desperately trying to procrastinate

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also, never think about isak and even dancing in kitchens!!!!

anon! why! but also, yes! and like, I’m not saying it happens on a daily basis because, you know, but I am saying it’s like, at least a bi-weekly occurrence.

  1. a sleepy Isak, sweater paws and all, leaning against Even’s shoulder with his eyes closed. Even making eggs, swaying along with the music and humming. Isak involuntarily moving with him, kind of wanting him to stand still but going along with it because he’s tired and a little bit grumpy and so stepping away from Even’s shoulder is not an option.
  2. a stressed out Isak who has been procrastinating and is now desperately trying to write an essay he should’ve started with days ago. Even sees him tapping away just a little bit hysterically, walks towards him, stretches out his hand like, ‘heeey youuu’ and Isak takes Even’s hand in his, but doesn’t stop staring at the screen and so, Even gets Isak to stand up, pushes him towards him, and moves with him to the music. and like, Isak’s still trying to type with one hand but Even’s chest against his is kind of nice, anyway. 
  3. a hyped Isak, who’s glad it’s the weekend and he’s got a boy to spend it with. they don’t have plans that Friday and so Even puts on something loud, with a lot of guitar solos. Isak’s on his knees, playing air guitar, and Even’s on the countertop egging him on like, ‘yeaaaah, Isak, my booooy!’ a surprise appearance by Eskild, who walks in to get a drink, barely even noticing what’s happening because you can only be surprised by stuff like that so many times.

Where the Wild Things Are Chapter Update

↳   Chapter 4 Pack Mentality Rewritten

The familiar orchestra of students chatting loudly overlapped with the scribbles of pencils desperately trying to complete homework previously procrastinated on complimented by the steady thrums of textbook pages furiously flipping back and forth in a search for answers to an oncoming test and held together by the steady rhythm of crunching chips and chewing food. It was at times unbearably noisy, but today it was no match for Reagan’s utter exhaustion.

With her face flat against the cool cover of the textbook she should probably be reading, Reagan used the sounds around her as her own personal white noise machine. At least until a familiar voice woke her from her light napping.

“Something happened last night and I can’t remember what.”

Like a shrieking alarm breaking through a good dream, the sound of her brother’s voice ripped her from her relaxation. It seemed she was forced to rejoin the nightmare once again. Reagan cringed from behind her curtain of hair at the scraping of chairs and echoing of plastic trays hitting the table top assaulted her ears.

The Pajama Fic: Part 17

*A belated Merry Christmas.”

“He’s just arrived, guys!” Phil shouts from the hallway.

“Alright we’re coming!” You yell back, double checking that your phone was in your bag. “Are you coming Dan?” You ask through Dan’s door as you walk down the corridor and past the entrance to his room. In response your hear some swearing and the sound of an aerosol can. You sigh. “Are you even remotely ready yet?” You ask with a smile on your face.

“Yeah, yeah, of course.” Dan says with poorly disguised panic in his voice.

“Can I come in?”

“Uhm…give me a minute.” You swing the door open anyway and find Dan desperately trying to pull on some skinny jeans.

“Who procrastinated?” You ask with a laugh.

“I procrastinated.” He replied defeatedly.

“How long have you known we were going out now?” YOu cross you arms in condescension.

“An hour.” Dan admits.

“Shall I tell Phil to hold the taxi for a bit?”

“Yes please.” Dan looks up at you with a puppy dog expression.

“What would you do without me?” You rhetorically ask, rolling your eyes and smiling. You leave Dan to his struggles and head off to find Phil. You find him sooner than you think, stood in the kitchen making coffee for a strange man.

“Um..hello?” You say, surprised.

“Oh hi Y/N.” Phil says with a smile, handing the cup of coffee to the stranger. “I knew that Dan would be late because he always is and so I invited our taxi driver in for a coffee.” You smiled at Phil, he looked so genuinely happy to be chatting to a new person.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Chuck. And I still can’t get over the fact that he says taxi!” He said with a smile, offering out his hand which you shake in greeting.

“I just can’t say ‘cab’, it sounds wrong coming from my mouth!” Phil laughs, sipping on his own coffee.

“It is awful nice of you to invite me in though.” Chuck says gratefully.

“Well that’s Phil for you.” You smile, running over to Phil and giving him a peck on the cheek.

“Oh, are you two together then?” He asks innocently.

