gives me chills. It seriously makes me smile to hear that Sun and Blake’s POVs are the same, with her accepting and being happy about Sun always sticking up for her no matter what and showing her the unconditional love she never received from anyone before. You can clearly hear the development from the darkness and gloom Blake was in to the happiness and light that Sun brought in her life through the whole song.

And lets be honest here, Blake has been bearable this volume only because Sun was there to make her realize in 5 minutes everything she failed to realize in 6-8 months when she was on her own (and that she probably didn’t even fully realize during all the time she spent at Beacon). Sun never gave up despite all the shit Blake put him through, which he did not deserve, because everyone has flaws but surprisingly enough he gets demonized for every single one of them. If Sun coughed near Blake everyone would probably jump up and say that he’s trying to get her sick and that he should just die alone instead.

And now let me get one thing straight: I don’t care what you ship. I don’t care if you agree with this or not. What I care about is respect. Tumblr has made me legit scared of posting anything about these two because the only times I did I always got harassed for it. But I still want to try and overcome my own fears once more because I like writing analysis and dig deep into what the show gives us. The relationship between Blake and Sun is something I feel really close and is important to me not only because of the pairing itself, which is obviously my OTP, but also because of many other personal reasons. I just wanted to get this off my chest and write something serious about LMFN as well, if you don’t want to read it, just scroll past it. It’s that simple.

Late night thoughts on Riley Blue:

I have a friend who, of everyone in the cluster, likes Riley the least (this is not to say she dislikes her, just of the eight, she is the eighth). I am conjecturing that this is because my friend is incredibly partial to the fairly stereotypical “strong women” archetypes. I’m not trying to convince her otherwise, but that did partially inspire this post. 

I am a big fan of ensemble casts. I am a big fan of superhero movies. It is no surprise that I am a fan of ensemble casts superhero movies. And therefore, it is also no surprise that I am a fan of the Sense8 fandom boiling down the sensates to their “superpower” as is the case (i.e. Nomi with hacking, Sun with martial arts, Lito with lying/manipulation, etc.) There is something immensely appealing about this trope. 

So on one hand, I would love to see Riley ditch the “damsel in distress” cast the last couple episodes put her in and bust out some incredibly niche knowledge/skill and save the day. I’m not going to lie, I bet it would be wickedly awesome and badass and I would enjoy it. And on the other hand, I don’t want that to happen. 

Because Riley Blue, in a way, is us. 

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And I made the mistake of going into the spoiler tag today…. And saw someone talking about how OUAT is anti adoptive parenting because Lana had to fight the producers for Regina and Henry to have any kind of relationship and I’m sitting here like…. Yeah.

You know what? You’re right. OUAT has a very negative adoption narrative. But not because Regina was going to be cut out of Henry’s life after Season 1′s events. It’s anti adoption because it silences Henry, it berates Emma for giving him up in the first place, it frames Regina as some kind of saintly martyr for adopting a child, and it sends a message that child abuse is okay so long as the child is adopted because they have to be grateful for any little thing the parent gives the child since they ‘didn’t have to.’

And that’s why it’s anti adoption. Not because Regina was going to be removed as a parent. In fact, that would have really helped after specifically Season 2. Because at least they gave her a chance to try and make up for the abuse she put him through. But instead she just put him through more and more severe abuse and then acted like nothing happened, had no one tell her off for it, refused to allow Henry to react to that, etc. 

You want the show to have a positive adoption narrative? Allow Henry to react to what’s happening to him in his life. Actually make Regina have stayed on the path she chose at the beginning of Season 2 instead of this ridiculous evil shit she’s done half the time we see her. Stop putting Emma down for giving up Henry and stop acting like she’s not his mother just because she wasn’t there for the first ten years. Stop acting like biology is the factor, that her protecting him and being there for him and actually being a parent to him isn’t the reason she’s his mother.

Stop acting like Regina is his mother after S2. She doesn’t get that right anymore. If Henry had been able to actually react to this shit she’s put him through he’d want her the hell away from him and his entire family. He’d want her to keep her distance despite still caring about her because she was his mother for 10 years - no matter how abusive or terrible she was.

Most of all I just want this show to stop being pro abuse. Child abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, etc. I want this show to stop validating abusers and their actions by having every single one of their victims forgive them and be supportive for them when they’ve done nothing to earn that. And even if they did do a lot to change and earn it, acknowledge the fact that even that isn’t enough to be forgiven most of the time. When you abuse someone for years, no amount of sorry or change can erase that anger and hurt you caused. It just doesn’t. And sometimes people still won’t want anything to do with you.

