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Title: Lingerie

Pairing: Lance Tucker x reader

Request: Hey 😊 Could I request one with Lance Tucker where the reader and him are in a relationship and he is away on a competition for a while and then he comes back earlier and surprises the reader with a gift, like new sexy lingerie he bought or Idk? 😏😊

A/n: I need opinion on this one, my first Lance Tucker smut, I don’t know if I’ll write another one? Another important thing is after this fic, i will not be writing for a while, maybe a week or a bit more, so as to take care of some personal family issues. Thank you for understanding

Warnings: NSFW, explicit Smut

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You groaned, watching as the latest Jessica Jones episode rolled it’s credits. You pulled off your earphones, checking the clock on the nightstand. It was nearly eight at night, and it was only Tuesday. It was another damn week before your Olympian boyfriend’s competition ended. You cried out in frustration as it was another week without Lance or the mind blowing orgasms he was always sure to give you.

And that was when you heard it, the familiar sound of the door clicking open. You frowned, it couldn’t possibly be Lance, he told you last night over Skype that he still has another week to go before coming home. Could it be Hope? You remembered her visiting just a few days back. “Stupid fucking competition” you cursed, getting up from the bed and heading towards the hall, ready to greet Hope and another unproductive day of milkshakes and girl talk.

“Don’t you look sexy” you glanced up, squealing with joy and excitement as Lance stood at the door, his brown duffle bag in hand, and that smug smirk you had grown to love together with that man. “But you said another week, you fucking liar” you joked, pushing him as your boyfriend slid his hand down to your bare ass, squeezing the soft flesh.

“In my defence, I missed you” he replied, and picked up his duffle bag. “You just missed fucking me Tucker” you added, watching as he grinned, realizing where you were bringing this conversation to. “You missed my cock Angel?” He growled, licking his lips as you slid your hand down his chest, palming his half hard cock through his pants. “I want your cock Lance, please, I need it” you moaned, feeling him harden.

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The demon paced back and forth, worry heavy on his brow because the one he gave everything for - hisgracehiswingshishome - was late.  What if something happened to him?  Maybe the others discovered Dean hadn’t abandoned his brother, hadn’t left him to rot in hell or earth?  

Maybe they had him captured, tortured, punishing him for treating Sam like maybe he was still worth something.

Maybe he was waiting for Sam to save him - and then here was Sam, failing at that as he failed at -

“You’re not the prettiest when you scowl, ya’ know?”  A cheery voice broke into his not-so-cheery thoughts, and gold eyes met the bright vibrant greens of Dean.  Who was safe, and not harmed, and perfectly fine.

“You are here…”  He muttered, wide eyed, and Dean chuckled at himself, scratching the back of his head.

“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that, there was a hold up and -”

Dean didn’t finish his sentence, Sam pulling him into a desperate hug with the angel still upside down, his own, leathery, feather-less - graceless - wings folding around his brother as well.

“You had me worried.”  Sam mumbled, feeling stupid for the panic still zinging through him and were his shoulders shaking?

Dean just huffed softly, Sam flinching at the sound, ready to pull away but then Dean’s arms encircled his shoulders and head, the angel pressing a soft kiss to Sam’s chin and petting through frazzled brown hair.

“Nothing to fear, Sammy, I’m here, you’re here, and no angel in heaven or demon in hell can stop me from seeing you, ‘kay?”  Dean said, soft and gentle like a parent to a child and Sam curled in closer to Dean.

“I to you.”  Sam muttered, after a few minutes of enjoying the warmth that always gave him such comfort.  Dean pulled away at that, pressing another reassuring kiss to Sam’s forehead before coming to land on his feet, stretching his wings out and grinning.

“Alright, ‘nough of this corny shit, let’s go see a movie.”


au where sams a fallen angel turned demon and deans a sneaky bastard who always shirks his duties to visit sam bc sam was his favourite and the only angel dean ever considered his brother so fuck the rest sams chill af

Hey dudes little update. I apologize for being so down and lack of art updates…but I’m trying to get stuff in order to move. Where I am now is making me have regular panic attacks and sleepless nights. I am trying to get the funds to move, but its very difficult (most places won’t hire me beacause I’m at an internship part time.) If you or anyone you know are looking for someone to be their roommate in L.A., Please message me….I am very desperate.

fallen | m

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◇ If this is wrong, Woozi doesn’t want to be right.

◇ Woozi x reader

◇ fallenangel!au

◇ i actually kinda like this because nervous jihoon is so cute im emo


When you think of angels, what do you picture in your mind? A kind, loving figure dressed in white, wings of pure light sprouting from their back and a halo of gold hovering over their perfect head? A parent figure, watching over you as you go through your life - a friend, guiding you to choose the right things to do in life?

In reality, angels were the exact opposite.

They were cold, unloving creatures who were appointed to various people in the world. Their personalities helped them to make decisions, leaving no room for bias or understanding - they only dealt with the raw truth, and their emotions were always put behind them.

Which is why Woozi was in so much trouble. The number one rule for angels was to not fall in love. And what did he do? He fell in love.