“No, she’s with me.” You hear Dan say from behind you. You turn to see him hopping into the room, holding his wallet in his mouth and attempting to pull on a sock as he walked. As you all turned to look at him he overbalanced and proceeds to fall flat on his face.

“Yeah, I’m with that one.” You sigh, shaking your head at him whilst the boys laugh.

“Well, good luck lady!” Chuck chimes in.

20 minutes later Chuck tells you that you’re pretty much at your destination. You climb out, appreciating the glorious sunshine and the abundance of attractive people. Chuck thanks you for the coffee and then points out the building that was apparently the first shop on the list from Sony.

“Are you sure?” You ask again, incredulously. He nods his head and you gulp. The building possessed an immaculate white façade with a geometric window display close to artistic masterpiece, the main feature of which was a Haute Couture Oscar De La Renta ballgown.

“Maybe I should have worn matching socks.” Says Phil articulating how awkward we all felt.

“Don’t worry I won’t let them change your style!”  You laugh, linking your arm with his.

“Does my fringe look okay?” Dan asks, checking himself in the reflection of his phone.

“You look great, don’t worry.” You compliment him, suddenly aware of how scuffed your shoes were.

“Okay let’s go.” Says Dan, marching up to the entrance where a surly but well dressed usher stood guard, rather like an exclusive nightclub. As Dan approached he nodded at him trying to relieve some of the obvious tension that was in the air.

“Good afternoon Mr Howell. I hope you enjoy your visit.” Dan noticeably jumped as the guard addressed him.

“Ummm….” Is all Dan can say in shock.

“No need to look so scared, Sir.” The guard said, trying to remain professional but suppressing a laugh. “Sony provided a list of who was arriving today, normally customers book times to visit.” He explain with a polite nod.

“Ohhh..yeah…of course.” Dan answered, glancing back at you and Phil with a lost expression. Yourself and Phil shrug simultaneously in response.

“You are also welcome Ms. Y/L/N and Mr. Lester.”

“Uh, thank you.” Phil says, filling the awkward silence and bobbing a little on the spot. All of you shuffle awkwardly through the entrance and burst into giggles.

“Phil did you just bow to him?” You snicker.

“Shut up, no I didn’t, I just panicked okay?” He retorts, his face pink. You all enter the shop, ruby red in the face from stopping yourselves from laughing, feeling like it was inappropriate in the very futuristic and overly polished shop interior. You hear Dan humming ‘I’m so fancy’ under his breath as another host greets you.

“Good afternoon, I’m Jenny and will be your host whilst you’re with us today. We have stylists on hand in the store, feel free to ask any of them for advice or if you would like to try any of our ranges. Please browse our collection whilst I get them for you.” She gestures widely to the huge, open plan store and you shuffle past her attempting to remain serious. Once free from the observant stare of Jenny you all breath a sigh of relief and actually take a look round you.

“Oh my God!” Dan exclaims, dropping dead in his tracks causing yourself and Phil to barge into the back of him.

“Dan what is it?” You whisper, not wishing to draw any more attention to your obvious incongruousness to your settings.

“L-l-look at the label!” Dan says excitedly, pointing at a minimalist collection displayed to your right. You frown, trying to work out why Dan was practically hyperventilating. “That’s mother fucking Kanye West’s new season’s collection.” Dan is literally hopping on the spot in excitement. He turns to you and shakes your shoulders like a little kid and then looks back at the clothes. “Do you think I can touch them?” Eyes sparkling he slowly extends a finger to touch the nearest piece of clothing. Gently he strokes a finger down the lapel of charcoal grey, deconstructed jacket-thing.

“Hello, I’m Diane, can I help you with anything today?” A confident voice breaks the silence. Dan literally did a short scream at being disturbed mid clothes stroking.

“I see you’re interested in Kanye’s new season. You are welcome to try this item, I could source some other clothes based off this as well if you would like?”

“I can try it?” Asked Dan like a complete moron.

“Of course, Sir.” Her professional veneer not quite covering her concerned look as Dan started stroking a nearby shirt. She slipped the jacket of the hanger and turned it around, gesturing for Dan to put his arms into the sleeves. Dan shoots you a wide grin and then squeals as he slips it on.

“Dan if you cry because you’re wearing a fucking Kanye jacket I think imma leave.” You laugh, crossing your arms condescendingly.

“Yeah I’m agreeing with Y/N.” Says Phil, noticing how Dan’s eyes had gone kind of sparkly.

“Yeah alright, thanks!” Dan says, turning to the mirror to take a look. “I feel like he’s right here with me, embracing me with a warm hug.”