Stop the narrative of victims catering to their abuser’s every need in hopes of making them stop being abusive, and having that work. Abuse does not stop because the victim gives more. It’s not on the victim. Stop acting like it is.

I’m just really tired and really sick of this shit.

I want Henry safe and away from Regina forever and for people to actually be angry at her, no matter if she’s changed or not. I want Snowing to be distant because she tried to murder them for decades. I want Henry to be angry and deal with it, to be allowed to cry and scream and yell and be resentful and rebellious without being shown as ‘ungrateful’ or ‘terrible’ or a ‘bad person’ for it. Let Emma find out about fucking Graham and not forgive Regina for killing the closest thing to a father Henry had, the closest thing to love Emma had since giving up Henry in the first place.

I just want this show to stop being pro abuse.

-First Mod

anonymous asked:

I am disgusted that someone calls "Wonder Woman being put front and center in Justice League new movie trailer" is Whedonesque. Oh my god. Does this mean every scene in Batman v Superman where Wonder Woman fights doomsday and is put front & center (which is all before joss whedon) is all just my imagination lmao

I imagine we’re going to see a lot of people praise any aspect of the film that They like as being being done by Whedon as They will chew Their own tongues before They say a nice thing about Zack Snyder. After They acted like WB had planned on putting her in the background and giving Batman the spotlight and only changed upon seeing the success of her film, despite all evidence to the contrary, I saw little facts matter to Them.

Fuck Them. I’d rather fight to get Zack Snyder the credit he deserves than have to go through all the shit I did last year.

Michonne: Physical Violence and Romance Season 5

So while I was looking for clips to make a richonne / dixonne fan vid, I noticed there’s a disturbing trend on the TWD that I hope doesn’t carry on into season 5. Michonne was introduced in season 3 with a pretty physically violent start. She was physically confronted/assaulted by pretty much every male on the show. 

Then she was tied up like a slave and almost “given” to the governor to be tortured to death. This was decided even after she saved the life of almost everyone in the prison.

Skip ahead to season 4. Despite all of shit she was put through in season 3 Michonne sticks with the group, she is now an essential member of team prison, and especially good friends with Rick and Daryl. She’s had a meaningful talk with Tyreese,  but I can’t remember Michonne having any kind of real meaningful physical contact with any of the men since her first violent altercations with them. 

Daryl and Michonne have grown closer and formed a friendship, but that of course happened during the jump, so we don’t actually get to see their friendship develop.  We don’t find out what they’ve learned about one another. We don’t get to see the trip they took to the cabin, but we do get to see him bonding with Beth there, and then burning the cabin to the ground.

Rick and Michonne are especially close because they both talked to their dead loved ones, and because of their love for Carl.

We’ve even seen RIck check Michonne out, so we know at the very least he’s physically attracted to her, yet when they are reunited there is no physical contact, romantic or otherwise. Michonne doesn’t doctor Rick’s wounds. We don’t see them hug. We don’t see a hand on a shoulder. We don’t even see a handshake.

As for Michonne and Daryl’s reunion, despite having spent the whole summer bounding by getting over the deaths of their respective loved ones they don’t even speak to one another.

Ever other single woman on TWD has been in some sort of violent altercation, but they’ve also been comforted / done comforting and that’s always involved physical contact of some kind.

While I’m glad that they didn’t make Michonne and Tyresse hook the way they did in the comics, what was wrong with Michonne and Tyreese becoming a couple in a different way then they did in the comics? I mean besides being a red coat exactly what was Karen’s point?

Both Sasha and Michonne started in season 3, and Sasha gets not only a love interest, but  kissed. It’s so fucking easy for Hollywood to put dark skinned women who don’t have eurocentric features into physically violent situations, but not romantic or physically comforting situations.

Hollywood and the rest of the world has a real problem with dark skinned women as being seen as human, feminine, and desirable. I could be wrong, but I can’t remember a time that Michonne has been touched with kindness by any of the males on the show in the same way the other women have,

It’s so frustrating that in 2014 Hollywood is still absolutely afraid of making a dark skinned woman a romantic lead. Even if Michonne doesn’t have a romance in season 5, I want to see some sort of non-violent physical contact between her and the men on this show. I want her to be picked up and carried when she falls, I want her to be hugged when she cries, I want her to physically comforted when she’s hurting. 

If you can show Michonne being repeatedly physically confronted/assaulted by the men on the show, you sure as hell can show her being physical treated with compassion and respect by the men on this show. Stop dehumanizing dark skinned women! Stop making dark skinned women feel unworthy of romance or love! Stop making dark skinned women feel like the only choices they have in Hollywood when it comes to love is to be oversexualizedd or desexualized.  Stop limiting our rolls to your narrow-minded views of who you think we are! Dark skinned women deserve better!!!