He knew when he started smiling at every thing you did, he was in trouble. He knew when his stomach started doing a weird flipping thing whenever you smiled, he knew when he laughed at your horrible jokes, he knew when his heart ached every time you cried. He was in trouble.

He remembered the day he had his wings taken away well. The head supervisor, Jin, had realised that Woozi had fallen in love when he failed to fulfill his task (helping you fall in love), and immediately sentenced him to life on earth, clipping his white wings with golden tools that allowed him to sprout pitch black ones, officially proclaiming him a fallen angel.

But, unlike they had hoped, Woozi wasn’t completely miserable on earth. The angels had accidentally sent him down in the same city you were in, landing him in your path. He remembered the first time he had spoken to you, at a bar; the usually stoic man found himself a stuttering, blushing mess, but luckily you seemed to like him, because you asked to see him again, at the same time and place the next day.

Woozi had never looked forward to something more in his life.

You and Woozi became friends quickly. You liked talking to him - he always knew what to do when you had a problem, and he had a way with words that always made you feel better. You liked him.

Soon, not a day went by that Woozi wasn’t at your apartment (after you figured out that he had no place to stay, you instantly let him move in - he was no trouble and didn’t have much, anyway), and he soon knew everything about you.

It was only a matter of time before you figured that there was something strange about Woozi - whether it was the fact that he wore the same clothes, didn’t have a job, or house before he met you, had no friends or family and knew virtually nothing about anything, but you eventually confronted him on what - who - he was.

That was the day you had been shown his wings, feathers of midnight black and tips of shining silver, sprouting from the tan skin on his back and arching into the air. That was the day he revealed his past, and why his future was set in stone. That was the day he confessed he loved you - that was the day you returned his feelings. That was the day you made love for the first time.


“I - I don’t know how to do this,” Wooxi gulps breathily, chest heaving and lips swollen and red. His pale cheeks course with rosiness, embarrassment flushing through his system at his inexperience. “Angels, we don’t - they don’t do this kinda stuff…”

“That’s okay,” you murmur back - one, two, three kisses placed on his soft lips, soft breaths echoing throughout the cold night air. Perhaps, the empty rooftop wasn’t the best place to be at midnight - but it seemed like a good choice an hour ago, fluffy blankets thrown over the cold outdoor couches and the smoggy stars and streetlights illuminating your area. “I’ll teach you.”

He says he has no experience but his hands so naturally trail up your back, grasping at your waist and trying to pull you closer to the growing bulge in his pants, sending shivers down your spine as a hand slips passed your shirt to smooth over your bare skin.

You have no idea how long you sit there, kissing and basking in the presence of each other; by the time you decide to move on, your lips are tight with smiles and your hearts are pounding, cheeks burning and stomachs swarming with butterflies.

“You’re so beautiful,” Woozi marvels with wide eyes as you clamber off of his lap with a giggle, raising your hands above your head to remove your shirt easily, leaving you in a lacey bra that has his mouth watering.

“Not as beautiful as you,” you tease back, climbing back onto his lap a second time to reconnect your lips. All traces of uncertainty and shyness are gone - the kiss is sloppy and excited, smiles blooming against each other’s lips and necks.

Woozi is about to argue back, though a throaty groan interrupts his train of thoughts as you suddenly start to your hips roughly against his - his eyes widen as he experiences sexual pleasure for the first time, his eyebrows furrowing and throwing his head back. His voice is extremely musical, you find, moans and groans and whimpers flowing not unlike music through the empty, chilly air (which is gradually growing hotter).

“F-fuck,” he gasps breathlessly, as he begins to experimentally roll his hips into yours. “O-oh - oh my-”

You know he’s so unbelievably responsive because this is the first time he’s ever experienced any type of sexual pleasure. And that, paired with the fact that he looks so incredible underneath you, makes you excited to continue on.

“Let’s take these off,” you suggest with a pant, sliding back onto his knees and starting to unbutton his shirt, revealing an expanse of pale skin for you to mark. Another time, you think to yourself after you’ve sucked only a few red blotches onto his skin. We’ll have more time for this later.

His pants follow shortly, and then his briefs; and then he’s completely bare underneath you, all pale and flushed and looking every bit of the angel he used to be, pale pink hair brushing over his forehead. And his cock - you almost feel your mouth water - equally as pale, not so long but very thick, sprouting from a bed of dark curls with prominent veins running along the underside. You want to put your mouth on him, you want to send him back to heaven - but with how he’s looking at you, wide eyed and desperate, you figure that he wants to get to the main event as quickly as you do.

You hear him gasp softly as the clasps of your bra are undone, revealing soft and smooth skin - and a glance at his face when you pull down your trousers and panties shows you how excited he must be - his mouth is open in a gape, eyes running over your body as if you would disappear if he didn’t. His dark, soft eyes flicker back to yours. “You really are beautiful.”

You smile bashfully as you sit yourself on his lap, almost moaning at the feeling of his cock bumping against your clit, along with the gentle touch of his hands roaming along your back. “Are you sure you want this?” You feel as if it’s too late to ask, but you want to be sure.

