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xyra Studium set

Created for: The Sims 4
bookcase, desk, chair, side table with drawers, paintings, decorative elements Study: folders, encyclopedia, books and boxes, all new meshes and in 3 or 4 different colors, belongs to the set studium


((I’m sorry if this isn’t what you expected, I don’t rp in this format alot :“>))

The troll nerd sits humbly upon her rolling desk chair, spinning around on the floor patiently for her guest. Blanket woven around herself tightly as she pushes her unbrushed hair out of her face. Animal cages and fish tanks strewn about the dimly lit, book and tasteful decor filled room. Fairy lights dim as lame indie rock bands play out of her mobile devices.


“Hey babe, can you go grab my cut from the apartment?”

“Sure thing love,” you smiled up at Happy as he pecked your forehead.

You actually somewhat enjoyed lockdowns. Sure the reason for them sucked but at least you knew you were safe now, SAMCRO would never let anybody hurt their families.
Having had a very long day you and Hap came to take a nap a bit earlier.

“There you are,” you sang as you reached for your old man’s cut that was draped on the back of the desk chair.

“Babe!” Running stomps neared the door.
“Babe,” Happy appeared, “we gotta get out of here!” He rushed to say as he grabbed hold of you.

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Week 15 - Monday

OH NO!!! I think the school was robbed while Jamie & Thornton were in France!!! I kept getting all these unroutable sim notifications and when I checked where they were getting stuck, it was at the school!

No wonder!!! All the children and teens were trying to squeeze into the smallest room to use the lab equipment because ALL THE DESKS, CHAIRS AND COMPUTERS HAVE BEEN STOLEN!!! Poor Tracey and James were teaching an empty classroom!

Goodness, gracious me!!! Luckily, the school has enough funds to buy some more but this needs reporting to the local police station straight away!

(Hahaha!!! I think I found the lot where all my missing objects disappeared from. I must have forgotten to replace them when Sandy @aroundthesims updated her school set lol! Whoops!)


3t4 MS91 Industrial Rustic Bedroom

  • Rustic Bedframe ( 6 Swatches )
  • Mattress Without Pillow and Blanket, can be placed on any bedframe and Woohoo Tested ( 3 Swatches )
  • Bed Blanket ( 3 Swatches )
  • Rustic End Table with 8 Slots( 4 Swatches )
  • Throw Blanket ( 3 Swatches )
  • “I’m A Classy Motherfucker” Painting ( 5 Swatches )
  • Vases & Sticks ( 3 Swatches )
  • Harry Bertoia Desk Chair
  • Eichholtz Royak Marine Floor Lamp ( 4 Swatches )
  • Wall Mounted Desk ( 4 Swatches )

Download: Simfileshare (14.8MB)

All Credits goes to @marcussims91


Life is Strange Conversion

Here are some items converted from Life is Strange. I found some recolors for notebook & polaroid, so these are included. And I did extra recolors for pencil jar.

  • Max’s Camera - deco/clutter
  • Notebook - deco/clutter
  • Polaroid - deco/clutter
  • Max’s Diary - deco/clutter
  • Pencil Jar - deco/clutter
  • Max’s Pencil Case - deco/clutter
  • Class Chair - comfort/desk chairs
  • Class Table - surfaces/desks
  • Class Stool - comfort/misc
  • Max’s Polaroid Wall - deco/paintings&posters

DOWNLOAD: mediafire / dropbox


Dean tossed once more, readjusting the blankets and crossing his arms. A look at the alarm on his bedside table told him it was about to be midnight, and the side of his bed was still empty. It took another toss, an attempt to clear his head, and one more look at the clock for him to decide he’d had enough. 

Silently, he grabbed the robe hanging by his desk chair and slipped on a pair of untied, old boots. He had almost reached the door before his steps faltered, and his eyes traveled over the dark shadows of the room. Carefully, he walked to the other side of the room and opened your duffel bag, taking out what he needed. 