Miserable Lester, Part Two: Everything Goes Great For Assholes; the Pure Of Heart Are Totally Screwed

WELCOME BACK, my dudes! And/or chicks! And/or nonbinary surfer/skater epithets!

We won’t return to John Johnson until next time, because right after the point where I left off last, the book introduces us to SOME BRAND NEW CHARACTERS!!

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Jackson Raydor + Relationships aka You suck

Jack + Sharon

Jack is quite simply a mess and it’s interesting to note that the remote and seemingly cold Sharon is attracted to chaos. Sharon and Jack married when they were quite young and very deeply in love. I think that Sharon was attracted to Jack’s charm, intelligence and colorful sense of humor. One has to wonder just why Sharon stayed married to Jack for so long. And I love that Major Crimes came up with so many wonderful and believable reasons why a such a no nonsense woman would stay married to a man that she’d been separated for some 20 odd years before divorcing. Sharon is a person that loves full and falls hard.

Despite Sharon putting up so many walls around her heart; I think that Jack still had a chance at fixing things until he left at the end of “Rules of Engagement”.  
Near the end of season 3 in “Internal Affairs” Jack lets himself into Sharon’s apartment and is revealed to have fallen of the wagon. It’s not clear just what happened for him to start drinking but my thoughts were that the divorce pushed him to fall. He shows up to offer Sharon money that he won gambling. It’s a sucky way to try to get yourself right with someone but it was his way of trying to fix things.

I loved that Jack finally came to the realization that he fucked up. Unfortunately for him, Sharon was past the point of no return and that money wasn’t going to change anything for her. It was pretty heart breaking to see him finally apologize for all the shit he put Sharon through and for her to just look at him with pity and walk away.

Jack + Rusty

To Rusty, Jack is a cool dude with a colorful personality that may know about his past but doesn’t hold it against him. Rusty is readily seduced by Jack’s charm, despite being warned by Sharon. To Jack, Rusty is a way to get back into Sharon’s good graces. As that Rusty is someone that Sharon has taken an attachment to. It also helps that Rusty wasn’t around to witness his failings as a father. Once Rusty learns more about Jack through Sharon, Ricky and Emily he doesn’t have much patience for him anymore.

Jack + Andy

When we are first introduced to Jack Raydor, Andy tells Provenza that he liked Jack and was saddened when Jack moved to Las Vegas. This says to me that back in the day Andy and Jack were most likely drinking buddies. Between the similarities in their personalities (and love of drink) it was probably not hard for them to become fast friends. It might also explain some of the animosity that Andy initially had towards Sharon. It wouldn’t be hard to make the assumption that they reminisced about their failed/failing marriages. Once Andy comes to know Sharon outside of work his opinion of Jack drastically changes.

Andy is what Jack could have become and still can if he can ever get his head out of his ass. Both men are addicts but Andy got himself sober and stayed that way. Andy realized just how much his addiction has effected his relationships with his family, his children most especially. He works to recreate some trust and bond between his children and seems to have a very  healthy relationship with his daughter by season 3.

Jack + Provenza

When everyone in the Major Crimes division is initially amused and charmed by Jack Raydor and his colorful personality. Provenza as the wise older detective can see right through people and that includes Jack Raydor and his bull shit.

Jack + Sharon + Andy

I read a remark that someone made (perhaps) on tumblr about the toothpicks in Sharon’s apartment in “D.O.A.” Sharon comes home to find Jack and Rusty playing poker and using toothpicks as the pot.

Jack to Sharon: “Maybe I owe you for a box of toothpick. What do you ‘em for anyway? You know in 30 years I’ve never seen you put a toothpick in your mouth.”

Why bother pointing something out as silly as toothpicks? Who cares about toothpicks?

Their assumption was that this was foreshadowing the Sharon/Andy romantic subplot. Which now that I think about it could certainly be possible. According to an AMA on Reddit that James Duff did he said that the similarities in Andy and Jack were on purpose. That he wanted to give Jack some of Andy’s flaws that he had overcome. Toothpicks were a bit of a thing for Andy’s character on “The Closer” and the romantic subplot gets it start at the end of the very next episode.

Which makes me believe that Sharon/Andy was an idea they came up with when MC was in development and started the will they won’t they subplot once Sharon was on much firmer ground with all of the characters. Maybe I’m wrong on that but I don’t think so. Why else would Duff give Jack character flaws that he shares with Andy?

