desperate hugs

Allura has hugged Keith

Shiro has hugged Keith

Hunk has hugged Keith (and Lance LOL) 

Keith has hugged Pidge (if you count this as hugging)

Even an Arusian has hugged Keith

So how long are we going to have to wait for Lance to hug Keith Voltron, because I’m getting impatient…

A little comparison

Last night I watched Arrow 5x16 (again) and when Oliver rescued the DL, I started thinking. Just  watching how he was with her. He’s been with her for months now, everyone knows they’re dating and supposedly he “loves” her, right? (To our eternal dismay, but that’s not the point) My point is that he should’ve been desperate for hugging, touching, kissing her, right? He didn’t even gave her little taps on the shoulders! Nothing! And not only that! He said go, get to safety and walked out on her. Just look…

Now look how different he was with Felicity, way back in time, on 2x03 when they were nothing.. he hadn’t even recognized to himself that he had feelings for her (that happened 3 episodes later on 2x06 in Russia, right? ok) and when the doll maker grabbed her and pushed her and felicity hit her head. He stayed with her (TOUCHING HER) until Digg came. Just then he went after the doll maker.  Here’s the proof…

Looking at it logically, he could have shot an arrow to Mathis to stop him, just before kneeling next to Felicity. It would have taken literally ONE second, but that was too much time to make sure she was ok. And didn’t leave her alone at any moment. With Susan, he didn’t kept his word that he’d get her out and left her at her own risk. Sure, he knew Promy was waiting for him, but what if he was working with someone else (We knew he was!) or what the DL found one of the bombs trying to get out or didn’t get out in time before the building exploded, or a million other things. Digg was nowhere near to help her. Neither was Curtis who was rescuing Rene and Dinah. I mean she could have gotten caught again or whatever (That wasn’t the play but the possibility was there) and Oliver didn’t care. 

If she had been Felicity, he’d not have thought in leaving her alone not for a second and that conversation on the elevator would have been the opposite, pretty much like this: (I’m doing just the dialogue, you imagine all the touching, hugging and kissing)

“Felicity! Are you ok? I thought I lost you!”
“I’m fine, I’m ok. A-Adrian Chase is–”
“I know! I need get you out of here.”
“No, wait, Oliver. Chase is here! You need to get the son of the– yeah… bitch!”
“No, until you’re safe and out of here.”
“I can’t take care of myself. Go! I’ll be okay”
“Oliver, go!”

And he’d have gone and kicked prometheus’ ass (instead of getting himself kidnapped) not only cuz Adrian deserves it, but cuz his wifey told him to

And of course, this comparison it’s just one of the many I could make with Oliver and Felicity, but I think is more striking doing this way due the status of the relationships of Oliver with each woman at the time of the events..

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Okay. Having re-enacted the Sad Finale Hug last weekend I am now even more upset about that scene and here is why:

Hugging a person who you desperately want to hug you back and not getting any response is the worst feeling in the world.

It might almost have been better if Stan had pushed him away, but as is Ford is hugging his brother for the first time in over forty years and Stan just doesn’t move. Doesn’t react. It must be like hugging a statue.

And we know that by the time they get back to the Shack that Ford doesn’t have any hope that they can fix it. Not that he would have had much to begin with, but I think there must have been a glimmer, and I think it died when he was kneeling there crying into Stan’s shoulder, holding on for dear life and wishing with everything he had that Stan would return the hug. Just raise one arm. Just lean into it a little.

But he does nothing.

it’s not really about needing victor at all.

necessity implies not having a choice and when it comes to their relationship it’s all about choices. it’s about having a single person walk into your life and realizing that no, you don’t necessarily need them but you are undeniably better with them in it.

yuuri skates his program successfully but his jumps are somehow lacklustre. his final score is high but everyone knows that it would undoubtedly be higher if victor had been there. he makes the grand prix finals and doesn’t even look that happy about it because victor isn’t there to share the news with. he desperately hugs a bunch of people and realizes that none of them make him feel that certain way.

and then he lays eyes on victor at the airport, and all he can feel is that certain way, so much so that he just has to start running.

We Will Get Through This

He’d given John space ever since they had escaped New Providence and were bound for the Maroon Queen’s island—Madi’s mother’s island and her people. He kept trying to decide how best to tell her what had happened to her daughter. Always the words got lost in a swirl of bitter agony in his head. Much the same way his words of apology had sounded inadequate before he’d stepped quietly into the cabin to tell Silver he was sorry. 

He’d expected a cold shoulder or a harsh rebuke, but never those words John had actually spoke: It wasn’t your fault. It had caught him off guard completely. So many things were his fault, even things he’d spent years trying to logically convince himself were not. Miranda had tried time and again to assuage his demons, right up to arriving in Charlestown that fateful day. Now, to hear those words fall from Silver’s lips when he was in such a state, James could scarcely believe them. And yet he’d repeated himself, very clearly, though he had never even lifted his head to look at him.

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So now we live
Fandom: Star Wars Rogue One
Pairing: Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso
Words: 5777
Rating: Explicit

Tags: Angst, Smut, Fluff ish, Resolving angst with smut, quite likely poor characterization, no one died but they all got a little fucked up, self hating Jyn, improper sparring techniques, spoilers?, not really but hey

A/N: Rogue One was great, but I needed this in my life. So yeah, have some shameless angst and smut! Eternal thanks to @coldsaturn for fixing the mess of words I threw at her, she is a godsend of editing <3


Jynn remembers the desperate hug on Scarif, remembers clinging to Cassian and knowing that they were going to die. In that moment, before the pain and whatever miracle lifted her from death into suffering, she was absurdly happy. Because they had won, and they had found each other. He needed her, in his holding her hand, and his grip strong on her back. It felt good to be needed, and to want him and be able to hold him. With death bearing down on them, there were no consequences, no reasons to hold back.

The end she’d been expecting never came, though. It continued to hound her for a long time, far too long, and she can never quite shake the feeling of it gnawing on her spine. A remarkable recovery, the doctors had all said, and the med bots had informed her in their weird way of comfort that she had beaten their probabilities. It had been agony, running from death, but every day she had gotten one step closer to actually being alive again.

When she had been unable to hold back tears from the pain and the helplessness of her situation, she had wanted Cassian, needed to feel the calluses of his hand holding her again. One day, she had even fallen low enough to ask for him, in a strangled voice warped by agony.

“Captain Andor is unavailable.”

That was all the med bots would say, and she stopped asking them. She wouldn’t risk turning to a real person because without death consuming the horizon, there are consequences for wanting things, and for needing people they are always dire. She couldn’t impose that onto Cassian. For him to recover and to go on living, she couldn’t want him, couldn’t need him.

She is a curse, she convinces herself as she slowly regains the ability to walk, and to breathe without pain. She is a curse, and if she cares about Cassian the way she knows she does, she has to avoid him.

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