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Youtubers AU

For @carryon-countdown!!!!! In which Simon and Baz are both beauty you tubers who couldn’t be any more different

  • Baz is a beauty guru that is honestly slightly terrifying to watch. 
  • He always scowls at the camera like he just fucking knows you’re putting the eyeliner on wrong and his is so sharp it could cut someone.
  • He only uses the best of everything, and his looks are ridiculously editorial. Cranky and Cool is his #thing. He always ends up looking unreal, with dark green metallic lip and dark purple eyeshadow, flawless skin, sharp ass cheekbones he spends hours on with his Kat Von D Shade and Light palette
  • IRL he’s an economics student in London with a really posh flat, and he uses Excel to organize his entire fuckin life, like don’t even diss Excel in front of him
  • His filming area is Minimalist™, grey desk, grey walls, all his makeup and brushes organized by brand on the wall behind him. 
  • He doesn’t even do an intro, he just blinks at the camera impassively for a couple seconds before he just starts in with the tutorial. But it isn’t even really a tutorial because he just expects you to KNOW how to bake your undereye concealer. Like, I’m telling you, watching him is stressful and intimidating 
  • But he somehow has taken the beauty world by storm, and he has 3 million subscribers that he rarely interacts with except to critique their technique when they tweet him a pic of them recreating one of his looks: 
  • “Did you use lipliner? I can see some bleeding in the corner smh. Try better”
  • Then there’s Simon.

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anonymous asked:

Dear Edgelord, how many tubes of eyeliner do you go through each week?

Dark pushes the trash can full of empty eyeliner tubes behind his desk with his foot before you can see. “I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is my natural look.” He cranes his neck to the side and glares at you.



“Alright dear..I’ll be down here or in the living room if you need anything” she said and Alex went upstairs without another word. He slipped under the covers and curled up, pulling his sleeves up. The scars from knives and cigarettes and fading bruises from past ‘homes’ were what kept him sane..reminded him that he had to keep his guard up. Nowhere was safe. Nothing mattered but survival. Life was grey and dull and bleak. Even the strings on his fingers seemed dull some days..This was a new place, but it would be the same.

Nothing would change.

Warning: scars, abuse, mentions of abuse, borderline anxiety attack, just angst in general(tell me if I missed any other triggering things and I’ll add it here)


The next few days after that had been a blur of motion and greys. He was in another school, another county in New York than the last home he had been in. Things were different, but somehow the same.

 Martha had taken Alex shopping with Laf to get him new clothes for school and she didn’t make him pick from the girls section, letting him wander to the mens to pick out some clothes. He still didn’t see why he needed new clothes. He only had room in his duffle for his regular clothes, meaning he had to put away the new ones in the closet of his room.

 “What do you think of this, Alex?” Laf asked when  they had been out getting clothes for him.

 “Its a hoodie..?” Alex replied, a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt laid over his arm to try on.

 “I know that. I mean what do you think of it? Its the biggest one I could find. You said you think baggy sweaters are cute right? Well baggy hoodies are always cool” Laf said with a wink. Alex couldn’t help the tiny smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Alright alright. Give it to me I’ll add it to the pile. Your mom really doesnt play around with clothes..” Alex all but grumbled, taking it to Martha to add to the clothes they were going to get.

“Are you sure this isn’t too much..?” Alex said quietly and Martha waved him off.

“Im sure, sweetie. Why? Is it too much? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable…” she said and Alex almost felt bad for the worry in her voice. It was lie and he had to remind himself that.

“Its fine..Its just..different..can we just get these three outfits..?” He asked and Martha gave a soft smile.

“Of course. Do you not want any short sleeved shirts..? You’ll get hot, wont you?” she asked, sounding concerned. Alex froze and the past wounds on his arms seemed to sting.

“I’ll be fine, dont worry. I get cold easily, so I like long sleeves” he lied smoothly, ignoring the burning and itching feeling under his skin

“Ah..I see. Well, as long as youre happy” She said and he felt that pang in his chest again.


