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Pease Read! Please Help save my Family!

Im not sure how to do this but I try. Some of you know me fairly well, some of you know me a little, and some dont know me at all. I ask, no, I plead that you take your time to click the link below and read it whomever you are. It wont take that long, but it will mean everything to me and my family.

Some of you know or at least have a hunch that my living situation is very tough, Ive mentioned it but never told what it really is about. Ive been scared to share, felt ashamed, felt its my own fault, felt I should be strong enough to fix it myself. Somehow, in some way. But Ive tried everything, my whole family has tried everything but it keep failing and our strengh is running out. Ive never liked begging for help, it feel wrong to bother others. But things are spinning completely out of hand, my family is suffering badly for years and it only get worse and worse to the extent when I now fear for my parents lives. Thats why I have decided to tell you about our tough living situation, and to ask for your help. With my wonderful friend Anya Bosworth´s (AnyaBoz) help Ive opened a fund to try raise money for saving my family. Please take your time to read it. Thats all I ask.


!!! And if you want to but cant donate via the Fund, here is my paypal: 

I completely understand if you can´t donate, I understand that money is scarse for all of us. Dont feel bad if you can´t help in this way. Absolutely not. But there are other ways you can help if you want - by sharing this, or the link to the Fund, or tell your friends etc. I will post about this on Facebook, Deviantart, Tumblr and Instagram and if you can/want to spread it on any, some or all sites I will be forever grateful! I dont own any other accounts but if you do and want too, please spread it there. Anywhere is great and a insanely huge help to reach out as far as possible. Or if you know of another way go ahead and do that. Any way is a great way. Any form of help is the greatest help!

Here are all the links where to find it (click them);


On Facebook 

On Instagram

On Deviantart

I hope I havnt come across as pushy. Trust me the least I wanna do is bother you with our hardships, I dont wanna beg, but I simply dont know what to do anymore, Im desperate and this is my final resort, my last hope. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and consider it, it mean the world! I may not know you but I send you all my heartfelt thanks from the very bottom of my heart and soul.




Hi again guys,

Im here with some news, maybe small but at the very same time huge! I wanna thank you all SO much for the amazing support, I know the goal is far ahead but oh my world, we have reached over $2000!!! And even more actually because many people have donated directly to my paypal as well. Im just….  I never thought we would raise this much, not in my wildest dreams. And thats not all, so many people have written me, shared the fund, supported us with all their immense kindness, Im not one to cry, but since this fund got up Ive been all tears and emotions. Im grateful beyond words, my Tumblr post is flooded by shares, with the most wonderful words of support, people emai me, there are people holding auctions of their works for our sake, and offering drawings, and commissions and adopts for donating the money to us! I really… this is just… I cant even wrap my head around it. How you can be so kind!
And some days ago I saw my parents smile for the first time in… I cant even remember. You know those big, genuine smiles that reach the eyes. It was magical! And my mom was crying of happiness. To see them like this, with new strengh and hope, that is something so big and… just THANK YOU! Thank you all! I will never be able to thank you enough, not if I so kept thanking you for the rest of my life, this mean more that that, and I just dont know how I can express it, I wish I could send you my feelings.

And this above is not all, because Im thrilled to tell you that we have got our electricity and water back. The house is warm again!!! We have water!!! Our phone and washing machine broke in the electricity failure but its ok, cause we have light and we can cook and use the bathroom. And we can pay for it. With your help we can pay the electrican with no worries! And our spirits have risen and all of us now start to believe we CAN get through this. There will be a better future waiting if we keep fighting. Its not over. And this is because of you, you wonderful people out there that have bounded togheter to help saving us. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and soul! You are amazing, no, you are SO much MORE tha that, each and everyone of you. <3

I am so angry. 6-9 months

So after a year of fighting this stupid cancer, having 2/3 of my liver removed because of the tumors, 3 months of radiation five days a week and chemo every day for 4 months I’m told that the cancer is now inoperable and that the prognosis isn’t good. In fact my doctor said the situation is “grim”. He gave me a timeline. 6-9 months. 6-9 months with my family, with my 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter.
I’m a good person who’s lead a good life despite all the horrible crap I’ve been through, you’d think I’d for once just catch a break. Just one time, one time, I’d love to have something go right for me. I’m going to do everything in my power to prove those doctors wrong. It’s not enough time. I demand it of myself. I need to be here for my kids. I need to see them go to middle school, high school, college. I want to be here to see their dreams come true. And I can’t do that if I’m dead. So screw 6-9 months and screw the doctors “stage 4” Cancer prognosis. I don’t care that I’ve had 3 more tumors show up in two months. I need to fight for my babies

I am begging for all of your help now. Please. I need donations to my gofundme. I’ve had the same gofundme open since March of last year and only just hit the $900 mark. All of that money’s already gone so I could see my doctors. I’ve got bills piling up that I have no way of paying. I’m begging you, please donate as much as you can and share my gofundme with your friends and family on as many social media sites as you can. I haven’t had enough time with my babies. I need more time.

I would drop absolutely everything and fly across the world to see you.
—  another-broken-hello

This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. And I know everyone is tired of posts asking for help but I need it.

