we’ve always taken shelter in our unhelpable pride

like real people do (daddy issues ch. 7)

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isaac has a nightmare about his dad. when shaking him and yelling his name doesn’t work, naomi comes up with a very creative way to wake him up. 

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Hullo! The following is a preview of the second chapter of my Ready or Not, Here I Come fic. I’m juggling a few other pieces right now and I felt really bad that chapter 2 has been a long time coming, so please enjoy!

[Spoilers incoming!!]

“Ready, darlin’? You can hear me just fine, right?”

“Yes, to both questions.”

“Peeerfect. So, this is it.” A tanned hand swept across the space as the camera followed its movements. “Haven’t unpacked fully yet or put stuff away so don’t mind the mess. Bed, trunk, desk, chair, that panel slides back into a tiny closet, and that door leads to the bathroom.”

“It is… small.”

“Well yeah! They gotta fit a bunch of us in here. I’m just glad for the fact that I have my own room so I can walk ‘round naked for ya.”

Alone, in his own bedroom, Hanzo Shimada rolled his eyes. The compact, digital clock on his bookshelf blinked 4:07am, ungodly early even for him, but Jesse hadn’t arrived in Switzerland until evening his time and desperately wanted to give Hanzo a tour of his home base. The beginning of fall had signaled the start of new missions for Jesse’s Overwatch team, and the agent had shipped out from the States late last week. The move cut their time difference in half and despite feeling the vestiges of sleep tug at his eyes, Hanzo was grateful for the chance to have more live interactions with his rugged cowboy. 

“Have you no shame?” he commented with feigned exasperation. 

The camera turned and Jesse’s face came into focus. There was a weariness about the agent, drooping eyelids, puffy bags from a restless flight, but there was a lively spark, an energetic thrum in Jesse’s brown eyes that brought a smile to Hanzo’s lips. The agent was bone-tired, but still happy to see him. “I like showin’ off for you, Hanz.” 

“And what if someone walks in?” 

“Their fault for not knockin’.” The camera jiggled as Jesse propped it up on his bed, angling it so Hanzo had a wide shot of the boxy space. “I wanna show you something.” Jesse said as rummaged through the storage trunk before placing a black case in front of the camera. With a quick snap, Jesse retrieved a six-shooter from inside and gripped it in hand. “This is my other love.” 

The weapon gleamed in the gentle, yellow lights of Jesse’s bedroom. One could almost find the antique style comical if evidence of its fine craftsmanship were not plainly visible. From its curved lines and concave trigger guard, the masterfully inserted blue LEDs, to the almost gaudy spur at the base of the grip, it was as unique and showy as the cowboy was. 

“Should I be jealous?” Hanzo slowly teased. 

“Well, she is a feisty lady.” Jesse grinned, giving the weapon a little wiggle. “This was a gift from my CO—uh, my Commanding Officer—about a year back. Cost him a pretty penny so he won’t let me take her off base unless I’m on a job.” 

Hanzo watched as Jesse laid the revolver carefully back in its case. “It is a fine gift,” he comments. 

Jesse looked up at the camera as he set the case away. With a fluid motion, the other man slid onto the bed, jostling the phone. “Say,” Jesse started, glancing around at his sprawled belongings, “would you happen to have my serape?” 

The Shimada heir momentarily averted his eyes. 

“You do, don’tcha,” said Jesse with a lighthearted laugh. 

“You…  did not ask for it back.” 

“Mhmm. So you’re okay with stealin’ my stuff but just not the genuine article, huh?” 

“It was easily folded into a suitcase while the same could not be said of you.” 

“I’ve fit in tight places,” Jesse deadpanned. 

Hanzo covered his holo-screen and stared at the item of clothing in question that laid across the foot of his bed. It, and the warmth spreading across his cheeks, were the only things red in the room. He didn’t dare wear it beyond the sanctuary of his private quarters, but alone, he frequently wrapped himself in its fleecy warmth, catching the fleeting scents of oakmoss and worn leather that filled him with tender memories of Jesse. Of hours spent entwined in one another and of quiet conversations in the dark. 

“Hanz! C’mon, don’t hide; I was just teasin’,” the covered tablet whimpered. 

“Shameless,” Hanzo commented to the device. 

“I know, I’m just the worst.” He could hear the smile on Jesse’s face. “Pleeease? I’ll try to behave myself, for now.” 

He pulled his hand back and the other man came into view once more. Sure enough, there was a lopsided grin on the agent’s face. “Boorish cowboy,” Hanzo rebuked. 

“Your cowboy,” Jesse murmured, a soft look in his dark eyes. Two muted thuds could be heard as the Overwatch agent kicked off his shoes and settled into a more comfortable position on the bed. 

“You should get some rest,” Hanzo said. 

“I should.” 

“…But you will not.” 

“Don’t wanna,” the cowboy whispered in a way that made him sound small, like a child begging not to be sent away. 

Hanzo peeked at the brightening sky outside. The uniform black was turning into soft blues and whites. “You sometimes snore when you sleep,” he remarked suddenly, not wanting to think about saying goodbye. 

“Nooo.” Jesse paled. His head lifted off a pillow to stare owlishly into the camera. 

“Most definitely so. With your mouth open too.” 

Hanzo watched as Jesse rolled onto his back and laughed at the ceiling; the sound made the Shimada’s heart twinge. “Well hey, I’ve caught you snorin’ too!” Jesse accused. 

“You lie,” the heir balked, his mind frantically recalling the times he fell asleep in front of the other man. 

“They’re just the tiniest of noises, like, ah… like a huff of air. You could almost convince yourself that you were just hearin’ somethin’ but I realized what it was!” 