“Okay, I can’t fucking deal with you being in love with a jacket that looks like it’s from Mugatu’s Deralicte campaign.” You say, throwing your hands in the air and stalking off to look at more pretentious clothes. You hear audible gasps from both Dan and the personal stylist. You browse the wrack but see nothing that really suits you or seems to fit the event, you turn to look for Dan and Phil. Dan is still stood by the Kanye section, lovingly discussing each piece of clothing with the assistant who seems delighted that he know what he’s talking about. You turn your head and catch Phil’s eyes; he’s staring at you from across the store, head and shoulder above a clothing rail a lost look blatant in his eyes. That combined with the almost predatory assistance that was hovering a few rail behind him attempting to be invisible, you couldn’t help think he looked a little like a looked like scared prey…maybe a gazelle. You smile reassuringly at him and decide to ask Dan if he would mind moving onto another store - this one didn’t really seem to have that either of you wanted. As you glanced over at him you saw the sales assistant squeeze his arm before handing him another weird jacket with a simpering giggle. Phil saw you narrow your eyes at her and pulled a highly awkward face.

“Okay, Dan, I was thinking we should move on now. Phil and I think somewhere else would suit us better.” You say in an almost unnecessarily loud voice. Dan looks up, confused, to find you almost upon him. You grab his hand and pull him somewhat unceremoniously from the store. Phil waves an awkward farewell to the shop assistant who is pouting her lips in annoyance of your sudden departure. YOu can’t help think to yourself that you acted a bit rashly, I mean Dan wasn’t necessarily flirting back, and you weren’t the controlling type. You sigh to yourself. Well at least it got you out of the store, there genuinely wasn’t anything of interest for you in there and Dan would have been hard to drag away if you had left him time to think. Once you hit the bright light of the Los Angeles street Dan opens his mouth to ask your motivation for dragging you all out of the store so suddenly. Phil shakes his head defiantly at Dan, having seen exactly what happened: You pretend not to notice.

“Okie dokie, the next store is just round the corner.” Says Phil, almost too cheerfully, breaking the awkward atmosphere. He looked down at his phone and then pointed down the avenue.  “It should just be down there.”

The next shop you come to is somewhat less ‘deep’ and ‘arty’. In fact, Phil loves it. Moschino’s 2016 spring/summer collection is there and despite you thinking it’s horrendously garish, you have to admit it’s pretty fun.  

“Look, Dan, Y/N, they finally have a suit that matches my personality!” Delights Phil, gesturing to a pink floral, cropped trouser suit-thing with luminous green epaulets.

“You could rock that.” You say with a nod.

“Phil I want to play along but I’m actually terrified you would wear that.” Admits Dan, leaning back into one of his full body laughs. Fortunately the staff in this shop seem less austere, if just as attentive, as the previous store so the noise doesn’t bother them.

“They do actually have some Givenchy over there Dan.” You inform him, after peering over a rail and recognising one of his more lavish jackets. he lets out a more excited ‘Oooh’ and disappears. You decide to follow him, since Phil seems absorbed in all the technicolour.

Dan ends up trying a couple of things. Some more deconstructed cut suits that he was instantly drawn to - one without lapels, another that was deliberately cut long that you both had to admit made him look a bit paunchy.

“May I suggest something?” Proffers the far more approachable sales assistant from this store. Dan nods in agreement, shrugging off the jacket he had slipped on. “Well you’ve very wide shoulders, long limbs and you’re quite skinny so it’s best not to go for a style that’s meant to length you. Instead go for a style that broadens you. Like this.” Her opinion was so brutally honest that Dan couldn’t help but nod so she slipped it up over his arms and turned him round to button the front. he winks at you as she leans to do the buttons and you scowl back. Dan turned around again to look in the mirror and you couldn’t help but agree that she had taste. The jacket was incredibly sleek and jett black. Unlike Dan’s other stuff it was double breasted, and cut quite high, giving him the appearance of a thick chest and intense style. You bit your lip. It looked amazing. Dan breathed out a huff of air.

“I think I’m going to take it.” He says decisively, turning this way and that to admire it in the mirror.