“I was kicked out from heaven because I was so in love with you,” Woozi chuckles, meeting your eyes with a surprisingly mischievous glint, “What do you think?”

You shake your head, a short laugh escaping you. “True,” you agree, as you grasp him in your hand, the feeling of him, so warm and throbbing with need driving you crazy. You hear the tiny grunt he lets out as you rub him along your weeping slit - thank God angels can’t procreate -, and you bite your lip, hiding a grin as you start to inch him in, bit by bit.

His eyes widen, pupils dilated, and his breath catches in his throat at the indescribable pleasure that’s coming from something as simple as being wrapped around by you, your walls velvety and smooth and warm and wet at the same time. “Holy - fuck, you feel s-so good, _____…”

“So do you,” you moan in agreement, your chest rising and falling harshly as you begin to bounce. “So thick, and fucking hot-”

The feeling of him entering you and leaving you has you whimpering loudly, clit grinding against his pelvic bone occasionally as you continue to move. The atmosphere is hot and cold and slow and fast at the same time - the contrast of chilly air against your lewd actions has you shivering in arousal, gulping needily as you feel the knot in your stomach tighten. You take a look at Woozi - which is a mistake, if you planned to hold out for any longer:

His head is thrown back, revealing the long slope of his neck, Adam’s Apple bobbing with every laboured gulp he took, his face, sweaty and glowing, contorting with pleasure every time you bottomed out. His hands were locked around your waist, his mouth open in pure pleasure. Fuck.

You can’t form the words to tell him you’re cumming - your throat seems to close as you meet your end, pussy spasming erratically around him as you release your sweet nectar onto his cock. He must feel you tightening and untightening around, because the sensation causes him to cum - his back arches as he lets out a strangled moan - “I love you, fuck-”

And his seed is filling you up, coating your walls with white and making your fingers cling to the back of the outdoor couch desperately.

“Is this what angels are missing out on?” He asks dreamily as you remove him from inside you, using your underwear to clean yourself up - your apartment is only a few floors down, anyway-, and pulling your clothes on with jelly legs and tired arms. “They always tended to look down on humans for having sex and falling in love.”

And as you help him redress, giggling as he places kiss after loving kiss on your lips, resting your head on his shoulder as you walk to your apsrtment, Woozi thinks about how he’s always been told how this is wrong.

He doesn’t think he wants to be right.


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Okay, real (but random) talk. I think it's plausible that Goodnight strolls confidently and does/says something smug or sassy to the opponents after Billy wins every fight; to a point where Billy just expects it (and lowkey adores it). So much so that anytime Goodnight is too tired or distracted or straight up forgets to do any of those things, Billy is like "What's wrong, Goody?? Am I gonna have to cut somebody?"

I love this, but I still think anytime he casually swaggers into the ring after a shooting competition it’s to cover up for his sheer and utter panic every time someone challenges Billy for real. And he’s knows Billy’s got this, it’s not that he doubts him, but there’s always the chance that something could go wrong. And Goody’s seen war, he’s seen people shot beside him, he’s lined people up in his crosshairs and he knows how the tiniest pause or the slightest sway of your body can be the difference between life and death. And his mother always warned him not to gamble, and Goody never paid that lesson very much mind when it’s with cards. It’s hard to feel the devil breathing down his neck when he’s winking at Billy over a table of cards in a noisy, energetic saloon, or when Billy’s sending him the tiniest tells to let him know what cards he’s holding: the amount of fingers he runs through his jet-black hair for the suit, the lightest taps of his boot against Goodnight’s feet under the table for the number. Because they scam gun competitions together, of course at some point they decided to scam people in cards too. And so they add gambling to their repertoire, calling and folding for each other in front of strangers who have no idea that the silver coins Goody sweeps into his hat, or the bills that Billy tucks into his vest will just be split between them later, as fifty-fifty in this as they are in all things. One of them losing is both of them winning, and it’s hard not laugh when Goodnight pretends to lose. But when he’s gambling by watching Billy face gun after gun, Goody can’t help but think one day he won’t be pretending anymore. And when Billy drops his belt and gets into a crouch, Goodnight’s mother’s voice comes floating back to him that “A pack of cards is the devil’s prayerbook, Goodnight Robicheaux”, and if cards are prayers, then fifty-two prayers aren’t nearly enough for Goody. Not when he’s watching Billy do this. So he lights a cigarette to stop his hands from shaking and wonders if this time he’ll be sauntering into the ring past a Billy who’s re-buckling his belt, or running breakneck into it towards a Billy who’s lying facedown in the dust.

He wants desperately to be an angel on Billy’s shoulder in those moments. 

But Goodnight Robicheaux has always known that’s not the kind of Angel he is.

When The Devil’s At Play// Mark Tuan (Part 14)

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Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre:  Supernatural

Summary: You weren’t supposed to be here anymore, you were supposed to be long gone, but for some reason you had gained an extra ten days on this earth and you weren’t going to waste them.