That had been a week or so ago and Alex was slowly, oh so slowly, adjusting to the new clothes. He didn’t wear them at first, but today he didn’t have a long sleeved shirt to wear, so he threw on the hoodie Laf had picked out for him before it was time for school. It was easily three times his size and hid his body underneath it. His mess of a hair was annoying, though. He looked at the time on his watched that Laf had given him. He still had ten minutes before he had to leave. Slowly stepping from his room, Alex walked down the hall to Lafayette’s room. Knocking, he peeked in the door.

“ Can I borrow a hairbow..and a brush?” he asked nervously. Laf was looking in a mirror, pulling up his own hair, an eyeliner pencil between his lips.

“Yea sur’ jus’ gra’ i’ off my desk” he said, fixing his hair and then taking the eyeliner to apply some on his eyelids. Alex had long since decided not to question it. Laf liked makeup, Alex had no reason to say otherwise about it. It looked good on him anyways, in his opinion

“Thanks..” he said quietly and went to retrieve the brush. His hair was long and tangled really easily, so he winced and made small noises as he tried to force the tangles out.

“Oh. Oh no Alex don’t do that.” Something else was said in French, but Alex didn’t know what he said.

“Here. Let me help you’ll be balder than dad if you keep that up” Laf huffed, but he was smiling as he held his hand out for the brush. Laf then seemed to have a thought.

“Wait. No touching. Sorry, I forgot..I um-” he was stopped as Alex placed the brush in his hand.

 “It’’ll get it fixed quicker than I can anyways..” Alex said, turning back around so his back was to him.

“Ah.. alright. Here come sit. This is going to take a minute..” Laf said with a gentle tone and chuckle. Alex hesitated a moment, but walked to the bed slowly and sat down. On instinct he looked to see how far the door was from him if he needed to run…but then he felt that pang of guilt in his chest after that thought. Laf wouldn’t..he..Alex shook his head. He was working his way towards a panic attack at this rate. He just needed to breath.

“Just relax. I’m a pro at work out tangles” Laf hummed and used his fingers first to gently start parting his hair and working out the bigger tangles. Honestly it..wasn’t that bad. It was kind of relaxing. With how Laf was humming was really nice.

“You doing alright?” Laf asked and Alex just hummed, nodding slightly.

“That’s good..I’m almost done working the tangles out then I can brush it” he murmured, running his fingers through one section of hair gently then starting on the next. Within a matter of minutes he seemed to deem Alex’s hair ready for brushing and Alex almost melted. He knew his head was sensitive and all, but he didn’t think brushing it was going to be this nice. He felt like he could just go to sleep like this..

“Hairbow?” Laf asked and Alex blinked before remembering he still had it.

“” he replied, handing it to the taller boy.

“Merci” he hummed and Alex smiled some. Slowly and carefully Alex felt his hair being pulled back. A moment later the hands were away from his scalp and he reached up to feel the messy bun

“My specialty bun. That baby isn’t coming down today,I promise you that””  he looked back in time to see the wink and his cheeks heated up. The last bun he put his hair into had come down barely an hour after he had put it up.

 “It wasn’t that bad.. thanks..” Alex said after a moment. He took a moment then to look around the room. He had only been in here once or twice. It was decently sized with a mirror on the wall by the window, a dresset by the bed, a tv  on an entertainment center in front of the bed. The walls were covered in posters and a French flag. Alex almost giggled at it. Laf was very proud of his French heritage and Alex understood. His mother was Puerto Rican so he had his own dosage of pride in the fluent Spanish he spoke thanks to his mother teaching him as a child and the foster children and parents over the years he ended up with that spoke Spanish as well. It kept him pretty well versed in speaking it, though honestly he wasn’t the best at reading and writing it. He was taking it in the school now he was in currently, though.

 “Why do you always wear long sleeves? I mean..if it’s scars or something I understand completely..I’m just curious is all”  Alex looked over, seeing Laf sitting a good distance from him on the bed. He didn’t question what he meant and just shrugged.