I wonder just how much Jack knew about Sharon’s relationship with Andy before they actually started dating. He may have had some idea in “Jane Doe #38” when Sharon decided to adopt Rusty. We know that Sharon was pretty clueless at that time and her motivation for divorcing Jack was because of Rusty. Though part of me does wonder if on an unconscious level her growing relationship with Andy may have been a factor. Something that she wasn’t even aware of. Many of the characters make assumptions about Sharon and Andy’s relationship, Jack could have heard things. Or maybe Jack had no idea about their growing relationship but just that that maybe Sharon dating could have been a motivator to her divorcing him.

After Jack’s apology and realization in “Internal Affairs”, I had hoped that Jack would have gotten himself together. It seems that (maybe) he’s gotten his drinking under control. Instead he’s turned very bitter to the point that I was surprised at just how bitter he got in “Blackout”. He lashes out and uses every opportunity that he can grab onto to hurt Sharon. Using his cunning mind to manipulate his client and the LAPD into a payday for him.

Is it Sharon’s relationship with Andy that caused this bitterness? Jack makes a point (in front of Sharon) of gloating about his relationship with a french girlfriend and that he met her a year previously. As if to say that he’s moved on and not only that but moved on before Sharon did. Later Jack spills the beans about the seriousness of Andy’s condition in front of the entire squad. Sharon wanted her children to have a relationship with their father and now that has bitten her in the ass. Jack is a very smart manipulative person, he knows how to get information out of a person and knows how to use it to his advantage.

I think that Jack realized that Sharon’s relationship with Andy was serious. Sharon is a very private and deliberate person. So her to get involved with a coworker Sharon  - I can see that being a big thing. Plus with Andy moving in with her, even if it was temporarily. I think that really spoke to just how much she cares about him. Where Jack is selfish in his relationship with Sharon, Andy comes to put Sharon first in their relationship.

As a fellow HARDCORE shipper I am asked numerous times why do you ship Nalu?  So here is my rant on why Nalu is my ultimate ultimate OTP :) 

1) Developement

I am not even going to explain this one thoroughly cause you should know it properly that Nalu has an extremely beautiful bond  

From this first moment 


this moment 

And I think it’s the biggest development I have EVER seen. I am not even joking about this matter guys. Nalu althought is just a simple fictional couple, but to me and many they are a couple that holds probably the second strongest bond (Obviously Natsu and Happy being the strongest) 

In the beginning we see Natsu very annoyed at Lucy 

Remember this? 

Now it’s this 

We see Natsu consulting Lucy and telling her “you did great” Cause now he understand her enough to believe and put his full faith in her. And that is how we come to the terms of how much we see them develop and become these characters who are able to rely on each other on times of need. 

2) Lucy was Natsu’s first friend after Lisanna’s death 

I don't think you understand how sad it was for me to see Natsu after he lost Lisanna and it just made kind of mad at the rest of the guild. I’m not going to say anything bad at the Nali haters, I do kind of admit they were cute and they had their moments and I’m sure they were thing once upon a time. But then Lucy came in the picture like magic after Lisanna’s death 

This random girl who treated him like a friend and treated him as a human being. I don’t even want to imagine how much he was hurting after her death. I mean look at him. 

I would never ever want to see him sad. (Although we do see him sad after Lucy’s death but that’s another point)  I think we all remember how Natsu actually had no one to talk to at the guild. Sure the guild were all like family members but remember how Natsu explained that people in an especially special relationship form a team. Yeah we all remember how Natsu didn’t have anyone but Happy at the moment. And that makes me so mad because he probably was hurting so much and yet the entire guild wasn’t there for him when he needed them the most. But enough of that off topic nonsense. What I’m trying to explain here is that we see Natsu, someone who had no one but one companion until  he finally meets this girl  who changes his entire life.

This girl who believes in him and puts all her faith and trust in him. Which then urges Natsu to put all his faith and trust in his friends too. This then becomes a recurring theme and we see Natsu switch up the roles and tell Lucy that she is not worthless through one or two failures. No he is still going to put all this faith and trust in her despite that. Which leads us to number 3

3) The trust and faith they have for each other

I can tell you this right now, with the amount of shit fairy tail gets put through I cannot even imagine how hard it must be to rely on someone. Yet these two never fail to amaze me. 

Natsu is always there for Lucy and Lucy is always there for Natsu 

As simple as that. 

For example Eclipse Arc

Future Lucy came through this portal, had no idea what she was doing and had no action plan. Most people would have yelled at her for that, told her off for not having any action plan ready. Yet we see Natsu not giving two absloute shits. He puts his foot forward and knows that things will turn out right and that Lucy tried her very bests to warn them. He understood so much of her pain and decided to ultimately put all his faith and trust in her. He put everything he believed in her. 