I have not been able to work for over a year now because of my anxiety and depression. Recently I have started therapy and have applied to several jobs but I currently still am unemployed. And most of you know my situation in life and what I am struggling with. I need help to pay rent this coming month and basically I need help until I can get a job.

I am willing to do commissions. I am willing to draw characters, full line art and coloring for 15 EACH. So one full colored character is going to be 15 depending on the detail. If you want two characters on one page its 30 and so on and so on. If I cannot do your commission or if I do not have the skill I will tell you up front.  Please no back grounds unless its easy. Backgrounds are not very easy for me to do. These prices are not final and could decrease or increase depending on my skill and how well you explain what you want. Please NO NSFW

Please contact me here on Tumblr if you would like a commission!

My PayPal is

Honestly if you want to donate to me as well any amount would be highly appreciated. I would never ask if I didn’t truly need the help. 

Here are some examples of what I have drawn.

I will reblog this periodically. Please even a reblog will help me. Please spread this around. 

desperate pt.2 [jimin.4]

pt.1 // pt.2

@parkjiminiebaboheart: Hey beautiful! I was wondering if you could make desperate (Jimin) part 2! Because it is sooooooooooooo good! like so cute and fluff and perfect for my life! Thank you ♥ xoxo

@justoneday-with-bts: Hi~ Can I request a second part to “Desperate”? If not I understand and I’ll request smth else, I just really loved that one. Thanks!💓 P.S: “Magazine” was amazing omg

anon: Please, please, please….I beg you! Can’t you do a second part to desperate? I’m really desperate!! OmG! Please! I had never read anything this awesome before.

anon: is there going to be a part 2 for desperate?? i felt a pang in my heart omg ;___;

anon: pls continue writing “desperate” !! i love it so much. ❤️ youre such an amazing writer

@sassymin: Im sorry if you already answered this (but i havent read smth so far) i was going to ask if your “desperate jimin” ff is going to have a pt.2? I rly liked it, you wrote it so well!!

genre: angst / fluff

length: 1.5k

a/n: kinda short, but sweet. thank you for loving my first scenario so much that you wanted pt.2

Jimin joined you on the floor against the bed. 

“Do you remember the first time we kissed?” he asked, hopeful eyes searching your features. 

While you tried to remember the night, he spoke up. “I’m an idiot, of course you wouldn’t remember. You kissed Taehyung that same night, remember?” He shook his head, defeated and your heart hurt at how much you had hurt this boy. 

“We were at that dumb party Taehyung had convinced us to go to and we played that foolish game of spin the bottle.” 

You remembered. 

Jimin wrapped his arms around himself, vulnerable. “At the time, I was so, so excited that I might get the chance to kiss you. You probably felt the same way about the opportunity to lock lips with Taehyung.” his voice wad raw. 

“Anyway, you landed on me and took my first kiss.” 

You never knew you had been his first. Hell, you could hardly remember that night five minutes ago. 

“Later, it was Taehyung’s turn and he landed on you.” His eyes had never left the poster and markers scattered on the floor as he poured his heart out to you. “My heart was so happy even if it was breaking while he kissed your lips.” 

His words were beautiful as he described how he felt about you. You had forgotten how sensitive Park Jimin was, how beautiful his soul was. 

“You know what the worst part was?” he asked you, finally meeting your troubled eyes. When you didn’t answer, he continued. “I was Taehyung’s friend first and I hated him for not seeing your feelings for him.” 

Jimin had just wanted you to be happy. 

You remembered the night you stole Jimin’s first kiss. 

Taehyung had dragged you along with him and Jimin for a night he promised would be fun. He had always been friends with everyone, no matter who they were. 

“There’s a game I wanna play.” Taehyung had smiled at you, making your heart rush. You had agreed instantly, never able to deny him. You followed him everywhere and he had you right where he wanted you. 

Grabbing Jimin’s hand for support, you joined the game Taehyung was getting together. 

“It’s spin the bottle.” Jimin whispered and got nervous. You were nervous too, but you would be playing with Taehyung and couldn’t turn down the opportunity. 

“[y/n], you sit next to Jimin and I’ll go find some others to play.” Taehyung ordered. 

Jimin sat anxiously next to you, his heart pumping incredibly fast. 

You noticed the way he was looking around the room. He looked upset. “Do you need something to drink? Water?” you asked and you realized you were still holding his hand. Letting go, you comfortingly rubbed his back. “Are you okay? You don’t have to play.”

He tried to play it cool. “No, no I’m fine.” His eyes gave him away however and you insisted on getting him a glass of water. 

When you returned, Taehyung was back with several new people filling the gaps. 

“Come on, [y/n].” Taehyung called for you and you rushed for your spot, handing Jimin the drink.

“Thanks.” he said as you studied the people Taehyung had recruited. Several of them were girls you had never seen before and were very beautiful, making you nervous. There were also a few guys, some you recognized and others you didn’t. 

“I’ll go first.” a small girl had spoken up excitedly. Spinning the green glass bottle, she landed on another girl and everyone howled. 

“That’s what I’m talking about!” one of the boys shouted as the girls looked between each other. 

