Imagine messing up Rick’s neat precise office.


“ WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? ” Rick shouted.

“ I redecorate. ” I said, imitating Consuela from Family Guy as I dusted his shoulders with a feather duster.

“ No! No redecorate! ” he said, raking his fingers through his hair as he looked at his desk and chair and stacks of files and papers.

“ It’s much cooler now your pencil pot is on the ceiling. ” I smiled.

“ My pencil pot isn’t on the… ” he looked up.

“ My pencil pot is on the ceiling. ” he said.

“ How…? ” he asked.

“ I glued it up there. Now when you have to write something down you have to get up and work for your pencil! ” I said.

“ How are the pencils staying inside the pot? ” he asked.

“ Glued them in too. ” I said.

“ So I couldn’t write something down even if I wanted to? ” he said.

“ Nope. BYE! ” I said as I ran out of his office and down the corridor.

“ NO! Come back here and fix this you monster! ” he shouted after me.

Bruce & Y/N ~ Chapter 4: The Mission [Part 2]

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Bruce & Y/N:

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Y/N ducked back behind the corner, making sure her guns were loaded and ready before she went into the guards view.

“Hello, boys.” Y/N said as icily-sweet as possible, surprising them before shooting both of them down.

She then placed her guns back in her thigh holsters before approaching the door, turning the wheel-lock and making the door slide open.

As she entered the room, she saw that it was actually empty. The only things in there were two windows on each side, and a metal desk and chair with a series of computer screens. There was one large monitor in the center.

“Okay, Hydra…” Y/N said softly as she approached the desk and sat down. “Let’s see what you’re hiding.”

She started tapping the keyboard furiously as her eyes scanned the various screens.

“Come on, come on…” She murmured . “Oh… My… God…”

This was definitely not good.

“Uh, Thor… Buddy, how are you doing on getting people to safety.” Y/N asked shakily.

“I am doing marvelously.” His booming voice replied through the comm. “I am taking them to where we left the quinjet. That should be far enough.”

Y/N laughed nervously. “I wouldn’t be to sure about that one.”

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my past four days as an Adult™

speaking as someone who would genuinely love to live my life playing my instruments and writing and reading in my pajamas all day– i actually have to say….

office work isn’t so bad. especially after 4 years of working retail, it’s a really calm environment. i’m nowhere near as socially drained in the evenings, and obviously it’s a lot easier physically.

basically what i’m trying to say is it’s okay to become a corporate sell-out – mostly because there are free snacks in the break room and the desk chairs are spinny, but also because it actually isn’t as soul-sucking as you’d imagine and it really won’t kill your creativity.

if you’re a creative person, you take that with you everywhere. it’s just a part of you, and if you gotta pay bills on your way to becoming an artist or a musician or an author or something, i swear it’s not so bad.