desperate times call for desperate measures

  • Himchan: [in a crowd and can't find Daehyun] 'this calls for desperate measures'
  • Himchan: [shouts into the crowd] "YOUNGJAE'S CHEEKS AREN'T CUTE"
  • Daehyun: [from across the room] "what thE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY"
  • Himchan: "there he is"

The day this week has been leading up to is finally here - Release day (#HomeDay)! We’re all so so so proud of all the work that everyone’s done over last days, it’s been absolutely incredibly and we are so thankful for everyone!
Now it’s time to go really hard, though!

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This is for one direction!

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Enzo: You think I’m afraid of fire because Damon left me in a fire. Nice try. But no.
Bonnie: You’re afraid of people leaving. Period. You’re afraid of being abandoned. The one thing that happens to you again and again. Everyone leaves, no one stays. Well, that ends now. ‘Cause I’m not going anywhere.
Enzo: Yeah, well… This is a bit extreme, don’t you think?
Bonnie: Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m not leaving until you turn your humanity back on. I’d rather burn alive than abandon you.

Save Eyewitness

Ok this is a desperate times calls for desperate measures post but hear me out.

Do you remember when the Bieber fans were going to boycott Supernatural (I know stick with me) in 2014 and people from every fandom on tumblr tuned in making it the highest rated episode in over three years?

Let’s do this again for Eyewitness, this show has an amazing cast/crew who care about the fans, characters and the story they are telling and for some reason the network is doing little to no promo leaving it up to the fans to do all the heavy lifting and it deserves to be saved!

Eyewitness airs Sunday’s on USA network at 10/9 c and I might be shouting into the void of indifference but when Supernatural needed help it united us all so lets do some magic again.

Tag your fandoms and let’s get to work.

Dec 2013 MC Illust for Gaia Online – Art by Finni Chang

Ivory Baronet and Ebony Debutante for the last Monthly Collectibles of the year! I also reused the female half of this image as my original-designed holiday card this year~ 

This piece was an intense test of speed and I’m just so glad I managed to pull it off in time. Whew!! I learned a lot about my own painting process and hopefully I can incorporate what I learned into future pieces!

P.S. I am an intense sucker for snowy compositions.