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Celestia’s Gayngels patrol the mean halls of Canterlot High to protect the innocent this International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

Rest easy teens, team LyraBon’s on the beat.

Got some free time to nail a sketch down for this pretty important holiday. Well to me anyway. Still don’t have access to my desktop but some friendly support and hugs have helped a lot. Thanks frens.

Good news for the fellow Pomo community!

1. We are working hard to create a beautiful and user-friendly friendly website (both mobile and desktop friendly)
2. We want to buy a domain for the website to make it even more official looking
3. We are considering tagging on a message board to the site, we are currently getting some questions answered in regards to this
4. We are currently updating the lgbt + wiki’s entry about pomosexuality, as well as creating a wiki just for pomosexuality, since there’s some sub communities within the pomosexual umbrella! (remember, pomo can be used as an umbrella OR individual term)

hi guys! i hit 2k and i wanted to make a follow forever! thank you so much for following me! thank you so much to the incredible @lewi5sos for this gif - i’m obsessed.

as always, i may forget some people but i love you all dearly. i follow a lot of people so it’s hard to remember everyone! im too lazy to search for mutuals so if we are mutuals i love you n thank you! much love to you all! also, if you want to, i have a masterlist with all of my 5sos writing that is desktop & mobile friendly!


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Ever wanted to have people to look at your CC but didn’t want to reblog the heck out of your posts? Or don’t you feel appreciated by your work because nobody discovers you as a CC creator? Well I’ve came up with a fix!

@the-cc-creator-base page has a tag system, which still needs to be finished with you guy’s help! 

What am I looking for?

CC creators for the sims 1, 2, 3 and 4!

- Poses makers
- Lot/house builders
- Sims and Pets creators 
- Makeup artists
-Skintones creators
-People who make fabulous hairstyles
-People who make these fabulous hairstyles, more fabulous-er (retexturing)
-Walls and floors creators
-The marvelous designers out there (Or your own custom clothing mesh)
-The Old-fashioned EAmaxis match clothing and any other maxis match creations out there!
-These beautiful accessories creators
-Our amazing game hackers!

And anything else you can share with each other! If you’re not sure if you fit in, or I might forgot a tag, please message me @greenplumbboblover (Me) or use the ask in the top of the page!

How do I join in?

You can either ask/message me, Greenplumbboblover, or use the ask box on the top of the page!

You don’t need Tumblr to join, but please let me know what you create, where your creations are stored and I’ll see what I can do!

It’s okay if you’re a respected CC creator with a lot of notes to join as well!

What this blog doesn’t do:

This isn’t a CC finds kind of blog, this is more like a list of all the CC creators out there. 

Mobile users and the preview function on tumblr can show you the latest information that will be given. I’m thinking of concepts on how to make this nice to scroll through as a phone user. But right now, this blog is only desktop friendly!

Known issues

  • Mobile users can’t really use the page at the moment
  • Not all the tags work, which is why I need your entry!

But I want to help you Greenplumbboblover! You keep doing these amazing things so let me do something in return! 

If you have a base knowledge of coding HTML files, AND you’re around here often, please message me and we can figure things out from there! ^-^

Don’t forget to check it out! And don’t forget to reblog the hell out of this post! You might respect a CC creator by your decision! and maybe he/she will be thankful that you reblogged this post! :


Last week I got my super 11oz mug from girlinplaits but I was waiting for the laptop skin so I could make a post with both items and finally received it yesterday afternoon! (You can get a lot of cool stuff HERE IS GIRLINPLAITS STORE)

I’m a crap photographer hahaha I’m sorry if everything looks weird but I am really happy with my purchase. I especially adored the laptop skin because it looks AMAZING (it’s fool proof because it’s easy to remove and try again if you mess it up, just my kind of product!).

Thank you so much Hannah for making this available, the only way I will be happier is getting a few more things (I think I just heard my purse running away from me).

Bonus look: this skin + my welcome screen = heaven

External image


September 23, 2015 - I’m so glad that 4001 of you Tumblr people have allowed me to fill your newsfeed with my plant photos and thoughts - thank you all! Over a year ago, when I started blogging about plants, I decided that Tumblr was the best for this due to its flexibility of creating photo sets, saving drafts, scheduling posts, and being mobile/desktop friendly. 

I’ve now expanded to YouTube and Instagram - I would be delighted if y’all could subscribe/follow me there too…you won’t be disappointed :)

YouTube: House Plant Journal 
Instagram: @houseplantjournal​ 

Here’s a round-up of my top/favourite posts:

- Philodendron silver watering time lapse from February 11, 2015 (5,862 notes)
- Nerve plant watering time lapse from June 4, 2015 (5,550 notes)
- Peace lily watering time lapse from December 15, 2015 (5,428 notes)
- Nerve plant watering time lapse from January 19, 2015 (1,277 notes)
- The Parkroyal on Pickering, Singapore from July 6, 2015 (2,361 notes)
- The epiphyte garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens from July 11, 2015 (393 notes)