so, we’ve been appreciating artists all week, and this is me adoring every one of you! from one artists to another, no matter where you are in your artistic life: you are strong! you will improve! you will always get better! enjoy your art and enjoy your progress! do art because something happens in your chest when you do it, do it because it’s fun, because it’s expressive, because it means a lot to you. i hope everyone will see the amount of soul, practice and hard work you put into your art. 

there are so many amazing tumblr artists out there, but these are the one that inspires me the very most! 

|| c-bedford - whitefoxcub - toiek - phenergan - feverworm - apollo-pop - onorobo - bluealaris - poplerpig doublethickcustard || perplexingly || hamletmachine || helianthus-annuus777 || pinbuns || skoptsy || milklace || olivituss || thismissed || lillesnegl || nielsendoodles || meenat || tinypaint || teacosi || makanidotdot || queans || anti-phony || luckyneinart || adelruna || sodii || battington || meexart || gawki || mo0gs || perrymaple || schakalo || morghn || m-oshun || atmostis || nercali || desperish || nati-art || tobiaskwan || elk64 || grailknight || cucoo-side || strangelykatie || dark-tarou || teething || babelstrudel || phobso || coeykuhn || 

i’d also like to thank the people who decided to put me in their appreciation lists, because i saw it all and it made me melt inside, so thank you. <3 

weeehkjdslgs; I always end up drawing a lil Bene for my dear Lizzy but I was really quite inspired with this one

Ain’t anything special, but I imagine here he is holding his first born with Madion, whom is L’s- ecstatic as he looks into his child’s eyes ; ;

First born I believe would mean that this child is Taylor, whom respectively belongs to Lauren.

Just a small thank you gift to my bb. <3 Benedict © Lizzy, enjoy. Reference used.