Hanzo tried to scowl but the corners of his mouth creeped upwards. It felt… nice, knowing that Jesse had glimpsed these little vulnerabilities he had. “Speak nothing of it to anyone.” 

“Wouldn’t dare, darlin’. I plan to hoard your secret selfishly.” 

Abruptly, the video feed cut out. Sounds of Jesse moving on the other end still patched through though. 

Hanzo pulled up the call status; everything looked to be working. “Did you turn off your camera?” he asked to the screen. 

More rustling, then Jesse answered, low and wanting, “Yeah. Just wanted to hear your voice in my ear for a bit. Maybe… pretend you’re actually here.” 

An ache pulsed in his chest as Hanzo turned off his own video feed and flicked on a sound visualiser. He propped his tablet on a tablet and laid down next to it. The multi-colored bars rose and fell with the inflections of Jesse’s words, made an entirely unique shape when the cowboy spoke his name. It wasn’t a perfect substitute to watching Jesse’s mannerisms, or of being within arms reach of the other man, but it helped, in a small way. 

“Jesse…” he started. 

“Hmm?” A lazy and tired hum. 

“Is this… easy for you?” 

“A long-distance relationship?” 


Jesse paused, the silence inching into the uncomfortable. “It’s always hard,” he finally said. 

The Shimada heir glanced away at the dim screen, curling into himself and fighting away a stab of irrational insecurity. Dwelling on Jesse’s past was an unrewarding venture. They were adults, and he had a “history” too… in some capacity. But without his lover’s easy smile and thoughtful touches, small comments like that tended to nag at his mind. 

Thankfully, the low drawl of Jesse’s voice continued, pulling him out of the mental rut. “But I’m older now, and I understand that it’s not just going to magically work out. It’s going to hurt some days, and I know there will be nights where I’d trade an arm an’ a leg just to fall asleep next to ya, but I’m all in, Hanzo. Don’t forget that,” he finished softly.   

The dragon listened as Jesse’s breathing became deep and rhythmic, picturing the other man’s wild, brown locks across the sheets of his pillows and the rising and falling of that brawny chest. 

“Go to sleep, Jesse,” he said quietly. 

There’s rustled commotion before the cowboy’s scratchy, worn-out reply patched through, “Could you just stay with me until I fall asleep?” 

Hanzo hummed an affirmative and watched the chromatic waves pitch and falter until his mind carried him back to a weekend spent tangled in white sheets and tawny arms.

“ Lat year for Halloween Jayjay had her clan sisters participate in the school’s Halloween party. When night came she began talking about horror stories that happened in the school years ago. There was a genitor working there and he confirmed that there was movement in one of the unused classrooms. Nothing but old desk and chairs all piled up. He said he saw something… someone standing on the far side if the room. Another thing is that the sound of soft whispers can he heard right beside him.”

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caniwritemywayout  asked:

Hi! Do you know any spells to make someone have a bad day, or just mundane bad luck? I have a teacher who is annoying, but isn't quite bad enough to warrant a curse. Sorry if you don't curse, just delete this ask.

Chewing Gum Hex

Items needed:

- Cinnamon Chewing Gum (Yes, it MUST be cinnamon. If you hate cinnamon, then it will only make your hex more powerful!)

- Time in the teacher’s classroom alone


Chew the gum vigorously while chanting, “Misfortune clings to you like gum to a table.”

Use all of your annoyance (and disgust for the cinnamon if you are that person) and mash it into the gum. Visualize the curse manifesting.

Once the gum has gone sour in your mouth, be sure to stick it to the underside of your teacher’s desk, chair, mug, etc. but don’t get caught!

Hey guys! 

Just a quick update to post a fix for this desk chair from this post. I seem to have completely forgotten to do the LODs. I’ve fixed it and if you are interested in re-downloading the chair just put it into your mods folder and replace the old one. Sorry ‘bout that! 

Enjoy and Happy Simming!


Hell of A First Time

Pairing: Castiel x Sam x Dean x Virgin!Reader (no destiel, sastiel,or wincest–sorry!)

Word Count: 4.3k words of SIN

Warnings: it’s a threesome with dean as a voyeur. and the reader’s a virgin. lots of orgasms. and there’s oral. tada!

A/N: this is my first time writing a threesome, so be kind, friends!! feedback is so greatly appreciated!

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You, Sam, Dean and Cas sat around the map table sharing a bottle of whiskey, celebrating another successful hunt. It was nights like these—full of laughter, jokes and telling stories—that you treasured most. Being a hunter pretty much ensured a short-lived life, so you always treasured the small moments of joy spent with your best friends.

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REQUEST: Hi! Can you do one where Harry is upset about his family or anxiety or something and you ask him to let you in? Something fluffy? Thanks!

You’d never seen Harry get angry before.

You’d been dating for about three months now and you’d never heard him raise his voice. Even though he was just about to start promo season for his new single and was about to announce his upcoming album and tour, the man never doubted himself. You could tell that he absolutely loved his work, because he never showed even a flicker of resentment towards any aspect of it—he had the patience of a saint, where you would have lost it by now if you were in his shoes.

But there was a first time for everything.

You were driving over to his flat for an quiet evening together. You’d barely seen one another that entire week prior because of his hectic schedule, and you were looking forward to finally getting him alone. You couldn’t lie, you’d been feeling a tad bit neglected and it had been starting to get to you. You knew that when you agreed to date a rock star boyfriend it wouldn’t come without it’s downsides, but you were starting to feel like you weren’t a priority anymore. Which is why when he called and suggested an evening together, you felt over the moon.

You walked into the apartment without knocking—you’d stopped doing that during the second month—and shrugged off your sweater while you slipped off your shoes.