Author’s Note: This series is based of the Voltage game Ten Days With My Devil.  The prologue will follow almost the same patterns as the prologue in the game did, but with a few major changes, and after the prologue the story line will go off on its own. I hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara

Prologue||Part 1||Part 2||Part 3||Part 4||Part 5||Part 6||Part 7||Part 8||

Part 9||Part 10||Part 11||Part 12||Part 13||Part 14||Finale

“(Y/N), you stay here.”

Mark took your hand softly, pressing a gentle kiss to it before he stood, “Bambam, come with me. Jinyoung and Jaebum, keep an eye out down the hallway. Jackson and Yugyeom, you go to the entrance from the greenhouse and keep an eye out there, but stay hidden. Youngjae, you stay with (Y/N).”

“I can do much more Mark, wh-“

“No,” Mark said sternly as he placed his hands on your cheeks, “I almost lost you once. I’m not going to lose you again, okay? You and Youngjae are going to stay with my mom. If you hear any of us coming without warning, run as fast as you can down that hallway,” Mark pointed to a middle hallway where a book case stood, “On the book case, there’s a statue of a pair of angel wings. Pull it up and you’ll get to the secret room. It’s soundproof so they won’t hear you.”

“But, what about your mom?” You asked softly, looking back at her. She had the brightest smile on her face as she stared at you.

“My moms strong. She’ll be okay,” Mark assured you, a smile on his lips before he kissed your forehead, letting his hand fall from your cheek. “Come on Jaebum, let’s go.”

And soon everyone dispersed, leaving you, Youngjae, and Mark’s mom sitting in the corridor of the dungeon.

“Ah, Youngjae,” Mark’s mom said softly, caressing his arm, “You’ve grown so much. Thank you for staying with Mark after all of these years.”

“He’s my best friend,” Youngjae mumbled, “I would never leave him.”

Marks mom smiled at him softly before turning to you, a light chuckle leaving her lips.

“You are a little troublemaker,” she giggled, coming closer to you through the bars, “But that’s why I chose Mark to look after you. You brought the adventurous side out of him. You became his reason to actually try and train. He’s wanted to protect you ever since you were little.”

“I can’t believe he actually found me again,” you said softly, goosebumps rising on your arms at the thought of him searching for you all of these years.

“He really cares about you, (Y/N). Never doubt Marks love for you.”

“I care for him too,” you mumbled softly. You felt yourself grow sad soon enough, though, because only one thought plagued your mind.

“it.. It may sound selfish of me,” you sighed, “But, I wish we came from the same Realm. I wish we were able to actually be together.”

“Don’t you worry, (Y/N),” Marks mom smiled, taking her hand in yours yet again, “I know it must be sad, the thought of leaving him. But… Aren’t you happy you got to spend this time with him?”

You smiled, nodding at her as she squeezed your hand tightly. “I am. I’m so happy I got to spend this time with him. But now I’m so sad, I… I love him. I really do. And I have to leave him in four days.”

“Ah yes, your deal,” Marks mom giggled softly, “You were really risky to make that deal, not knowing what could be in store for you. But honestly.. I think that deal was meant to be made. It’s fate. And maybe not now, but you and my son will end up together.”

“(Y/N)!” You heard Jackson shout from down the way, “You need to run!”

Without hesitation, you squeezed her hand one more time before springing to your feet, Youngjae right behind you as you two ran down the corridor Mark told you to go down. You looked desperately for the Angel wings statue as Youngjae held all of the bags in his hands, your heart racing as you tossed book after book off the shelf. Once you found it, you lifted it up slowly, the bookcase coming off the wall and opening just enough for you and Youngjae to squeeze in.

You looked around the room slowly, observing your surroundings as Youngjae panted behind you. The walls were a subtle green and on them hung pictures beyond pictures of what seemed to be Mark when he was little. But Mark wasn’t the only person in the picture; so were you.

“Why does he have these,” you mumbled softly, “They look like they were taken from another persons point of view. I don’t understand how these can exist if I was the only one who could see him.”

“It was probably his mom,” Youngjae said, tossing all of the bags onto the bed, “His mom always followed him around when he could. She was always trailing behind us, wondering what he was doing, if he was hurt or if he needed help. She was like most moms when they sent their child off somewhere alone.”

You sat next to Youngjae, who was sitting on the bed sorting through his stuff.

“The Angel Realm doesn’t usually look like this, right?” you asked softly.

“Oh no, no no no,” Youngjae chuckled, “The Angel Realm is such a beautiful, wonderful place. It really is how people describe, usually. Paradise in the clouds.”

“Where… Where do you think I’ll end up after my ten days, Youngjae,” you asked softly, tears threatening to sting your eyes. “I’m..I’m scared. I don’t want to leave you guys yet.”

“(Y/N),” Youngjae whispered, gathering you in his arms as you rested your head on his shoulder, squeezing your eyes shut so the tears don’t have the option to escape, “I know. It may seem scary, but I promise you it isn’t okay? You aren’t being executed. The boys and I… We are going to make you as comfortable as possible before it happens. And.. i’ll probably end up taking you up, or down, or wherever you’re going to go. And you’ve experienced both Realms, and neither of them are terrible, right?”