 “I get cold” Alex said simply.

 “I’ve seen you sweat in an air conditioned room, so I don’t believe that. You don’t have to tell me,but you don’t have to lie to me..we may be foster siblings, but sibling is still apart of the word…so..don’t think you have to hide things. If I can help anything I will..” he said and Alex froze. His instincts said one thing, but his mind said another, only to then have his heart tell him a third way to go. His mind was jumbled and his mouth moved on it’s own as he ignored everything he had beat into his own head.

 “Don’t tell Martha and George” he blurted and Laf frowned, but nodded.

 “I won’t. I’m going to close the door. Is that alright..?” He asked. Laf always made sure to ask about anything he thought might scare Alex.

 “Okay..” Alex said quietly now and Laf moved, shutting the door and sitting back on the bed once he walked back over. Alex hesitated now,not sure if himself anymore, but he slowly breathed in..and then he pulled up his sleeve. He was used to the sight of his marred skin. A lot of the scars were faded, but others were still healing.

 “No, I didn’t do this to myself..” Alex said as he saw Laf open his mouth. Later shook his head.

 “I didn’t think you did..foster parents..?” He asked and Alex nodded.

“The bad ones. Some of the others just thought I did it..these are cigarette burns..some of these are from  a knife..and I think this one was from a plate I broke on accident and the woman I was with..well.. found out..” he pulled the sleeve back down.

“I dont like people staring so I dont let them see..just gonna get tattoos or something one day to hide them..I dunno” Alex shrugged and Laf was quiet a moment before turning so his back was to Alex, pulling up the bottom of his shirt.

 “Wh..what are you-” Laf cut him off as he smiled at Alex from over his shoulder.

 “You showed me your scars, I’ll show you mine so it’s fair. These were from when I was in a bad home bouncing back and forth from my parents house and foster care..” Laf said somberly, lifting his shirt to show Alex. He felt his breath hitch as he saw the long scars on his back it looked like they were from..

 “A whip..” he heard his voice and realized he spoke out loud.

 “Mm. A belt buckle too. I was taken permanently from my home not long after it and was placed back there for almost a year before CPS found out and took me out. A few rounds of counselling and I was in another home for maybe half a year. I was so scared of them I refused to let anyone near me and lashed out if they did did anything that scared they requested I was taken out ‘for theirs and their childrens safety’ they were nice..they were just scared of me..then I was placed here and well..I slowly got better and before long it was my new permanent home” Laf hummed as he pulled his shirt back down in place.

“So..moral of that story, life was fucked, but it got better. Scars aren’t shameful, I see them as a sign you survived. You don’t have to flaunt them around, but understand that you don’t have to be ashamed of them” Laf said and almost patted Alex’s shoulder, but stopped himself with a sheepish smile.

“Sorry” he said and Alex shook his head some.

“It’s okay..we should get downstairs so we don’t miss the bus..and um..thanks again” Alex said and Laf smiled softly, getting up.

“No problem” he said as they left the room to go downstairs, not seeing Martha in the next doorway over, tears streaming down her face and a hand over her mouth.

Dean the Wizard

Request from @a-girl-who-loves-disney: A Dean x Reader where they celebrate Halloween together at the bunker. Tons of candy, Halloween movies and couple’s costumes (Maybe Han Solo and Leia?). Just a lot of fun and fluff involved. Sam, Cas and whoever else you want to be part of it will be great!

Warnings: None

Words: 1,056

A/N: As I’ve never seen Star Wars (please don’t spam me! I do plan to watch it soon!), I’ve changed the costume for Dean and the reader. I changed it to Harry Potter robes because just imagining Dean in that kind of costume made me laugh! Hope you like it! Also I’m considering doing a part 2 for this, so let me know if you’d like that.

“You want me to wear what?!” Dean’s voice bellowed through the bunker. His eyes were wide as he stared at his girlfriend in dismay. “Come on, babe! It’ll be fun!” Dean still didn’t look convinced. “I’m a hunter. Hunters don’t wear robes.”

