deslick in a tube

These are two of my “holy grail” items.  

Benefit Porefessional & Urban Decay De slick in a Tube.

I do not wear foundation or concealer on my face, therefore these substitute that for me in a great way.  I do not wear regular powder or liquid type cover ups because of two main reasons.  1)  I have anxiety and when I get nervous my face sweats.  Or if its hot (and i;m in florida) my face sweats (vs anything else lol) and that makes me nervous in itself because I feel like its gross and everyone thinks so, and I’m constantly wiping it off my face.  2)  I don’t like the way it feels on my face, and this has to do with the first reason.  I know i’m going to sweat and/or wipe it off.  

Luckily, I don’t have skin issues so people think I’m wearing cover up when I am not.  But I found these two products and I like them.  

I like the porefessional because the texture is so velvety.  I feel like it sinks into my skin nicely and does what it is supposed to.  It feels and looks nice and does not make me feel like I’m wearing something on my face and I’m going to sweat and wipe it all off.  

The de slick is nice because its a mattifying gel.  It helps keep my t zone matte which is what I need.  I love the texture of it as well, its hard to explain but its like nothing else and I love it.  

I first tried both of these in mini portions and then bought these.  I never buy full sized products; I just go through minis.  So buying these means they’re definitely my holy grail products.

More to come soon (holy grail products.)