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Stalker Tendencies

`Jughead Jones Drabble

A/N: bleh not that good but definitely fun to write, lol

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“Archie…this is really weird and honestly feels like something that the guy who murdered Jason Blossom would do,” Jughead grunts out while dodging branches and twigs that came to close to his eyes. He heard Archie sigh in front of him. “You wanted to know if she was really going out with Reggie Mantle-which, by the way, I am telling you is utter bs.”

Rumours speculated that the “hunky piece of teriyaki”, as Cheryl often times described him, Reggie Mantle had asked [Y/n] [L/n} out on a date. [Y/n]. Jughead’s [Y/n]. “Let’s just please leave before one of[Y/n]’s insanely attentive dads figures out that we’re spying on their 16 year old daughter.”

Archie craned his head to look at his friend, flashlight shining in Jughead’s face. “It’s not that bad. I mean, we are 16 too.”

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Pulse Part 2

Part 1

Genre: Fluff, tiny tiny angst
Words: 1,442
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of stalking, self-defense fighting
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

“Come on, Doll. You got it.”

You huffed, trying your best to lift the bar that was weighing you down. There were small weights on each side that were about five pounds each, and even that much was an improvement to just lifting the forty pound bar the week before.

Your arms were shaking with the effort, and when Bucky saw that you weren’t going to be able to push the bar the rest of the way up after the prior reps you had already done, he took over, taking it out of your hands and easily setting it back above you like it weighed as much as a feather.

“We can try again on Wednesday. You’re getting better.”

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I promised to upload a picture of the gorgeous art from @hetteh-spegetteh once I got frames for them, and then I completely forgot! But these boys have been watching over my desk for the past several months, and making me smile every day :)


Full of fresh, original tiny house ideas, this 24 foot long rustic modern tiny dream home on wheels has it all … and open space to boot! Featuring a ceiling bed with automatic lift, convertible lounge area, flip up desk piece, clever sliding closet in the shower, sliding pantry shelf, hidden laundry, and much, much more, this tiny house achieves modern comfort in an open concept floor plan.

Stan Twins Headcanon

Okay, so I’ve been talking about this with @artsymeeshee and sharing our love of platonic bonding between Stan and Ford, and I loved this headcanon so much that I just had to share it one here for everyone to see!

Headcanon that Ford has nightmares not just about the portal or Bill, but also about Stan.

Headcanon that Ford would wake up after each one, sometimes in his bed and sometimes on his desk with a piece of paper stuck to his cheek, and he wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep until he sees Stan safe and sound in bed.

Headcanon that Ford doesn’t tell Stan what these nightmares are about, thinking that he was just being paranoid and overprotective. But no matter how many times he tries to convince himself it’s nothing, years of paranoia don’t go away that instantly.

Headcanon that Stan would notice how distracted Ford is the morning after one of these nightmares, and he seems to brush off Stan’s concerns quite quickly. Too quickly…But, he doesn’t press Ford for answers, and it doesn’t really affect their life or their relationship. After all, it’s not the first time they had nightmares they didn’t want to share just yet.

Headcanon that one day while they’re in port, Stan offers to pick up some supplies on his own. Ford, busy examining some ink from the Kraken they caught the other day, says “Yeah, okay.”, not entirely paying attention and seeing Stan out on his own as no big deal. They could both sometimes use some time by themselves, and they respect that.

Headcanon that after an hour has passed, Ford thinks Stan is taking a while to come back, but thinks nothing off it, and continues writing down the discoveries of the Kraken ink in his journal.

Headcanon that after two hours, Ford had long finished his research, and Stan still wasn’t back yet. It doesn’t take this long to get supplies, does it?

Headcanon that Ford gets more and more nervous with every passing minute. He paces the cabin, trying to not think about all the scenarios his brain is coming up with. What if someone from Stan’s time on the streets recognised him? What if someone picked a fight with Stan? What if he’s in danger right now? What if he had a memory lapse and he wasn’t there to ground him? All the memories of his nightmares come back to him all at once, and his paranoia is own worst enemy once again. He’s half tempted to “drop” something overboard just so he can have an excuse to leave the boat and look for him.

Headcanon that Ford tells himself to stop worrying. Of course Stan is fine. He’s a grown man, and he can take care of himself; you’re just being too protective and paranoid.

Headcanon that right when Ford is about to cave into his instincts and look for Stan, he hears footsteps on the deck and a voice. Stan’s voice. He finally enters the cabin with supplies in hand, saying “Ford, I’m back! Sorry I took so long. Fishing season is kicking in and everywhere is packed! And er…I may have taken some bait from another sucker’s basket. Which reminds me, I’m out of smoke bombs.”

Headcanon that Ford is barely even paying attention to the things that Stan is saying. He’s too busy thinking It’s Stan he’s here he’s himself he’s safe he’s safe thank goodness he’s safe he didn’t get hurt. He lets the relief overtake him, and without a second thought, he darts over to Stan and bundles him up in a huge hug.

Headcanon that Stan is startled at Ford’s behaviour. Was he really gone that long? But, he returns Ford’s hug and says “Good to see you too, Sixer.”

Headcanon that while embracing Stan, all those nightmares and fears and paranoid thoughts come crashing down onto him because this moment has proven to him that yes, Stan is here, Stan is safe and they are still together on the Stan O’War II. And upon hearing that childhood nickname, Ford is completely overcome and ends up breaking down in Stan’s arms. He finally confesses to Stan about the nightmares he’s had about Stan, about how he could be taken away and he could get hurt without Ford being there to protect him and he couldn’t lose him, not again, and every time Stan is out of his sight, he’s so scared that it’ll be the last time he sees him.

Headcanon that Stan, alarmed, immediately tries to comfort him, because it absolutely kills him to see his brave and strong big brother so terrified. Stan confides that he feels that way about Ford, too. That sometimes, he thinks he’ll wake up and realise that all this has been a dream, and Ford is still trapped in another dimension or they’re still fighting or still saving the world from Weirdmageddon. But, just seeing Ford every day helps remind him that this is real, and this is them living out their dream. He pulls Ford away, grabs him by the shoulders, looks him right in his eyes, and says “You’re not going to lose me, Ford. Not if I can help it. And if something does happen, well… You know I’ve got your back, and I know you’ve got mine. There’s nothing that can stop the Pines Twins. Wherever we go…”

“We go together.” Ford finishes, finally reassured.

Headcanon that Ford still has his protective moments, and so does Stan, but they both know that this is real.

But that doesn’t stop Ford from getting them both cell phones the next time they’re in port.

Aaaaaaand…that’s the end of that! Wow, that was a long one! But I just love moments like these between Stan and Ford so much! Who’s with me?!

Enjoy the Silence - Request

Requested by @deathbyapril:  Could you do one where the reader is mute so sherlock keeps her around because she never answers back, only listens. He ends up falling in love with her and vise versa.

Pairing: Sherlock x mute!reader

Word count: 2,689

Warnings: Un-edited.

A/N: I’m so sleepy, but I wanted to do this so badly… 


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Sherlock Holmes, the punch-line man. He talked, and talked, and talked, and God have mercy on whoever dared to answer back – especially to the ones who argued against his statements – because Sherlock would not only destroy them, but also make sure to make it as humiliating as possible.

That was exactly why Watson had meticulously searched for the right assistant. She had to be smart, but also someone who could stay quiet all the time. She had to keep up with him, and also someone who didn’t flinch with the strange things Sherlock kept at the flat.

At first it had been a tedious task. Every single person he had interviewed had details that would make Sherlock cringe. Some of them were smart, but also chatty as a radio host. Some others were quiet, but they weren’t as smart as needed. There would be people who would be smart and quiet, but when John asked them to open the refrigerator and met the several limbs Sherlock kept there… Well, good things didn’t happen.

John was about to give up, thinking of ways of apologizing to Mary for he would have to continue working with Sherlock because no one would fit the profile. But then (Y/N) appeared.