“But wizards do,” (Y/N) winked at the still unimpressed Dean. Dean rolled his eyes. When (Y/N) wanted something, she usually got it. “Why do we have to dress up anyway?” He grumbled, as he worked the coffee machine. He’d not long woke up, which meant he was more grumpy than usual. His hair stuck up on all ends, but he still managed to look effortlessly good looking in just shorts and a dressing gown. (Y/N) smiled and went to wrap her arms around the moody hunter’s waist. “We have to dress up for many reasons. 1. It will be fun, 2. It’s Charlie’s party and you know how she feels about cosplay and 3. I think you’d look amazing with the Harry Potter glasses.” (Y/N) folded her arms and gave Dean a look that said ‘so there’. There was no backing out of this one. Dean had no choice but to suck it up and wear the robes.

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Fem! Luke

Words: 2.3K

Warning: Real Sub! Luke

Summary: Luke likes to wear make-up and more girly clothes, you make him feel like a pretty princess. Because fuck gender roles. (I think about this a lot) Pic creds: @niwisdoodles This is my last Luke smut for a while.

I had just arrived back from college walking into my shared apartment with my boyfriend Luke. It was a simple flat, walking into the front room straight away taking off my shoes and walking over to my room. Luke was stood in a long knit pink sweater which had brown arm pads. He had black kitten tights on and a black choker around his neck. His blonde hair mostly curly, with his long fringe. He no longer had his lip piercing in which left his glossy pink lips. It didn’t go untouched to me and his best 3 mates that Luke like wearing more girly things, but that didn’t matter to me. I loved Luke no matter what. I was always quite a tomboy girl, so I would wear jumpers and sweats and Luke was the one who would wear the pretty dresses and skirts. Today he was in more comfy gear and so was I if I’m being honest, I loved my grey jumper and black jeans they were some basic things that I wore to college.

“Hey Lukey” I mumbled. He stumbled over his own feet knocking over a few of my lip sticks and looked at me.

“What are you looking for babe?” I asked, throwing my bag on the bed and walking over to him. He sat down on the stool and folded his sweater around his hands giving him sweater paws. He looked up at me as I stood up the couple of lipsticks he had knocked down and got onto my knees, sitting in between his legs. Which were covered in black tights, the bottom of the tights looked like stockings and had kittens on them, I had bought them a while ago thinking they were cute, but as soon as Luke laid eyes on them I knew he would enjoy them more then I would.

“I was looking for the make-up that make’s my face shiny”

“Highlighter?” I asked

“Yeah, I like the way it makes my face pretty” he blushed. I opened the top draw and grabbed my powdered highlighter and powder brush by technique. I opened the lid and swiped the brush along the highlighter. I shook the brush off and looked at Luke, who had his eyes shut and his face was rested. I slowly brushed the highlight over his pale cheeks and he gave me a small smile, showing off his dimple. I dabbed the brush into the highlighter and then over Luke’s nose. I made sure not to make it to over the top and made it look sparkly and natural. He was a masterpiece.

“You’re so beautiful” I smiled. He opened his blue eyes and looked in the mirror. He stroked over his face, his lip tucked in between his teeth as he placed his hand on the desk looking at my make-up.

“Could you do my eyeliner?”

“Yes, of course I will Lukey” I giggled, I grabbed the liquid eyeliner as Luke shut his eyes once again, leaning back onto the chair. I leant forward resting the palm of my hand on his cheek an I swiped the liquid against his eye lid. I made a perfect wing and filled it in, when I was finished I blew on it watching likes eye twitch slightly. I moved around to the other eye, doing the same and not fucking up. When I do make-up on Luke I never seem to mess up, its more of if I do it on myself. But then again I hardly wear make-up only if i’m going out.

“All done, baby boy”

“Thank you” he stuttered out. “I missed you today” he said shyly, looking down at the floor.

