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Private Film

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Summary: Lucy finds a video camera, and uses it in the bedroom with Negan

Pairing: Negan x Lucy

Warning: Swearing, Smut, Daddy Kink

“C’mon Lucy, we need to leave!”  Negan hollered up to you as you finished getting dressed upstairs, “Coming!” you hollered back as you slipped on your sweater and ran down.  Negan was finally letting you go out on a run with him. He was standing at the door wearing his usual leather jacket and red scarf, with Lucille slung across his shoulder, he was handsome as ever, “took you long enough” Negan said with a chuckle as he lightly bumped his shoulder into you. You rolled your eyes and walked out as Negan trailed behind you. You both hopped into the white pick-up truck that was parked out front, as one of Negan’s men opened the gate.

You stared out of the passenger side window as Negan drove down the desolate road, you suddenly felt Negan twirl your hair in his fingers, you looked over and noticed him gazing at you, “you’re beautiful you know that” he said with a soft voice, you began to blush and looked back out the window. You were one of Negan’s wives, but he told you on multiple occasions that you were his favorite. You didn’t like that he was with other women but you loved him and he treated you like his queen.

You pulled up in front of a Department store and you both got out of the truck, “why’re we here?” you asked, “I need to find some fucking tools, Sanctuary needs some repairs” Negan replied as he held up Lucille as you both entered. Negan took care of the few walkers that were endlessly wandering around inside, “look around, grab anything you fucking want” Negan shouted out to you as he went to the hardware section. You held the pistol you brought with you in your hand as you looked down the aisles, a lot of the stuff was already looted and everything else was useless. You decided to take a look down the electronics aisle, before the outbreak you were a photographer and you’d give anything to have a functioning camera again. You looked around but all you found were empty or smashed boxes, until you noticed a box still in its plastic wrapping at the back of the bottom shelf, you bent down and grabbed the box; you were overcome with excitement when you noticed it was a video camera, and that it included batteries.

You ran back to Negan who was carrying a few tools he had found, “ready to go?” he asked, “I’m all ready” you said with a smile as you held your camera up, “that’s what your gonna fucking take?” he furrowed his brow as he looked at your camera. “I can take videos with it, it’ll be fun” you replied knowing Negan wouldn’t understand your excitement. “Videos huh?” Negan said with a smirk “I know a few things I’d like to film” he said as he slapped your ass while you were walking out of the store. “Oh grow up Negan” you teased with a grin, “your gonna have to fucking make me doll” he joked back.

You made it back to Sanctuary; Negan went off to help with repairs bringing the new tools he found as you went back to your room so you could look at your new baby. You sat on your bed and began taking the plastic off the box and then opening it, you put the batteries into the camera and turned it on, it was in perfect condition. You spent hours fiddling around with it until you looked up at your clock, it was 8pm and it was your night to have sex with Negan, he’d be there any minute. You put the camera on your nightstand and quickly took off your clothes and slipped on the lacy black teddy lingerie that Negan loved on you. Right as you finished getting dolled up you heard a knock on the door, you quickly laid down on your bed and sweetly yelled out “come in”. The door swung open and Negan strided in, with Lucille still over his shoulder. “Fuck baby, are you trying to kill me?” he whispered as he gazed at you, he licked his lips then leaned Lucille up against the wall. He took off his jacket and scarf and threw it on a chair, before slowly walking over to the bed and grabbing your legs pulling you towards the edge before falling on top of you. You giggled as Negan began leaving hot, wet kisses down your neck, he then pulled his shirt off before rolling over onto his back and pulling you on top of him, you straddled him before slowly backing up until your face was at the hard bulge poking out of his jeans. You slowly started unbuckling his leather belt and then unzipped his pants, Negan lifted up off the bed as you pulled his jeans and his white boxer briefs off. You bit your lower lip as you looked at his hard cock that was only inches away from you now; you lightly grabbed it in your hand and slowly licked the tip, barely touching it. “Stop fucking teasing baby, I can’t take i-“ he was rendered speechless as you took his length into your mouth, Negan grabbed a handful of your hair before letting out a low moan and tilting his head back.