“Harry!” You called out into his home, walking into the kitchen to set down the bottle of wine that you’d picked up. The two of you had planned to make sangria that night along with dinner—you set your purse down on the counter and exhaled a soft huff at his absence before deciding to go find him.

The first room you checked in was his office, where he spent most of his time lately while he was home. Surely enough, there he was—he was leaning forward onto the desk with his elbows, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. You could see the rise and fall of his shoulders as he breathed, and you were almost afraid to interrupt his silence. Your first instinct was to get annoyed that he was doing work when you were supposed to meet up, but you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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The Spark Next Door

Summary: There’s always been a spark between you and the guy next door; when life takes a rough turn, things between you accelerate. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 4450 (without lyrics)
Warnings: Trigger warning: Short assault scene; language, drinking. Mostly fluff-type stuff, despite the warnings.
Challenge: Kari’s Favorites Challenge with the trope of “Neighbors AU” and Bronwyn’s Double Birthday Challenge where my prompt was Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. (I can’t be the only one who thinks of certain green eyes when you hear that song!) @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @jpadjackles

Your name: submit What is this?

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I Don’t Want You to Leave (M)

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluffy smut
Summary: You don’t want Jimin to go to work early on a Saturday so you seduce him to make him stay.


Jimin goes to work super early in the morning. He normally sets two alarms to help pace his morning routine and to wake him up just in case he falls back asleep. He didn’t have to leave for work until 8:00am, but he was a very punctual guy who hated being late so he always left ten minutes early in preparation for the worse case scenario. Mornings for Jimin consisted of a shower and his bathroom routine, breakfast, getting dressed, and gathering his work bag to double check that he didn’t forget anything. He always tried his hardest to be quiet in the mornings, but his alarms counteracted his efforts. You eventually learned to somehow sleep through them, they no longer bothered you, but some days you just couldn’t ignore it.

“Beep beep beep bee-”

Jimin quickly pressed the button on the alarm clock and set another one. Your eyes fluttered open at the sudden noise and you sighed once you saw the time. It was 6:10 in the morning. You felt your husband shuffle under you and let out a sigh of his own. The position that you were sleeping in allowed you to be an anchor for him, you were able to hold him down. Your head was on his chest and your arm was slung across his middle. At some point while you were sleeping, you had thrown your leg over his and they became intertwined with each other. When the alarm went off, he was hesitant to move because he didn’t want to wake you. You used this to your advantage to try to hold him in place.

After a few minutes, he sighed again and tapped you.

“Babe, I have to get up.” He said, voice deep and heavy with sleep.

You pouted as you opened your eyes and looked up at him. “No~ I want you to stay in bed with me.”

“I know,” He said “I do too, but I have to get ready for work.”

“I don’t want you to leave…”

Even though it was the middle of summer, your room was still too cool for your liking and Jimin was so warm. If he got out of bed, all of the warmth would leave with him and you would be left there, freezing in your own bed. It was also a Saturday and you didn’t understand why he had to go to work and why he couldn’t just spend the day with you.

“Why do you have to work on a Saturday anyway?” You asked, nestling your head back onto his chest.

“There are some things that I have to finish at work and they’re all due on Monday. I’m only working a half a day today, jagi.” He reassured you. “So that way I won’t have to worry about work for the rest of the weekend and I can spend more time with you.” He kissed the top of your head.

“Fine.” You grumble as you roll off of him. He sat up and got out of the covers. Just as you had suspected, the bed immediately got cooler and you were trapped in a bundle of empty sheets. You shivered when the air hit your back and Jimin noticed this and quickly filled his spot with the blanket. You watched with tired eyes as he walked over to his desk and sat down in his chair and started putting things in his bag. He was shirtless and you couldn’t help but stare at his muscles that flexed at every movement. His hair was messy, yet he still looked extremely sexy, the light pouring into your room from the window hitting him at the perfect angles. He looked like an angel.

When his bag was all packed he stood up, stretched and yawned. He walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him, disappointing you just slightly. A minute later, you hear the shower come on and your mind starts to wander. You stare at the door, contemplating on whether or not you should go into the bathroom and join him in the warm shower. Your mind said yes but your body screamed no. You were lazy and tired and you honestly didn’t really feel like walking across the room to the bathroom. So you settled for fantasizing about him in the shower.

You imagined Jimin getting undressed in front of the mirror, possibly taking a moment to inspect his incredibly toned muscles, and then stepping into the shower, the water soaking his gorgeous honey skin and highlighting his abs as it streamed down his body. Then he would grab the soap and lather himself in the scented body wash you loved so much. He would reach every inch of his beautiful body, his arm muscles flexing as he scrubbed his skin. His hands would travel his body, over his arms and shoulders, around his neck, across his pecks, down into the defined cuts of his abs, lower, lower, running up the mind blowing length of his cock– ugh his dick~!! Your mouth was practically watering at the thought of it, strong and large even when flaccid. He would run his hands up and down its length, giving him pleasure in the warm water. Would he think of your sleeping body in the room next to him as he rubbed himself? Would he also fantasize and wish that you would join him like you did? Would he imagine that his hand was yours or even your mouth? You wondered if he grew hard at the thought of you tou-

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door opening. You opened your eyes and looked at the clock, realizing that 15 minutes had passed. You must have fallen asleep… Your eyes find Jimin walking around the room with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. You lick your lips at the sight and unconsciously your hands wander down between your legs, into your underwear, surprising you when you find yourself wet. Curiosity led your eyes down to his covered parts and you were disappointed when you saw that there wasn’t a bulge in the towel. This is the moment that gave you the will power and energy to pull yourself out of bed. It seemed unfair to you that the thought of him could make you instantly wet and that your fantasies didn’t come true like you expected them to. Now you were determined to make him just as excited as you were and keep him home so that you could make your fantasies become a reality.