“I missed you too, babe”

I leaned in and kissed over his lips, I stroked over his cheeks and swiping my tongue against his lips. Luke tasted like cherry, the lipsil making his lips glossy and smooth. He let out a wine as I interlaced my fingers in Luke’s and pulled him up from the chair and over to the bed. I kissed over his face and pushed him on the bed. I sat over him as his hands came to my waist. I kissed his neck which was a beautiful shade of white, compared to the light pink colour of his sweater. I sucked down on a spot, swiping my tongue over it and kissing it before realising it from my lips. I saw the skin of the hickey turn a red colour and I swiped my thumb over it. I slowly grinded onto him as he let out a small moan of my name. I bunched up his knit sweater just above his waist and ran my fingers under the hem of his tights. I pulled down his tights, rolling them off all the way and placing them on the floor. He had lacy panties on under his tights that he tried to cover up by putting his hands over his bulge.

“Don’t hide from me Lukey” I mumbled against his lips, kissing him, reassuring him that its ok to be who he is around me. I reached down for my grey jumper pulling it off my body. I unclipped my bra and threw it across the room, Luke reached forward grabbing my breasts in his hand as he slowly stroked over them, I never had big boobs but I knew the Luke liked the small perky boobs that I did have.

I moved up to sit on his thighs and I stroked over his pink lace panties. I pushed his sweater up his body as he pulled it off his head dumping it on the floor. He was wearing a small pink lace cami top which matched his lace panties. I smoothed my hands over his tummy and I kissed over his pale collar bones, sucking a hicky onto it watching the shape of it turn like a love heart. I smiled sliding the straps of his cami top down his arms, he pulled them out as I rolled it over his head. I latched my mouth over one of his pink nipples sucking onto it. My boobs were resting against Luke’s crotch as I sucked onto his nipple. His pink nipple going hard at my touch. I sucked onto the other one, rolling it between my fingers and gently blowing on it.

I pulled down his pink panties, his hands were twitching on his stomach as he tried to hide himself. But he knew that I would take away his hands and give him a disapproving look. I placed one of my hands onto his interlaced ones circling my thumb over him. “Such a pretty dick Lukey” In my other hand I stood up Luke’s dick running my thumb over the vein. His hips slowly thrusted upwards as I swiped my thumb over his tip, collecting the small dribble of cum that had leaked out. I stuck my thumb in my mouth, tasting the salty pre-cum run down my throat and I made eye contact with Luke. His baby blue eyes started turning a dark blue colour as his thighs shook beneath me.

“You’re such a good boy” I praised, I leant down swirling my tongue around his tip, remaining eye contact with him. I wiggled my tongue and squeezed the based of his dick with my hand. Pumping it slowly up and down and I licked over his tip. I sucked down further onto his dick, making it hit the back of my throat. I looked up at Luke who was biting his lip, not letting out any moans. I took my mouth of his cock as he let out a quite whimper.

“Lukey, what have I told you about holding back moans?” I questioned, slowly pumping his cock in my hand.

“N-not to hold back moans f-from you”

“Thats right, so please don’t do it baby” I half growled going back to his cock, running a line up his dick and sucking over small spots. I got back to the tip, edging down onto it bobbing my head. Luke was looking at me and letting out whines, his pretty highlighter making him looking like a angel in disguise. He shut his eyes and fell back onto the bed his head nestled in the pillows as I held onto his hand.

“F-feels so good” He whined. I pushed down, the farthest I could go hollowing my cheeks around him, making sure to swirl and nuzzle my head. I slightly choked coming back up his dick and spitting saliva around him, spreading it around his dick with my hand. I ran my fingers over his balls, squeezing them along with the based of his cock. His hips started to grind into my mouth and I felt his heartbeat in his cock. I pursed my lips around him, making sure to run my tongue along him whilst sucking.

Luke let out a raspy moan of my name as I let go of his cock. He went wided eyed at me and I raised my eyebrow, asking for him to complain. He just laid there and pouted at me.