She handed John her curriculum, which was perfectly done and emphasized the many traits Sherlock admired on a person. John tried to convince himself not to illusion himself so soon, but then she limited herself to nodding and/or shaking her head when replying to John’s questions. And when he sent her to open the refrigerator, his heart fluttered when she simply tilted her head to analyse the items there before breathing out a chuckle.

“You’re hired.” John had said seconds after, and that was how she ended up working with the world’s only consultant detective.

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To Read and To Write

ELORCAN FLUFF. ELORCAN. MY BAES. I love it. Can’t get enough. In which Elide decides to learn how to read and Lorcan teaches her Feysand style. Still new to writing, so criticism is appreciated! Thank you for all the support on my last fanfiction! You guys make my heart warm. 💕 

I got this idea from the wonderful @vukica10

Word count: 681 



 On a gloomy night, Elide Lochan decided it was time. She got up from her desk, picking a piece of lint off of her flannel pajamas, and limped her way towards her mate. 

 “Lorcan, I want to learn how to read and write.” Lorcan, wearing red pajama bottoms, looked over his shoulder and smiled a little bit. Lorcan, usually stoic, was more relaxed around Elide. Happier. 

 “Anything you want, Elide. We can start now, if you wish.” He replied. Lorcan reached into his desk for a stack of paper and a pen. He sat down and gestured for her to sit in the chair beside him and then wrote down a few sentences. 

Elide is the most beautiful girl. 

 Elide is the smartest girl. 

 Elide is the bravest girl. 

 Lorcan handed the piece of paper to her and said, “Try and read these sentences.” 

 Elide looked over at Lorcan and then at the pieces of paper. She grasped the papers and took a deep breath, her dark onyx eyes twinkling. The writing was messy and scribbled down, but still legible. She looked over the first word, trying to sound it out in her head. “Elide… i-is… the..” The next word was harder, but Elide figured it out through her logic and silent combination of letters. “Most?” 

 “Good,” he murmured. 

 The next word was more challenging. She mentally pieced together the words and sounded it out. The next one took her longer than she would have liked to admit. “B-e-a-u-tiful.. beautiful?” Elide looked at the next word. “Girl. Elide is the most beautiful girl.” Elide looked up, her pale face illuminated with pride. 

Lorcan smiled a little. “Go ahead. Read the next sentence. I’ll get us something to eat.” 

 Lorcan walked stood up and walked out of the large bedroom, leaving his mate to her reading. He wondered just how he could’ve ended up with someone so perfect, so kind and smart. The corners of his mouth tilted up just a little bit. 

 He looked out of the large glass window and frowned when he saw the large thunderstorm brewing. Just as he turned around, the sound of thunder struck, splitting the silence in two. He started making two cups of steaming hot chocolate, Elide’s favourite drink, and grabbed a few chocolate chip cookies, also Elide’s favourite, and placed them onto a plate. 

He walked back to the room where Elide was and opened the door, revealing a barefooted Elide, wrapped in a blanket. She had moved from the desk to in front of the bright, crackling fireplace. She raised her arm in an invitation for him to join her. He chuckled and joined her, grabbing the fuzzy blanket on the bed as he made his way to Elide. He wrapped the blanket around him and Elide and passed the warm mug of hot chocolate to her.

Elide’s eyes lit up as the smell of hot chocolate made its way to her nose. She smiled at her mate and leaned into him.

 They spent the entire night reading and writing Lorcan’s sentences while drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies. 


 Lorcan set up the hot chocolate and cookies in front of the fireplace, as that was where they usually read. Elide had been learning how to for a few weeks now. 

On the fifth week, Lorcan handed Elide a piece of paper. Elide frowned. 

 “Lorcan, thank you for teaching me how to read. Truly. I don’t need to be reminded about how perf-” 

“Just read it please, Elide.” Lorcan interrupted. 

Elide cocked an eyebrow as there was a hint of nervousness in his voice. Although it was well masked, she noticed everything. Elide unfolded the piece of paper. She could feel Lorcan’s eyes on her. 

 Elide read the sentence and dropped the piece of paper as tears started falling down her face. She covered her mouth as she saw that Lorcan was kneeling on the ground, holding an open ring box. 

 “Will you, Elide?” Lorcan asked. “Will you marry me?” 

 “Yes,” Elide replied a little breathlessly. “Yes of course, Lorcan.” Lorcan slid the ring onto Elide’s slender finger and kissed her. 

And there the two were, as happy as can be.

The Grim Reapers Girlfriend Part 7 -FINAL

Originally posted by yoonseok

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 

Summary: Most people think the Grim Reaper or commonly know as Death, is a faceless man wearing a dark cloak with a scythe in his hand. Oh boy were they wrong. Anyone who meets him would mistake him for one of God’s angels, so, what happens when you do meet him?

Basic Summary: Death (Min Yoongi) meets you and instantly falls in love with you, his job is to take you to the other side but instead asks you to become his wife. While thinking of your answer, a miracle happens. You come back to life.

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader (and a bit of JIn)

Genre: Pure fluff, Humour, bit of Angst.

Warning: Swearing

A/N: Please send in feeback it is very much appreciated. (Also if you’re going to listen music while reading this I suggest you listen to Goblin soundtrack)

“Yoongi this is amazing. I could kiss you.” you laughed staring at him, he snaked his arms around you.

“Please do”

Your lips met and intertwined with each other out of love, even though it was a small peck on his lips…it felt powerful.

Pulling away you looked down at your boots and smiled, a light shade of crimson red crept up onto your cheeks. Resting your head against his chest you felt his heart beat slowly.

“Yoongi…Y-your heart, it’s beating” 

“I-I know, it started when I met you” 

He looked down to you smiling, his pale face turned pink. You giggled at the sight and hugged him longer.

Yoongi says he wants to show you a restaurant that he absolutely loves here. 

Walking along the auburn leaves covered street, the two of you handed in hand. You began to feel a warm sensation in the pit of your stomach. Leaning closer into Yoongi he wrapped his arm around you.

“Penny for your thoughts?” he held out a rusted penny in his palm in front of you. “Do you just keep American currency in your pockets?” you laughed taking the penny and inspecting it.

“You never know when you’re going to need it” he flashed his pearly whites and dragged you into a near by restaurant.

“Bonjour” a waiter greeted you both “Bonjour…” Yoongi began speaking fluet french whilst you stood there star struck. 

The two of them stopped talking and the wait lead you both to a table.

“I have to admit that was pretty hot” you laughed. “Maybe I should speak French more often” he chuckled himself and brought the glass of water up to his lips.

“What other languages can you speak?” you asked out of curiosity. “Every single one of them…except Hebrew, I just can’t get the hang of it.” he pouted 

“I’ve been wanting to do that for ages” you confessed after finishing your meal. “Do what?” Yoongi says with a mouth full of food, “Kiss you” you whispered twiddling with your thumbs.

Yoongi choked on his food alarming you, you grabbed his water and passed it to him. After a gulp he gasped “You what?” eyes wide you couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

“Ever since the date, I’ve been thinking about you. I know when you’re there looking after me. I know that you tell Jungkook to look after me when you can’t. I mean just the other day I knocked over my mug with burning coffee and it stopped in the air, it was levitating” you laughed.

“I swear that boy can’t do anything right” Yoongi uttered.

“We should get back. I have an assignment due” you whispered getting out of your chair.

Walking back to the your dorm Yoongi trailed behind, he’s been quiet the whole trip back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow hopefully” you smiled stopping at your door with Yoong in front of you.

“Y/n I have to ask you something”

“Can’t it wai-”

“No it needs to be now” he interrupted.

“Go on” you whispered

“Come back with me” he whispered

“Yoongi, I already told you I do-”

“Think about it, we could be happily married with children running around. I can give you everything you could possibly ask for and more.” He pleaded

“I’m too young…”

“No your no-”

“Yoongi I am!!” you interrupted shouting at him.

“I want to live a long life and be happy” Tears started to fall down “If you can’t except that then I don’t think we should meet…again” you sobbed. 