Your feet hit the floor as you sit up and move to the side of the bed. Jimin turned his head to see what you were doing and locked eyes with you as you strutted toward him, trying your hardest to be enticing. Your hips swayed with every step and your movements were slow as you neared him. He stood in place, watching your body with raised eyebrows and a slack jaw.

“(Y/n), what are y-”

You cut him off once you were face to face with him. “Minnie~” you whined, “I wanna spend time with you.” You pouted. Then you look behind him and back him up into his desk chair. Once he sits, you straddle his lap, your underwear rubbing against his towel. You wrap your arms around his neck and give him a cute look. He places his hands on your thighs as he speaks.

“We can spend the whole day together after I finish my work.”

“And when will that be?”

He thinks for a moment before answering. “12:30”

“12 noon.” You say sharply and he gives you a questioning look before he understands what you mean.

“Ok fine I’ll be back by 12. Then we can go out to lunch together.” He gives you a warm smile and you lean forward and kiss him lightly. When you lean back from the kiss you notice a slight change in his face. His eyes grow wide for a moment and it takes you a few seconds to realize that you had accidentally grinded on him.

You ask him if he can stay with you just a little longer and he refuses, forcing you to go with your original plan. You move off of his lap and stoop down in front of the chair, sitting between his legs. The towel is loosely wrapped around his waist, so it makes it easy for you to unwrap your gift. Once he is exposed, you grab onto his length and look up at him with puppy dog eyes. “Are you sure?” You question deviously as you feel him grow hard in your grasp. Your hand moves slowly up and down his shaft while you stare at him, observing how he swallows and tries to hold himself back.

This distraction makes it hard for Jimin to speak so he just bites his lip and watches your actions. Now fully erect in your hand, you bend down and kiss the head of his dick, making him flinch. You feel the slight movement of his hips as he tries to buck up and you know you have him right where you want him. Your hand stops and you let go of him as you stand up.

“It’s ok, we can spend time together after work. I’m gonna go cook breakfast for you.” You say, your peppy voice breaking the silence that has built up in the room. Before you get a chance to walk away, Jimin grabs your arm and pulls you back down on his lap.

You let out a little yelp at how fast he brings you down and he leans in close to your ear. “You know I can’t go to work like this.” He says, giving the shell of your ear a lick and then looking down as he rubs himself against your bottom. “You’re gonna have to help me take care of it.” He pulls you into a heated kiss and deepens it by gently grabbing the back of your head. His tongue slides along your bottom lip and you easily grant him access, opening your mouth so he can explore it. You let him claim dominance as he swirls his tongue with yours and you moan into the kiss. When you pull back to take a breath, he catches your bottom lip between his teeth and pulls lightly.

By this point you can feel him twitching underneath you desperately, so you position yourself between his legs again and push him back so you have better access. Then you take off your shirt, being considerate of Jimin’s view before you grab a hold of him at the base. You pump him a few times and then lick the side of his cock from base to tip, collecting the precum on your tongue when you reach the top. He lets out a low groan and you try to hold back a grin. You lock eyes with him as you lower your mouth onto him and a deep groan of relief resounds from his chest, loving the way your lips fit around him. Your tongue swirls around the head a few times before you take him in further and he lets out another sound of satisfaction. Slowly, you take him all the way in until your nose hits his abdomen and he is as deep as he can go. The sight and feeling of being all the way in your mouth is almost too much for Jimin and he has to hold himself back so that he doesn’t move. There is a stinging in the back of your throat and you swallow around him, causing him to gasp and whimper at the feeling.

“Mmm shit, (Y/n). You feel so fucking good.” He breaths. You can’t help but smirk around him.

You remove your mouth from him and grab a hold of his member, now slick and dripping with saliva and precum, while you try to breathe again, lungs burning from the lack of oxygen. Your hand slides effortlessly up and down his length, squeezing him with just the right amount of pressure. Jimin’s gaze is almost burning through you as he watches your every movement with half-lidded eyes. You continue to pump him, but engulf your lips around him once more and bob your head up and down at a mild pace, your mouth and hand working in sync. The sounds coming from your husband are the most sexy moans you have ever heard as you work his cock, his moans getting higher in pitch and more frequent, the neediness in his voice a telltale sign that he is close. You swipe your tongue over his slit and around his head at every chance you get, your pace quickening as he neared his end. His legs tensed up and he started to buck up into your mouth subtly as he chased after his orgasm, now desperately gripping the armrest so hard that his knuckles turn white. Glancing up at him, you see the desire in his eyes and immediately know what he’s thinking, so you give him what he wants, grabbing his hands and placing them on the top of your head. You stopped your movements and lifted your mouth off of his dick, causing a disappointed groan to escape his lips. But the fire in his eyes was reignited when he hears your words.

“Face fuck me.”

His eyes widened at your words, but he did not hesitate to adjust himself slightly and follow your instructions. You hollowed your cheeks and tightened your grip around him, bracing yourself as you stared up at him and waited for his movements. The hold he had on your hair tightened to keep you still and he began thrusting his hips up into your mouth, warming you up with a few cautious thrusts before suddenly snapping his hips at a fast pace, starting to get lost in the feeling. His orgasm got closer and closer as you observed his face, taking in every detail of how it contorted with pleasure, trying to distract yourself from the burning in your throat and the urge to gag every time he went a little deeper. His moans and groans got louder and higher until he was reduced to releasing sexy whimpers, each sound sending shockwaves through your body and straight down to your core and you couldn’t help but moan around him, the vibrations sending him over the edge, curses and your name flying out of his mouth. His hips stuttered as his orgasm overtook his body and he came into your mouth, your hand moving slowly along him to help him ride out his climax. You swallowed all of the love he had just spilled into you and licked your lips as you rose from your knees, cheeks flushed in a bright pink color.