“I’ve been a good boy” he whispered, almost to himself. I almost felt guilty before I realised I had a pool of wetness running down my thighs and I needed to take care of that. Pleasuring my baby boy always gets me feeling some type of way, especially when Luke is wearing pink. I stood at the end of the bed and took off my trousers, pilling them at my feet. Luke was watching my every move as I took off my black boxer shorts.

“You want me to ride you, baby boy?”

“Yes please” he smiled, I climbed back on the bed, over him and sat just above his hard dick. I ran my fingers over my folds, feeling how wet I was. Luke placed his hands just in front of my pussy as he shyly tried to touch me. He ran his index finger down my slit and he slid it into my entrance. I circled my finger over my sensitive bud rolling it between my fingers. Luke took his finger out of me and moved it towards his face as I slid back down his body. He put his finger in his mouth, shutting his eyes showing off his beautiful eyeliner. He moaned around his fingers as smirked, sliding my pussy onto his dick.

“Fuck” He moaned, opening his eyes and parting his lips. It took a minute to get used to his size but due to my pussy already being wet I started to bounce. I felt his cock stretch me out, his wet dick sliding against my walls. I leant down kissing his pink lips and his button nose. He smiled as I touched his choker that was around his neck. I licked over it and looked at his white skin contrasting against the black item. I put my hands over the choker and pressed down, still riding Luke but watching his reaction. He moved his hands above mine and pushed my hand down harder on his neck. I raised an eyebrow at him as he thrusted up into me.

The only sound in the room was skin slapping and the sounds of Luke’s breathy moans, which I felt against my hand. I rubbed circles on his neck as I grinded into him. I moved my free hand towards my clit twirling my fingers around it and I let out a moan. Luke looked exhausted his blonde hair matted to his face and his face flushed.

“I’m not going to last” he said hiding his face in his hand. I tore them away from his face as he started letting out whines and he tried to grind up into me. I placed his hands on my boobs as he pinched them, shutting his eyes.

“Cum for me baby” I groaned. Luke squeezed my nipples as I felt him cum inside me, his face glowing and his eyeliner slightly smudged. His hips thrusted upwards and I felt his thighs tense.

“Y/N” he moaned out. I smiled as I bounced on his dick hearing him whine sent shivers down my body. I knew he was sensitive when he looked at me afterwards, he looked down at where we were connecting and moved his hands towards my pussy. His finger rubbed figures of eights over my clit as I felt my high approaching. Luke clamped his mouth around one of my nipples sucking onto it. I ran my fingers through his hair, pushing him closer to my chest.

“Please cum for me Y/N” Luke said in a hushed tone. My pussy quivered as Luke’s baby blue eyes looked up at me through his eyelashes. My body completely shut down as I came around his cock feeling every inch of it pound against me.

“Oh Lukey” I moaned, squeezing my thighs around him. I bit my lip grinding out my high. Luke had let go of my nipple and now was lying back on the bed. I got off Luke, whining as I felt empty and I climbed off the bed. I walked slowly into the bathroom, my legs feeling like jelly and I grabbed a flannel and soaked it in warm water. I walked back into the bedroom and sat on the bed, running the flannel over Luke’s cock. I know he didn’t like it sticky in the morning.

“Thank you” Luke mumbled. I kissed his forehead and threw the flannel in the wash basket. I climbed under the duvet where Luke was now snuggling as I became the big spoon. I pecked his cheek and laid my head on his, wrapping my arm around his waist.

Magcon Imagine- Jack G / Cameron- part 1

Part 1

A/N: so this is my first imagine, I hope you like it. Please message me what you thought. Please no hate. Thank you, ily💕 (part 2 coming soon.)


Y/N’s P.O.V.

