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  • there were two major groups in school: the preps and the greasers

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my altar is my desk

it has rocks and shells and it’s a corner of my room but whenever i need to focus i sit and miraculously, i get work done

you don’t need a special shelf or a whole table dedicated to be your altar if you don’t have the space or aren’t in a place where you can do that. a small, personal altar is fine!! even something as simple as a box with a few crystals and herbs in it is wonderful!

roanoaks  asked:

Wade and Peter are out sneaking into Tony and Bruce's lab because Peter is poor and needs stuff for web fluids and Wade is just like oh, what goodies do they have? The Avengers wake up the next morning to one of them pretty much love potioned.

so wade finds spiderman breaking into the tower and hes all not that im judging but as the good guy isn’t this kinda out of your job description, and peter is just like fuck off already spidey needs to eat which means i gotta get web fluid somewhere else, shits not cheap

and wade is like shiiiit breaking and entering in the home of the league of justice, for my favorite spider, with my favorite spider, in the place i’d most like to hit up, sign me up

and so spiderman begrudgingly lets him come along and they get into tony and bruce’s lab, and peter tries not to think about the fact that tony was probably letting him get away with this since jarvis never set off any alarms

the lab is filled with all sorts of strange looking and sometimes glowing test tubes and beakers, and wade looks like willy wonka just invited him into a gingerbread castle, and peter said not to touch anything, but when has wade ever listened

wade is looking at a purple vial and peter tries to grab it back from him at the exact wrong moment because wade drops it and peter tries to catch it, and they both stare at the wet spot on wade’s costume where it broke

peter tries to keep a level head, it’s not burning his skin so at least it wasn’t acid, there’s always the possibility that it’ll kill him later, wade just keeps looking through the things piled on the desk

it hits peter pretty suddenly, one minute he’s freaking out and the next there’s a wave of calm that just crashes over him and suddenly his head is real fuzzy and he can’t quite care what it is he’s doing

tony and bruce stumble out of their bed at some ungodly hour because jarvis wakes them up to tell them there is a situation in the lab, they find peter weaving a giant web in the corner with wade cocooned tight in the center, peter just keeps hissing every time bruce or tony try to get near

turns out wade got doused with spider pheromones which triggered something in peter, it took tony blasting them with a fire hose wake peter back up

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If the characters of Shadowhunters were in B99 who would be who?

okay so I’ve thought long and hard about this, I actually made a post about this before but it got deleted. So *cracks knuckles* here goes.

Simon Lewis & Jace Herondale as Jake Peralta 

Both Simon and Jake are:

  • Nerdy
  • Jewish
  • Plaid wearers
  • Make way too many pop culture references
  • sadly void of a dad
  • smol
  • human disasters
  • I feel like Simon would constantly reference Blade the way Jake references Die Hard
  • Simon would be an excellent detective the only thing holding him back would be his tendency to lose evidence or forget his police badge at home accidentally

Jace as Jake

  • Leather jacket addict
  • Impulsive
  • works on instinct
  • Doesn’t adhere to instruction well
  • Jace despite his hard-headedness is the best detective on the force (and he knows it) but likes to roll solo the lone wolf he is
  • Lets out the biggest sigh known to man when he’s forced to pair up with Simon
  • Pretends like he hates but actually doesn’t mind because they’re surprisingly a good team and Simon always has snacks in his car.

Izzy as Rosa (Inverted)

  • Still a badass
  • But still super girly and into dressing well and coming into work with flawless makeup
  • so basically izzy
  • except she drives a motorcycle
  • and instead of a whip she has an excess of knives around her desk
  • it makes everybody around the precinct nervous but everybody’s too afraid of her to complain to HR
  • is smol but tough
  • will kick your ass with perfect winged eyeliner and not even blink

Maia as Gina

  • Is dope af
  • the 💯 emoji in human form
  • literally, runs the precinct even though she barely puts down her phone and leaves her desk
  • seriously tho nothing gets done without her, she’s the only one who knows where everything is
  • if Maia’s not in one day the place will fall to shambles
  • Is super good for giving advice but only if she likes you
  • if she doesn’t you’re in trouble
  • like I said nothing moves without her
  • she and Jace clash big time
  • Maia isn’t a fan of arrogant cops who are allergic to the word, please
  • Jace isn’t used to his good looks and charm not instantly rewarding him whatever he wants
  • needless to say, their bickering is amusing to watch
  • there’s a betting pool at least twice a week on who will win
  • Maia usually wins
  • That’s a lie Maia always wins