Yoongi’s vision became blurry because of the tears that were coming out of his tear duct. Opening the door you back away into your room slowly.

“Y/n don’t you dare shut that door!!!” Yoongi screamed crying, falling to his knees he raked a hand through his hair.

“I’m so sorry” you whispered slamming the door in his face. Leaning against it you let the tears shed, ugly sobs croaked from your mouth while Mi Na ran to your side to comfort you asking what had happen.

Mean while on the other side of the door Yoongi was still propped up on his knees.

“I love you Y/n”

Three Years Later

“The weather is just awful today” you groaned over the phone to Mi Na “I know, Its pouring down with rain. I remember what my grandmother told me when i was younger ‘when it is pouring down with rain it means the Grim Reaper is crying’ Stupid isn’t it?”

Your stomach twisted at the near mention of his name. It had been years since you interacted with him, or since you’ve even thought of him.

“Where am i meant to be going to?” you asked her referring to her new book signing. “The little petit café” she smiled through the phone. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come pick you up?” she asked 

“No, I should be fine

“Sir…” Junkooks knuckles tapped against the wooden door that lead to Yoongi’ room. “What!?” screamed Yoongi had swung the door open “What could you possibly want?” 

“Yoongi, don’t you think it’s time to get over her and get back to work” Jungkook uttered and sat on his desk chair the only piece of furniture that wasn’t covered in tissues.

“I loved her” he croaked sitting on his bed, the only thing covering him was his silk dressing gown.

“God it stinks in here” Jungkook whispered to himself. 

“Loved, what am I talking about I still love her”


“Another one? Already” Yoongi groaned collapsing on his bed. Jungkook looked at the tablet in his hand to see the name of the person who had died.

Jungkook dropped the tablet to the ground a worried look on his face, “Jesus Jungkook look what you did!” Yoongi shouted walking over to the tablet.

“No Don’t” Jungkook picked it up

“Jungkook what’s wrong?” Yoongi yanked the black tablet out of his hands and read the information

Name: Y/n Y/l/n

Age: 25

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Cause of Death: Car accident due to weather

Time of Death: 10:51am - 12th of December 2016

He arrived at the scene to see you sitting on the curb staring at your lifeless body, tears threatening to leave his eyes but he didn’t dare let you see them.

“They can’t save me, can they?” you asked the man standing beside you. “I’m afraid not” he whispered holding back tears.

“Was this your plan?” you asked. You felt him sit near you as Jungkook watched from afar.

 “God no, Y/n believe it or not. I wanted you to be happy, to live your life the way any twenty something year old should. I had no right to hold you back”

Yoongi felt a pair of small arms wrap around his shoulders, he suddenly heard your sobs which made his heart hurt.

“I’m so sorry” you pleaded with him “please forgive me” 

“Y/n I can’t forgive you” you pulled away from him to look hi in the eyes.

“Theres nothing to forgive you for” he smiled tears slipping down his plump cheeks.

He cupped your cheeks with his hands and leaned in, you closed your eyes and felt his soft lips touch yours.

The two of you died happily ever after

{ five’s company // ch. 12 }

a/n: come yell at me lol

t/w: jefferson inappropriately touches the reader. no smut though.

inbox || masterlist 


Maria wasn’t really talking to you. You understood why. If she was doing something that would hurt Eliza, you’d probably ignore her too. Her silence just reminded you of how much you had messed up. 

Seeing him once was one thing. Going back continuously was another thing. 

Nothing felt right. Even though you had an established pattern–wake up, go to work, come home–you hadn’t really talked to your boys in what felt like weeks. 

Your most important relationship was slipping from in between your fingertips. You were trying to salvage it. You were trying to pick up the pieces as they fell, but when the shards cut you, you pulled back. It hurt you so. 

There were moments when you purposefully came home later than usual, hoping the boys had fallen asleep already or that maybe they decided to work a little later. It rarely ever happened that way. Whenever you weren’t really in the mood to see them, they just always seemed to be around. 

It wasn’t that you didn’t like seeing them. You did. You still loved them. You were sure that they were yours. But even that didn’t feel for certain. 

You just couldn’t ignore the tension that was there. It didn’t feel the same anymore. You considered telling them what had happened, but each time never seemed like the right time. 

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lazyinternetsandwich  asked:

So, an angsty soulmate au with Oikawa with a quiet, fem!reader who's in same class as him. She had known that he was her soulmate, but didn't approach him because she thought he wouldn't like her cos he's so popular/ dates a lot of pretty girls.

Angst for The Grand Trash King coming right up, my dear.

You had never been a popular person and you preferred it that way. You would rather be left alone to you own devices than be constantly surrounded by people, like a certain flamboyant person you knew. “He really pisses me off.” Iwaizumi grumbled to you, annoyed at the sound of the squealing girls interrupting his lunch yet again.

You couldn’t help but nod in agreement to your friend’s statement, but you completely understood why all his fans acted that way. They all wanted him to be their soulmate so they had to constantly crowd the brunet to see if his eyes would change color. Some even went so far as to get a colored contact to match with one of his eye colors, but that strategy didn’t really work since their eye color wouldn’t change no matter what they did. And it would never change because you were his soulmate.

You had recently been flipping through a sports magazine your half-brother had left at home which featured Oikawa and it had an article with the setter’s eye colors. You were shocked when you saw the colors and immediately ran to the bathroom to check. You nearly dropped the magazine when you held it up to the mirror. It was an exact match. “No no no no no-this has got to be wrong, I can’t be his soulmate.” But the more you looked at the colors, the more apparent it became that they matched your own. There was no denying it. You were, in fact, the Oikawa Tooru’s soulmate. Most people, if they found out that their soulmate was someone so famous and good looking, would jump at the chance to tell them and immediately start a relationship. But you were the complete opposite.

You spent hours mulling over the situation, trying to figure out how to avoid the brunet setter, but the two of you shared many of the same classes. Luckily, you had somehow been able to avoid his attention for the majority of the years, but now that you knew, you could only hope that you could keep avoiding him. But even if Oikawa didn’t notice you, Iwaizumi would and you knew that he would be able to tell that something was off.

There was only one solution you could think of that would help in this situation. Colored contacts. The thing that everyone did to try and get his attention, you would do in order to stay away from him. It wasn’t that you hated Oikawa or held a grudge against him; you actually thought he was quite handsome; it was because you were scared. You were scared of what his fans would do to you if you ever did try to approach him, but what scared you the most was that he wouldn’t like you back. You had seen him with so many beautiful girls and you vastly paled in comparison to them. You were just shy girl with average looks, there was no way he would even give you the time of day to even get him to look at you, let alone confess.

Luckily, you remembered that your friend had wanted you to dress up to model for her and she had given you colored contacts for the shoot. Rifling through your drawers, you found the small blue and white case and opened it up to see the small pieces of colored material still there and in perfect condition. You carefully placed one of the contacts on the tip of your finger and gently placed the colored lens into your right eye, covering up the chocolate brown color and replacing it with a deep olive green. “There, he won’t be able to tell now.”

You still had this gnawing guilt in the pit of your stomach when you showed up to school the next day and you did your best to act normal, avoiding Oikawa like you usually did. But when you got to your class, you saw a handwritten note sitting there in the middle of your desk. Opening up the piece of parchment, you found beautifully written words asking you to come to the back of the gym at the end of school. Your heart was practically beating out of your chest and you hid the note away in you notebook. You were so distracted, you didn’t even notice a certain setter watching your every move.

Oikawa had always been subtly trying to catch your attention for the past year, but you had always slipped away at the last moment when his fans crowded him. One of his fans had showed him a picture of you and he immediately noticed the similarities in eye color. If his intuition was right, and you were actually his soulmate, he would be the happiest person on the planet. But when you finally met him at the back of the gym, his hopes and heart were completely shattered.

He thought it was you. He had always thought it was you. But you weren’t. Although you were incredibly shy and never really interacted with anyone except Iwaizumi, he was so incredibly infatuated with you. Whenever you were around, he constantly felt a mysterious pull to you, but when he looked into your eyes nothing happened. No change, not even a flicker of color. Even the hue of your other eye was a completely distinct coloration compared to his own. There was no denying it then.