“I thought you might say that.” The assistant said with a knowing smile. “I’ll go get Micheal, he does all the fittings here. He’ll measure you for any alterations in the jacket and fit you to a matching trouser. Although I think you’re a pretty good size for our display pieces. We’ll send your order to you house once it’s been fitted…” Her voice trails as she walks off with Dan, no doubt taking him to some tailoring room. He follows behind her, lovingly stroking the jacket. Finding the store focused mainly on men’s wear you wondered back in the direction of Phil, wondering if he had found any luck. You spy him still in the Moschino collection, except he wasn’t alone. A very tiny, red haired girl was chatting to him and you couldn’t help eavesdropping.

“I’m so glad you like them too, none of the other workers seem to appreciate her collection. I think it’s brilliant. why wear black all the time when there are so many colours.” She announces in a delicate voice. You couldn’t help notice she barely came up to his elbow and was incredibly cute.

“That’s what I always tell Dan. he never seems to get it though…” Phil rubs his head awkwardly.

“Oh, are you to…a thing…?” She asks tremulously.

You scoff into the back of your hand in amusement, not wanting them to know that you could over hear them.

“No, no, no, everyone always says that, we’re just good friends. He has a girlfriend, I’m just…you know…single.” Phil says, laughing awkwardly.

“Oh…coool.” She says, like a complete dork, mimicking his awkward laugh. You bite your lip to stop yourself from smiling.

“So, are you from around here?” He asks after an awkward but loaded pause.

“Yeah, I was from Massachusetts but I wanted to get into fashion so applied to some stuff here…” She says trailing off. “Are you?”

“Nope. I’m from England.”

“I should have guessed from the accent. You sound really smooth.” You have to stop yourself from giggling at the idea of Phil being smooth.

“Haha, really, no one has told me that before.” Replied Phil, going slightly pink.

“Yeah, no matter what you say it will sound really smart and sophisticated.” She says with an adoring smile.

“Oh, I’ve never thought of that. I can say anything. What about ‘tickle my wenis’ or ‘a baboon’s testicles’. Do I still sound smooth?” Says Phil like a bumbling idiot. You slap your hand to your forehead in exasperation.  God he’s useless sometimes.

“Phil, what are you doing? Don’t blow this.” You whisper rhetorically to yourself. But to your surprise she giggles with him.

“Yes, you still sound super smooth.” She certifies, blushing from giggles. You shake your head in amazement that that just worked. The two of them quieten down again and you can feel the tension rising.

“Hey, I was wondering could I, perhaps, if you don’t mind, you know., could I…” Stumbled Phil. ‘Come on, you can do it’ you think, biting your lip with the tension of listening to the outcome. “Well, could I get your numb…”

“ONWARDS FRIENDS FOR I HAVE DONE MY SHOPPING!” Bellows Dan and he strides over to Phil oblivious to the atmosphere that he just shattered into a million pieces around him.

“Daniel Howell, we are leaving right now.” You say, giving a knowing look to Phil as you suddenly appear from behind a rail of clothing, desperate to intervene in an attempt to salvage the delicate situation. For the second time today you find yourself escorting Dan very rapidly out of a shop. For the second time today Dan is completely oblivious as to why.

“Okay, what the fuck did I do thi…”

“Phil was about to ask for that girl’s number you blithering idiot!” You say, shaking him by the arm and trying to peer in the window to the shop to see if Phil had managed to save the day. “Oooooh!” Said Dan, joining you at peering through the front window. “Do you think he managed it?” He asked inquisitively.

“If you didn’t balls it up by ruining the mood.” You scoff at him.

“Oh no, what if I ruined Phil’s chance at finding love!” He coos. “Can you see him?”

“No, he doesn’t seem to be by the place we left him.” You and Dan lean a little more forward, peering into more of the shop in search of Phil and his sweet little ginger helper.

“Was she cute?” Asks Dan like a teenager at a sleepover.

“She was adorable.”

“Oh I want to see her. Maybe if I stand…”

“What are you guys doing?” A deep voice asks from behind making you both jump out of your skins.

“Oh..hi..Phillip.” You say, spinning around on the spot and composing yourself.

“DId you ask her?!?!” Dan says, less subtly.

“Piss off.” Retorts Phil. Swearing, unlike himself. You and Dan share a grim expression and assume the worse.

“Let’s head off and find you both something to wear then.” Suggests Dan, clapping his hands together over-enthusiastically and turning slightly red.

A few minutes late you find yourselves at another high end store where you sent off Dan to help Phil choose something out for himself. You stood watch as Dan showed him through a  rack of well cut suits, holding a few up to his friend with a smile. You loved to watch them together, Dan always seemed so happy and at peace when he was with Phil. Dan caught you staring a shot you a wink. You blushed.

