desk graffiti


I want to meet the people who drew graffiti on the desks.

Whose default action in a state of idle boredom was to create something artistic. Who saw a bunch of things that were all the same and remedied that, leaving a little piece of themselves behind for the next generations, who would never know their name and barely glance twice at the artwork because it’s not in a conventional place. They left a small mark on the world, knowing that the result would be punishment and, ultimately, apathy.

I found this coming study in the library today.

“That moment you realize you’re looking for the desk with the best graffiti.

The moment you realize you looked for an hour for the perfect desk spot… And the desk is wobbly as fuck. *wobbles table and laughs*
-just place a small stack of folded papers under the shortest leg on the desk.

That moment when you realize you can’t resist writing on the desk.

That moment you realize the person above you is right.

That moment you realize the desk is so wobbly because we fucked too hard on it -DEM ❤️

That moment you realize they Olympic symbol is less than 2 feet away ↗️

If breaking combos is wrong I don’t wanna be right.”