Negan glanced over at your nightstand and noticed the video camera sitting there, a devious smirk flashed across his face as he slowly picked it up and turned it on before starting to film you sucking him off. “That’s right baby, put on a fucking show for me” he growled, you quickly looked up and pulled your mouth off of him as you noticed the camera “what the absolute fuck are you doing Negan!?” you asked irritated as you wiped your mouth. “Oh c’mon sweetheart, think about how hot it’d be to have a secret video of us fucking that only we knew about”. You couldn’t help but agree with him how hot it’d be, and it’d be another thing you and Negan could have that that his other wives couldn’t. “Fine” you purred as you snatched the camera out of his hands and started filming him. Negan chuckled before grabbing your waist and pulling you up until you were sitting on his face, he kept one hand on your waist and slid the bottom of your teddy to the side with his other hand before swirling his tongue around your clit, you hummed loving the feel of his warm tongue against you, you pointed the camera downwards making sure you captured the big bad wolf feasting on you.

Negan looked up and gave a wink to the camera causing you to giggle before he started licking and sucking faster, he was savoring every bit of your pussy. You threw your head back and let out a loud moan barely able to keep the camera straight as you began grinding on his face, his tongue devouring you while his beard brushed against your sensitive skin, it was too much for you to handle and you purred “oh fuck, Negan” as you came all over his gorgeous face. After catching your breath you shimmied back down to his cock so your wet pussy was up against it. “My turn” Negan smirked as he took the camera out of your hands and began filming your hand as you grabbed his cock and slowly guided him inside of you. “Fuck me, your wet” Negan growled as his eyes burned into yours. He filmed as you started riding him, taking every inch of his love. Negan pointed the camera up so it was filming your face which was overcome with pleasure. You gasped as Negan started thrusting faster, the camera perfectly picking up the wet slaps of skin against skin. “Fuck Lucy, I’m gonna fucking cum god fucking damn it” Negan growled.

He was about to pull you off of him before you softly moaned “please cum in me daddy, I wanna feel it” Negan never came inside of his wives he always pulled out and finished wherever he pleased but Negan didn’t care this time and lost it at your words, in seconds you felt his hot cum fill your hole and he let out a deep groan. “Mmm” you whispered as you slowly got up and felt his cum drip out of you. You laid down beside Negan who was catching his breath, and grabbed the camera and pointed it at him while his eyes were closed, “fuck that pussy is heavenly” he said as he opened his eyes and looked at you, he rolled his eyes as he noticed you were filming him “alright, alright” he said as you clicked the off button, ending your private dirty film. “I’m gonna have whack off material for months with that little video we made” Negan said with a chuckle, as he put your hair behind your ear. You leaned in and gave Negan a kiss and whispered much to his enjoyment “you’ll have a year’s worth, once we’ve used up the film in this”.


Drone views of the Atacama Desert

Dance With Me

Fandom: Stranger Things 

Character: Jonathan Byers 

Reader Gender: Female 

Summary: While taking a drive, you and Jonathan also take a trip down memory lane when a certain song comes on the radio 

Warnings: Mild Swearing 

Word Count: 1865 

Author’s Note: I literally got this idea because I remembered this song existed while listening to Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash lmao so here it is 

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Everlark Advent: Day 10, For Unto Us, Part 2

Part two of what will be a five part story. You can find part 1 here.

For Unto Us, Part 2

rated T

The car’s been making an ominous kind of noise for a hundred miles or so, but I’ve been ignoring it, hoping I’d make it to my destination before the old thing died.

But it seems the odds are never in Katniss Everdeen’s favour.

Clouds of black smoke belch from under the hood of my ancient Corolla as it comes to a lurching, shuddering halt on the side of a desolate road, three hundred miles from where I’m heading. Just the latest misfortune in a seemingly endless series. If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

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want a good book series to read??  want something that has mystery and action and romance?????  want a story where the main character is i lesbian and gets a h a p p y ending with her lesbian gf??????