The bright neon sign of the hotel shone painfully in his eyes as he stepped outside, a cloud of white crystals knitting itself out of his lips with each breath he took. The Impala was quiet, its shiny black coat blending in with the coal exterior, but the glow from the buildings next to the motel allowed Dean to see a figure sitting behind the wheel. 

With a small sigh, he walked to the passenger’s side of the car, almost flinching as he pulled at the icy door handle and slipped inside. Your shoulders were tense, and your back hunched as you let your forehead rest against the wheel, hands clutching at it. 

“You’re going to get sick,” Dean said softly, cautiously scooting closer to you. 

“I know,” you replied, voice muffled slightly, but you didn’t look up. 

“I have the keys. Do you want me to turn on the heat?” You shook your head. “Okay… Okay, well, I brought you this.” 

He nudged your arm slightly, a soft jacket brushing against your elbow. You took a deep breath in and then let it out, finally straightening up. Without looking at him, you took the jacket and put it on, falling back against the seat. 



“I’m sorry.”

“I know,” you said quietly. “I’m sorry, too.” 

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. You were right; I was just being an idiot, and—”

“Dean, it’s all right. We both said some stuff I’m sure we regret. Nobody was right,” you sighed, turning him. “Look, I’m stubborn and I needed time to think, that’s all. But I’m really tired and all I want to do right now is—what’s that?”

“Oh, um…” Dean chuckled weakly, looking down at the pink stuffed toy in his hands. “I, uh, I wasn’t sure what it would take to get you to come to bed, so I kind of thought this would help me. Just in case. I know it’s your favorite, baby.” 

“It’s the only one,” you mumbled, ears heating quickly as you took the small teddy bear from his hands. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

“Please, honey, I’ve seen the giraffe, too,” Dean smiled, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as you groaned. “I was sort of going to sing a dumb song with Winky so you would forgive me, but I’m glad that’s not happening anymore. We good?”

“Always, but you even know her name?” you whinned, pressing your cheek against his warm chest as a form of hiding your blushing cheeks.

“Sam told me.” 



Harry flicked his eyes up from the document he needed to sign, as he sat relatively still in his desk chair.  “Stop what?”

Eggsy’s lips were pressed together in a thin nervous line.  “What is this about for you?”

Harry glanced down at the document.  “It’s a treaty between the Kingsman and MI6, stipulating any changes regarding-”

“I’m not talking about the paperwork, you wanker!”

By the time Harry had looked back up, Eggsy was stood over his desk, both palms pressed into the side of the table - almost as though he were about to throw the table right into Harry’s face.  He sincerely hoped Eggsy wasn’t about to do that.  He had only just managed to organise all his paperwork.

“Then what are you talking about?”

The hard look in Eggsy’s eyes made Harry wonder if he had done something wrong recently.  He quickly tried to think back, if there was some small thing that he should have apologised for that he might have forgotten about.

“Us,” answered Eggsy quietly.  “I’m wondering if there’s something between us.”

Harry opened his mouth to answer-

“If you say that the thing between us is this table, I will fucking throw it at you.”

Harry shut his mouth.

I Got a Boy - Chapter 33

IGAB tag / / AO3


“What’s going on?” Jason asked, shutting the door after Percy was inside and slumped on Nico’s desk chair.

Percy’s mind was all over the place. He couldn’t concentrate. It was as if his brain was being squeezed like a sponge and all of his thoughts were swirling down the drain. He palmed his forehead and massaged his skin, pressing deep in an attempt to relieve himself of the grief and the confusion.

Jason pulled up his own desk chair and scooched closer to Percy. “You don’t look so great,” he said. “Are you feeling alright?”

“No,” Percy said. “No, I’m not.”

Jason listened while Percy explained all of it: how it started with Percy and Annabeth walking through the halls together, officially “out” as a couple; how that divided the team; how half of the team took it upon themselves to protest against Percy’s personal life; how coach was taking a bullet for Percy and quitting. It ended with Percy feeling pretty much the same as he had before, while in coach’s office, except worse, because now it had sunken in. The metaphor “between a rock and a hard place” came to mind.

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