“No,” you sighed softly, “But.. I don’t want to lose you guys.”

Your heart broke as you thought of the possibility of losing the boys. You had only known them for a couple of days, but you had already been through so much together. They became friends with you after you only had one or two of them. You finally felt at home, in a sense. You felt like you belonged with them.

“You won’t,” Youngjae smiled, “I promise you, wherever you end up, We will visit you. Okay? We will find a way to find your soul wherever it drifts.”

“But I don’t just want to be a soul,” you felt tears roll down your cheeks but you quickly wiped them away.

“I’m so sorry you have to go through this, (Y/N),” Youngjae sighed softly, “But there isn’t much else we can do. We already broke the laws of the Realms by keeping you, and you are very lucky to be here right now.  Just.. Enjoy your time while you can. I know that seems hard, especially at a time like this where everyone’s running around in a panic, but you have to enjoy your last days.”

You nodded quickly, leaving Youngjae’s grasp while you stood up. You wiped your tears away again, looking at the back of the bookshelf door.

“Do you think they’re coming back soon?”

“I don’t think so,” Youngjae said softly, “They told us to hide in here, which means that someone was coming. And that’s not good at all. If they saw Jackson, that means they must have seen most of our team, excluding me. I don’t think we’ll be hearing from them unless they really need our help.”

“So what, are we supposed to wait here until they come back?”

“That’s why I’m organizing clothes,” Youngjae chuckled, throwing a bag to you, “That’s Jacksons.”

You nodded softly, opening his bag and sorting through his clothes when suddenly, you found a ring.

“Is this… Jackson’s power ring?” you asked softly, examining the ring closely. You knew you had seen it before, but you weren’t positive on whether or not it was the ring he tried to make you wear when you first met, so you could play a prank on Jinyoung.

“I think so,” Youngjae said, “But I suggest you not put it on. It’s still in testing and you can get hurt.  And if you get hurt on my watch, Mark will kill me.”

You giggled softly and Youngjaes statement, tucking the ring away back into Jackson’s bag and continuing to fold more clothes.

Hours seemed to pass by, you and Youngjae alone in the room afraid to come out, when the door swung open.

“(Y/N), Youngjae,” Bambam panted softly, Yugyeom and Jackson behind him, “We need your help. They got Mark.”

“Wait, excuse me?” You said softly, springing up from your seat on the floor, “What do you mean they have Mark?”

“Seokjin has Mark. He’s thrown him in some secret dungeon and is going to execute him tomorrow morning. They beat him pretty bad. I think they have Jaebum too.”

“Oh my god,” you said frantically, “Do you know where the secret dungeon is??”

“We have an idea,” Yugyeom said, “I saw it in a dream last night. But we have to find it. Pack one bag filled with all of our clothes.”

All of the boys took what they needed from the piles you just so neatly organized and threw it into one of the bags, giving it to you to hold before Jackson took a hold of your hand, “Get on my back one we’re outside. We have to go now.”

He began pulling you down the small corridor, Marks mom vanished from the cage she was once in as you all made your way up the stairs.

“Marks mo-“

“They moved her to the secret dungeon too,” Jackson said, shoving the door open to reveal that the once beautiful green house was now in shambles, “They took her a while ago, but there millions of guards around and we couldn’t get to you. Get on now.”

You hopped on his back slowly, gripping his shoulders tightly while he took off, the boys following soon after.

“Where’s Jinyoung?”

“We have no idea. We thought he’d be with you. But we have no time to find him. We sent him a message and hopefully he’ll be able to track us down.”

“So, what you’re telling me,” you said softly, “Is that we are fugitives right now, searching for a secret dungeon that we have no idea where it is, and in the dungeon is Mark, Marks Mom, and potentially Jaebum. Jinyoungs missing, and Mark is going to executed in a day.”

“Not a day,” Jackson said, “He’s going to be executed at sunrise. That’s only in a few hours, (Y/N). That’s why we need to hurry up and find this god damn dungeon. We have absolutely no time to waste.”

Michael was so distraught when his little girl came to him early one Tuesday morning, asking if he could style her hair into two braids. When he politely asked her why, she simply replied excitedly, “All the other girls have them, daddy!” 

And so he searched up a quick tutorial on the internet, mumbling quietly to himself as he parted his daughter’s blonde hair into two sections before further dividing those two parts into three. And although he tried–he tried so damn hard–he found himself growing confused, unable to remember if this piece had already looped over that piece, and if he was supposed to make the braids tight or loose. The clock was ticking, only twenty minutes until the start of school, and Michael was beginning to panic, pursing his lips and letting out a frustrated groan as he let little Clifford’s locks fall, tugging at his own fiery hair in desperation.

“C’mon angel,” he finally prodded his daughter, motioning that she stand. She obliged, regarding him with an inquisitive and slightly upset expression, “What about my hair?”

“Don’t worry,” Michael assured her, grabbing her hand and her pink backpack on their way out the door.

He rang your doorbell, bouncing on the balls of his feet anxiously and hoping that you were awake. Sure enough, the door swung open and you stood there, your hair piled into a messy bun; you wore a tank top and a loose pair of sweatpants that hung low on your hips–Michael swallowed heavily and looked away before you could catch him staring.