You, on the other hand, saw something completely different. You saw his other eye change from a shade of (e/c) into that beautiful chocolate brown that you had grown so familiar to seeing in the mirror every day. You were his soulmate and he was yours. But Oikawa didn’t need to know that. He didn’t need you as a burden for the rest of his life. You knew it was unfair of you to not tell him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him either. “Sorry Oikawa. I’m not your soulmate.“ 

"Yeah, I’m sorry for taking up your time.” An awkward silence fell between the two of you before you spoke up to break the tension. “You should get going before Iwaizumi-san hits you again.” The setter wanted to say something, anything to try and explain his feelings to you, but nothing came out when he opened his mouth to speak.

You smiled sadly at the brunet before turning around and walking away from the down-hearted setter. The longer he watched your retreating back, the more his heart ached. Why was that? You weren’t his soulmate. He saw it for himself; your eyes didn’t match his when he looked at you. So why did watching you leave hurt so damn much?

“_________.” The familiar baritone voice made you stop in your tracks and you looked up to see your half-brother waiting for you at the gate. Immediately, a smile broke across your face and you hurried your way over to him. You almost never saw the older male due to his dedication to volleyball, so seeing him here was a real treat. “Wakatoshi! What are you doing here?”

“It has been a while since I came home, so I decided to come see you.” As you walked away, hand in hand with his arch nemesis, the uncomfortable tightening sensation spread from his heart to his entire body. That was supposed to be him. He wanted to be the one holding your hand and walking you home from school, not him. He wanted to be the one to make you smile like you were now, not him. Even now, Ushijima had taken everything he had wanted away from him and there was nothing he could do about it except to try to ignore the gaping void in his heart.

If only he knew.

Your Favourite Shitty Student

| Warnings: Smut, teacher kink, and daddy kink. |



She sighed as she sat up from the grass and stretched her back. She was sitting behind her school, why? Because she wanted to piss off her favourite teacher.

She decided she had held out long enough to promptly annoy him, and decided to head to History, the class he taught.

She inhaled before opening the door to his classroom, she was 27 minutes late, but she didn’t care, she wanted all the attention from her teacher that she could get. And the best way to get attention from a teacher, was to be a shit student.

Turning the knob, she walked in, and all eyes landed on her, except the teachers, he didn’t even need to turn around to see who it was.

“Miss [Y/L/N], see me after class.” He said in a tired voice, clearly irritated by her actions, but she just grinned.

“Yes, sir.” She took her seat towards the front of the class and the teacher continued his lesson, though, she wasn’t paying attention.

She was too busy admiring the way his white button down shirt and black jeans fit his lanky body, and how his chocolate brown eyes followed the words he scribbled onto the blackboard. How his large hands gripped the chalk he was holding, how his brown hair swept to the side. This teacher was unlike her others; he was young, laid back, and extremely attractive. Everything about her teacher drove her insane. She bit her lip to hide a smile as she thought of all the ways his hands could hold various parts of her, and how soft his pink lips would feel on hers.

Suddenly, the bell rang, and while the other students gathered their things to go home, she sat still, wondering if her teacher would address her and tell her off or if this would be another silent detention like the last three, leaving her to her thoughts, her filthy thoughts.

As soon as all the students left the classroom, the teacher sat back down at his desk, and began scribbling something onto some papers, he was grading them, or so she assumed.

10 minutes passed and he still hadn’t said anything, but unknown to him, he was driving her wild.

Every once and awhile, he’d mess with his hair, ruffling it, making it stick up in spots. Or he’d crack his knuckles, the sound echoing through the near empty room. And most importantly, he’d loosened his black tie and undone a few buttons on his shirt.

This fucker was killing her softly, so she decided to be bold, unusually bold. She stood up from her desk, and walked over to her teacher, leaned down, and laid her hands upon the top of the desk.

He didn’t look up from what he was doing, he just continued to look down through his glasses at the work he was doing. She spoke up in the most sensual voice she could muster. “Guess what, Mr. Howell.”

He raised an eyebrow, still not looking up at her. “What is it, Miss [Y/L/N]?”

She leaned down even further, hoping to force him to look at her.

“I’m not wearing any knickers.”

She smirked to herself, quite proud she had managed to state that without stuttering or turning red. Mr. Howell, however, was not phased by this. At least, not to her.

‘What a dirty student I have.’ He thought as he shifted in his seat.

She wouldn’t give up though, she’d sat through his tortures for too long, and he was going to learn what she thought of him.

She walked around his desk, behind his chair, and wrapped her arms around his torso, straightening him in his seat and resting her chin on his shoulder. “You fucker, don’t you realise what you do to me?” She whispered in his ear.

He removed her hands from his body and swiftly got up from his chair. And suddenly she realised how tall he actually was. He stood at over a foot taller than her.

“Miss [Y/L/N], I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately. But I am your teacher, and you don’t need to talk to me this way.” He spoke, but he didn’t sound angry, he sounded somewhat disappointed. However, she wasn’t about it stop anytime soon. She grabbed his tie, and pulled him down so she could look into his eyes. “Shh, Mr. Howell. I want this, I want you. I don’t fucking care if you’re my teacher. I need you.” She emphasised the last three words by whining slightly, brushing her lips against his.

“I don’t want to get arrested.” He said quietly, guiltily enjoying her attention. She smirked, “You won’t, if we’re careful enough.” She pressed her lips against his, and he kissed back, placing his large hands upon her hips. She let go of his tie and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She pulled away from the kiss and whispered into his ear, “Sit back down.” As she walked over to the classroom door, locking it and rolling down the blinds.

She walked back over to him, and straddled his lap, slowly grinding her bare core against his clothed crotch, causing the area below her to get harder. “I wish you knew what you did to me.” She whispered into his ear as she kissed down his neck. “I wish you knew how I touch myself at night, thinking about how our bodies would fit together-” She kissed his collarbone. “-or how you sound when you’re pleasured-” She unbuttoned his shirt and yanked off his tie. “-or how you’d feel inside of me.”

He gulped slightly, shifting underneath her as she felt his member twitch uncomfortably through his jeans. She just laughed, and crawled off of his lap, fiddling with his belt buckle. She slid down his jeans and underwear in one pull. She got on her knees in front of him, and took his member in her hands, pumping it slowly.

“You know, Mr. Howell, you’re a hell of a lot bigger than I ever imagined you’d be.” She smiled and kissed the tip of his member, causing him to moan softly.

Slowly, she took his length in her mouth, his member hitting the back of her throat. She bobbed her head slowly, as his hand found its way to her hair, gripping it tightly.

Leaning his head back in pleasure, he closed his eyes and moaned out occasionally. She started going faster, and his moans became more frequent and louder.

“Fuck,” he stuttered out. “I can’t last much longer.” She smirked and bobbed her head faster, him coming unglued under her.

He came in her mouth, and she swallowed it all. She smiled fondly at her teacher, and sat back down on his lap, rubbing his chest softly.

“You taste good, daddy.” She said as she kissed his lips softly. A faint blush upon each of their faces. As one hand cupped her cheek and the other laid upon her thigh, rubbing it as softly as she was rubbing his chest. They shared a slow, passionate kiss.

But then, the class phone rang, startling both of them and breaking them apart, a line of saliva connecting their pink lips. She broke the string of saliva while he reached for the phone, clearing his throat before answering it.

“Hello? Yes, she’s here.” He looked up at her and mouthed 'It’s your mum.’ She nodded, laying her hands on his shoulders, rubbing them softly, his hand still on her thigh as he listened to her mum on the other end of the line.

“Yes, I had her stay after class for being tardy, yes, she has detention for a week, yes, I’ll send her home now. Okay, bye.” He leaned back up and hung up the phone, looking at her fondly. “Sorry for giving you detention.” He smiled.

She just laughed. “It’s fine, as long as I’m the only person stuck with you.” He nodded. “Oh trust me, you will be.”