Alec as Amy Santiago (obviously)

  • stationary lover
  • lover of organization
  • and also peace and quiet while he’s trying to laminate but since starting at the precinct Alec has suspected that peace and quiet is just a myth or something he just made up.
  • He graduated top of his class at the academy
  • does everything by the book
  • is the antithesis of Jace he never just goes off instinct, like what is that? ???
  • is a brilliant cop but has no idea how to chill
  • is most likely to become a Sargent before he’s 30
  • despairs over his siblings
  • literally, pretends as though Simon does not exist because if he acknowledges him that will mean acknowledging all the ridiculous thing Simon does on a regular basis like that gingerbread house that’s been on his desk for the past 3 months

Also Alec as Captain Holt

  • Sass
  • Sarcasm
  • great leadership skills
  • loves his squad
  • is good at emotion
  • Salt
  • out and proud but is not here for your stereotypes and pigeonholing
  • Did I mention salt?

I thought for a while about Clary and this what I came up with

Clary as Sophia (except not at all)

  • Clary as a cute defence lawyer who is a friend of the squad
  • Izzy stands as a witness in one of her cases one time and they become close and have lunch nearly every day after
  • wears cute blazers
  • is literally made of sunshine
  • everyone has no idea how someone as cute and cuddly as clary does a profession as ruthless and cold-blooded as law.
  • then they see her in action in court and they understand immediately
  • often helps the squad out of legal jams 
  • which happens more often than not
  • Usually, because Simons lost something important to a case
  • or Jace has slightly bent a few laws in an attempt to uphold another 
  • or there’s another Izzy/knife situation
  • Alec does a lot of sighing
  • Clary bakes him muffins and insists she’s not charging anything for her time
  • Alec suspects this has something to do with Isabelle

Luke as Terry/Holt (but mostly terry)

  • After starting to write these headcanons I am now convinced that Luke is a yoghurt lover
  • tol but soft
  • enjoys hugs
  • loves his smol police children
  • #worlds best Sargent/captain
  • looks good in a gun holster
  • a father figure to Simon (and basically anyone who needs a hug)
  • is good at karaoke
  • the hugging intensifies when drunk
  • is the greatest cop to ever cop
  • everyone on the squad kind of idolizes him
  • Simon does impressions of his voice because it’s so authoritative and + he kind of sounds like the old spice guy

Magnus as very concerned citizen

  • at least twice a week Magnus will float into the precinct to report a ‘crime’
  • This is usually something trivial like one of his cats going missing (even though it’s New York and they’re cats)
  • he also always insists that officer lightwood (not the one with the nice makeup, no not the blond one either, the tall one) take the case
  • Alec does a lot of sighing
  • because he’s a professional dammit
  • he doesn’t have time for compliments he’s an officer of the law he will not be bribed with coffee
  • + there’s not getting rid of Magnus because apparently, he’s friends with just about everyone
  • Maia likes him
  • he and Luke go way back (alec didn’t ask)
  • he compliments Clary on her blazers 
  • and he and Izzy trade makeup tips
  • Not only that but apparently Magnus knows everyone there is to know in New York city so Simon often goes to him for help with getting leads and witnesses (often in exchange for something, say… officer lightwood’s work schedule)
  • cue more sighing from alec

lol that’s all I got, feel free to add

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More about the izuku witch au plox.

heck yeah my peach (gomen this ask is so old but life and shyness happened gomen again)

So, this ask is referencing this Witch AU where instead of taking One for All, Midoriya is actually a witch trained by his mom. 

So, here are some headcanons!!!!! Because it’s almost past Halloween and my dad is was watching baseball!!!!!!

