IMAGINE Waking up beside a sleepy jungkook who pulled out an all nighter with you the night before . You slightly nudge his shoulder and slide your fingers through his luscious brown hair to wake him up. After a few minutes he finally feels your fingers on his scalp and he shots up from bed. You’re looking at him in adoration while the boy is lost as hell from what’s going on. He’s desoriented and cannot seem to open his eyes at all . He does not know how in the world he ended up in the same bed as you in this location.His bed hair is sticking out in all directions and his lips are parted while his eyes remain closed. He stares at you with his half lidded eyes for two seconds before he chooses to bury his face back onto his pillow.He believes that this might be a dream and that he should go back to sleep to see you again .You choose to pull his sleeping figure in your arms and he suddenly hugs your waist while burying his face on your chest as he’s sleeping soundly. Jungkook is too tired to even function and you find this side of him too cute for this world.

NCT liking a insecure chubby girl

Request: “NCT’s reaction to liking a insecure chubby girl? My request is from my personal experience with it. Some of them can be really shy and it is hard to get their trust, so I’m curious how boys from NCT would be around girl like this. I hope you understand my request ><”

A/N: This was so cute to do, this babies would be so sweet.


Taeil would feel quite disoriented when you start talking about your body and how much you hate it, the only thing he would be sure about is that he absolutely adores your body and that the words that are leaving your mouth are destroying him inside. He would feel quite motivated to express his opinions about it thanks to his feelings, but still feeling quite unsure of how making you realize how much you worth.


When it comes to liking someone, I feel like Johnny wouldn’t waste any second on letting that person know and would be quite obvious. So whenever he’s around you he would be really touchy and smiley, showing you and everyone how much he loves you and your body even if you feel insecure about yourself.


Taeyong would get really thoughtful as he listens to you talking about how much you hate your body, making him feel quite sad but also motivated to talk about his past insecurities. He would open up to you, letting you know that you can trust him whenever you need someone to talk to, that having insecurities is something normal and that they aren’t impossible to overcome.


Yuta would feel really frustrated and quite.. mad? at you when you tell him about how insecure you feel with your body. He would immediately tell you all his opinions about it, telling you that the way you think is silly and letting you know how deadly gorgeous you’re in his eyes. 


This angel would get speechless as he hears your broken voice talking about how disgusted you’re of your own body, breaking his heart apart. He would hug you immediately as soon as tears start falling down your cheeks, whispering sweet things to you. “You’re so beautiful, Y/N. Listen, we can work together on this, okay? I  just can’t tolerate seeing you like this anymore.”


Doyoung’s reaction would be really similar to Yuta’s. Every time you call him with your crying, broken voice he dies a little more inside, feeling deeply frustrated about it. He would start giving you his opinions about it and reminding you how stunning you are in his eyes.


This would actually be quite hard for Ten to believe at first. “Are you serious, Y/N? But your body is so beautiful..” He wouldn’t want to talk too much about it afterwards now that he’s aware that you don’t feel comfortable with the subject, but he would definitely be a lot more understanding and sweet with you, giving you little sincere compliments from time to time, always accompanied with a bright smile.


Jaehyun would be a mix of Kun and Taeil, feeling broken hearted and deeply frustrated as he hears at your painful voice talking. “No, Y/N… you’re beautiful.” There would be a few tears in his eyes too, making you realize how honest he was being and how much he cared about you.


Like Jaehyun, this angel would also probably burst on tears as he hears you talking. Even with tears in his face and a broken voice, Sicheng would interrupt you just to contradict you firmly on everything you said. “Please, Y/N, don’t you dare to say that kind of things to the prettiest girl I have ever seen ever again.”


Mark would be in complete shock as he hears you asking him for help, telling that you can’t tolerate living this anymore. He would embrace you in his arms and rub your back softly at the same time he tells you how much he loves you and reminds you how beautiful you truly are. “I’ll help you to overcome this, okay, Y/N? You’re not alone.”


Renjun would be complete shocked when he hears you talking about your body with a empty voice and a sad expression in your face. He would comfort you in silence, hugging you and leaving kisses in your skin that helped you to calm down. Like Ten, he wouldn’t talk about it with you anymore, but would still be really caring and attentive with you.


Another sweetheart who would be completely heart broken while you cry in his shoulder. In moments like this Jeno would forget completely about his shyness and would be very vocal about his feelings for you, telling you how precious you are in his life and how much he loves your body. Like Johnny, he would also start showering you in compliments from that day on.