She got up from his lap, and they both stood. He pulled his trousers back up and she began fixing his shirt and tie. He smoothed out her hair and kissed her forehead softly.

“You’re a naughty girl, you know that?” He smirked as he rested his forehead upon hers, playing with the hem of her skirt.

“Yeah I know, but I’m your naughty girl.” She kissed him, and walked to her desk to pick up her bag. Walking to the door, she turned around and looked at him.

“Oh, and Mr. Howell?”

“Yes, [Y/N]?”

“Open my desk when I leave.” She waved at him and left the room.

He stood by the door, watching her walk down the hallway and out the front doors. He walked over to her desk and saw a piece of paper, sprayed with her favourite perfume, and neatly folded with “Mr. Howell” written on it.

He unfolded the paper and grinned to himself when he read it.

“Here’s my number, call me tonight, and by the way, Mr. Howell? I love when you wear your glasses, even though we both know you don’t need them.

- Love, [Y/N], your favourite shitty student.” 

Sex Ed (TG/AP)

Will had been waiting in the classroom for 10 minutes for class to begin. The other students simply killed time through conversation, but Will was actually intrigued by this class and wanted it to start as soon as possible. The principal then walked in and announced to the class that the Sex Ed teacher would be a substitute teacher today as their regular teacher had fallen ill. The principal placed a textbook on the desk before leaving, telling the students it would only be another few minutes before the substitute teacher showed up. More time passed and Will continued to grow impatient. Eventually, he got up and walked towards the desk. The other students paid little attention to him, but as he opened the book and began to flip through it he felt a wave of lightheadedness overtake him. He leaned against the desk as he continued to flip through the book, looking at images of sexual acts and absorbing new information about the act of mating. He suddenly stopped on a page about female anatomy as he felt a tingle begin to spread across his body. With a lurch, he grabbed the desk and braced himself against it as he began to grow.

              He looked at his arms as they grew longer, cracking at the joints. His fingers elongated as his nails lengthened and became polished. His spine began to feel like a snake beneath his skin, slithering and shifting as it expanded upwards. His legs also lengthened with a crack, and soon he was standing at least a few inches taller than he was before. He watched himself grow slightly taller still as his sneakers morphed into a feminine pair of red heels. He felt his feet shift and grow to fill his new shoes, but as he looked down at his changing body he noticed that the rest of his clothes were beginning to morph. His jeans tightened as they began to transform into a pair of fishnet leggings. The skin beneath his new leggings became smooth and hairless as a tight, black skirt materialized around his waist. As the new garment completed itself, he felt a pressure beginning to build in his hips. With another loud crack, his hips jutted outwards, leaving him with a figure ready for childbearing.

              As he looked at his new hips, he began to notice how feminine his body was becoming. He looked back at the textbook laying open on the desk and began to piece together what was happening. He was becoming a woman, but he had no idea why. With another look at the textbook, he realized what was coming next. He felt his underwear transform into a tight fitting thong that pushed his member against his thighs. It was extremely uncomfortable for a moment, but a sudden pulse of pleasure came from his groin as it began to invert itself. He couldn’t help but moan as his member was swallowed up by the flesh between his legs. He looked at the diagram of the female reproductive system in the textbook as he felt his internal organs beginning to shift. An alien cavern opened up between his legs as a fertile womb materialized in his abdomen. He wanted to reach between his legs and touch his new sex, but he was afraid of losing his balance if he let go of the desk. His new clit began to tingle more as his thong rubbed against his moistening pussy lips. As new ovaries began to pump hormones through his system, he shot through puberty and began to have thoughts of fucking cute guys at the club. He tried to fight his new desires, but it wasn’t long before another wave of pleasure coursed through his body that came from his chest. His shirt began to change into a revealing red top as two breasts became visible beneath his changing clothes. He moaned in a deeper feminine voice as a new bra tickled his enlarging nipples. He looked down at his new top as it tightened around his growing breasts, pushing them together and revealing some alluring cleavage. By the time his breasts stopped growing, the only thing he could think of was a man groping his boobs and teasing his neck with kisses.

              He began to sweat profusely as thoughts of sex made him more excited. He wanted to fight his new thoughts, but the idea of a man overpowering him was becoming more and more alluring. He looked down at his new body again and began to appreciate how good he looked, but he also noticed strands of black hair beginning to enter his field of view. His scalp tingled as his hair grew past his shoulders. A wave of changes then overtook his face as it rapidly matured, leaving him with a face that would make any guy lust after him. His ears tickled as two earrings pierced his cartilage and weighed his earlobes down. Finally, a decorative necklace materialized and sat perfectly between his new boobs. With the physical changes finally slowing down, he let go of the desk and regained his balance. Walking in heels felt natural to him, and he noticed how much his hips swayed with each step now. He looked at the class, but it seemed that they were completely oblivious to his transformation. He curiously touched the necklace on his chest, but as his fingers made contact, a spark jumped between the necklace and his fingers and send a surge of new memories into his mind. He suddenly remembered getting his degree at university and meeting his boyfriend in college. He remembered taking education classes and applying for a job as a substitute teacher. He remembered learning about the sexual anatomy of men and women, and he had suddenly memorized everything in that textbook. The most powerful memories, however, were the new memories of her sexual adventures with all the cute boys that chased her through school.  

              With a sexy smirk, the new teacher turned around and began to draw on the chalkboard. As she finished writing her notes for the class, she turned around and called the class to attention. She felt a rush as the boys in the class began to ogle her body, and even though she had a boyfriend already, she was exhilarated by people lusting after her. She sat on the desk and opened her legs slightly, teasing the boys in the class with a brief view of her crotch before crossing her legs and pushing her cleavage forward. She knew the boys were drooling over her, but she had a job to do.

              “Alright class, pay attention. It’s time to open your books to chapter 1…” 

Writer (Newt x Reader)

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Request:  Could you possibly do a newt x reader where the reader is a writer like newt and everyone thinks they’re in a relationship but they’re not but then he asked her out at in interview or some event? - Anon

You’re gonna have to work with me here since in this one wizards use the Internet

E/C: Eye color

H/C: Hair color

L/N: Last name

Hope you like it, a lot longer than I intended 

You were the author of a book on magical herbs and their primary use.  Your book had become a worldwide sensation the same time as another wizard’s book had rose to fame.  Newt Scamander, and his book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  You and Newt had crossed paths once or twice, yes.  Once you met Newt to ask him a few questions about if any of his herbivorous eat any of the plants you were studying.  He gladly answered all of your questions and even took the time to ask you a few questions himself.  That was all; nothing special or romantic.

But your fans wanted different.

Most of them thought you two would be the absolute perfect couple.  You never thought

much of it.  That is, until people began writing this weird stuff called “fan fiction” about you and Newt.  #Y/N Scamander was everywhere.  Being the curious individual you were, you read some of it.  That was when you realized what a cute couple you two would actually be.  Sure, you did think Newt was a bit cute.  Okay… a lot.  The beautiful cinnamon dusted curls, seafoam eyes, the adorable freckles that dotted his face…

As it turns out, Newt sees you the same way.  Luscious H/C locks, sparkling E/C eyes, perfect everything.  The last time you saw each other was a little over a month ago at a book signing.  

Two days later, the Ministry sent out letters (by owl, of course) to selected people involved in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures from England containing information about a party being held at the Ministry of Magic.  It also included a list of all others that were invited.  

Newt’s eyes scanned the list for your name, a glimmer of hope shown inside him even though you weren’t a part of that department. Newt’s heart sank a little when he saw your name wasn’t there. But then, his eyes drifted to the bottom of the paper where it said:

You are permitted to bring a maximum of one guest with you.

It didn’t take long for him to decide who he wanted to invite.  None other than you, Y/N L/N.  Newt figured writing a letter to ask you out was going to be much easier than asking you in person.  He sat down at his messy desk in his case and dipped his quill in the large bottle of ink and began writing his letter to you.