“I’m scared.” you whispered to Jimin and he nodded in agreement. 

You both questioned how exactly Taehyung could be your friend when he loved the crazy lifestyle. 

The girls finished their kiss as several of the players cheered them on, including Taehyung. 

“Your turn.” Taehyung announced to the girl who had been spun. 

A few rounds went by before a boy you recognized from the halls at school landed on you. Your stomach twisted with nerves and you leaned across the circle as he met you halfway. 

His lips were slightly chapped and were rough against your own. It wasn’t horrid, just uncomfortable and no one really reacted. 

Once it was over, it was your turn to spin. The bottle’s glass rang out against the hard wood floor, your stomach uneasy. 

The bottle landed on Jimin, who had yet to kiss anyone and you raised your eyebrows in shock. 

He was scared shitless and you could tell. 

“Sorry.” you apologized quietly as you patted his thigh gently.

“It’s okay.” he assured you and turned his body in your direction so the kiss would be more comfortable. 

It felt weird to inch closer to him. Jimin was your best friend and you couldn’t handle the nerves. His eyes were watching you as you approached him, only closing once your lips were on his. 

They were velvety soft against yours and you were thankful for his frequent application of chapstick. You had noted before how thick his lips were, you just never really thought about how good they would feel against you own. 

You could hear Jimin’s heart hammering against his chest and became aware he might not like this. You were like siblings after all. 

Ending the kiss, you pulled away from him, noticing how bright he was glowing. 

“Sorry.” you mumbled again, still in his personal space. 

His hands were in fists against his thighs and he shook his head. “Yeah.” he smiled and turned to take his own turn, having to kiss another girl. 

“Way to go Jimin!!” Taehyung encouraged and clapped his hands with enthusiasm. 

You noticed his kiss with her was much shorter and unsure. 

And then it wad Taehyung’s turn. 

When he landed on you, your heart stopped. Your dreams would come true. 

“Come here babe.” he smirked and grabbed your wrist from across the circle, pulling you to him. You didn’t even remember the girl he had just kissed as his lips met yours. 

They were warm and sensual, moving slowly. It was what you always hoped for. 

When his tongue entered the equation, you felt like you had died. It was strong against yours and his arms held you as he deepened the kiss. 

It was over much too soon in your opinion and Taehyung released you with a wink. Your limbs were numb with bliss as you retreated to your spot. 

The painful memory of his hot tongue lingering on yours brought you back to Jimin’s silent bedroom. 

“Why didn’t you say anything?” you asked him. “Why didn’t you confess?”

“You apologized for having to kiss me, but when Taehyung kissed you, you never felt sorry. It hit me that you didn’t love me like I wanted you to.” Your heart sunk and you hated how stupid you were. 

He picked up a marker, rotating it in his hands as he sighed. 

“I would get so mad when Taehyung would ignore you or wouldn’t notice your advances.” you frowned. “He would take advantage of your love for him.”

Looking back on your friendship with the boy after he left, you had finally understood.  

“I would try to tell myself that you were pathetic to make myself feel better, but I hated those thoughts because I realized I had fallen for you.” Jimin’s eyes were piercing you. 

“I hate how you make me feel.” he admitted to you. 

“I hate that I’m always nice to you.” 

You hated it too. It made everything worse. 

Jimin placed the marker on the ground again as he turned to face you like he had years ago. 

“Can I kiss you for real now?” he requested as his hooded eyes drank in your lips. Tingles spread through your body at his words. 

Unable to form words, you nodded. 

His lips were against yours in seconds, his palm cradling your cheek. 

They were as soft as you remembered them as he kissed your breath away. Parting your lip with his tongue, you willingly allowed him access. Your hands moved to his hair as the kiss became feverish. 

Smooth tongue against your own, he pulled you into his lap. He groaned at the way you tugged his hair, thoroughly enjoying his kiss. 

Breaking away for air and to calm down, he rested his forehead against your. 

“I’ve wanted to do that every second since our first kiss.” he confessed. “I wanted to kiss you properly.” he smiled against your cheek as your breath ghosted against his skin. 

“I love you.” his voice was delicate. “You don’t have to say it back.” he rushed before you could say anything. “I just need you to know.” 

“I do love you Jimin.” you corrected him. “I just don’t love you as much as you love me right now.” his spirit dropped. “But, maybe someday I will. If you’re willing to give me time.” you smiled and he hugged you tightly.

“Of course, I’ll make you fall in love with me.” he smirked and you giggled in his lap. 

“Maybe you can start by reading me that letter.” you motioned to the letter addressed to you in the dirt caked box that had spurred this moment. 


[copyright jiminmusings]

What Valentine’s Day Was Like As A Kid Versus What It’s Like Now

As a kid, celebrating Valentine’s Day is relatively stress free. Everyone hands out cards to everyone, people give you a lot of candy for seemingly no reason, no one is in a serious relationship with the pressure to spend a lot on a great gift, and if your crush doesn’t like you back, you forget about it by the end of recess. These sticky things called “emotions” were much less messy back in elementary school.

Today, Valentine’s Day is literally full of stress.