Donghyuck would be a mix or Taeyong and Yuta’s reactions in this situation. He loves your body and wouldn’t feel ashamed of being vocal about it, letting you know how much. He would also use his own story as a great example of how you can overcome every single one of your insecurities and be proud of yourself.


Being completely honest, I don’t think Jaemin would even care about your body. If this angel really likes you and even thinks about an opportunity of being something more than just friends with you, your appearance would be SO secondary. So he wouldn’t act in any special way, being really sweet and polite and never stop smiling whenever you’re around.


Chenle would be really confused with all of this because, thanks God he has never feel insecure with himself, so knowing about your situation would made him pretty curious about your story. He would ask you some questions and listen to your answers carefully, quite sad that you can’t see the masterpiece you actually are. He would be a lot more attentive and sweet with you, giving you compliments and letting you know that he feels proud of you.


Jisung would be quite desoriented. He would think a lot about your words and realize how sad your situation is and how much he wishes that you could love yourself as much as he does, this feelings would motivate him to give you little compliments everyday that, hopefully, would make you feel better.

Park Woojin: “Bad Day Boy”.

  • I apologise in advance for some gramatical errors/mistakes made in this bulletpoint scenario. I’m not that fluent in English but I’m trying my best (and I don’t have the time rn to correct this either)🙈🙈. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!! ♡


She called him the Bad Day Boy


difficulty describing feelings to other people.”

 “I’m writting this with a pencil…
I know it’s weird, believe me, I’m trying to make sense in this letter because it’s important for me. Why? Because it’s for you and you are important for me.
This is a list of reasons why I love you…"

  • “Your bright smile…”
  • Like most of the people, Woojin had bad and god days. Since he started dating y/n he realsed there were more good days than bad days but that didn’t mean he wasn’t able to feel a bit down sometimes.
  • That day was one of those bad days. First, he forgot to set the alarm so he fell asleep and lost the bus. Then, when the other bus came he found that his wallet was empty so he couldn’t pay the ticket and the driver was so rude to him, yelling and telling him to get out of the bus. After that the sky started to cry, literally cry. Woojin used to love days like that, when there was so much rain and thunders but wrn he was at home, confy and with some horror movies to watch, not in that state. He was getting wet while trying to walk to the school, his phone died because he forgot to charge it, and he was starting to feel angry with himself and everything.
  • On top of that, there was a math test that day on the first period and he was running late to class. For him it was inevitable: the teacher would probably tell him to wait outside without taking in consideration his state, he was going to fail that test.
  • When he finally arrived the school everything he thought about in a negative way, came true. He was obligated to stay out of the classroom till the test ended and he started feeling sick. He was tired, sad, wet and without any money for lunch, till she decided to appear with her bright smile.
  • “Woojinie~ are you okay?” She asked and then rolled her eyes, it was obvious that he wasn’t okay. “You are really pale.”
  • “It’s okay baby, I’m just tired…” Woojin and y/n have been in a relationship for one year and everytime she smiled at him he couldn’t help but smile back and start thinking about positive things. She was the only one who was able to deal with his temper and in days like this, she was the only one who could make them better.
  • “What happened?” Y/N asked. “I’m okay baby, I’m okay.”
  • “No, Woojin, you are really pale and…”
  • With her voice echoing in his ears he passed out. Two hours later he woke up in the nurse room, desoriented and hungry. His school uniform wasn’t wet anymore and he was still sick but feeling a bit better.
  • In the table infront of him was a big box and a water bottle with a note in a sky blue paper. Woojin stand up trying not to colapse in the floor due to his lack of strenght and then he walked the three steps that separeted him from the box and the note.
  • “For Park Woojin, the bad day boy in a note because I like notes and I like you. With love, your girlfriend, Y/N.”
  • Minutes later the nurse entered the room and greeted Woojin, asking him to take a sit in the chear near the table. While she was checking if he was still having feber and doing another medical stuff, she smiled to him and said:
  • “Your girlfriend was really worried, actually she is in the officine of the director because of you right now. She got in trouble with her math teacher for treating you bad in the morning and not giving you the oportunity to do the test, also she started to shout to everyone in the room when they told her that she wasn’t going to be able to stay here till you wake up. She was so upset and worried.”
  • Just ten minutes after that little conversation with the nurse she dessapeared. Woojin stood there, enjoying the silence of the room and eating what was on the big box in the table.
  • Minutes passed or even an hour and the bell ringed and before Woojin could process it the door was opened and there was her, with a messy hair, some books in one hand and her tipical and beautiful smile.
  • “How are you feeling baby? Do you still have feber?” She asked while entering the room. Woojin could tell that she wasn’t planning on telling him what happened while he was sleeping.
  • “No sweetie, I’m better. Was it fun in the director’s office?” Woojin was a straightfoward person and y/n knew that but even if she knew she was never going to be ready for him comming like that.
  • “Ah…uh…how…how did you…?” “It’s okay y/n the nurse told me. I’m not mad or something but was it that necessary? I don’t think so.” Woojin replied before she could even think. “It’s okay anyway, you were worried baby, come here.”
  • Y/n walked silently to Woojin with her eyes fixed on the ground and trying to hide her smile. If she had to be honest, it was really funny to reply back to her math teacher, she hated him.
  • “So you are not mad…?” y/n said.
  • “No but I didn’t need you to do that for me. You know what I needed the most in that time and I still need now?” Woojin asked and she waited there for an answer to that question. “For you to smile at me.”
  • And y/n smiled.

