desmond the dragon

Desmond Miles is the kind of character that would wake up on a different universe and when it turns out he is The Choosen One He would just raise his hands in the air and walk around like “OF COURSE I AM THE FUCKING CHOOSEN ONE!! WHAT THE HELL AM I NOW? A FUCKING DRAGON??”


sorry for all the tags, just wanting to make sure that these wonderful beings find the pics and etc

but anyway!!!!!!! at metrocon!!! having a fucking blast

the-alpaca-hammock is the Big Sister (Bioshock 2) cosplayer

operatorjuiz is Waylon Park (Outlast: Whistleblower) cosplayer

Seth Eidolon -aka- Ragnvaldr is a true dragon in disguise. After losing his beloved several centuries ago, his grief drove him to believe he could end the Dragonsong War by force, eliminating anyone who wished to prolong it. If the war had taught him anything, he knew committing violence as a dragon would only lead to more of his kind being slaughtered. Posing as a wealthy Au’Ra philanthropist from foreign lands, he’s been able to silence witnesses, quiet the opposition, and pay for the information he seeks. His long game is to slowly charm and buy his way into a position of political power.

Lio Desmond -aka- Shadovaskr is also a true dragon, though he chooses to appear as an Elezen in order to blend in inconspicuously. He’s part of a growing network of heretics and supporters of the peace treaty between Eorzeans and Dragonkind. In order to aid Ishgardian descendants who suffer from racial dysphoria, Lio serves as a silent blood donor. He won’t openly admit the blood is his own, but he reassures his contacts the source is both safe and humane. As a result, many elezen have been able to experience transformation via. dragon’s blood for ceremonial, recreational, and spiritual purposes.