  • Izuku, in a pinch, used his broom like a baseball bat and managed to send a projectile attack right back at his attacker
  • He and Uraraka are secretly Baseball nerds and have their own super secret fastball special involving Uraraka removing the gravity from something really long and heavy and Izuku will send a ball of magical energy for her to bat at whatever she pleases
  • Izuku will never admit it, but his wand has a little sliver of Claw Might’s (his cat) fur because he wants to be as ferocious and strong as his ugly cat with the blind eye and hissing problem
  • Izuku’s favorite witch outfit is this plain black dress that goes down to his knees because it’s comfy and it still let’s spirits know that he’s serious about magic (Uraraka saw it and immediately put a red ribbon in his hair and he blushed when he realized the resemblance between him and Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service)
  • To detect when there’s an evil spirit around that’s contributing to the bad moods of his classmates and other heroes, Izuku made a little string bracelet woven with tiny soundless bells that ring whenever there’s an evil spirit nearby
  • It started ringing near the teacher’s lounge and that’s how Izuku found out that there’s a spirit that feasts off of stress that lives directly above Aizawa’s desk
  • It took three days to properly exorcise it (because no one really understood what he was doing there) but once done, all the teacher’s feel the uplifting of the negative energy they didn’t know was there and start believing in Midoriya’s abilities more (Aizawa will never admit it, but he does let Midoriya interview him about his quirk as thanks)
  • Claw Might likes to sleep in Midoriya’s hoodie and Iida’s allergic to cats so Iida has taken to wearing a little face mask whenever he’s in class because as class president it’s his responsibility to make sure that all of the other students are given the best shot with their power as possible
  • Claw Might abilities as a familiar include but are not limited to: Izuku seeing though kitty eyes to another place whenever Izuku is not there for himself, detecting those who mean Izuku harm, a sort of ghost translator when Izuku needs to speak to them, a magic hotspot (kinda like a wifi hotspot but Claw Might can and will bite when he gets tired), and acting like Izuku’s personally furry GPS when on the broom
  • After Izuku’s help during the Sports Festival, Todoroki gets him a present that’s a new witch outfit because Izuku was telling him earlier that he’s always shy when he shops for clothes (Todoroki has absolutely no idea what his style is though and just kinda guesses. It’s frillier and more goth than Izuku is used to, but they fit well and Izuku is touched by Todoroki’s thoughtfulness and keeps them anyways - Tokoyami is happy that Todoroki took his suggestions)
  • Izuku has more witch hats than he really needs because he always impulse buys them but his absolute favorite is the very first one he was ever given, by his mother as a sign of him graduating to full witch
  • There are a LOT of witch message boards and Izuku personally runs three so his texting speed is FREAKING AMAZING
  • Izuku and his mom have a little rented lot in the city with other people who rent lots for gardens and that’s where they grow all of their herbs
  • Izuku DOES have poisonous plants but the worst of them just puts people into a deep sleep which they wake up from in a few hours
  • Izuku has made sleeping potions for both All Might and Aizawa and they both swear it’s the best sleep they’ve ever had
  • Izuku is trying to learn healing magic but it’s so complicated he’ll be lucky to heal a papercut before he graduates
  • The magic Izuku is best at are locator spells because he wanted to find out where all the hero/villain battles were asap
  • Claw Might, after a visit to the vet’s, is revealed to be a girl



  • After AFO/Sensei finds out about Izuku’s witch locator spells, he goes to the nearest witch for some Obscuring Spells
  • The witch is a hookah puffing, weed smoking, vaping idiot who wears bad tie-dye flowy clothes and too much cheap jewelry that turns their skin green
  • Sensei regrets everything
klance art school au

klance art school au cause i l o v e this idea

also just an fyi this is super long because i have no idea how to shorten anything

