ragnbonesympathy  asked:

I have this headcanon that Thorin first started showing Bilbo how he felt by sharing his cloak at nights because Bilbo was always cold. Then, obvs just to keep warm, they start snuggling and one night Thorin just kisses the back of Bilbo's neck and from there it's on. Anyway, a bit daft but it makes me smile :p

i am disintegrating. this is so wonderful. thorin would definitely kiss him first, he is such a desotted fool, and bilbo is all repressed but so full of love. imagine them sitting there…

thorin’s arm around bilbo’s back, his hand resting against bilbo’s hip? thorin’s small smiles, tucking his chin down, as they talk quietly?? billbo tucking his hands under thorin’s tunic to warm them, touching his bare stomach, laughing when thorin flinches at the unexpected contact???