Which was then shattered and broken down when she died. And you could literally fell Natsu’s heart tearing up watching her die like that. 

He was so extremely petrified. And this wasn’t even the real Lucy, I don’t think anyone wants to imagine what would happen if real Lucy had actually died because I know there would have been war 

Despite that Lucy seems to put her life in Natsu’s hand numerous times

for example

Her Future

the jumping off a building

Even though Natsu had been sucked in to the deep dark void, she still seemed to believe he was alive.

These are all just a part of the story and you can’t help but admit these two are putting so much faith and trust in each other. 

4) They do everything together, LITERALLY

Am I the only one noticing this?? That these two seem to always end up doing things together whether its coincidental or purposefully. I dont whether it’s the destiny shit or the fact that these two are just too lucky but these two always end up doing things together one way or another. 

That time they both had to overcome their fears

the grand magic games

or what about when Natsu spent so much time with Lucy and they had such a deep bond that he was the only one who remembered her?

There’s just too many to even count jshfksjfhksh


So I have to wrap this up soon cause it’s already 1 am and I have school but I just wanted to let this go out to all those people who hate nalu or something like that cause, doesn’t matter whether they have a romantic relationship with each other or jsut plain friendship they still have the strongest bond ever and I am so happy that these two became my otp because I honestly cannot imagine myself shipping them with anyone else. 

Thanks for reading this long rant :) 

Good Night

hanna marin is so important OKAY

  • she (and all the other girls) defend emily’s sexuality all the time. remember when she asked emily “when did you know you were gay?” in a genuinely curious way
  • she’s constantly being told by other characters that she’s an idiot (even her friends) and then she goes and gets accepted into all these hugeass colleges and proves everyone wrong im so proud
  • she fought alcoholism and came out on top despite little support from those around her
  • was sexually harassed by her friend’s mom’s bf and called him to task for it
  • also forgave aria after aria victim blamed her
  • literally has a heart of gold. is literally the “hair of gold heart of gold” trope
  • boyfriend wants to ditch town to go smooch a dead girl? “yeah np i trust and love you and want you to make your own decisions”
  • will fight to the death to protect her friends
  • will fight to the death to get revenge
  • hanna marin is a shopaholic pretty blonde who is capable of talking about clothes one scene and then kicking ass in the next scene
  • she’s so well-rounded and 3D
  • and despite all the shit the writers have put her through, her heart is gold and her intentions are pure
  • in conclusion

okay let me just rant about cordelia goode and misty day for a minute

they are such important characters and i feel like no one besides the fandom ever talks/talked about them. as individuals they were so important and their relationship (regardless of whether you think of it as a friendship or something more) was so special. 

cordelia showed so much love for everyone despite the fact that she was so tortured and everyone put her through shit. she was so caring and always put the girls first and all they did was shit on her. the only person who reciprocated that love was misty. misty saw so much in cordelia and she saw how important she was. she knew cordelia was destined for great things and she knew how great of a leader and person she was. and cordelia believed in misty too. she would always encourage misty to keep trying because she knew she had it in her and she knew she was more powerful than she thought she was. they didn’t know each other for long but they understood each other on this deeper level and had such an important connection. so important that cordelia seemed to take misty’s death harder than the deaths of her mother and the person who acted as a mother to her her whole life. 

with all these things put into consideration, i don’t understand why no interviewer has ever asked lily or sarah about the connection between the two characters. misty is never discussed in any interviews, and cordelia is only discussed when they talk about her relationship with fiona and when they talk about how she’s the supreme. i’m just really angry and i will never let cordelia and misty go because they are so important to me and i want to hear more about them. 

thank you for your time.

Flower crowns

(I told you there’d be more band AU! This time it’s all marshprice and chasefield fluff. And flower crowns. Obviously. Art by colorfulcoffins aka wonderful human who puts up with all my headcanons and ends up drawing them for me. Art here. Enjoy! Please reblog this i wrote it and gave myself sever hand cramps for this)

It was a bright sunny day and Kate had suggested a picnic for lunch. Chloe had agreed enthusiastically even declaring she would barbecue them burgers. Even Victoria who normally hated the idea of eating outdoors agreed. 

So they had stopped at the nearest grocery store and picked up some drinks and frozen hamburger patties. With lunch they got back on the bus and Chloe drove until she found what she deemed and acceptable place to stop. It was a nice spot tucked away from the road with several picnic tables and grills. It was right next to a river and a wide open field with flowers gently swaying in the breeze. Kate instantly lit up at the sight of all the flowers, making Chloe laugh and kiss her cheek. 

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