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Okay so, I know I posted some wallpapers earlier today, but I finally finished episode 58 of Wolf 359 and I had to make more desktop backgrounds to cope with not having any more episodes to listen to until Monday.

So here are some more desktop backgrounds

(and finally, my personal favourite)

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Happy New Year! 🎉For those who need a good laugh, here are some things that have actually happened in the strips!

        Survival instincts kick-in during war (duh). To pass on              their genes, people turn to any sex in order to                              fulfill their reproductive duties. 

                             It causes an “outbreak of gay.”

            France makes a war trophy out of England’s butt.

    Tony shows his affection by beaming people into space. 

       Russia gives America a ticket to Siberia for his birthday.                                    America blows his nose with it… 

     Hima recreated the Birth of Venus and made it into this:

Because, what is Love without a little bit of magic?

~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ @fander-secret-santa

Okay I know this is cheesy af but I liked the idea lol

It came up in a conversation with @frustratedwaffle and with the general headcanon that, while Logan is in charge of making those chemical processes, Patton or Roman always have to be there to add a bit of “magic” to the mix (but don’t tell Logan because he’s still in denial).

So, yeah, @ec-sanderssides, I’m your secret santa and this is my gift for you. I hope you like it because you’re an awesome writer and your fics mean a lot to me ♡