Despite everything, it’s still you

This game has taken over my life for the past few months. It’s charming, funny, and filled with heart wrenching emotion. 

Full and Wallpaper version for all of you who requested it!

I did an [Animation] at the beginning of January with the silhouettes of this piece and the Genocide route version I have in the works. 

As with any of my Undertale Art, this is free for people to use, as long as it is credited back to me. Please don’t claim it as your own, reupload it, or try and sell it.

If you do use it in a video or something, I would love to see! I love seeing the cool things other people make!

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I ship stydia because no one other boy has truly appreciated Lydia for her brains. I ship stydia because no other boy has taken the time to tell her she’s beautiful even when she feels she looks her worst. Yes the relationship/feeling stiles had with/for Lydia started unhealthy but the moment he honestly began to recognize her a human? them becoming friends? it fixed a lot of it and shows just how much they belong together because they are intellectually at similar levels and despite stiles’ immaturity they work because Lydia is strong and still growing up to. despite everything Lydia has and is going through she needs someone to be there not to hold her up but as back up in case she needs it and from the beginning stiles has really supported not just the pretty and popular Lydia but all aspects of her and that’s something that her other boys have not. I ship stydia because they work together and they fit and I feel if any relationship showed something healthy? it probably would be theirs

when I say “Daryl Dixon deserves better”, I mean Daryl Dixon as a person deserves better. Not as a character, not at all; there’s a difference between the two that people tend to ignore.

Daryl as a character is promoted constantly, takes screentime away from others, had characters killed off for his storyline and “man pain”, and gets more recognition than other characters that are just as great, if not better.

But Daryl as a person deserves so much more than a life like this. Daryl has been abused physically, emotionally, and arguably sexually since he was a young child, and now he’s thrown into the apocalypse. He’s never been loved before now, he’s never been cared for, he’s never had a normal childhood or life – unlike a majority of the others. He deserves better, because he’s so sweet and kind and despite everything that’s happened to him, he remains so.

Daryl’s character doesn’t deserve better, but he as a person does. There’s a difference.

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You know how we were talking about battle themes earlier? What if, human children start with variations of 'Your Best Friend'? But as they age, their themes develop beyond it, and end up being completely unique. It's basically a default theme, like how 'Enemy Approaching' is a base theme for monsters. The reason that it's Flowey's theme is because he heard it on the surface, since it wasn't just adults who attacked him. Also, despite everything, he's still a child in some ways.

The idea of EVERYONE in the undertale universe having a battle theme makes me hapy and I don’t know why.

I’d ask what mine would be but I know that it would just be the X-Files theme mixed with Spider Dance.

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So, if you do regularly check the Dancetale tag, it's either that you hate my fanart or that you haven't seen it yet... ;-; I worked really hard on it too! Just drawing on my phone...

tea: Okay, perhaps regularly in a sense. Despite checking everything, it’s possible I could have missed a post, so please don’t assume I hate your fanart because I haven’t reblogged it. I love all the fanart everyone makes for Dancetale ;_;

Carmilla never took her eyes off Laura. Carmilla thought Vordenberg was about to kill her, yet she never took her eyes off Laura. Carmilla wanted Laura to be the last thing she saw.

I really feel like this image perfectly describes these two without even saying anything.

Bucky is the offense, Steve is the defense.

They’re both staring down Tony, Bucky has him in his sights ready to strike at a moments notice and Steve crouches with the shield ready to protect against anything Tony might throw at them. And this shot is so beautifully framed that you almost can’t tell that it’s two people. It just looks like a single being, posed, cautious, but ready to attack if needed.

And even later in this scene when Steve approaches Tony, shield still raised, and Bucky still standing on the steps with his gun raised it still seems like it’s just an arm being outstretched from the body.

And to think about how despite everything they’ve been through, being separated all this time, they still fall back into this familiar dynamic they always had - Steve and Bucky against the world. Inseparable.


“The first question I always get is, “Are these people ever gonna kiss?” And I’m like, “I don’t know if you remember, but my first season, we did kiss.” They’re like, “No, no, no. We mean, like, a real kiss.” And I’m like, “I think that was pretty real.”

Michael and I talked about all of those scenes right before we did them. We had a totally different way of looking at it. In our minds, we thought the characters weren’t faking anything. They just got carried away. Then all of the sudden after that, they saw each other in a different light. That’s how Michael and I wanted to play it: If something really happened during that, it was okay. Tony was willing to go there, and Ziva certainly didn’t mind. She doesn’t care about that stuff. We’ll leave it to anyone’s interpretation….I think that was the beginning of something, and at a certain point, it will have to be addressed.” – Cote (x)