He stood in front of you as your lips connected. His hands moved along the small of your back, down to your ass. He gripped your cheeks tightly and lifted you up, your legs instinctively wrapping around him, never breaking the kiss. He walked to the bed and gently placed you in the center of it, pulling away from you to take in the sight of your body. His eyes landed on the piece of fabric between your legs and he reached down to hook his fingers in the waistband. Your eyes met his as he pulled your remaining garment down your legs slowly, lifting your hips just slightly to help with the removal.

Jimin threw your panties somewhere across the room, you didn’t get a chance to see where because his lips were on yours as soon as he got them down your legs. You wanted more from the kiss but he pulled away, progressing slowly as he kissed down your body. He drew creative patterns with his tongue across your skin as he moved lower, stopping at the junction between your neck and shoulder to suck lightly because he always knew where to kiss to drive you crazy. Open mouthed kisses trailed down your body and travelled through the valley of your breasts, his hands tending to what his lips did not. The feeling of having Jimin touch and kiss every inch of your body drove you insane. He teased you when he got to your lower half, placing soft kisses on your hip bones and spreading your legs in front of him.

His lips explored every inch of your bare legs, leaving light kisses on your outer thighs and dark love marks on your inner thighs just to claim you as his. He kissed up and down your inner thighs, coming just close enough to brush up against the side of your lower lips and then skipped to the other leg. You were ticklish and getting impatient, whining when he skipped over where you wanted him the most. The build up seemed to last forever and you bucked naturally when he blew air on your exposed heat. Finally finished his journey, Jimin rested his eyes on the sight in front of him and licked his plump lips seductively as he ran two fingers along your folds, collecting your arousal.

“Damn, babe. Your dripping for me,” He cooed and hummed as he licked you off of his fingers. The sight alone sent heat down through you and you stared at the beautiful man in front of you as he continued to toy with your folds. You could feel yourself literally dripping onto the sheets below you, the anticipation eating you alive as you waited for Jimin to make his next move. “It’s ok I’ll clean up every last drop.” He said in a deeper voice that sent chills up your spine as he kissed your clit, making you flinch.

He stuck out his tongue and hesitated before moving, wanting to watch your face as you screwed your eyes shut in anticipation. He smirked when your hips began to buck towards him to encourage him, expressing how needy you were, and his mouth finally made contact with you, licking a long stripe through your folds, spreading them apart with his tongue as he went. Your back arched off of the bed and you let out a long drawn out moan. Your fingers found his soft hair and wove their way into his locks, pulling on them gently. Jimin licked up and down your slit, licking up the wetness like it was the most delicious meal he had ever tasted. His tongue moved up and circled around your clit slowly as he looked up at you. Your breathing was labored and heavy and your mouth hung open in pleasure. A smirk crawled onto his face as he observed his effect on you.

“Oh my- ohh!!” You gasped out as Jimin inserted one, then two of his fingers.

Jimin hummed at the response he was getting out of you. He loved pleasuring you and watching you come undone because of him.

“Does it feel good?” He asked innocently, but the look he gave you was dripping with lust and had ‘sinner’ written all over it.

“Yes, fuck,” You replied, cutting yourself off when he suddenly increased his pace and lowered his mouth back down to your clit. “Oh that feels fucking AMAZING, please please please don’t stop!!” You called out to him, the raspiness of sleep in your voice disappearing as you practically screamed your words. The knot in your stomach was growing rapidly as Jimin continued his ministrations. Naturally, your legs tried to squeeze together, but he kept pushing them apart with his free hand. You began to shake and pant loudly as the coil in your stomach grew tighter with every pump of his fingers. Knowing how close you were, Jimin took his fingers out of you and held your legs open, pushing them up to your chest, rendering you helpless to his stimulation. He wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked harshly, licking in tight, fast circles as you called out his name. Moans and lewd, wet noises filled the room, only adding to the sensations.

Your hands were all over the place, grabbing at the sheets and his hair, wandering aimlessly until one hand found his and you locked fingers with him. The other hand settled on your breast, massaging it and pinching at your nipple. The pleasure you were feeling was almost overwhelming as Jimin licked and sucked at your core, occasionally dipping his tongue into your entrance. His other hand left your hips and reached up to tend to your other boob, adding to your pleasure as you neared the edge.

Beads of sweat formed on your forehead and chest. You were so close and Jimin never let up. He picked up his already fast pace and hummed on your most sensitive place, the vibrations going straight up your body, sending you over the edge with a cry.

“Ji-Jimin, I-I’m cu-” You couldn’t finish your sentence as the knot in your stomach unraveled and waves of pleasure coursed through your body. Heat spread throughout your being as Jimin helped you ride out your high with his fingers on your pulsing nub and breasts, rubbing in sensual slow circles. Your heart was in your ears as your entire body tingled, low moans still escaping your lips as you trembled and twitched at his every touch. He stopped his fingers and began kissing his way back up your body, tracing an imaginary line from your navel, between your breasts, and up your neck, his feathery kisses tickling your flesh. He peppered your face in kisses and then moved back down your jaw to suck on spots on your neck, leaving small but dark hickies.

You let him do whatever he wanted while you caught your breath, trying your hardest to gather up what little strength you had to not fall asleep right there in front of him. You placed your hands on his soft, warm cheeks, catching his attention, and you brought his lips to yours in a lazy but passionate kiss. You could taste yourself on him, but you really didn’t care. Pulling away from him, you stared into his eyes with love and was pleasantly surprised when he returned the look with the same amount of love and adoration as yours.

