Pinescone Week Day 03 : Gnomeking/Prince AU

“Dipper, There’s no need to stand like this or  say all those poems you’re telling me!” 

“Is it how we have to behave in front of the Royalty ?~~”

(I have this  headcanon that when Dipper met  the Gnomeprince-or King, up to you-, he instantly fell in love with him. During many days, he would come and litteraly courting him and Wirt would be all shy and desoriented because never ever in this word and life time someone had done that for him before Dipper.And after  many month of flirting and intense poetry, Wirt would finally made him his counsor.  -God I have to write something about it- )

And yes I got lazy with the background but I’m in uni so I don’t have much time for it !+ I wanted to made  Wirt’s cloat and hat a bit more fancy because HE’S ROYAL )

∩(︶▽︶)∩ About all dah fan arts

Okay dokay.  ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ


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i don’t know why i laugh so much when i see this gif anyway SOWWY

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