Imagine #18 Tommy aka 10K (Z Nation)[Requested]

Walking beside a desolate dirt dusted road, you tighten the maroon handkerchief around your head in an attempt to refrain from breathing the soot swept up by the winds. With no real destination in mind, you continue to walk, a flint of hope remaining that there is a form of civilization untouched by this modern plague.  Weeks have passed since you’ve had human interaction; pleasant or hostile. The sun is beginning to set on the horizon; periwinkle, peach and grey melding together beautifully. Admiring the natural beauty amidst the chaos, you were too distracted to hear the crunch of gravel beneath approaching tires. The SUV rolled to a stop, a feminine voice shouting in the silence as a door closed.

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[dragging my body along a desolate stretch of road] please let me live in your house and pay rent I just want to be called my name and be out and trans at home for once


Young woman posing on a road next to a desolate landscape by simpleinsomnia
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“Evelyn, Texas ‘47 I’ll send you a better one when I get them finished, OK?”


[Trigger warning: light macabre description]

You were driving down the desolated paved roads just leading out of the countryside of Chicago into the city itself. You had the radio blasting as you smoked your cigarette, trying to drown out the smell coming from the trunk of your aging car you got from a friend. The very smell was strong enough to hurry along the process of the already chipping paint job, but it was like a comforting smell to you these days. You had yet to be caught for the things you were doing, for the terrifying thrill of testing the law and not to mention death itself.

You stop your car almost half a mile up the road from another country house just out in the nowhere of Chicago, leaving the keys in the ignition so you could hear the charm of the slow rock fro your radio as you hum along. You dropped your cigarette in your path to step on as you unlock your trunk. The bag that held all the essential pieces of your latest victim had begun to leak as you sigh hopelessly. “Good grief,” you mutter as you notice the rip in the bag. It allowed you to see the very eye still attached to the head of your victim, as if he were peaking outside right back at you. “Hello, miss,” you heard behind you. You turn to see Stefan, who smiles politely at you just as his partner Klaus does. You lean back against the rim of the trunk as you look between them. “Oh, does someone need a ride?” you ask in a teasing manner. “No, that’s quite alright, Love. But we are in need of your car, which we’ll be happy to take off your hands,” Klaus says as he steps toward you. 

But you’re not blind. You see the way his pupils dilate incontrollably and you know immediately he’s just another vampire. And he’s ready to compel you or kill you. You smile politely licking your lips. “Well, actually I’d be happy to hand it over,” you reply, shocking them slightly. They look between each other then at you. “But um…this bag back here is kind of heavy. Full of junk. Would you mind just tossing it off over there for me? I was getting ready to take this old thing to the dump anyway,” You ask innocently. Stefan hesitates before stepping forward suspiciously and grabbing hold of the bag. You cross your arms smiling maliciously as his vampire strength tosses it off the side of the road. The bag busts completely and now your victim, who is in pieces, lies scattered across the tall grasses under a sappy old tree. You see the way they wince slightly as they slowly look back at you. You grab the handle of the driver’s door. “Thanks, that’s a load off. But this is still my car. Now are you coming or going?” you growl authoritatively while you get back in the driver’s seat. 

“Well. Wasn’t expecting that,” Stefan says to Klaus. Klaus laughs as he looks at you in the rearview mirror that reflects you while you light another cigarette. “What is your name?” Stefan asks as he gets in the passenger seat next to you. “Y/N,” you sigh as you start to pull away. “You seem like a decent girl, Y/N. You’ll have to join us for some activities in the city,” Klaus invites you from the back. You scoff. “If you can keep up with me,” you purr as you drive off.

Closed: First Meeting?

Looking around the practically desolate road she was on, Jess bit her lip and, despite her better judgement, walked toward the ominous looking bunker door. The last she remembered Brady had come over while she was baking cookies and now she was standing somewhere unknown in her nightgown? She just hoped wherever this was, Sam was inside waiting for her.  “Hello?” She called, knocking on the door with a frown, “Hey is anyone home?”