Just another boring day in Omaha, nothing to do, nothing at all. Jack (J), my twin brother, is out with my parents buying… I don’t even know what. Sam, one of my best friends, is probably still sleeping, even though it’s about 3 in the afternoon. Claire (best friend that is a girl.) is probably shopping or at Starbucks, and in all honesty I don’t want to spend the rest of the day at the mall, and sometimes she can be kind of a bitch. Then there is Jack (G), my other best friend (and Jack’s J best friend too) I don’t have any idea where he is. Other than Sam, Jack (G) is the person I always go to when ever I need something, anything from advice to help with school work to a person to go see new movies with at the theater to the person who I can take clothes from without bring murdered (Jack (J) would kill me if I even breathed on his precious clothes). Right now I am just home alone watching Paranormal Activity 4, I have watched this movie so many times, the majority of them with Jack (G). We always watch scary movies together normally around midnight to 4 in the morning, it’s just something we always do.

Now I am really wondering where Jack (G) is, so I pause the movie. I try calling him once, twice, three times, four times, five, six, seven, eight. Eight times, where the hell is he? Honesty I have no idea. I guess he’s probably just sleeping or watching tv or something. He’ll eventually see that I called. With that I just turned off my ringer, set down my phone, grabbed a bag of sour patch kids (my obsession) from the pantry, turned off all the lights, sit back down, and resumed my movie.

After watching for about an half hour, I got really bored again, and went back to the pile of dvd’s and grabbed a movie of the very top, that is still wrapped in plastic, The Conjuring (A/N: I don’t know if this is on DVD yet so…yeah). I have only seen this movie once, in theaters with Jack (G), so I decided to put it in.

About a hour in, I was wrapped up in three different blankets and shaking in the dark room. This movie was scarier than I remembered it to be. Good thing I was home alone because if Jack (J) or my parents were home, they would probably think I was insane, but they actually already do.

I was just sitting there watching the movie, when I held a really loud noise in the kitchen. What the hell was that? I got up still wrapped in my blankets and went into the kitchen. It was really dark, but I could still make my way around. There was nothing in here, nobody except for me.

I walked back into the living room, and sat back down, but something was different. Wait… WHERE ARE MY SOUR PATCH KIDS?!?! As I was looking around on the ground and the sofa, a person screamed really loud in the movie and that scared me so freaking badly that I fell over the back of the sofa and landed on the hard wood floor. Ow, that hurt.

I got off the ground and sat back down on the sofa. Then out of nowhere I hear a person yell really loudly right behind me. I then screamed as loud as I could and feel forward onto the ground still screaming.

The next thing I hear is someone cracking up in fits of laughter. Hold on… I’d know that laugh anywhere.

“JACK YOU SCARED ME SHITLESS!” I yelled at Jack Gilinsky, who was still laughing hysterically.

“Oh my god Y/N! You should have seen your face” he said “SAM DID YOU GET IT ALL?!” He yelled

“Yep, all of it” Sam said as he walked down the stairs, jumping over the last three steps.

“What?” I said utterly confused

“I got that entire scene that you just through on tape.” Sam said casually while he was still watching it on repeat. “Oh my god Y/N this is going on vine right now” he said as he posted it onto Jack’s vine account. “Well” Sam said as he through Jack’s phone to him “I have to get home, so see you both at school tomorrow” and with that he walked out the front door.

I then hit Jack as hard as I could on his chest. “OWW!!! What was that for?” He said.

“That was for making me almost pee my pants” I said while laughing at the scene that just unfolded.


Jack G’s P.O.V.

Why is she so beautiful? Why can’t I just call her mine? I wish more than anything that I could have Y/N. I wish we could be more than just best friends. I wish she could she me as more than just her twin brother’s best friend. I wish I meant more to her. I wish I meant as much to her as she does to me.

Her smile is probably the most beautiful thing in this entire world. Her laugh is more perfect than anything that I have ever heard in my entire life. And overall she is completely flawless in my eyes, what she calls imperfections or flaws, I call amazing little details that make Y/N herself.

