desoto park

50 States of Pack - Mississippi

Home of the famous 11-mile-wide Mississippi River, Mississippi offers quite a bit of hike-friendly pathways and loops for the weekend explorer. One great park, DeSoto National Park, offers a couple of protected areas, filled with Mississippi’s unique flora and adorable fauna. For example, Black Creek Trail is a 40 mile long trail along the only designated Wild & Scenic River.  This is one of the many great areas in MS, like the Choctaw Lake National Recreation Area.


Leaves at High Falls by jim324w

Fort DeSoto Lifeguard Stand

This is another shot from the northern tip of Fort DeSoto Park in St Petersburg Florida. For me sunset is the best time to be at the beach, yet usually there are only a few people left. That’s just fine because you feel you have the whole place to yourself. And then finally when all the colors fade, the last stragglers walk back to their cars and leave, knowing the best was saved for last.