the signs as quotes from the danganronpa 3 dub

Aries: I will kill you in the name of deliciousness!

Taurus: DEAR BOY

Gemini: Now to watch the butthurt blossom!

Cancer: Yeah, I don’t get this either. Pretty sure i died! 

Leo: This baby’s in your hands now, chief.

Virgo: Is it just me, or is he getting gayer with age?

Libra: You’s gots the hots for kyosuke munakata!

Scorpio:  Sexy selfies, no I can’t! Maybe I’ll snap a few just to be artsy.

Sagittarius: Wow. If I were a gigantic weeb I’d probably be impressed by you. Look at him tremble! He’s gonna burst a blood vessel because I dissed his waifu!

Capricorn: They live and die by the meme.

Aquarius: Kamakura Kamakura yass queen!!!

Pisces: I still don’t get why you’re so interested in a scrub like me anyhow.