Just a little warm up sketch.This is like. Phase one of three as far as my sketch process goes. I have a lot to look up and all of the references to track down! BUT. I just. Had fun with the expressions and I already know that Shae would inevitably annoy Sasha like.. He’s. Somethin else.

One day soon I will be drawing a bloody mess but for now, HOW RUDE FLYNN. 

Sasha belongs to @desperish and Shae is mine.

DADDY D, I was wondering if there’s a tattoo reference sheet for Sasha? I looked around a bit but. iSuk. :3

EDIT: Added secondary sketch (the cleaned up version ayyy)

EDIT 2: Added the lines. Still a ways to go but. I need a break lol. Been working on this all day. @_@ SO MUCH FOR WARM UP. What the hell did I do to the front of Sasha’s pants… Shae’s left eye (viewer’s left) needs to be fixed but I’ll see to it all tomorrow. For now, time to (maybe) doodle my corrupted knight. By that I mean sleep. Probably.

desperish replied to your post:Hey uh, did something happen? As in recently…

that’s pretty fucking disgusting. Ridiculous this is even an issue, like what’s wrong with people.

Thankfully, it’s a pretty isolated incident but yes, the person who did it pretty much said that they only did it to mess with people which frankly, is pretty twisted and a lot of people got mad for that reason. 

One of those times where I really miss Tumblr had some sort of moderation system like Reddit but it would pretty much be impossible to implement :/