“Hi?” your greeting came out as a question, and you smiled down at little Clifford as she waved. 

Michael shot you a pleading look, “I’m really sorry to bother you, Y/N, but I can’t do a braid. And she wants two.” He squeezed his daughter’s hand before his shoulders slumped, “School starts in fifteen minutes. Could you maybe…?”

You let out a soft laugh and nodded, holding out your own hand and waiting for the small girl to take it, “Of course. Come here sweetie.”

And in less than five minutes, little Clifford was jumping up and down, her newly-styled braids flopping into the air before landing back on her shoulders. She held open her arms, looking up at Michael expectantly, “Daddy look!”

“They’re beautiful, angel!” Michael grinned, letting out a sigh of relief. He bent down, scooping his daughter into his arms and shooting you a grateful smile, “Thank you so much Y/N, you just saved my a–behind. You saved my behind.”

You giggled, nodding and shrugging, “Don’t worry about it. Braiding the hair of cute little girls is my specialty.” You smiled tenderly at Michael’s daughter and she let out a little laugh, burying her face into Michael’s neck.

“Thank you again,” he told you, bidding you goodbye before turning his attention to the child in his arms. “C’mon angel,” he prompted, securing her pink backpack a little more firmly, “Time to get to school.”

You waved as they walked down the steps of your porch, and Michael let out yet another relieved sigh when he heard your front door close. “She’s pretty daddy,” his daughter whispered into his neck.

Michael let out a chuckle, “Yeah. She really is.”

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Seventeen Flirting With You

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S.Coups/Seungcheol Shy and cute; he’d be very confident at first but when he actually comes over to talk to you, he’ll jumble up his words. He’ll feel embarrassed but to you, it’ll come off adorable. 

Jeonghan Confident; he wouldn’t want to try too hard because he doesn’t want to come off as desperate or anything. His angelic smile would easily win you over.

Joshua/Jisoo Cute and subtle; you may not even realize he’s trying to flirt with you. He’d be scared he’d push it too far and make you uncomfortable. He’d smile shyly a lot and hold your gaze.

Jun/Junhui Confident and blatant; he’d like to get closer to you by touching your hair, pushing it away from your face. Compliments will be said to flatter you.

Hoshi/Soonyoung Funny and cute; He’d like taking the humorous route when it comes to flirting. He’ll like to share funny stories in hopes he’ll make you laugh, or at least smile. He’ll want to ask about you too, of course.

Wonwoo Cute and nervous; you’ll know when he’s nervous when he has sweater paws and playing around with his sweater. He’ll mix up his words when he tries to compliment you.

Woozi/Jihoon Sweet and smooth; he’d know the right words to say to you to impress you. He’ll share a few of his talents to impress you but will definitely like hearing more about you rather than him going on and on about him.

DK/Seokmin Bold and upfront; he wouldn’t be as nervous as some of the other boys. He wouldn’t be cocky or anything; expect cheesy jokes from him. He’d use them just to create conversation and make you laugh, he wouldn’t actually mean them.

Mingyu Confident and cute; he’d enjoy teasing you a lot. He’d smile a lot at you, hoping he’s winning you over. He’d like to make stupid jokes just to a smile appear on your face.

The8/Minghao Shy and nervous; being able to approach you would be a huge step for him when it comes to flirting. Before coming to you, he’d secretly practice his lines so that he doesn’t mess up when it’s the real thing.

Seungkwan Confident and cute; he’d want to hold back his sassy side because he wouldn’t want you to be offended or anything. However. he’d be in a teasing mood with you.

Vernon/Hansol Cute and nervous; he’d like doing small but nice gestures for you such as giving you flowers. He’d want to let you know he really likes you but in a subtle way instead of saying “I like you” straightforwardly. 

Dino/Chan Adorable but brief; he’d really love talking to you, almost about anything. He usually sees you around often so he’ll hold back from talking so much because he’ll use that excuse to have another conversation with you next time.

“Try and.. seduce him” Sam said and wiggled his eyebrows to a very confused angel.
“ How?” Castiel questioned and crossed his arms over his chest, a little wrinkle formed between his eyebrows.
“ I don’t know…” Sam sighed and frowned, closing the laptop he had been searching cases on. “ Usually free beer and big boobs would’ve done the trick but since you have neither..”
“Is there something wrong with my vessel?” Castiel asked grumpily and tugged at his trenchcoat.
“God no!” Sam urged out. “He almost came in his pants that one afternoon when you had returned from purgatory”
“Ejaculated, good keep up Cas” Sam groaned.
“I am keeping up, I just..”
“ugh Nevermind, I disgusted myself with that comment”
Sam moved his chair a little from side to side, trying to figure out what the hell Castiel could do to seduce his big brother. He wasn’t an expert in this area and all he ever could gather from Dean’s former lays was that the women were big busted and gorgeous, although nowadays anything with blue eyes and brown hair would do the trick.
To be honest, Sam was tired of all these one night stands and pissy Dean in the mornings because even tho Dean would refuse to admit it to himself, it wasn’t the right person he walked home with. It wasn’t Cas, and that frustrated him.
Sam knew they both had feelings for one another and even tho only one part had admit it to him, he could tell.
Now the angel was desperate and sad, and he needed Sam’s help to get the older hunter. So of course was he going to help him.