I don’t have the guts to tell her how I fell, but I am scared that if I don’t tell her soon, I will never get the chance to at all. But I am more scared that she won’t feel the same and that I’ll ruin our friendship.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

*the next morning*

I woke up the next morning at 6:30 so I could shower before I had to leave for school. I grabbed the outfit that I was going to wear and placed it on my bed. It consisted of a daisy floral skirt, tall white over-the-knee socks, dark brown combat boots, one of Jack’s (G) black sweatshirts that I stole from him, and a simple white tank top to go under the hoodie.

After I shower, dried my hair, and changed into the clothes I laid out, I went over to my vanity desk and applied my everyday makeup. Just some eyeliner, mascara, lip stick, and a little bit of cover up over some places.

I then went downstairs and grabbed a bowl from the shelf and filled it with milk. Then grabbed my favorite cereal Y/F/C (your favorite cereal) and dumped it in the bowl. After eating my breakfast I went back upstairs and grabbed my school bag and all of my homework that I had over the weekend.

When I came back down stairs it was already 7:45. Jack (J) was sitting at the counter on his computer scrolling throughs twitter and eating his breakfast.

“Jack we have to get going like right now. It’s already 7:45.” I said to him. School starts at 8:10 but the drive from our house to school is about twenty minutes or more.

“Yeah okay.” He said while closing his laptop. “Hey Y/N, can you go upstairs and grab my phone off my side table?” He said

“Why can’t you? Your legs obviously work. Just do it yourself” I said to him

“Y/N” he said whining “pleeeeaaasseeee” he keep saying

“Fine, but I don’t see why you can’t do it” I said turning around and going back upstairs. While I was in his room I heard the front door slam shut. “Wait what… Hold on” I thought to myself. I looked over at jack nightstand and his phone wasn’t there, but instead there was a pink sticky note in its place. “Very manly Jack” I thought. I went over and grabbed it. It said : “Y/N I’m not your chauffeur. You are 18, it’s time you get your drivers license.” Yes I am an 18 year old girl, who is a junior in high school, who doesn’t have her drivers license, sue me. But I can’t believe Jack would leave me home without a ride to school. My parents were already at work so I can’t get a ride from either of them.

But one person might be able to so I picked up my phone and dialed his number.

“Hey, have you left yet for school?” I asked

“No not yet, why?” He asked

“Jack left me, again. Can I ride with you? Please” I said

“Yeah sure, come over to my house. I’m almost ready to leave. ” he said

“Thank you so much. You are amazing!”

“Yeah, I already knew that” he said chuckling

“Thanks. I’m leaving now” I said, then I hung up.

He only lived 5 doors down from my house, so I was over there in less than a minute. He was leaned against his car waiting for me.

“Hey thank you so much for giving me a ride”

“No problem” he said “anything for a damsel in distress. And by the way you really need to get your license.” He said to me as he laughed.


A/N: so that was part 1. Please send me feedback or message me. So, who do you think the guy is? The first person that guesses correctly will get to be a character in the imagine (btw, I think it’s going to be pretty long and have a lot of parts.) Thank you💕

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Beca is the bad ass rebel and Chloe is the straight A new girl. High School Bechloe fanfic??

Chloe spent her time memorizing faces. She moved halfway through the school year, resulting in not having much of a chance to uncomfortably shift into school-sanctioned ice-breakers and uncomfortable lab-partner-turned-best-friends situations that she always watched in movies. So, she spent most of her time memorizing the faces of the people in her classes - the way they looked when they were zoned out and the way that it differed from when they were zoned in - attaching stories to the dirt on their shirts or the flick of their hair. It became a sort of past-time for her, and finding out the people’s names became a way of winning the game - or, at the very least, finishing it. 

There was one face, though, that she could never quite capture. Because in the portraits she drew in her mind, she always allowed for some movement, but this girl’s face shifted inside of the seconds - expressing everything from distress to boredom. She went from passionate and involved in every nerve of herself to completely disconnected and unattached. So Chloe never managed to get a hold on her face, even if she knew her name by heart. 

But she tended to blame that more on the fact that, four days out of five, Beca Mitchell skipped class. So there wasn’t exactly much time for facial memorization, admittedly. 


That was why Chloe was intrigued. 

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