That was the only time when I was able to tell you what I was feeling, even if it wasn’t a feeling at all. Believe me, your smile might be just a reaction to something but It makes me feel a lot of things and I want you to keep smiling like that for me, baby.”

1° Gratsu Week 2017

Day one: Pillow Fight
I know it’s late, very late, but with the final chapter out I just couldn’t resist myself!!


“Are you ready?” Gray whispered with eyes downcast, gazing at bright hazel irises. Their breathing ragged and hands clutching soft fabric in expectation. His answer was a simple nod, dark pink hair bouncing about on alabaster skin “So…attack!”

The pair jumped from behind the small sofa on the room, screaming in delight as Natsu roared in faux surprise. Both Gray and Yuki hurled pillows straight on the dragonslayer’s face, making him slightly desoriented. It gave the attackers enough time to push Natsu on the top of the king sized bed.

As soon as Natsu tried to get up, Gray straddled his thighs locking him on the lying position. Yuki was on him not long after, small body sitting on top of the fire mage’s wide chest. With matching smiles, both ice wizards initiated a wave of hits. Soft sacks of father striking his face with two levels of force. Where Yuki lacked strength, Gray made up with strong, unmerciful hits, being careful to never hit their little one.

Minutes went by, the only sound heard were loud laughs and playful groans. At some point Yuki stoped, feeling tired, followed by Gray, who embraced his tiny form to his chest and fitted his head on the corner of his shoulder and neck. The two grinned smugly down at Natsu who crossed muscled arms and pouted.
“We won, daddy!” Yuki exclaimed, bouncing a little in excitement. Gray nodded with a smirk.

“I think it was unfair!” The dragonslayer whined, turning his head to the side in stubbornness, “Two against one don’t count!”

“Oh, c'mon Natsu!” Gray intervened, his facial muscles contracted, nose scrunching up as he nuzzled in their son’s neck, ripping a few steric laughs. “Have you seen Yuki’s size? He’s so tiny I don’t think I can even count him as a half man!”

An outraged complain escaped said child as Yuki frowned. His annoyed expression was just as cute as Gray’s and it made Natsu want to squeeze those rosy, chubby cheeks of his. Yuki stuffed his chest as much as possible and lifted his arms to show nonexistent biceps, “One day I’ll be as big as daddy!”

This time Gray was the one making an annoyed expression and again Natsu had the urge to squeeze the cuteness out of his boys, “What about me, your papa? I’m taller than your brain-for-ashes of a father here!” The older ice mage questioned, successfully making Yuki rethink his options for role-model. He put a small fist under his chin while thinking and when a decision was achieved his eyes brightened even more, a devilish expression taking over his face.

“I’ve decided! I’m gonna be as big as uncle Laxus!” A few seconds went by before the couple exploded in jealousy and disbelief.

Gray opted for a more theatrical response, murmuring how Yuki didn’t love him anymore, among other dramatic affirmations. Natsu, on the other hand, didn’t waste time in physically share a piece of his distaste. Hugging both mages to his chest, the dragonslayer rolled over and quickly attacked their sides, one hand under Yuki’s armpits and the other on Gray’s ribs. The two exploded into a fit of laughs, barely having time to catch their breath as Natsu mercilessly moved and stabbed calloused fingers on their ticklish areas.

