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Exo Scenario - Shy Guy Kai

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Exo Scenario - Shy Guy Kai

The blinding lights of flashing cameras acted as stunners while your ears were assaulted with voices over voices among a sea of people. Everywhere you looked people were screaming your name and trying to get your attention and all you could think about was staying conscience long enough to make it into the stadium.

“Y/N! Y/N!”

“Y/N! Can we get a picture?!”


“Y/N will you please sign my CD?”

This last one caught your attention, because rather than the gravelly invasive voice of a paparazzi member, it was the desperate squeal of a teenage girl. You looked at her, her eyes sparkling at the image of you. Ignoring your manager’s orders, you made a bee line over to her and watched as her eyes turned from totally shocked to complete awe. Smiling at her warmly you gestured with your hands to your group’s CD in her hands and she frantically handed it over to you.

“Y/N I really love you, you’re my favorite I want to be just like you.” She told you breathlessly, trying her best to get it all out at once. You chuckled at how flustered she seemed.

“Don’t be like me, be like yourself. You’re beautiful, there’s no one better. What’s your name?” You asked her, smiling at her pink cheeks.

“Its…It’s B-Bomee.” She stuttered out and you instantly smiled.

“I love that name.” You replied, writing her a personalized message before handing her the album back. “Don’t forget what I said okay? You’re perfect the way you are.” She looked stunned into absolute silence and you could tell by the frozen look on her face that she would be beating herself up for not saying more later, but you could hear your manager calling and you couldn’t risk staying any longer. So you gave her a conspiratorial wink and started to walk away when she stopped you.

“WAIT! Y/N!” She called and you pivoted back around, hesitant. “Is it true? Are you really dating Exo’s Kai?”

Suddenly the blood within your veins ran stone cold and everything in you shut down. You looked at her in absolute disbelief. Were you that easy to read? Could everyone see the way you felt about him plastered across your face? “What did you say?”

“Because I totally ship you guys! I’m a huge Exo fan too but I still ship you guys!” She continued, her voice escalating with excitement. Before you had a chance to say anything your manager was there.

“Y/N you have to get inside now.” He whispered angrily, urging your shoulder in the opposite direction and you let him move you. You didn’t look back at Bomee, afraid she would see the answer she was seeking along the plains of your face. “Y/N you know you aren’t allowed to interact.” He scolded you.

“I’m sorry.” You apologized, keeping your head down in shame. You followed him into the stadium where SM Town would take place and watched as workers raced against time to get everything set up. Leading you and your other group members backstage, your manager ran through your schedule for the day. As a very new girl group that had only debuted a few months ago, this was your first time at SM Town and you were beyond nervous. Not just for the show but also for the interaction with your sunbaenims, especially those whom you’ve viewed as your idols for a long time.

“I wonder where the Exo Sunbaenims are.” One of your members mused. She was Exo obsessed, always looking out for them whenever you had jobs. You rolled your eyes but as if by some unanswered prayer, her favorite boys materialized right in front of you. She squealed in delight. “Chanyeol Sunbaenim!”

The tall, elf-eared boy’s face instantly lit up when he recognized the voice of one of your members, and soon all of the boys were trailing over towards you all, but there was one person you couldn’t seem to keep your eyes off of. He lingered towards the back, his shoulders slouched seductively as he scrolled through his phone. You thought he had noticed you, so you relished in the view for a few seconds too long and you were startled when his eyes flicked up and met yours, a tiny smile creeping onto his face.

You looked away instantly, a blush creeping up from your neck to your cheeks. This wasn’t the first time this had happened, so you weren’t sure why you still got flustered. But that didn’t matter, because before you had time to think or get your thoughts together, he was coming closer, the sound of his footsteps different to you than all of the rest.

“Are you nervous, Y/N?” You heard Baekhyun ask next to you but all you could hear were those footsteps.

“Yes…But I’m still so excited.” You replied evenly, watching Kai move closer instead of looking at Baek in the eye.

Without your notice, Baekhyun leaned in close to your ear and whispered, “Are you about to start drooling?”

You stiffened at his words and looked over at him alarmed but he just chuckled, catching onto you so quickly. “What do you mean?”

He winked at you then, right before Kai was within earshot, and whispered, “Don’t worry you have a lot of people supporting you two. Looks like we might be seeing you around the dorm a lot more often…”

Before you could reply, Kai appeared in front of you and Baekhyun was laughing and saying, “Have fun you two!” And had disappeared without another second look.

“Y/N.” He breathed happily, his smooth smirk that he usually reserved for the public being replaced by a dazzling smile that he saved only for you.

“I was hoping we’d have a chance to talk.” You told him bravely, confidence flowing through you from Baek’s comment. You gave him a genuine smile and ducked behind your hair just a little, feeling a little sheepish after your bravery.

“Me too. Your hair looks pretty. In fact you, uh,” he rubbed his neck self consciously, “you just look really pretty in general.”

You bit your lip to stop yourself from grinning like an absolute idiot. At eighteen you were the youngest out of all five of your members but you had been training since you were scouted four years ago. During the later parts of your trainee days you would always run into Kai around the building and something between you two had just totally clicked. Probably from the moment you saw him trying to get a handle on all of his dogs by himself and offered to help, telling him you were used to that many dogs and showing him pictures of your babies that you hadn’t seen since you moved into the dorm.

