Have you ever thought about how Harry wasted a huge opportunity when he dropped the Resurrection Stone in the Forbidden Forest?

Okay just imagine if he had kept it.

He dies, comes back, defeats Voldemort…

Only now there are over one-hundred people who have died in just The Battle of Hogwarts alone. Not to mention all of those names that were read on the radio throughout the year. (And everyone else who died before then.)

So the Golden Trio gets this idea…

They quickly spread the word and pretty soon, Harry sets up a room in Hogwarts with nothing in it but a desk and a chair. He sits in the chair behind the desk and calls people into the room one at a time.

Harry insists that the Weasleys be the first to enter. And so George walks in, puffy-eyed but smiling, and asks Harry what the big secret is.

Harry then plops an ordinary pebble into George’s hand.

George is very confused until he hears his name being whispered from behind him. George turns and of course there’s Fred. And the two twins are able to properly say goodbye to one another.

Harry then allows the entire Weasley family to come in and they all huddle around Fred’s spirit and are able to say goodbye. And of course Mrs. Weasley drags Harry out from behind the desk and he joins the family hug.

Are you crying yet?

Because I am.

But let’s keep going.

Mrs. Weasley’s hand brushes against the stone and Fabian and Gideon appear to say goodbye to their sister.

After the Weasleys finally leave, Harry brings Dennis in so that he can say goodbye to Colin.

Harry then individually brings in the family member(s) of the unnamed one-hundred students who died during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Harry then brings in Luna so that she can say goodbye to her mother.

He brings in pretty much all of Hogwarts so that they can say goodbye to Cedric.

He brings in Aberforth so that he can say goodbye to Albus and Ariana.

He brings in those who want to say goodbye to Snape.

He brings in Kreacher so that he can say goodbye to Regulus.

He brings in the rest of the house-elves so that they can say goodbye to Dobby.

And when Harry is done letting everyone else say goodbye to their loved ones, he closes his hand around the stone.

The first one to appear is a beautiful white owl who flies over to Harry and allows herself to be affectionately petted.

Then of course the others appear, just as they did in the Forbidden Forest on that fateful night. Harry doesn’t talk to them for too long, he’s grown up a lot since the Mirror of Erised, but he is able to make peace with his loved ones’ sacrifices.

And even then, he still keeps the stone.

He doesn’t use it again. Not personally, anyway. In fact, he stores it in a dusty box on the mantel in his house. He doesn’t use it. But he doesn’t forget it, either. Because he needs it for one last task.

And when the boy with the turquoise hair is old enough to understand, Harry gently sits him down and places a stone in his hand.

And Teddy Lupin meets Remus and Nymphadora.

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sterek 20

“You’re kidding me, right?” Derek arched an eyebrow. “Stiles? Skinny, defenseless Stiles, is my bodyguard?”

Scott nodded. “He is well versed in his field, yes.”

“I thought he was a communication’s leader?” Derek tried to fight it, but Scott shook his head. 

“He was first brought into this program as a field agent. After a mission that ended in serious injury, he was brought in to the communication’s field while he healed. That was around the time you joined. He is ready to be back in the field again. Starting as your bodyguard.”

“Are you sure I even need one?” Derek begged as a last-ditch effort. If Stiles was going to be shadowing him 24/7… he didn’t know how he was going to handle seeing him that much.

Erica wheeled over in her desk chair and arched an eyebrow. “You’re joking, right? You have the fighting skills of a terrified mouse. You’re being targeted by one of the biggest hunter corporations on the planet because you hacked into their server and brought down half the operation, and you want to try to fight them alone?”

“Not alone,” Derek grumbled. “Just… not with Stiles.”

Scott narrowed his eyes. “Do you seriously hate Stiles that much?”

Derek chose not to answer, and Erica smirked at him before sliding back to her desk.

Scott huffed. “Well, either way, it’s happening. If you hate him so much, I don’t even know why he offered himself to help, but–”

“Wait, Stiles offered to be my bodyguard?” Derek cut in abruptly, and Scott flushed like he hadn’t meant for that information to slip out. 

“Stiles must care about your life status, then,” he responded simply, and then turned heel and walked away. 

“Erica, I gotta say, I love these suits you designed!”

Speak of the devil.

Stiles walked in to the Communication’s Lab, decked out in a full black suit, black sunglasses perched on his nose to add to the effect. He was grinning at Erica and stretching his arms. 

“I mean, look at the mobility I have! Check this out!”

Stiles easily fell into a split, rolled onto his back, and then kicked his legs up into the air, back arching, and landed softly back onto his feet. He shot his arms up in a ‘stuck the landing’ mock, and winked at Derek. 

This was going to be much harder than first assumed, Derek realized. And Erica was still smirking at him, dammit. 

