desperate for one person to stop hating me

One more poem, I guess
and then I’ll go to bed
and then I’ll stop hurting over this
i only said I love you so you’d get why i didn’t want to let go because
yeah it’s true I love you but I wasn’t gonna say anything
i wasn’t gonna be that person, wasn’t gonna tell you how much you meant to me while you were showing me the door and locking it after i left and
now I am that person and it’s not a good look for me
it’s desperation at its worst and I need to stop writing poems on whiteboards in magnets because you aren’t looking for any sign that I miss you
i mean you don’t need even really need to look because
i’m not trying to hide it
i’m just trying to let go.
—  let’s hope you hate me enough to stop reading these because no one wants to be this vulnerable all the time– lily rain