“And you had tried making him pie?” Sam asked again to which the angel groaned.
“Yes, he liked it and called me ‘buddy’” He cringed.
“ Yeah, the buddy thing..” Sam sighed, then something lit in his head. An idea so great he could’ve almost punched someone in excitement. “Have you tried making him jealous?”
“Cas, you should really read a dictionary from time to time”
“I know what jealousy is, I just..” Castiel chewed on his bottom lip. “Do you think it’ll work?”

It took Sam a lot of will power and discretion to get Dean out of the bunker and to the closest bar without making it seem like he had some weird intention behind it. He held a speech about how important it was to socialise and that it was for the greater good. Dean wasn’t willing to go until Sam had groaned and told him that Castiel might be there. He might go to that bar tonight, and meet up for a drink. Sam hadn’t seen someone getting dressed that quickly in his entire life, and now they were at the bar.

“ I thought you said Cas would be here, where is he man?” Dean questioned and took a sip from his beer bottle, while looking around himself. Sam had to hide his smirk behind the napkin he wiped his mouth with.
“ Don’t know, he’s an angel. You never know what’s up with him”
“Do you think he’s hurt?” Dean asked, his eyes widening slightly and Sam barked out a laugh. “Why are you smiling? It’s serious”
“No, its just that..” Sam began but then stopped talking as he saw Castiel step in. “Wait, he’s here now”
Dean turned his head to where Sam was looking and saw a very alive and well, Castiel, But he didn’t look like himself. He looked fucking hot!
He was wearing black jeans, a dark blue plaid shirt, that Dean recognised was his brother’s old one, and over that a black leather jacket. His hair was messy and his blue eyes stormy. Sam almost found it amusing how Dean’s eyes widened and he shifted awkwardly in his seat.
“Where is he going?” Dean asked as he saw that instead of looking for them, Castiel went directly to the bar. He waved discreetly and god forbid, smirked towards the bartender.
“ What the hell?” Dean asked angrily and glanced back to his brother who shrugged and smirked. “Didn’t you invite him to hang out with us? Why is he chatting up the bartender huh?“
“ Go ask him” Sam urged and watched as his brother pushed himself out of the booth and made his way over to the angel. He then saw Dean bruising up and for a moment he thought that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, but then Dean surged forward and kissed Castiel passionately and all the worry melted away.
Soon after that he witnessed Dean pulling Castiel with him out of the bar and Sam smiled.
Mission completed.
New mission, find a hotel room over the weekend because there is no way he’s going to be around when they solve years of pent up sexual frustration. Nope.

Crossfire - Chapter Twenty Three

Author: somemaycallmesunshine
Pairing: Young John!Michael x Prophet!Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2k
Warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex, fluff, violence, blood, gore, anxiety attacks, angst, swearing, death, changes in season 5’s plot

A/N:Thank you guys for your unwavering support and love. I love you guys so much. This chapter has some sexy times but it’s also a super important chapter for the entire plot. Parts of the episodes are weaved in through the plot with some changes for the sake of the storyline. (Visions as well as internal thoughts are in italics) And to get the feel of the mood, I listened to this song.

Summary: Takes place during season 5. With the apocalypse at foot, Team Free Will and the reader are doing everything in their power to stop it. But when their plans take a wrong turn, the reader gets kidnapped by none other than their enemy, Michael the archangel

Tagging: @spnfanficpond

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22

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Not So Bad After All

Cas x Reader

Summary: You get your belly button pierced. What will Cas have to say about it?

Warnings: Mentions of insecurities, implied sexual content.

Requested by @trinityjadec

A/N: This one’s a little short, but I hope you enjoy anyway!

Originally posted by luciferrcas

You never really liked your stomach- the way it was shaped, the dimpled skin there. You disliked it when people would see it, especially your boyfriend, Cas. He always praised you on how perfect and beautiful you are, but you still had slight doubts.

And then you took a huge step forward. After a couple drinks of liquid courage, you decided to get your bellybutton pierced. You don’t remember it hurting, after all, you’ve had a lot worst. But the butterflies in your stomach didn’t help, either. You loved the way it looked, the little metal stud reflecting the light of the tattoo parlor. For the first time in a while, you felt really good about your tummy.

But, the little self doubt hidden in your mind still made you nervous to tell Cas. What if he didn’t like it? What if he thought it looked bad?

So, you decided to keep it a secret until you were ready to tell him. That is, until you slipped up one day.

Cas had been gone on business in heaven for a couple weeks, and you desperately missed your angelic boyfriend. As you continued to put away books in the bunker’s library, you faintly heard the flapping of wings before soft lips kissed your neck and strong arms pulled you closer to the familiar feeling of Cas’s trenchcoat.

“Hi”, he mumbles, continuing to place soft kisses along your neck, making you blush. 