Only when there were tears on blue and hazel eyes did Natsu stopped. He retread to the headboard, sitting up and leaning against it. Gray joined him, circling long arms around his torso and laying his head on his chest, right over the beating heart. Yuki made himself comfortable between the two adults, under Gray’s arm, also leaning on Natsu’s chest.

Quietness settled over them, only broken by the low calm music coming from the living room. The light was dim and comfortable, its origin was a lampshade which casted soft, warm yellow light over the trio. The bedroom was a mess of pillows of all colors and sizes, scattered all over the places, on the floor and on top of a dresser, precariously pushing a communication lacrima over the edge.

Natsu looked down, taking in the perfect picture of his husband and son resting on him, lazy smiles splitting their features. Their healthy breathing and hazy gazes, which showed they were there alive, safe and happy brought a fuzzy feeling that filled the dragonslayer’s heart with affection. His little family was everything to him, two people who owned and held his heart, two people he loved with all he was. There wasn’t better place in world to be than right there.

Censorship in Estado Novo

A dispatch describing one of Simone de Beauvoir’s work with the stamp demonstrating that it was forbidden, scribbled all over with the infamous blue pencil. It specially enhances Simone’s leftist and ‘attack on the right’.

Every newspiece, every editorial, column, TV show, radio program, book, panflet, every bit of writing and every image that came out to the public in Portugal - aside from the clandestine press, such as the newspaper Avante! - fell under the hard hand of the censorship comissions. The infamous blue pencil was known for cutting out or even completely censor bits of writing, from news to books.

The 1933 Constitution stated simultaneously that «free thought of any form» was a right, and later on, that «special laws» should regulate the freedom of expression. This is further explain in Art. 3, where the use of 'censorship’ (albeit this word is never employed) is explained: to «stop the perversion of public opinion in its role of social strenght and should be exercised so to defend it from every factor that desorient it against truth, justice, moral and good administration and common good, and to avoid that the fundamental principles of society’s organization be attacked». These criteria, of course, were previously established by the government. From 1944 onwards, the censorship organization was officially under SNI - Secretariado Nacional de Informação, otherwise known as the secretary in charge of propaganda.

As António de Oliveira Salazar stated himself: «Politically, only what the public knows exists».

This censorship affected as far as education. Children’s books and school books, in fact, remained the same throughout 48 years. The Censorship services were under the idea that «it seemes desirable that portuguese children be taught, not as citizens of the world, in preparation, but as portuguese children that will no longer be children, but will still be portuguese».

Similarly, books were subjected to being revised by censorship, but could be aprehended after being published. A list 900 authors total were forbidden in Portugal, among them: Jorge Amado, Miguel Torga, Karl Marx, Aquilino Ribeiro, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, José Cardoso Pires, Urbano Tavares Rodrigues, and many, many others.

An example of how censorship worked can be seen in this news bit, to be published in O Século newspaper.:

It announces the return of Humberto Delgado, who ran for office in a scham election that resulted not only in his loss, but his consequent assassination. It reads “The return to Lisbon of Humberto Delgado gave place to protests that resulted in several incidents and warming protests on behalf of the supporters of our chairman [Salazar]”. However, two expressions are cut out: “enthusiastic” and “of sympathy”. Which abruptly changes the context. So originally, the message read: “The return to Lisbon of Humberto Delgado gave place to enthusiastic manifestations(1) of sympathy that resulted in several incidents and warming protests on behalf of the supporters of our chariman”. Bu censoring these two expressions, not only do the supporters of Humberto Delgado come out as violent, but on the contrary, those who support Salazar appear gentle and warm. You can also see the stamp on the lower left corner which reads “Censorship Services, Authorized with Cuts”.

(1) In portuguese, the word 'manifestação’ equally means a manifestation (of feeling, etc) or a protest. The meaning is in here changed in the context of the removal of said expressions.

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Pinescone Week Day 03 : Gnomeking/Prince AU

“Dipper, There’s no need to stand like this or  say all those poems you’re telling me!” 

“Is it how we have to behave in front of the Royalty ?~~”

(I have this  headcanon that when Dipper met  the Gnomeprince-or King, up to you-, he instantly fell in love with him. During many days, he would come and litteraly courting him and Wirt would be all shy and desoriented because never ever in this word and life time someone had done that for him before Dipper.And after  many month of flirting and intense poetry, Wirt would finally made him his counsor.  -God I have to write something about it- )

And yes I got lazy with the background but I’m in uni so I don’t have much time for it !+ I wanted to made  Wirt’s cloat and hat a bit more fancy because HE’S ROYAL )

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