Legend Of Korra - Balance

I made this for an event Gallery Nucleus was having. It wound up not making the cut, but it came out well, so I’’ll ink and color this soon-ish

Thanks bryankonietzko and michaeldantedimartino for an awesome show and amazing characters!


I really like Touhou, so I felt it would be cool to combine my two favorite things! LoK and Touhou. So I drew Eska and Desna in Zun’s style (Sorta) Maybe i’ll make a fun crossover in danmakufu!

If I were, it would be like korra stumbling into a different world, where everything is the same, except it’s like Touhou, and everyone is a shoujou anime girl trying to kill you. I want to make Unalaq a Shoujou anime girl so bad omgggg

Also sorry for not uploading in two months, btw! I hope this is satisfying enough!


It only just now came to my realization that some people probably couldn’t read the comic I posted of my Gravity Falls Twin Con. So I broke up the picture and had each panel individually available to read. Enjoy more twins!