“You’re beautiful,” He said against your lips, “And sexy… and hot…” Jimin said in between playful pecks on your lips. “Did I mention sexy? Cuz damn you’re so fucking sexy!!” He said with a bright smile that melted your heart. You giggled as he attacked your face with more kisses.

Shortly after, the other alarm rang, interrupting the small make out session that had ensued. It startled you and you jumped, almost bumping foreheads with Jimin as he still hovered over you. He moved from over top of you and got off of the bed with a sigh. He turned off the alarm and turned back to you. You looked at the clock before shifting your gaze back to him. The clock read 7:00am.

“I still have to get ready for work…” He said and you groaned loudly. “But you made me all sweaty so I have to shower again,” He added, a smile creeping up his face. “Care to join me?”

You nodded and he pulled you up by your arms, helping you off of the bed and onto your slightly wobbly legs. He laughed at your unsteadiness and you glared at him playfully, bringing up the point that he was the one who did this to you.

He turned the shower on and let the water run for a few seconds, it didn’t take long for the water to heat up because he just took a shower a half an hour ago. You stepped into the shower first, moving farther into the water to give him more space so that he could join you. There was enough space for the both of you, but it was still a cramped area and you two were forced to stand really close to each other just to get under the water. Not that you minded.

Jimin stepped in behind you and took a second to admire your body as the water rushed over it, tracing your curves perfectly. You turned to face him and pulled him further into the shower by his wrists while you scolded him for staring, never daring to admit that you were doing the same thing. You watched the water soak his hair and plaster it to his forehead. Reaching up, you gently moved the hair out of his face and gave him a kiss on his plump lips. Then you turned toward the water and stood there to let it glide down the front of your body. You felt Jimin’s strong arms wrap around your middle, pulling you closer to him. You could feel his breath tickling your shoulder as he bent down and pecked it and then rested his chin on it.

“I love you,” He mumbled softly in your ear. For some reason those three words, no matter how much he said them, gave you butterflies and sent a blush to your cheeks every time. You leaned your head back onto his shoulder and closed your eyes as you responded.

“I love you too, Jimin.” And there wasn’t a doubt in your mind that you made him feel the same way as his grip on you tightened at your words. He turned his head and his lips brushed the skin of your neck as he spoke.

“I’m so glad you’re mine.” He said as he pressed his lips the side of your neck. You smirked as he continued to kiss at the sensitive skin that was still buzzing from your previous orgasm. You relaxed in his arms and released a sigh of contentment, wishing you could stay like this forever. But as you swayed with him, you felt him on your lower back. Your eyes widened and you swiftly turned in his arms to face him. A mixture of shock and confusion was present on his face as you stood there, still in his hold, staring at him with wide eyes and raised eyebrows.

“Are you getting hard again?” You asked him, a smirk threatening the corners of your mouth, but you concealed it and replaced it with a blank look feigning disgust. He swallowed and thought for a moment before cautiously answering.

“Do you want me to be hard again?” He questioned slowly, still looking your face over, trying to read your expression. You allowed the smirk to show itself as you answered slyly.

“Only if you’ll let me take care of it.” You said seductively as you push yourself closer into him so that his semi-hard cock was pressed against your stomach. He leaned closer to you, lips just out of reach.

“Deal,” He said, a smirk crawling onto his face as well. “You’re just so fucking sexy I couldn’t help but get turned on by you. I love your body, to me you are perfect.” He purred. The butterflies in your stomach made a second appearance and you blushed at his words as he stood there, studying your form as the water ran down it. But this time, you didn’t scold him for it. Instead, you posed for him, sticking out your ass and arching your back so that he had a good view of your boobs. He took the initiative and gently grasped them, your body instinctively arching into his hands that fit so perfectly around your breasts. He lightly massaged them and tweaked your nipples, bending down to kiss you and swallow your moans as he continued to play with your body. You enjoyed the contact, but you also needed to feel him inside of you, so you pulled away from his lips and bit yours as you looked at him. He momentarily stopped his motions to look at you expectantly, awaiting your words.

“I don’t need any more foreplay.” You say, grinding your hips onto his and feeling his now fully erect length rub against you. He caught the hint and pulled you in for another quick kiss before turning you and pinning you against the wall. He held your arms up above your head with one hand as he lifted your thigh with the other, putting pressure on your body with his to make sure that you don’t fall on your already wobbly legs. You locked your leg around him to free his hand and he moved his fingers along your slick folds.

“So wet,” He mumbled mostly to himself as he lined himself up with you.

You felt his head poke at your entrance and your eyes met for a brief moment before he pushed into you, sliding in almost fully, your wetness making it easy for him to slip right in. He groaned at the feeling of being inside you and you moaned at the fullness you felt. He stayed there for a couple of seconds to give you some time to adjust, and then pulled out almost completely and watched himself sink back into you slowly. His hand found your waist as he repeated the action, sticking to the slow pace as if only to frustrate you. But you didn’t complain.

“Mm, You take my cock so well, jagi,” Jimin moaned as he continued to watch himself disappear inside of you. Your hands fidgeted in his grip as you whined, wanting to touch him and hold on to him so that he could move faster. His pace picked up slightly at your whining and you bit your lip to contain the noises coming from your throat as he went deeper. “Fuck, you’re so tight.” He groaned into your neck as he bent his head down to press a kiss to it.