Once Newt finished the squiggle of the ‘R’ in on his signature, he neatly placed the note in an envelope and finished it off with a red wax seal before giving it to his messenger owl to then deliver to you.

**Time skip to your house**

You were observing the plants you kept on the windowsill of your bedroom when an owl suddenly flew over causing you to jump a little and began ‘tap tap tapping’ on the window holding a letter between its beak.  You opened the window, retrieved the letter, and the owl flew off.  

“I wonder if it’s more fan mail,” you whispered to yourself.  You sat at your desk and tore open the letter.

Dear Miss L/N,

I believe you are familiar with me: Newt Scamander.  Recently I was invited to a party at the Ministry of Magic for members of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures on April 26.  I am allowed to bring one guest to attend with me, and I would like that guest to be you.  Please note that it is perfectly fine if you decline.  However, if you do wish to come, please respond to this letter as soon as you get it.


Newton Scamander.

You were blushing furiously even though it was nothing more than ink on a paper.  Boy, did this man have beautiful handwriting. Of course your answer was yes.  

Newt Scamander!  Asked ME to attend an event at the Ministry with him!  You thought.

You sat down on your desk and grabbed a piece of parchment from a stack you always had handy.  You quickly wrote down your response and then gave it to your owl where she flew off to give it to Newt.


Newt was full of happiness when he saw your response.

Dear Mr. Scamander,

Yes, I will gladly attend the party with you!  It will be very nice to be in your company again.

Thank you ever so much,

Y/N L/N.

**Time skip to the party**

Newt stood in the corner of the building to avoid the other many witches and wizards bustling about.  Silver trays with fancy foods and drinks floated around to guests, but Newt turned down every one.  He was too excited to see you.  Never in a million years did he think you would agree to be his date.

Newt checked his pocket watch.  It had been ten minutes since he had arrived, but you were still nowhere in sight.  

Just a bit late, that’s all.  Newt reassured himself.

Just then, Newt heard the fast-paced click-clack of heels coming from his left.  He turned around to see you, breathing heavier than normal.

“So sorry I’m late.  I was planning to apparate straight here ten minutes ago but I lost my wand in my garden,” you said.

Newt grinned at how cute you were.  “A larger garden than most, I suppose?”

“Very,” you responded, smiling.

“Did I mention you look beautiful, Miss L/N?  Thank you so much for coming with me, by the way.”

You smiled widely at Newt’s comment.  “And you look quite handsome, Mr. Scamander.  But please, call me Y/N.

“Of course, Y/N.  Call me Newt.”

The two of you began making small talk about what had happened in your lives since you last saw each other.  Newt told you about his new discoveries with his magical creatures; and you spoke about your garden and new plant hybrids you had been working on.

Eventually you decided to bring up the topic of fanfiction.

“Newt, have you ever heard of… fanfiction?” you asked cautiously.

He thought for a moment, then shook his head.  “No, I don’t believe I’m familiar with it.  Could you please tell me?”

“So… it’s basically that a lot of our fans have taken up a hobby of writing stories about the two of us and then putting them on the Internet.”

“What kind of stories?” Newt asked, genuine curiosity evident in his voice.

“Well…” you paused.  “They’re about us… if we were… a couple.”

Newt’s eyes widened.  “A couple?”

“Yeah…” you realized you had just made a huge mistake.

Or maybe not.

After a few moments, Newt reached down and took both of your hands in his.  “Well… then maybe we should give the public what they want.”

His eyes moved down to look at your lips for a brief second.  You realized what he was going to do.

Newt leaned in, and gently pressed his lips to yours, one hand now on your waist.  You kissed back, lightly stroking his hair.  It only lasted a few seconds before you both pulled away.  You were in a public place, after all.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do that,” Newt said.

“Same here,” you replied.

Newt brought his arm around your waist.  “Maybe we should take this somewhere more… private?”

