happy Ghana Independence day! to celebrate this day, me and my brother @desmoney did a shoot paying homage to Ghanaian chiefs. sending blessings to all my Ghanaians. 

‘Kings pass and leave poise as inheritance.

Who dared to teach the newborns to form an extended black fist?

We tattooed Google’s definition of beauty with black. A butterfly with a brim hat and cane

How did you find the courage to give them free?

The seed shedding soil and stretching raw golden arms extended to the universal battery.

Release fingers from fist and show palm fruit…The humble royals they claimed we’d never be…

Verses in family, tradition fall from lips like spiritual coin…Picked up and tucked in purse. breast pocket in coffin, til victory lap in hurst.

The mystery of the print. Ancient Kente math, a sacred geometry. The present design. Waves with the ancestors intertwined. A true weaver’s magic. Welcome to Ghana, the Home of the Divine…’ words by @Senyo_Twilight 

My Mamma Savage: A Photo Exhibition by Desmoney 

A true to life story of mothers and sons living day to day in Chicago. This is photography from the heart, my interaction and response to a subject that’s near and dear to me. I’m exploring survival by studying the relationships between mothers and sons, the innocence and learning process in childhood, as well as the plights of the human experience. This story is centered around boys and men in search of answers to life and survival, just as we all are. 

When: Saturday, August 22, 2015

Where: 1043 W. Grand Ave.

Time: 6-9pm

All Ages