You wanted to reply to him, but the angle and the depth he was getting prevented your brain from forming proper words, so you could only moan in response. He usually didn’t go this slow, but he also never went this deep. He was discovering new places inside of you that neither of you had ever known existed and it felt amazing. When he hit a g-spot, your leg almost gave out on you, but luckily he was pressed against you to glue you to the wall. He repeatedly hit that spot at a slightly faster pace, moving his hips closer to you to get deeper, and you couldn’t even make any noises at the pleasure you felt. Your mouth was gaping, but no sound was coming out. You weren’t even sure you were breathing. Jimin hungrily looked at your face, the sight of you enough to make him cum right there, but he controlled himself and instead let go of your hands.

When your hands dropped, you immediately reached for his shoulders. His hands found the back of your thighs and started to lift your other leg off of the ground, making you wrap your arms around his neck to prevent you from falling. He wrapped your other leg around his waist and pushed you up against the wall harder. You were suspended between Jimin and the wall as you squeezed your legs tight around his hips, bringing him closer to you. Jimin’s hands moved farther up your thighs and held on tightly to your ass, hard enough to leave marks on your skin.

Now he was pressed up against you with all of his weight and your hard nipples rubbed against his chest as you moved. He lifted you slightly and began pounding into you, bringing you back down on his cock to meet him halfway. Your loud moans echoed in the shower as he fucked the soul out of you, skin slapping together in the fast pace.

“So deep…” You gasped out. He groaned at the breathlessness of your words and went even harder and faster, making you practically bounce up and down at the impact. You let out an especially loud moan as he hit another sweet spot and your hands flew to his hair, gripping the strands tightly as curses and moans fell from your mouth. Jimin leaned his forehead against yours and stared into your eyes as he snapped his hips into you, the intensity showing in his gaze. The control and precision of his movements never ceased to amaze you as he knew exactly how hard and how deep to go to drag every ounce of pleasure out of you.

As he got closer to his climax, his groans became more frequent and you could see the concentration on his face as his hips became a little more erratic. He attempted to kiss you, but it was really just your lips pressed together in an open mouthed kiss, panting into each other’s mouths. You felt yourself getting tighter with every thrust.

“Babe, I’m close.” You panted, not sure if he recognized that you had said words. But he responded anyway.

“Me too.” He breathed, keeping up with his intense pace. His head once again dipped down to suck spots in your neck and you whimpered at the sensation. The added stimulation was enough to push you into your climax and you came hard on his dick. Waves of pleasure pulsed through you and you shook violently as your breathing hitched, making you momentarily forget how to breath. Your body went limp in his arms as you let him ride out your orgasm and chase his own.

Jimin’s pace didn’t slow, his moans became louder and his hips more erratic as your walls contracted and spasmed around his throbbing cock. He slipped in and out of you rapidly, each movement edging him closer to his release and each one of your whimpers and moans turning him on even more.

“Cum for me, baby.” You encouraged him with breathless words, purposely tightening yourself around him. Your eyes were barely open, but you got them to function in time to see the incredibly sexy look on his face as he came.

“Ahhh, s-shit.” Jimin groaned one final time as he came deep inside of you. You moaned at the sight of his face, his rosy cheeks, closed eyes, parted lips, and thrown back head. Both of your moans filled the room as you came down from your highs. He still held on tightly to your limp body as he gently and shallowly thrust into you to ride out his orgasm. When his motions stopped, he lifted you slightly and pulled out, both of you groaning from soreness and over sensitivity. He lowered your legs down to the floor and held you up. You felt his cum dripping down your thighs and get washed away by the water as you stood. Your arms were still locked around his neck and your legs were weak. He was the only support you had because obviously your legs weren’t of much use. Your lips connected and he once again stole your breath away, dominating your mouth with his tongue and not letting you pull away for air. When he did pull away, you both just stood there in the running water, foreheads together and eyes locked. The only sounds in the bathroom were the sounds of running water and heavy breathing.

“Ok now let’s take a real shower.” You said once you could breathe again. He smiled and stood up straight. You almost collapsed, but he held you steady. “Damn it Jimin, you broke my legs!” You laughed as you tried to steady yourself.

Actually taking a shower this time, you both helped wash each other. Once clean, you stepped out of the shower, somewhat regaining function of your legs. Jimin soon followed and grabbed a towel to dry you off.

“Sorry for making you late to work.” You apologized sheepishly, feeling bad about it.

“Today doesn’t even count,” He laughed. “I could go in whenever I felt like it, I just wanted to go early so I could spend the whole day with you.” He kissed your forehead as he finished drying your body, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake. You then turned to dry him off but he swatted your hands away.

“Let me dry you off.” You said, surprised at his stubbornness. He only shook his head and you rolled your eyes at him as you pulled on your underwear and t-shirt.

“Hey (Y/n)?” Jimin called making you turn towards him. “Are you still going to make breakfast?” He asked and you couldn’t help but giggle. You nodded.

“Sure, but we still have to go out for lunch ok?”

“Deal.” He smiled. He kissed you briefly before you headed for the kitchen.

Chaise and Catch

MariChat May 19th: Identity Reveal


Summary: Chat Noir is too tired to be in the story. He still is in it though.

Chat Noir landed softly, his body drooping with exhaustion. He made it just far enough to detransform and lie down before he fell asleep.

His day had been much busier than usual. He spent several hours that morning attending a miserable photoshoot. He then had to go to school and deal with an assignment he had forgotten was due. Not to mention the teacher that had chewed him out about it. He thought that he would have time to rest after school, but then there was an akuma attack that ended up lasting late into the night. He was lucky that Nathalie thought he had passed out in his room. If she hadn’t he would have a lot of explaining to do.

So maybe Chat could be forgiven, when, instead of ending up in his room to sleep, he found himself on Marinette’s chaise. After all, her room felt more like home than his.

Everything would have been fine if Chat had woken before Marinette.