You nodded.  “Agreed.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

  • major: business management 
  • minor: statistics 
  • sports: volleyball 
  • clubs: doesn’t have time since he’s interning at a big company the entire sem
  • in class, mingyu is practically a natural genius. like managment skills? statistical methods in business? intro to finance? easy stuff he soaks up information like a sponge and is always the person everyone looks forward to presenting in class and the teachers love how articulate he is with his words and he’s a real crowd pleaser you know because he’s: tall, handsome, smart, and witty
  • OUTSIDE OF CLASS THO he’s the number one memer 
  • like people who don’t know him personally or only know him in class run up to him like “omg!!! how are you so cool all the time????” and mingyu grins and shrugs it off like no big deal
  • and literally five seconds later he’s sneezing into his arm and wiping it on wonwoo’s shirt or spilling his coffee all over jeonghan’s textbooks or stealing seungcheol’s food and then dropping it and then picking it up and eating it??? and like
  • his close friends just snort when someone calls him cool because in all honesty he’s not cool he’s corny 
  • but also they all come over to his dorm because he’s the only one who uses the communal kitchen to actually cook real meals and everyone’s been living off cup ramen so it’s nice to actually eat something that’s been seasoned and cooked and mingyu’s got this special recipe for making omelets over rice and so whenever he’s making one in the morning he ends up actually making ten portions because word spreads fast and half the dorm swoops downstairs like hungry vultures ready to Feast and mingyu’s like ok ok ok fine someone pass me more eggs
  • is good at volleyball because he’s tall but has also literally tripped over air 14342 times during practice and the rest of the team is like: how does he even balance himself on those long legs??? 
  • has a habit of messing up wonwoo’s hair before wonwoo has class and like he doesn’t tell him how it looks and only when they’re both back at the dorm wonwoo points to his head and is like “mingyu, explain.” and mingyu’s like “it’s in hyung. it’s the new style.” “mingyu - i look like i rolled out of a trash can.”
  • but it’s ok wonwoo forgives him because mingyu’s the one that cleans the dorm while wonwoo passes out studying 
  • and tbh you’re one of the people who finds mingyu to be so ??? untouchable ??? like he’s the guy you see always dressed well, surrounded by lots of people, and getting top grades and so like others you’re like he’s the model college student like you see him and you’re like i wanna be like that
  • but boy oh boy are you in for the shock of ur life when you find out that the company you’re interning at is the same company mingyu interns at and like 
  • you both are in different departments but on your first day you’re taking the train and you see mingyu sitting a couple of seats away and like at first you’re like 
  • wow! he looks so spiffy in his suit and he has like a briefcase and he looks so damn well prepared that you even feel a little self conscious 
  • but then three seconds later you look over again and see that he’s falling asleep on his way and like he literally topples over onto the person beside him
  • and the person like shoves mingyu’s head off and says something rude and mingyu’s like bowing his head and apologizing
  • and like you’re like “he must have not gotten any sleep the night before.” but then
  • the next day when you’re on the train again to your internship mingyu’s there too……again…..falling asleep…..on the person beside him…….
  • and this happens for the first two weeks that you’re taking the train to your internship
  • and like you wonder if he’s just overworking himself or something but then one day you end up going in at the same time as mingyu into the building where you two work and like you go in and swipe your ID to get in but you see mingyu standing next to the security guard begging him and asking him for something and you get a little closer and the guards like “this is the 4th time this week, kid get your ID back” and mingyu’s like “i LoST IT ThO” and the guards like “this is already your third one and it’s been two weeks???” and mingyu’s making puppy dog eyes and you’re like ?????? this is not the suave boy i know off campus
  • and when you go up to his floor where he’s interning with the stats dept like you see mingyu holding a leaning tower of papers and as expected he makes one step and ends up falling over with the papers flyinG into the air
  • and some guy yells at him that he’s always being so clumsy and like you’ve never seen mingyu looking so embarrassed with his head down and his hands folded in front of him
  • and you’re like “is this a side of him no one else knows?”
  • and like you think yeah - he probably is just nervous just like you but then as you’re going back to campus from your internship you see mingyu across the street coming out of a fast food place and like licking his fingers and wiping them on his tie 
  • and like you know you’re just a little Shocked but also like it’s endearing …. 
  • everyone makes him out to be this tall, perfect student that’s always the model of what to be and here he is with crumbs around his mouth and ketchup on his shirt like … makes you giggle
  • but ofc you don’t approach him you don’t really even think he knows you two intern for the same boss until one day you get on the train take a seat and mingyu taKES THe SEAT BESIDE you 
  • and internally you’re like ?!?!?!?!?! but then you don’t even notice five minutes go by until you feel a soft thud on your shoulder and as you turn
  • there he is 
  • kim mingyu, sleeping soundly on your shoulder 
  • and you don’t push him off or anything but you do feel your face grow red and some older ladies smile at the two of you and it becomes a given that like everyone on this train thinks you two are a couple and you’re just like UM 
  • the stop you and mingyu need to get off on comes and you (sadly) have to shake him awake and then make a run for the door as you drag a half awake mingyu along with you
  • and you’re like “thank god we made it.” and mingyu’s like “yeah!” and then he straightens up and says your name and you’re like ???? you know my name and mingyu’s like “ofc i know your name we work and go to school together.” and you’re like yEAH BUT ???? we’ve never interacted
  • and mingyu laughs and he’s like “yeah we have!!! you’ve seen me fall asleep on strangers and get yelled at for losing my ID and weren’t you there when i face planted with my big stack of documents??”
  • and you’re like “wait you noticed me that whole time?” and mingyu nods and checks his watch like “we better run, can you keep up?”
  • and that’s how you end up running behind the long legged secret office/campus crush of yours and good lord he can run fast
  • you two get to the building out of breath but luckily mingyu has his ID this time and you go inside and split ways when you get off a floor before him but before you do mingyu’s like “meet me for lunch downstairs??” and you’re like /?/// ok?????!@?@?@?#
  • the entire time you’re at your desk you’re trying to piece together how it is that you haven’t noticed mingyu noticing you this whole time like,,,,,you kinda just don’t see how it happened?? he’s never even made eye contact with you on the train
  • but you leave all that for lunch when you go downstairs and see mingyu waiting 
  • and he’s like looking amazing in his black slacks and button down rolled up sleeves and hair pushed back and you’re like “he really is like a model….”
  • but then you two go to this burger place around the corner and mingyu orders two deluxe meals for himself and a huge cola and like oh my god he eats like a child and he has some lettuce in his teeth and sauce all over his hands
  • and once again you find yourself endeared but also giggling at his hidden silliness
  • and you mingyu’s like “why are you laughing??” and you lean over with your napkin to wipe off the sauce from the corner of his mouth like “thiS is WHY” but then like 
  • you’re so close and you see his eyes up close and they’re like a sparkling, mesmerizing brown and it takes everything in your strength to just pull away from looking into them
  • and like it’s a lil awkwardly silent until you’re like 
  • “u m coughs by the way um how do you know…….who i am??”
  • and mingyu’s like “AHHHHH you’re cute and i’ve liked you for some time, of course i know who you are.”
  • and you’re like …………………….WHAT
  • and mingyu scratches the back of his head and rolls his tongue in his mouth and is like 
  • “wonwoo said i should just tell you, especially before this internship is over, so ……yeah.”
  • and you’re like starstruck honestly but you’re like “why??”
  • and mingyu takes a minute to think and then he’s like “remember on our first day you saw me act like a total fool on the train? and the time you saw me getting scolded by the guard?” and you’re like “….yes?” and mingyu chuckles like “well, most people don’t like the real me. they imagine me as one thing and then the real silly, dumb side of me is something they don’t want but you - you kept looking at me right?”
  • the words get stuck in your mouth because oh god he saw you staring at him this whole time but also like………of course you kept looking at him and you say that
  • you tell him that “you’re nothing like what i thought, but it made me want to keep looking at you more. that side of you - it’s better than what i imagined.”
  • an honestly in that moment the rest of the people all fade away and it’s just you and mingyu and mingyu takes your hand as you two get up and go back to work and it just
  • it fits. you two fit each other
  • and just like that you two are a thing and every morning mingyu isn’t falling asleep on random people’s shoulders. he’s falling asleep on yours
  • and he’s kissing your cheek before he does and he’s kissing you goodbye when you get off the elevator 
  • you two hold hands and hide it behind your backs when co-workers walk by and tell you two not to go around slacking off since you’re temporary interns
  • and you and mingyu aren’t even hurt because you’re interns in love ok love is what it’s all about (but so is studying so if you’re reading this: do your homework ANYWAY)
  • you find a way to keep mingyu awake on your commute to the internship and the magic trick is literally buy him a big cup of coffee and he won’t spend the entire thirty minutes on the train snoozing
  • instead you two will talk and laugh and mingyu will do bad impressions of your boss and of teachers
  • and when you’re coming back from the internship and the trains are packed mingyu will grab the overhead pole and pull you against him so you don’t have to stretch out your arm and 
  • as clumsy as he is, he’s got these sparks of romantic in him
  • and yes you always have to remind him to sneeze into a napkin, not just wipe it off on the closest person
  • and you hit his hand when he tries to enforce the “five second rule”
  • you come up to give something to the statistic dept. head and mingyu tries to wave at you but accidentally swings his long arms too much and knocks a potted plant off a desk and you have to end up running over and helping him clean it up before the owner of the desk comes back
  • youngguk at his desk: “where is my bonsai tree?” 
  • you and mingyu: *hiding in a cubicle with the remains of youngguk’s bonsai tree* rip 
  • when the internship is over for the semester you and mingyu still see each other and just like wonwoo, jeonghan, and the rest of mingyu’s friends you come to thinking all the freshman who obsesses over how ‘cool’ and ‘smooth’ mingyu is is super funny
  • because you know how he really is, sleeping with his long limbs spread out everywhere and half of his textbook sliding out of his bed and his clothes are literally just a pile inside the closet
  • and mingyu cleans, like he’s not gross or anything but he’s also just so like he cleans and then makes a mess three seconds later and you’re like how?????
  • and when mingyu first offers to cook for you you’re like : “i dont trust you around sharp objects” but mingyu somehow convinces you (lots of kisses are involved in this bribe) and you sit down and watch him cook
  • it’s like a whole different person 
  • and you ask mingyu why he didn’t want to go to culinary school or something like that and mingyu laughs and shakes his hand and he’s like “my cooking is good - but not that good.” and maybe just maybe you hear a hint of sadness in his voice
  • but that’s gone after you take the first bite out of what he made you and you’re like mINGYU THIS is AMAZinG
  • and he grins and is like “is it???” and taste some too and he’s like “yeah, you’re right it’s amazing - like me”
  • and you seriously love the dates where you come over on a weekend and neither of you have classes and mingyu and you look up new restaurants that have opened near campus and you two go out and just try everything
  • and no matter what, you’ll order something and mingyu will try to steal bites when you’re not looking and you ALWAYS CATCH HIM but he just grins and is like !!!! i love you !!! and you’re like oh my god gET your OWN and he pouts like nooooo i wantttt yourssssss
  • he’s a big baby basically
  • mingyu starts a foodstagram just to share photos of you eating when you guys go out and you’re like sTOp i look bad in all of these and mingyu’s like “the food matters, not you baby” and you’re like EXCUSE mE and you chase him around and he laughs his head off and wonwoo is watching you two like wow. how are these two in college
  • mingyu tries to mess up your hair like he does to wonwoo before class but you grab his wrist before he can and you’re like “if you touch my hair i will not kiss you for 24 hours.” and mingyu automatically gives in because no kisses for 24 hours would kill this big affectionate puppy
  • mingyu knows you’re a sucker for his smile, especially when it shows off his canines and so he’ll smile at you like that when you’re ticked off at him and like you’ll try to be serious and tell him to stop but he’ll pull you over by the waist and smile and ask whats wrong and you’ll just be like STOP YOUR HANDSOMENESS is messING WITH ME and he just continues to smile and you’re like ,,,,,i cant be mad at him gdi
  • begs you to cook for him and you’re like mingyu im studying right now and he’s like but i want to eat and you’re like go ask jeonghan to do it and mingyu’s like jeonghan almost burnt down our communal kitchen last week pls 
  • mingyu gets good grades because he throws himself into studying right before big tests and presentations and it ends up with him not sleeping and not eating right and this is when he’s literally a Mess
  • like not a joke mess like usual but a Mess and you literally sometimes have to keep him upright because he falls over from lack of sleep and you’re like mINGYU you’re SIX FEET TALL you NEED to Eat and you shove like a granola bar in his mouth and he tries to say i love you but it comes out all muffled 
  • mingyu once wore his shirt inside out and you were like “ming-” but wonwoo was like “no. let the campus see how goofy he really is.”
  • mingyu still holds a grudge against you and wonwoo till this day
  • “mingyu i can’t reach that, can you get it?” “sure.” “mingyu why are you picking me up just uSE YOur OWN HANDS oh MY GOD AM i TWENTY FEET OFF THE fLOOR MINGYu”
  • whenever he waits for you to come out of class he opens his arms and you run into them and he spins you around and it’s cHEEEEEEESY but it’s worth it because he’s always happy to see you
  • you can never study together because mingyu will fall asleep with his head on your shoulder or on your lap and when you’re like hey buddy wake up he’s like nooooooo you’re soooo comfyyyyyy
  • once you came to watch volleyball practice and mingyu saw you and started waving and you were gonna wave back unTIL the BALL HIT him in THE heAD AND You like ScrEAMED and mingyu like fell over and everyone was like oh my god how oblivious is he
  • you cradling mingyu’s head in your lap: “are you ok???” mingyu: “am i in heaven? are you an angel?” wonwoo: “i cant believe he almost got knocked unconscious and is stILL FLIRTING WITH YOU” 