  • keith got in on an art scholarship. the only reason he chose this school was because shiro recommended it to him
  • lance was one of those kids that always knew he was gonna be an artist and when it came down to choosing a school, there were so many he just. flipped a coin. what to heck lance
  • they end up as roommates, and are immediately at each other’s throats. keith thinks lance is too messy, lance thinks keith has a paintbrush up his ass or something
  • they also absolutely cannot agree on a medium to work in
  • (hints at adhd lance) anyways lance cant just pick one medium to work in so he has basically anything you could ever need ever. ink block printing? check. specifically water soluble oil paints? theyre probably somewhere. if its in an art store hes buying it
  • keith works in predominantely charcoal which terrifies lance. usually the most he does for color is just a red wash over his pieces. whenever he does paint, he would literally fight someone on oil paints vs acrylics
  • lance is the kind of artist that doesnt own a single piece of clothing without paint on it, usually has pigment on his hands/face, and probably has a 72 piece marker set on him at all times, just in case. pencils behind his ears, paintbrushes in his pockets, the works
  • this drives keith  n u t s
  • keith only works at his desk, and nothing ever leaves that desk. including him. this kid is always working wtf. his supplies are all neat and he would rather lay down in traffic than leave his workplace messy
  • so anyways, theyre getting into the semester, and they have their figure drawing class together, and theyre both pissed about this fact, and are absolutely certain that the other guy is just gonna piss them off so much that they dont know how this is gonna work
  • lance would rather admit that a mullet is a good hairstyle than let keith be the one that keeps him from going to class, and he bets keith wont be able to do it. keith is ready to #fite 24/7 so when lance said that he just. bolted out the door. he was going to get there first. this leads to a very loud race across the campus
  • but unfortunately they both have poor time management skills (theyre artists what do u expect) and had spent so much time arguing before they left that when they get to the class, there’s only 2 easels left. right next to each other. they agree to disagree, and decide to just ignore each other
  • the class starts smoothly enough, but WHOOP the model is a guy, and when he strips to start doing the poses, lance loses whatever shred of professionalism he had and squeaks, and keith is no better off
  • they share a look that says “oh no he’s HOT” and go through the entire class bright red
  • this leads to a sort of truce
  • they still dont get along too well, but now keith will go to lance because he needs colored pencils, and lance tries to clean up as best as he can, but its hard, sue him
  • and a sort of tentative friendship develops
  • so time passes and theyve learned how to handle each other, and they have another class together. when they show up to the class, the professor gives the class a project; they have to recreate someome or something important to them in the medium they think suits the subject best
  • lance’s mind immediately jumps to his family, but when he looks over to keith, soft hair falling over his face, chewing on the end of a pencil, it hits him
  • his first reaction is to be insulted that its KEITH of all people, moody and broody keith, who gripes about lance’s mess, who has a MULLET for gods sake, but its also the keith that nodded his head when lance told him he was bisexual, who answered “im gay”, keith who distracts him with bad jokes and chipped nail polish and stupid bets, and he decides its ok
  • keith on the other hand is completely lost. the only family he really had was shiro, and the only thing really important to him was simply art, but he figured a lot of people were doing that
  • and back in their dorm, when they’re both working, and keith needs a very specific marker, and lance gives it to him without thinking, he stops
  • lance, who insists on being his rival, who is constantly picking on keith and calling him out, but its also lance that gives him obscure materials, doesnt push him about his past, who sings in the shower but its grounding and keith accepts it
  • this leads to very bad attempts at drawing the other when hes not looking
  • i hope you never have to draw someone when they keep moving its impossible
  • its been weeks and the project is due soon, lance is out, and keith stayed back to work. when he ends up needing some different markers because none of them are the right blue of lance’s eyes, he heads over to his desk
  • it looks like a warzone
  • keith spends almost 5 minutes trying to find the markers, and he stumbles across lance’s sketchbook
  • lo and behold its filled with drawings of him, and keith’s initial reaction is to freak out, but he realizes that it must mean lance feels the same way, and he’s elated and a little terrified, but he’s never been one to sit around, and decides to tell lance when he gets back
  • when lance shows up, keith doesnt even end up saying anything, just shoving his open sketchbook into lance’s arms
  • and as lance flips through his face lights up, because keith feels the same way  and he’s so excited  and this poor noodle cant think through something to save his life, and he just smooches keith
  • keith is 100% behind this
  • keith ends up doing his final piece in as many mediums as he possibly can
  • lance does his in charcoal with a red wash
  • they both pass
The Society Strikes Masterpost

This is not a complete list of all of The Society related posts, just ones for this particular series of unfortunate events. 

For those unfamiliar with what the heck The Society is (which is most people), it’s a nebulous organization of Sin’dorei (and Quel’dorei) magisters with a positive reputation who have been secretly playing god, kidnapping the poor, the weak, the vulnerable, doing experiments on them, and other not cool things.

Some folks managed to aggro them and shit happened. 

The three parts in the “Execution” series of posts all occur in tandem, or closely together. 

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  2. It was to be a three-pronged assault
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  63. [A whole bunch of stuff that needs to be posted]
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This list will be edited from time to time.

(* Newish to the list.)