“Girls. It’s your turn to rehearse.” Your manager called before you had a chance to reply. His look said that he understand but he was still disappointed. Since your debut, your paths had rarely crossed, so you had both been looking forward to today.

“Talk later?” You asked and he nodded eagerly. You tried to hide the way your stomach danced in your chest and everything became all mixed up inside. Over the next few hours every group took turns rehearsing before they started to get ready for the real show. Backstage, your group got their own room and you sat patiently in a chair getting your hair and makeup down by special stylists hired by SM.

They gave you and the others your five minute warning and as you filtered out onto the wings of the stage as Exo was finishing up their set to a roaring crowd. Since you were the newest group at SM, you were supposed to close out the show and then bring out the rest of the artists for one big group number.

You watched in awe from the wings, your eyes locked on Kai’s flawless form. His dancing left you breathless, even from where you were standing. He looked so unbelievably good and confident in every step. It send numerous shivers down your spine and you didn’t realize you were still staring even as they finished and began filtering off the stage one by one.

“Y/N close your mouth.” One of your members chuckled at you before urging you forward onto the stage. You walked out confidently with the others, loving the feeling that the stage brought to you. You were so energized after seeing Kai perform that you gave 150% into your own performance, not even stopping when you were so tired that your legs were numb. The crowd went wild for you all and with every holler you gained more need to work harder.

When your set finished you were breathing hard but you had the biggest smile on your face, not even caring about the sweat dripping down your back. Your leader invited all of the other SM artists out onto the stage and you began swaying along to the music, drunk on the high of performing. You danced around happily with your group members and were so distracted that you didn’t see Kai sneak up behind you and place something on your head.

Woven delicately was the most beautiful rose crown you had ever seen. Granted, they were handing them out to everyone else but the fact that he had placed yours on your head made it all the more special to you. You blinked on up at him and give him a smile as he smiled down at you adoringly. Everything else faded away besides those chocolate brown orbs that swallowed you up and maybe that’s why you didn’t hear the chanting.

“I think you guys started a riot.” Xiumin said to Kai quietly, chuckling as he looked out in the crowd. That’s when you heard it.

“KAI AND Y/N! KAI AND Y/N! KAI AND Y/N!” Over and over again from just about every person in the room. You looked at them with wide eyes and then back at Kai who looked equally astounded. Your leader, who believed firmly in the dating ban at SM pulled you away from Kai instantly and began dancing with you. She did her best to keep you away until the show was completely over but the second the curtain dropped and the show ended you felt yourself being towed away by a familiar warmth.

Kai pulled you into a deserted hallway, out of range of the curious eyes and ears of everyone around. He turned on you the second you were both completely alone, but he was chewing his bottom lip unsurely. Suddenly, despite his forward action, he had become completely shy and that fueled your shyness as well.

“Uh…” You tried but all the words left your brain and you were at a loss, and it seemed he was too.

He rubbed his neck like he always did when he got nervous and you blushed fiercely as if you knew what was coming. “I just…I just…I wanted to say…” But he lost it too and he looked at you, his eyes searching for help.

“Kai, I—“ You tried again but the rest of the words got trapped in your throat again.

“I just…You really…the dogs…and you…just so pretty and…” He tried to piece the words together and it wasn’t working.

But there was one thing that stuck, and you found yourself staring down at your feet to hide the scarlet blush on your cheeks as you whispered, “Do you really think I’m pretty?”

You were met by silence that was broken a second later by a sigh of relief. “Yes. So pretty. So pretty it hurts. And I really…I really think you’re an amazing person and idol and I love that you love dogs and you make me laugh and…” He was rambling now and you felt so happy you thought you might scream. So you looked up and smiled the smile you saved for him and he looked relieved, doing the same.

“Will you just ask me out already?” You asked abashedly.

He looked stunned at your sudden forwardness but he rolled with it. “Okay.” And he intertwined your hands in his softly. “Y/N, let’s go out together.”

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Gabriel Agreste gains control of Miraculous Music after Marinette’s parents tragically pass away, and he begins to use all of the company’s money to promote his son, and Marinette’s childhood friend, Adrien, as he’s a huge hit with… “young teenage girls”.

Desperate to get her family’s company back and make music again, Marinette forms an indie band with her friends (Alya, Rose and Juleka) using technology her Uncle Fu gave her to disguise herself so she doesn’t break her contract with Miraculous Music.

That technology is called Tikki, an AI that can project holograms and turn Marinette into the superstar, Ladybug.

Adrien falls in love with Ladybug soon after her debut, and is inspired to do something similar to her. Master Fu hears of this and gives him an AI called Plagg to turn Adrien into the breakout rockstar Chat Noir. Using his father’s money he helps Ladybug out whenever he can, and always begs for a duet.

In an effort to make back the money he’s losing due to Ladybug and Chat Noir, Gabriel signs on the Akumas, (Chloe, Sabrina and Alix) who do everything in their power to bring down Ladybug and Lucky Charms.

(made with the help of @graceful-queen ) ;)

Also I forgot to draw Ladybug’s eyeshadow, but it’s similar to Jems :)