Joe Sugg imagine || Shipped. ||

Anonymous said:
Joe and reader have a collab and fans ship them together but Joe turns it down really firmly? Hope that makes sense love your work!! Lots of lovexx

- - -

Having done your first collaboration with Joe about two weeks ago, his viewers had gone insane shipping the two of you.

You were sitting on his bed again reading his rough draft of Username: Evie. While he did a live show.

People couldn’t see you from where you were sitting, but even as Joe was talking about different things, the chat was filled with #(Y/shipname)

“Guys enough with the ship thing.” Joe said honestly, he turned in his desk chair glancing at you on the bed, you had looked up.

You shrugged a little and he turned back to his computer. “Listen, it’s cute but (Y/N) and I are just friends, nothing more - can you please cool it with the insane shipping? It’s really starting to bother me.” He was being honest about it.

“We are friends.” He said again with a serious tone. “We won’t end up dating, we won’t be getting married and we sure won’t be having little Suggs together anytime soon.” He explained.

“Please. - were just friends right (Y/N)?” He asked you and you closed the book.

“Just good friends, nothing more nothing less.” You assured with a nod.

“So, stop okay? Please.” Joe said seriously.


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by qwanderer

In a universe where Theo made his move a few days too early, he has to contend with all sorts of unanticipated factors - Stiles’s change in species, the Pack pulling back together on its own, and an overlooked animal poking his head out of the woods to join in the fight. But he can still cause a lot of chaos once the Supermoon throws the whole supernatural world into a supercharged frenzy. He’ll just need to work a little harder than the few well-placed lies he would have preferred.

“What are these?” Lydia settled into his desk chair and inched his laptop closer. “Mallt-y-Nos? Adult bone marrow stem cells? Yggdrasil? Lateralization of brain function? Is there a method to your madness, here?”

Stiles shrugged. “Is letting the fox take the reins more method, or more madness, do you think?”

“I’m… really not sure,” she said, “but as the resident expert in doing things to get information that everybody else sees as crazy, like screaming and then waiting to hear the echoes… I can’t really judge.”

Words: 1674, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Reborn Fox

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26 Kim

Prompt #26: “I got you a present.” - Kim

     When you told Kim about the boy in your Economics class that you’d caught riffling through your magically open locker and his subsequent threats on what he’d do to you if you dared tell a single soul, you were hoping she would demand you go see the principal or offer to watch out for you in class or whatever.

      What you didn’t expect was to see your friend saunter up to the jerk in an empty classroom and, after giving him one of the brightest smiles you’d ever seen from her, said in a sugary voice, “Hey, I have a present for you.”

     You kind of expected the very well executed left hook she gave him, though.

     The guy went down, crashing into a few desks and chairs on the way. Although probably not the nicest thing you’d ever done, you couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction as he began to whine about his jaw and give Kim a teary-eyed glare.

     “Listen here you little punk.” Kim bent over, shoving her finger in the guy’s face as her expression turned ice cold. “If you ever, and I mean ever go riffling through my friend’s stuff again…” A small smirk graced her lips and a downright sinister tone laced every syllable she growled. “Well, let’s just say Christmas is coming early this year, yeah?”

     Faster than you could snicker, the guy scuttled across the floor, snatching his textbooks from the spot where they’d fallen during his beatdown and stumbled out the door. He didn’t even seem to register you were there, save for twisting himself in order to avoid you as he slid from the classroom. Kim’s veridion gaze had followed him as he left, and once he was out of sight, she fixed you with a grin.

     “Well, that’s taken care of.”

     {I ended up combining these two requests because…well, they fit so well with this idea! I like the idea of a protective Kim. Maybe not quite as “Imma beat you up, punk” as I wrote her here, but more so as she’d fight tooth and nail with administration, other students, or whatever in order to protect a friend.

     Thank you so much you two for allowing me to write such a fun Kim request! <3}

Fairy Princess

Sisters Grimm fanfic
AlisonxParker (Allier? Alliker? Parkson? idk)
contest entry for datte-ba
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So what do you recommend to encourage affection?
Dancing. Even if one’s partner is barely tolerable.

The last few days of school should have been fun for Alison. They were fun for everyone else. People brought chips and cupcakes to class even though they were technically too old to have class parties any more. Some kids put on musicthe teachers’ pets got to decide what musicand they turned it up so high you could barely hear what anyone was saying. The teachers themselves sat behind their desks, eyes closed and chairs turned away from from the students, telling themselves that finally they didn’t have to worry about keeping a bunch of fourteen-year-olds shut up. They also ignored the fact that someone had decided they could turn off half the classroom lights.

The music was that sugary bland type of pop music Allie had recently decided she hated. The cupcakes were pink. The room was chaos.

She leaned against a desk in the very back of the classroom and tried to look nonchalant as Parker made her way toward her. 

What is it, honey?
It’s horrible!
Did Parker break up with you again?

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