having roadhog be a straight everday family man with a wife and kids before the omnic crisis then having him shipped with junkrat gives of unfortunate implications that I don’t like (and the creepy feeling is a billion times worse when junkrat is trans).

i mean, i’ve only seen him written as a part of the lgbt community pre-omnium explosion a couple of times?

and its usually never addressed? not even in the tags? if you headcanon him as bi/pan/was closeted gay, it be something to know?

i dunno, i mean if it was just a couple of fics i’d go huh he’s bi/pan or something, cool! but seeing this trope over and over again gives off the implication that his same gender attraction was a result of desperation from living in the irradiated outback, like the murder and violence. and that junkrat is a cheap replacement to the Pure Wholesome Cis Family and then i start to smell heterosexism in the air…

I’m not upset at anyone in particular, this is just a plea to be a little more self aware with the tropes you use?

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The place where Aaron once tried to kill himself for being gay became the place where he got married, who'd have thought ❤️

first maxine and now you anon, both of you determined to kill me!!

but honestly that garage… it has been the cornerstone of so many of aaron’s most defining moments. it was the place where he had lost all hope, a last refuge of sorts in what he thought would be his final moments, alone and ashamed and desperate not to live anymore

and then it became a place where he was accepted, a place where he learned responsibility, a place he fitted in without having to worry about what others might think

but that garage was also the start of his and robert’s relationship, not just where they were first intimate but also when robert offered aaron the hand of friendship as well. it was the place, in those early days, where they got to know each other, work out whether what was going on was more than just what was on the surface

and now it’s got a whole new memory attached, the happiest memory either have ever had. it’s a place where they went together, secure in their love, and committed themselves to each other. no fuss, no fanfair, just two men vowing to be the very best versions of themselves because the other deserved it

honestly, that garage really is up there with the most poignant and important places connected to robert and aaron

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