A walk around the dormitory halls under the cover of darkness brings to light two important facts: sleeplessness and boredom don’t mix well, and Kokichi and Shuuichi have a little more in common than they thought.

(Non-despair, HPA-verse AU.)

this is an ouma-centric oneshot for @akiibun, with a hint of saiouma and some angsty undertones. i hope you enjoy it!

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Happy, Crazy Family

A voice rings out. “Boy, was I fucking surprised! Who knew such a hot piece of ass could kill just as well as yours truly? Well, it all started as I was driving around in my van, looking for any despair assholes, when I suddenly came upon this girl ruthlessly cutting up rioters with pairs of scissors, laughing all the while. There was quite a crowd of ‘em, so I decided to be a gentleman and give her a hand.”

But then… a female voice chimes in. “Oh, it was love at first sight. Sure, this handsome devil may not kill with quite the care and artistic style as me, but when it comes to creativity in killing, he’s second to none!”

The camera pans out to Rock sitting in his van with a girl with a round glasses and a long tongue hanging out of her mouth. Rock wraps his arm around the girl, who leans her head into him. “She and I hit it off from there and soon, she became my girlfriend, Genocider Syo.”

A small child is walking around the abandoned park, holding a bunny plush close to her chest. She has a small backpack on and seems like she’s lost. She’s singing softly, not really paying attention to anything around her.

anonymous asked:

What made you go from murderous sentient bear to someone you'd find on tumblr. now it's all about sex and kuma loving everything that's the opposite of what made him so awesome. I don't wanna hate, i'm just confused why you'd not make this human a separate oc?

Mmmmmm, pardon me, but I’ll address this as bluntly as possible so I can get my honest opinion across on some of these, any meme’ing aside.

1. “Someone you’d find on tumblr.” God I hope not considering Kuma commits mass g.enocide & tortures / maims children for shits & giggles. I DO have a non despair verse where he doesn’t end up filling out that role and I have quite a few threads in it, ofc, but I also have several threads in main verse. Pre-apocalypse is all about manipulating and using the people around him, post apocalypse is all about murder. Those threads haven’t been as prominent on the dash recently just cause I haven’t been on the dash recently, like?? My activity has been low, I mean. I have 30 drafts, a lot of them are centered around murder & manipulation, it takes some dedication to write jhenbgjheb. I’m kind confused what ur inferring here tho like?? Bc of his appearance?? The h.omo / a.gender thing??? His traits, his style, his interests, etc??? I’m just not sure what constitutes “someone you’d find on tumblr” like??? Bc he’s edgy???? wh

2. “now it’s all about sex” I wrote a couple s.ex headcanons a few days ago. Numerous headcanons, in fact. For a meme. And I make s.exual jokes in crack verse, definitely. But aside from OOC discussion between me and, like??? literally one other mun about Kuma’s s.exual development in that relationship, s.ex has never been addressed IC by Kuma himself. I’ve never RP’ed a single s.exual encounter in the 2+ years I’ve had this blog. Idk where this impression came from unless you’re just going off my crack & headcanon posts lately, which, again, I haven’t been super active so I haven’t replied to threads as much as I’d like, so those posts are kinda lingering on my blog. But like literally nothing s.exual has ever happened on this blog, ever, memes aside. None of my interactions or ic content have ever touched this subject with a 10 inch pole. In fact, Kuma (in his main verses) will literally KILL anyone who brings up s.ex???

3. “kuma loving everything” I also don’t know where this comes from like. He loves his hobbies… and like… flowers and stuff… but he hates people??? And like… gestures vaguely it’s a long list Kuma hates, he just hates. He uses & manipulates & belittles & eventually murders every1 around him??? Like that’s the entire point of his character. Even in non despair verse he’s an asshole or standoffish to other people – granted, he’s not killing them because that’s a what-if-the-apocalypse-never-happened scenario, which, again, is a verse many DR roleplayers have? You seem more familiar with my nd!verse which…. is an au…. canon!kuma loves…. v…. v little…. and that’s a big part of his character.

4. “opposite of what made him so awesome” for this we can agree to disagree; I think him having some things he does like and some people he does regard as more than boring throw away toys is what makes him awesome because it’s what makes him human. Writing a villain who hated everything without any complexity behind it wouldn’t be interesting. Even J.unko had that depth to her. I didn’t want Kuma to BE J.unko, so I gave him his own set of humanity. That makes him differ from M.onokuma, definitely, but that was also my intention. I didn’t want him to just be M.onokuma. But human.

5. “i’m just confused why you’d not make this human a separate oc” A fair question, to which my response is that Kuma is still deeply involved with the events of D.anganR.onpa & the events that take place and the characters in it. I’ve crafted his story to meld with the events of all three games – I’ve taken careful consideration into what he’d be doing during the first & second games, during AE, what his relationship is with the key Despair players, how he was involved in the apocalypse, etc. Taking him out of the DR universe literally removes the entirety of his story arc. Yes, I crafted a character that is far beyond what M.onokuma was meant to be, but I did so with a lot of attention given to the details of the source material. I didn’t take a character and try to shove him into the DR universe – Kuma has been developing gradually over the course of 2 years. He’s grown a lot as a character since I began, and he’s become far more accommodated to DR’s storyline than he was at first when he WAS just a M.onokuma, but human cliche. I’ve addressed this question before actually, in depth, but that’s the short of it.

