Dean tossed once more, readjusting the blankets and crossing his arms. A look at the alarm on his bedside table told him it was about to be midnight, and the side of his bed was still empty. It took another toss, an attempt to clear his head, and one more look at the clock for him to decide he’d had enough. 

Silently, he grabbed the robe hanging by his desk chair and slipped on a pair of untied, old boots. He had almost reached the door before his steps faltered, and his eyes traveled over the dark shadows of the room. Carefully, he walked to the other side of the room and opened your duffel bag, taking out what he needed. 

The bright neon sign of the hotel shone painfully in his eyes as he stepped outside, a cloud of white crystals knitting itself out of his lips with each breath he took. The Impala was quiet, its shiny black coat blending in with the coal exterior, but the glow from the buildings next to the motel allowed Dean to see a figure sitting behind the wheel. 

With a small sigh, he walked to the passenger’s side of the car, almost flinching as he pulled at the icy door handle and slipped inside. Your shoulders were tense, and your back hunched as you let your forehead rest against the wheel, hands clutching at it. 

“You’re going to get sick,” Dean said softly, cautiously scooting closer to you. 

“I know,” you replied, voice muffled slightly, but you didn’t look up. 

“I have the keys. Do you want me to turn on the heat?” You shook your head. “Okay… Okay, well, I brought you this.” 

He nudged your arm slightly, a soft jacket brushing against your elbow. You took a deep breath in and then let it out, finally straightening up. Without looking at him, you took the jacket and put it on, falling back against the seat. 



“I’m sorry.”

“I know,” you said quietly. “I’m sorry, too.” 

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. You were right; I was just being an idiot, and—”

“Dean, it’s all right. We both said some stuff I’m sure we regret. Nobody was right,” you sighed, turning him. “Look, I’m stubborn and I needed time to think, that’s all. But I’m really tired and all I want to do right now is—what’s that?”

“Oh, um…” Dean chuckled weakly, looking down at the pink stuffed toy in his hands. “I, uh, I wasn’t sure what it would take to get you to come to bed, so I kind of thought this would help me. Just in case. I know it’s your favorite, baby.” 

“It’s the only one,” you mumbled, ears heating quickly as you took the small teddy bear from his hands. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

“Please, honey, I’ve seen the giraffe, too,” Dean smiled, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as you groaned. “I was sort of going to sing a dumb song with Winky so you would forgive me, but I’m glad that’s not happening anymore. We good?”

“Always, but you even know her name?” you whinned, pressing your cheek against his warm chest as a form of hiding your blushing cheeks.

“Sam told me.” 


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Jeff x Annie! :) 1. things you said at 1 am

1. things you said at 1 am: Disheveled Glory

(A/N: this is set after the series finale and is gratuitously fluffy. Seriously. It’s like the fic equivalent of cotton candy. Shout-out to @bethanyactually for being a wonderful writing partner…that’s right she’s elevated from beta status. She’s that excellent.)


Annie settles back into her desk chair, legs crossed and a steaming mug of coffee in hand. It’s just past 1 a.m. and normally she doesn’t like to have caffeine this late, but she has to get through all these revisions before the meeting with her thesis advisor in the morning. She needs to stop rewriting her list of things to do and just get the work done so she can join Jeff in bed.

Stifling a tremendous yawn, she pulls her laptop closer.


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Kara / Lucy - Isn't it a bit cliche that both Lane sisters are dating superheroes?

“In conclusion,” Lucy adds, twisting her fingers with a little more force and making Kara moan loud enough to be heard three offices down, “I don’t agree with your premise, Supergirl.”

“Fine, it’s not cliché!” Kara gasps, grabbing the arms of Lucy’s desk chair and promptly snapping them both. 

“Busy painting I see.” He said after he had came in and sat in my desk chair. I had a hard time looking at him, he was actually here, with me, in my room. Alone. A million scenarios ran through my head and I felt my face getting hotter and hotter by the moment. 

“Are you ok, Young One?” He asked

“Y-yeah Im fine. Sorry, just got lost in thought for a moment there.” I laughed nervously

“Hmmm. What are you painting?” He asked me

“Not sure.” I responded, dipping my paint brush in the paint and making a few strokes on the canvas.

“Not sure?”

“I don’t usually know what I’m painting.” I laughed “I just paint and let my mind come up with whatever it wants to come up with.” 

“I see…”


3t4 MS91 Industrial Rustic Bedroom

  • Rustic Bedframe ( 6 Swatches )
  • Mattress Without Pillow and Blanket, can be placed on any bedframe and Woohoo Tested ( 3 Swatches )
  • Bed Blanket ( 3 Swatches )
  • Rustic End Table with 8 Slots( 4 Swatches )
  • Throw Blanket ( 3 Swatches )
  • “I’m A Classy Motherfucker” Painting ( 5 Swatches )
  • Vases & Sticks ( 3 Swatches )
  • Harry Bertoia Desk Chair
  • Eichholtz Royak Marine Floor Lamp ( 4 Swatches )
  • Wall Mounted Desk ( 4 Swatches )

Download: Simfileshare (14.8MB)

All Credits goes to @marcussims91