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and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

paper airplanes - part three

She stopped him the next day, in the hallway. Phil bit his lip as she stepped out in front of him, tugging at the straps of his bag. 

“Phil,” she said lightly, tilting her head to the side slightly as if in question. Phil nodded. 

“Yes, Mrs. Ashby?” Before she could continue, he spoke again. “Is this about yesterday? Because if it is, I’m sorry, and I won’t let it happen again.”

The professor searched his face carefully, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips. She brushed her hands over the front of her soft yellow sweater, still watching Phil. 

“I must admit,” she said finally. “It is about yesterday. But you’re not in trouble,” she added before Phil could say anything. 

“I’m… not…?” Phil asked, tilting his head and frowning. If he wasn’t in trouble, he didn’t know what it could be about. He froze. Had any of the photos fallen out of his backpack, or locker? He was always petrified someone would find them, and expose his fascination in the younger boy. So far no one had caught him taking the pictures, and he wanted to keep it that way.  

The teacher chuckled. 

“Excuse me if this is a bit rude and nosy, but I know you have a bit of a crush on that sophomore? I believe his name is Daniel…?" 

Phil flinched. Right, she had read the notes. 

"Yes…” he sighed. Mrs. Ashby was the school’s therapist as well as the french teacher, so this really wasn’t unusual. “Yeah, I do. What about it?” he added, still confused. 

“Well…” Mrs. Ashby glanced at her feet, shrugging and wringing her hands, her eyes twinkling. “I really shouldn’t be getting involved,” But that won’t stop you. “But Daniel has been having some trouble in my class. And you have straight A’s.” she looked up, raising an eyebrow. “I was wondering if you’d like to tutor him.”

Thoughts and feelings rushed to Phil’s head the second those words left her lips. Memories of daydreams he almost constantly had; sitting with Dan in his room, just talking, laying in the yard looking at the clouds, showing him his photography… studying french would be an amazing excuse to talk to him. 

But no. He couldn’t. Fear flowed through his veins right next to the excitement, and he couldn’t. He didn’t think he would even be able to be near Dan without freaking out; he hadn’t managed to talk to him thus far. Who says he would be able to then, even in french?

Phil shook his head. 

“N-No, I… I couldn’t,” he muttered. “Thanks for the offer, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Mrs. Ashby’s brow furrowed, but she nodded. 

“That’s alright, Phil,” she said kindly, flashing him a smile. “But the offer’s always here. Come talk to me if you change your mind.”

Phil sighed as she turned and walked away, sinking against the lockers and burying his face in his hands. He unzipped his bag, pulling out one of the pictures he had of Dan; an old one of him sitting in the library. He wasn’t reading, just sitting, with his hood pulled up as if it was the only thing keeping people from reading his thoughts, his chin rested on his hand and curls of brown hair falling in his eyes. 

Phil needed to meet him, officially. 


That day after school, Phil lay on his bed, waiting for Dan. He ran his fingers through his hair. 

Why couldn’t he just talk to him? What was wrong with him?

What was keeping him from just going over there, knocking on the door, and saying hi?

He felt like that would break some sort of contract. It would break the seal between them, and then Phil didn’t know if he’d be able to control himself. He was screwed. 

Phil stood up, pushing himself up from the springy mattress and pacing his room, when he saw Dan coming out to sit in his chair. He peered from behind the curtains as the boy sat down, looking around at the trees surrounding his house. He wiped at his eyes, and Phil could tell he was close to tears, like every day. 

Phil wondered who hurt him that badly. 

Without thinking, Phil moved to his desk, tearing a piece of paper out from his notebook and picking up a pen. 

Quickly, so he couldn’t think about it and convince himself out of it, he scribbled; ‘Are you alright?' 

He didn’t know why he thought that was a good first think to say to him, but he didn’t think too hard about it. He folded it into a paper airplane, grinning at his delicate creation, and moving back to the window. 

Phil’s aim was good, and his arm was strong, and he silently calculated how hard he would have to throw and at what angle to get the plane to land right on Dan’s deck. He had the slight breeze to think of, as well as the height difference between Dan’s house and his. Finally he just opened the window, and chucked it. 

Phil flinched, closing it quickly and spinning to duck behind his curtains. He hadn’t looked at where it landed, but he could feel that Dan had seen it. It was probably wishful thinking. 

Phil moved to lay down on his bed, burying his face in a pillow, not wanting to look and see Dan sitting there like before, oblivious to Phil’s existence. 

He sat up too quickly when the very same paper airplane glided through his window, landing on his desk. 

Maybe the wind brought it back? Maybe Dan was creeped out, so he returned it?

Phil moved towards it slowly, nervous to open it. This was it. This was really it, his first sentence to Dan. 

He was definitely overthinking this. 

He slid the paper open with shaky hands, unfolding the small slip. 

'you can see me??’

anonymous asked:

hey! so I guess you're pretty busy and i hope things are going find and wish you nothing but good luck ☺️☺️. I have a prompt! Im watching s3 of rtte and an idea just came to my brain. When Heather arrives in ep 7 of s3 Fishlegs says that she's staying with Astrid, what if at night Hiccup is like overwhelmed by thoughts, totally forgets abt that and decides to go to Astrid's hut and the two of them have to make a silly excuse or you know

A/N: Hello! <3 Thank you so much for your kind words, and for this lovely prompt! I sincerely appreciate it, and I hope that what I’ve whipped up suffices. Please do feel free to send in another, my dude! :’) 

(*Note: Takes place during 03x07. Not S4 compliant.)

Emergency (Alternatively titled ‘Future’)

Hiccup was seated at his desk with several pieces of parchment spread out before him: one depicted the immediate waters surrounding the Edge, while another was a census of Nadders, organized by time, flock number, altitude, and direction. The third, however…

The third was simply a myriad of scribbles and doodles and scribbled-out doodles, all completed while he made fruitless attempts to connect disparate dots and mismatching puzzle pieces. Hiccup stared down at the map and furrowed his brow, glancing between two documents, trying to make sense of the numbers–

(He tapped the metal of his prosthesis against the wooden floorboards of his hut. He drummed his fingers on the surface of the table. He cast his gaze toward the corner of the room, momentarily letting it linger on a slumbering Toothless… Before scrubbing a hand down his face as he rose from his seat.)

–Even after half an hour of trying to analyze the data, the figures glaring up at him still didn’t make sense.

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