“Hi”, you murmur back, spinning around so you can place a kiss on his lips. The kiss soon turns steamy, the tension of being apart for so long finally breaking. With your mind too hazy from the kiss, you don’t notice Cas’s hands snaking under your shirt and pulling it off. 

His hand bumps the metal, making him abruptly stop. He immediately lifts your shirt to investigate, his blue eyes widening in surprise. “When did you get this done?” He asks, his eyes not leaving the small stud.

Your breath is knocked out of your lungs, and nervousness swirls in your mind. “I, uh, a month ago?” you stutter out. You force yourself to look away in fear of his response.

“And you’re just telling me about it now?” Cas whispers huskily, eyes darkening with lust. Your eyes widen- you weren’t expecting that.

“Do you like it?”, you ask timidly, absentmindedly pulling at a loose string on your shirt. 

Cas suddenly drops to his knees, arms hooking around your thighs as he places warm kisses around your stomach. “I love it”, he says genuinely, continuing his journey around the piercing. 

That night, he proves to you how much he enjoys your newfound confidence. Maybe going outside your comfort zone isn’t so bad after all.

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anonymous asked:

Hiii, how are you? I wanted to request a top ten destiel moments until 11×3, please!! Sorry, it is too much to ask, but i'd love to know your opinion about Destiel! Thank you for your time! Your blog is amazing, btw ❤


Oh gosh, this is such a hard question. But hey, I’m always willing to talk about Destiel, so I’ll give it a go…


This is something that I will always cherish. 

The fact that Dean-no-chick-flick-moments-Winchester wants to talk emotions with Cas… Really, Dean initiating this talk was so important and such a fresh breath of air at the same time. 


The ‘watching another person sleep’ trope will always be somewhat romantic to me. What stands out to me about this moment, is that Cas just patiently waits for Dean to wake up, and is curious as to what Dean is feeling. 

“What were you dreaming about?”

A scene like this was rather intimate for two characters that have only just met, thus one of those Destiel scenes that got me thinking in the early seasons. 



That wasn’t just Dean’s buddy that died. This meant a lot more, and that trench coat that he kept and even returned to Cas in S7… Yeah, all of that was oddly romantic. 

“Part of me always believed you’d come back”. That line might not have made it into the original episode, but it was written, and even shot as actual footage proves. Let us never forget.


We can all agree that all of purgatory was a huge win for Destiel, but this…

To me it felt like this was the first time where we truly saw that Dean picked Cas first. He could’ve gone home, to Sam, to safety. For getting out of Purgatory, Cas was a liability, not an asset. Yet Dean stayed, and ran around chopping of demon heads, desperate to find his angel. He didn’t need Cas for his powers, or to get out. He needed Cas for Cas. 


This, oh god. this. 

“I did it, all of it, for you.”

I pick this moment because it was one of the early moments where I went; ‘WHOA, this can’t possibly be platonic. He’s a celestial being who killed his own siblings, turned his back on his entire existence for this ordinary human he just met.’

It made me doubt their entire ‘platonic’ relationship, so kudos to that.


This scene… It’s so simple but means so much, because in hindsight, it points out exactly why Cas did what he did; working with Crowley, opening purgatory. Metatron confirmed it seasons later, but even then we could see exactly why he did what he did; it wasn’t for Heaven, or for humanity. He wanted to fix the problem but at the same time ensure that Dean Winchester had a happy human life.

“I was there, where were you?”

Cas was there, he made a wrong decision, but it was for you.


This one is important to me, because even though I saw their potential and chemistry before, this is the point where I actually suspected that Dean/Cas was in fact meant to be a romantic thing on the show.

In ‘the Man Who Would Be King’, we are practically witnessing a breakup, five seasons later confirmed by a heterosexual pairing on the very same show (David/Violet) for which the same dialogue is used in the exact same situation. 

“I was there, where were you?”


Without a doubt: when they first met in 4x01.

What really puts this in the top three for me; Ships usually have to grow on me. It’s not often that two characters meet and I’m like ‘HOLY SHIT, OTP RIGHT THERE!’ But this scene did that for me, whether it was the actors or the characters; the chemistry was hard to deny. When Cas said “you don’t think you deserve to be saved”, I knew that Castiel might become the one person on this show to understand Dean’s feelings, accept them, and get through to him despite it all. 


I think the entire Endverse episode was one huge pile of Destiel, but this will always stick with me:

“Don’t ever change.” 

That line is something that I will forever hold dear, and combined with the way they look at each other here… It’s like you can literally see them falling in love, one of my all time favorites.


“We need you, I need you.”

And then Cas drops the blade. 

I think what really gets me about this scene is that we never got an explanation afterwards. It was even confirmed by the actors that an ‘I love you’ was planned, but what did it for me was that in canon we got this ‘What broke the connection’, and even though all of us simultaneously screamed the word “YOU!” the show never elaborated. The show never proved us wrong, and I will forever take this as canon. The power of their love for each other breaking through the mind control. 

So that’s my top 10 choice, not sure if fellow shippers agree but it was fun to do. :p