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What The Signs Are Really Doing When They’re “Studying”

Aries: taking “much needed” breaks every 10 minutes

Taurus: doodling on a piece of paper or homework 

Gemini: crafting the perfect playlists 

Cancer: wondering if it’s too late to change your major 

Leo: texting friends in desperate bid to procrastinate

Virgo: actually studying 

Libra: organizing snacks to eat

Scorpio: browsing Tumblr 

Sagittarius: getting lost in random Wikipedia articles

Capricorn: cleaning out their backpack and desk 

Aquarius: browsing Petfinder and naming your future kittens

Pisces: sobbing uncontrollably on the floor 

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What would you think if Will was evil, like really evil. Just was playing with the Gleefuls by acting scared of them?

While I do enjoy an evil Will, I’d still want him trapped and therefore biding his time pretending and then striking at the best time. Still playing along but with a definite undertone of desperate what if I never escape oh no <3

“What’s this?” Dipper gestured to his nose.

Pacifica glanced up from her French textbook and sighed. “Le nez.

Dipper nodded as he absorbed her response, then jabbed a finger at his elbow. “What about this?”

Le coude,” she replied as she lowered her eyes to her book again.

“Alright…” Dipper thought about the next one, “What about…this?”

At the thud that shook the table, Pacifica looked up to find Dipper with a foot propped up and his hand wrapped around his foot.

Le pied. You know, this is surprisingly not helping be study for my French test,” she remarked as she flipped the page for emphasis.

Dipper shot her a grin and said, “What do you mean? I’m the best studier there is! No one gets grades like mine.”

Pacifica couldn’t argue with his top grades, but his methods were unorthodox. “You recite your notes like it’s some kind of demonic chant for two weeks, stay up way too late the night before the test perfecting your cue cards, then roll out of bed the next morning, drink two Redbull, and say “Let’s do it, nerds” before every single exam.”

There was a pause. “…but I ace them.”

She just sighed and returned to reading her textbook. Dipper was definitely the most successful student she knew, but his study system was the strangest thing she had ever encountered. She would stick to the old fashioned way: repetition and context.

There was blessed silence for a few minutes, and Pacifica had just started to believe that Dipper had given up on trying to help her when he leaned forward and took a deliberate breath.

She braced herself.

“Whah dar deez?”

Against her better judgement, Pacifica raised her gaze to see Dipper had squished his cheeks so his lips stuck out like a fish’s. In moments like this, she remembered exactly how similar her boyfriend was to his twin.

“Cute,” Pacifica drawled.

He lowered his hand and smiled at her. “You think I’m cute?”

His facetiousness only made her laugh. “Somebody has to, I guess, And they’re les levres.

Dipper cocked his head to the side and asked, “Yeah? Well, I think your levres and my levres should parler.

Her snort of laughter was obnoxious enough to wake Waddles where he snoozed in the corner. With a grin, she said, “Oh my god, you’re such a dweeb.”

“A dweeb who now knows the language of love,” he pointed out. “So, you wanna make out or what?”

Pacifica looked at her book and considered the offer. Maybe it was the desperation to procrastinate when her exam was bearing down on her that pushed Pacifica to close her book with a clap and stride around the table. Maybe it was the need for a distraction after hours spent studying that moved Pacifica to throw her leg over Dipper’s lap and settle in with her arms looped around his neck.

It was definitely love for her goof of a boyfriend that made her give him a brief but firm kiss on the mouth.

“Alright, ten minutes. But no marks, got it? I need to look presentable at my exam tomorrow,” she said brusquely.

Dipper’s hands landed on her hips and his breath grazed her neck. 

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” he murmured as he pressed his mouth to the spot beneath her ear.

Cookies, candles and some care

The last few stories I wrote made me sad. I needed to fight the sads with lots ‘n lots of fluff.

That’s what you get for it. A sequel to that other oneshot I already wrote.

(Procrastination and desperation are powerful fuel, I tell you.)


Cookies, candles and some care

[Fandom]:Voltron: Legendary Defender

[Rating]: Gen / Gen

[Genre]: Friendship, Sickfic, Team as Family

[Word count]:  3.600

[Warning]: fluff, so much fluff it will rot your teeth

[Status]: oneshot/ completed

[AU]: based off on @taylor-tut‘s “The Pizza One” prompt


Shiro should have seen it coming. That did not make it any less horrible.


„You sound like a car horn.“

He threw Lance a glare, rubbing at his nose with the back of his hand slowly and with purpose, a sort of mean satisfaction overcoming him when it made the young man shudder in revulsion, the peevish smile dropping in favor of a grimace. Lance and Pidge had that in common – to be grossed out at such overt displays of bodily functions or, at least in Lance’s case, those of others.

Talking of Pidge, Shiro felt bad for her. This had to be hell for their roommate. If he felt already gross, drenched in sweat as he was and having to blow his nose every few minutes, he did not want to know how she was faring. If she had the strength she would probably be hogging the shower as much as possible.

He watched as Lance cast a look at the now almost empty tissue box, his brows furrowing as he pulled one more out of it and handed it to Shiro.

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Prayer of the Historians

O great Herodotus, Father of history, guardian of time, Chronicler of man’s stupidity, Muse of the procrastinator and desperate alike– Hear the cries of your people! Deliver us from the misguided, the ignorant, and those that take thy knowledge and dilute it for the uneducated. Give strength to we that stand as centurions, ready for the final charge, that we may strike them with the knowledge they lack, until the great Library of Alexandria be restored– Hear our prayer O Father of History.


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