New desk! Now I can have one side for tumblr and the other for writing and whatnot. In theory. What will probably happen is the left side will get covered in crap.

Next step, lil’ roller top storage boxes for the space alongside my bed. Amma gonna have to build it myself. :O That’ll be interesting…


AR Screen hackathon project

Proof of concept demo of an AR / VR interface by Leap Motion engineer Raffi Bedikian presents a convincing desktop interface of the future:

We had a hackathon at work and this was the project I worked on for a few days.

- C++/OpenGL
- Oculus DK2
- Prototype Leap color sensor (using standard public SDK and image API)
- Window textures and interactions are all legit Win32 calls (you’re actually manipulating your OS)
- Note: the news feed on the left, chat bubbles in the middle, and widgets on the right are just placeholder art


basically everything I got at muji a few days ago:

- a notebook with plain pages (better for drawing diagrams and stuff) + I added a ribbon on it bc I thought it looked cool

- 9 muji pens (I’m kind of obsessed)

- 1 highlighter

- a pencil case (which is amazing)

(As you can tell I am now broke)

Also I made myself some lemon water (delicioussss)

I also got a new desk tray from target which is awesome 😎