I hope that helps shed some light onto my thoughts on the matter. Kuma is a product of 2+ years of character development. I went from “murderous sentient bear” to him because a lot of hard work went into him and his character developed. That’s it.



Fuyuhiko knocked upon her door after taking a few breaths. A bunny plush in his arms, he couldn’t exactly wrap the damn poxy thing up…Though he managed to put a red ribbon around it, the bow was the difficult part…Bit lopsided and probably a bit messy but he tried. 

The plush was a fair size; Golden in colour save for it’s rosy cheeks, cute eyes a fluffy tail….She would like it right?…Would she like his other plans?…He wasn’t so sure…Getting a little nervous before realizing the door was opening causing him to stand up straight.

“H-Happy Birthday…!”

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Okay seriously though what happens next with Anakin and Padme in Shmi's vision verse?

Weeping. Despair. S u f f e r i n g. 

Also, Padmé being like “we have our people to worry about, self, PLEASE STOP FRETTING OVER THE SAD BABY JEDI” and then utterly failing to stop fretting over the sad baby Jedi. There is literally gonna be at least one handmaiden on Anakin’s ass at all times right up until he climbs into that starfighter and POSSIBLY EVEN THEN. 

“It’s big enough to fit us both,” Eirtaé decides, already clambering into the cockpit with him. Eirtaé. Eirtaé, no, there is LITERALLY NO REASON FOR–fine. Fine, whatever. Try not to get elbowed. KIDS THESE DAYS. 

Anakin is just really grateful it’s the handmaiden who looks LEAST like Padmé who came. Although butting into a starfighter with him isn’t very un-Padmé-like, he will admit. 

… he misses Padmé. Force, he is the worst, he literally ALREADY MISSES HER. This cannot possibly end well. 

Smol announcement, I am REVOKING my redemption verse for Kuma. Unlike my non despair verse, which plays off the “what-if” scenario of a man who is the same person but in different circumstances (thus keeping his core character in tact), I feel as if it deviates too much from who Kuma is & ends up making him act too OOC for my liking when writing him. In reality, he would never redeem himself; he would never apologize for what he’s done or feel remorse. And even in an AU setting, playing it that way just kinda feels??? Too awkward and, again, out of character. So I’m gonna get rid of it because I don’t have as much enjoyment from it since it doesn’t… feel like my muse if that makes sense.

This does NOT apply to people who have individual verses with me that involve very specific reasons for his redemption (ex: my verse w/ @picarexque or @jvste, w/e). In those interactions, Kuma’s redemption was worked into their relationship & there are specific reasons and/or conversations involving why it happened, so they’ll remain as is (nothing will change on ur guys’ end, our muses’ relationship can continue as-is!!)

jhbenrjhgnejhrgbn anyways I have to go to the airport rn and pick some peeps up so I’ll be back to write more later aaa

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“Oi…You Hagakure the phony fortune teller?”

Another year, a new start or at least that was what Fuyuhiko thought until he caught sight of a familiar person who made his blood boil. Of all places…This bastard dare show his face here a year after his sister died? His sister who had been conned out of a hell load of cash from this fake asshole?

“Haven’t forgotten what you owe have ya, you bastard? We’re still waiting.”

Every time I think about the day you left me here 
I feel so cold inside 
Can’t imagine goin’ through life without you here 
Something inside me {died}
It’s not coming back, ‘cause 
You’re not coming back 
You’re g o n e 
But this pain is here to stay 

Man (the disbeliever) does not get tired of asking good (things from Allah), but if an evil touches him, then he gives up all hope and is lost in despair

[Surah Fussilat Verse 49]


“You guys….are in a better place now….you don’t have to worry about me….well, okay maybe I went on a Rogue path…but I needed power to beat tartoros…they’re still alive after all…. Rest in peace. Minerva, Orga, Rufus, Yukino, Rogue,Lector, Frosch….”,he looked at the graves he made years ago. He walked pat one of them. “ I love you Sting..”,he muttered. The dead were in his nightmares. Blamin him always. Yet, he finally could sleep at night. 

It’s not like she was always sleeping, but this time she was. Wearing her usual clothes, the female had feel asleep on the cafeteria. It was saturday and there wasn’t any class to atend. Every student was free to do what they wanted, go where they want to go. And so, no one really bothered to wake her up once she feel asleep there.

After some hours, it was already dinner, and the gamer continued to sleep on her chair. Whatsoever, she was….tiny. Of course, no one would reconize that she was there at first sigh, but it wouldn’t be hard to miss once they got near her chair.

So there she was, sleeping, just waiting for the first person enter the cafeteria to get dinner.