However, instead of escaping before she saw him, Marinette spotted the boy on her chaise the moment she climbed down from her alcove.

Marinette let out a loud eep when she spotted him. She jumped to hide behind her desk chair.

“Tikki!” She whispered loudly. “What is Adrien Agreste doing on my chaise?”

Tikki yawned wiping the sleep out of her eyes with her little paws. “Are you sure you’re not just seeing-” Tikki opened her eyes. “Oh. Marinette, why is Adrien sleeping on your chaise?”

Marinette made a sound of frustration as she peeked at Adrien from behind her chair.

Tikki floated over to Adrien and eeped as well. “What is Plagg doing here?”

“Plagg? Isn’t that Chat’s Kwami? What’s he doing with Adrien? Also why is Adrien on my chaise?!” Marinette really wanted an answer to that last one.

“I think…” Tikki hesitated. “Adrien might be Chat Noir.”

Marinette looked at her Kwami strangely. “Tikki, Adrien can’t be Chat.”

Tikki looked back and forth from Adrien, who had Plagg curled up to his neck, and Marinette. “Right.” Tikki mumbled. “I don’t think there’s another explanation though.”

Marinette slowly came out of hiding. “But that doesn’t make any sense, Tikki.” She frowned. “That would mean Chat was always Adrien and I’m pretty sure I would have figured that out by now.” She nodded at her own reasoning.

“Marinette, Plagg is sitting on him.” Tikki hadn’t had a chosen this stubborn in millennia.

“But, but…” Marinette floundered.

“He has a silver ring on the same finger Chat has his.” Tikki pulled that finger up from where it was resting on the floor. Chat really sprawled out when he slept.

Marinette looked lost. “He, but Adrien, and Chat, and Adrien…” Tikki looked at her chosen with concern. “Chat Noir is Adrien.” She muttered. “Adrien…” She breathed in deeply. “…is Chat Noir.”

Tikki sighed. “Finally.” She said under her breath.

Marinette quietly walked forward. She took hold of the side rail on the chaise and then looked down at Adrien and Plagg sleeping.

“They look so cute sleeping together.” She whispered.

Tikki shook her small head. “Plagg is only cute when he’s sleeping.” She frowned and then added. “He’s an annoying glutton most of the time.”

Marinette looked at her curiously. She had never heard Tikki talk badly about anyone that wasn’t Hawkmoth.

“Do you two not get along?” She asked her voice still soft.

“No.” Tikki sighed. “We get along fine.”

Marinette blinked and opened her mouth to respond.

“What are you going to do about Adrien?” Tikki changed the subject before she could respond. She floated over and sat on the back of Adrien’s head, Plagg’s tail almost touching her.

“I don’t know.” Marinette frowned. “Why is he even here?”

The sound of Plagg yawning made both of them look down at him.

“He was so sleepy yesterday he just wandered over to his favorite place.” Plagg explained sleepily before stretching like the cat he was.

Adrien shifted uncomfortably as Plagg pushed against his neck while stretching. Marinette held her breath as she waited for him to wake. Adrien stopped shifting as soon as Plagg stopped stretching leading Marinette to let out the breath she was holding.

“You shouldn’t worry too much.” Plagg yawned again. “He’ll be out like a light for a couple more hours. It is Sunday right?” Marinette nodded. “Good. His internal clock won’t wake him since it’s a week-end.”

Tikki frowned down at Plagg. “Since when are you this helpful?”

Plagg ignored her question.

Marinette sighed. She could already tell this was going to be a very long day. Then, a thought occurred to her.

“Did you say this was Adrien’s favorite place?” She asked Plagg quietly.

Plagg looked up at her with big eyes and frowned. “Obviously. Why do you think he spends so much time here?”

Marinette looked put-out. “I just thought he was bored.”

Plagg stared at her. “You two are made for each other.” He shook his head in exasperation.

Marinette flushed a bit at that. “Why does he like it here?” She muttered to herself.

Plagg still answered. “You’re here. Duh.” He rolled his eyes.


Tikki took pity on her. “He likes you Marinette.” She couldn’t help but giggle.

The girl frowned. “Are you sure?”

Yes!” Both the Kwami’s responded at the same time.

Marinette flushed and hid behind the chaise. The Kwami’s sighed at her actions.

“Marinette? Are you alright?” Tikki asked.

“Yeah, I just…” She stood with a look of determination. “I’m going to tell Adrien everything. That I’m Ladybug. How I feel. Everything.” She faltered. “As soon as he wakes up.”

Tikki giggled and Plagg snickered.

Marinette blushed as she moved over the edge of the chaise and sat down. With a smile on her face she let one of her hands rest on Adrien’s leg. She would have to wait for him to wake up, but she wasn’t worried. Adrien was her partner and they would get through this as easily as they dealt with everything else.

She frowned suddenly. She would also have to have a talk with him about his sleeping habits. There was no way being this tired should be normal.

As she heard him wake up she resolved once more to talk to him about it. Her eyes drifted to his ring and she frowned. That would, of course, have to wait until they talked about everything else.

Professor Turned Call Boy | Taeyong Smut

Can I have a call boy smut with Taeyong? He’s your professor in Uni and you’re stressed so you want someone to help with that 😏 You call and ask for the one under the name “Taeyong” not thinking it would be him despite the same name? You’re both surprised, but he found you a sexy student so he does so anyways (really rough, and daddy kink?) Please and thank you 😊😊

Character: Taeyong (NCT) / gender neutral reader (*ignore the fem in the gif, I swear this is gn*)
Word Count: 2989

Warning: well, smut of course. bad language, slight name calling, no condom, creampie, rough daddy kink, teacher/student kink, call boy?? can’t think of anything else :) enjoy!

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