“Excuse me, ma’am, can I help at all.” A tall flamboyant gentleman stood behind you, a long glossy green gown thrown lazily over his arm, the other one poised on his hip. “I’m going to rephrase that. please let me dress you.” With little else to do you gave him a nod and he instantly dragged you off to a changing area at the back of the store. You barely had time to shoot Dan a shrug before he had taken you away. You stood in the changing room, looking around at the empty space wondering that was going to happen next. To your surprise the man stepped inside the cubicle with you. “okay, let me see these colours.” He sort of sang at you. He held a fe swabs of fabric next to your face, then to your chest then back to your face again. “Spin.” He commanded. And you span. “Okay, perfect, I’ve got stuff for you to try.” instinctively you  reach for the dress over his arm. “No not that, that’s last year, that’s trash.” he then proceeds to literally throw the gown over his shoulder and you gasp a little as it crumples on the floor. He then proceeds to storm out of the changing room and you hear him shout “Candice bring me that Dior!” At the top of his voice. You stand awkwardly in silence. he returns with not one dress, but about 17. You literally cannot see him behind all the tulle and organza and god knows what else. “Try these ma’am. And then come and show me when you’re done.” He then proceeds to slam the door quite ferociously behind him. You decide it’s best to do as he says without complaint. The first dress you slip on is a soft pink silk thing that you feel quite exposed in. You step out the changing rooms to find, not only the flamboyant man, but Dan and Phil sat in little plush thrones that had since been positioned outside the door. “You have an audience, ma’am, have a little show biz.” he remarks at your timidness. You do a little spin.

“I think you look…” Begins Dan with a smile.

“Definitely not, oh gosh, no.” Says the man, throwing his hand up in disgust. Dan looks at him confused then looks back to you. You giggle and then walk back into the changing room. you couldn’t help think that if this was a movie, you would be currently having a montage, except the reality was a lot of awkward waiting as you fumbled about in the changing rooms attempting to try on difficult dresses. It started getting a bit repetitive when each time you went out you met the beginning of a heartfelt compliment by Dan and/or Phil only to be cut off by the eccentric man’s caterwauling.

“I might need some help here.” You mumble through the fabric of a rather impressive purple skirted dress. There is no way you can get this on alone.  You hear the door open and close gently and feel some fingers tracing up your back, grabbing the copious amounts of fabric and slipping it down around you. The touch was gentle and you turned to find it was Dan, stood intimately close to you, now working on the difficult fastenings on the back of the black bodice. He expression was a serious one, containing more intensity than you expected.

“There you go.” He whispers, almost inaudibly. You turn to find your faces incredibly close. “I wanted you to know that I think you’ve looked beautiful in everyone of those dresses.” He continued. You felt his warm breath on your neck. Your heart rate doubled. “Come on you two, no naughty stuff or I’ll bust in there and stop you.” The eccentric man’s voice breaks the moment’s intimacy. You both laugh and you step back out the changing room. This time you’re not met with a cry of defeat so yourself, Dan and Phil stare at him in anticipation of a reaction.

“It’s perfect.” he finally breathes out, incredibly relieved. “What do you think of it, ma’am?” You sigh a little.

“You had to choose the hardest one to put on, didn’t you.” You all laugh.

About an hour you all end up piling out of the taxi outside the house. You slump down on the sofa inside, exhausted from your day of shopping.

“You guys have a nice polyamorous day out together?” Asked Tyler, sipping some sort of colourful tropical drink out of curly straw. You playfully shove him a bit.

“Actually, I was the only person that wasn’t hit on all day.” You say with a huff.

“Oh babe, I’d hit on you.” He says, patting your shoulder.

“Wait who hit on me?” Asks Dan, completely clueless.

“Ohhh, sir. You share my love of Kanye. Let me measure you. Let’s sensually stroke these jackets together.” Mocked Phil, cuddling up next to Dan and imitating the shop assistants loving gaze.

“Oh.” Realised Dan. “Oh.” He looks at you. “Oooh, is that why we left early.”

“Oh my god you are a blind man.” Laughed Tyler.

“Phil that was actually an amazingly accurate impression.” Phil takes a little bow.

“Okay that’s it, I’m going to my room.” Dan stalks off in fake annoyance and you follow him back to his room. He hugs tackles you to the bed and kisses your nose.

“Did you get jealous?” He smirks.

“Oh piss off Dan.” You say lovingly.